Confession Point

When you must confess!

I am a white guy, 22 y.o., have a girlfriend but before I’ve met her I often have sex with the grandma of one of my best friends since I was 17.

She is an black, obese widow of 65 and I absolutely love her.
To be honest, this grandma gives me far better sex than my girlfriend and I still can’t get enough of her. Just thinking of the blowjobs she gives me, makes me get rock hard for her.
And the grandmother loves my youthful enthusiasm, she told me and she never refuses me when I visit her for sex.

I adore her and I never will give her up for my girlfriend.


I confess to being out of control. My 14 yo daughter’s friend swims in our pool with a very showing bikini that arouses. She is built, cute, and innocent. I am not so sure about innocent because she has given me a cute grin when I was obviously and uncontrollably erect at times. A couple of times she even pushed against me as to say hey I know what’s going on; or maybe it was a coincidence? I often see most and sometimes all of her firm and pointy tits. And it’s not to hard to see her toe if watch, but I try not to stare and get caught. She would be better covered in under clothes. I would never allow my daughter to wear such a suit. I try to be as cool as possible, especially because my daughter is right there. Luckily the wife is rarely around. So what do I do? I know she is too young but she is too hot, revealing, built, cute, etc. to totally block out. I confess to her visiting when wife and daughter are gone to the point I think of planning a vacation for them. Or maybe I should take a new job, sell the house, and move us (the family).


Okay, just recently, I’ve been looking up stuff on bestiality and such, mainly canine. As it turns out, I’m a canine zoophile. I just love to imagine sucking off a great big doggy dick, only to have it shoot its hot cum all the way down my throat, then having it fuck the HELL out of my ass, filling me up. I’m just OBSESSED with it! I can’t stop thinking about it. Yes, I’m male, but I don’t care! I just want some hot, sweet, canine CUM!


So I have this English prof who is the same age as I am (we’re 32). I emailed him one time to ask if he wants to go out for coffee after the semester ends. He said he can’t because of the rules at the college. I really want to tell him I just want to FUCK the HELL out of him, grabbing that long hair of his and pulling it while he clears his desk and pounds the hell out of me. I don’t know if I should put it right out there like that, or if I should just let it go and figure he doesn’t want me that way? Don’t know what to do, all I can think about is FUCKING HIM!!!!


I am an 18 year old male and i have been in love with my twin brother since i was 10 years old. We are now 19 and i am still completely in love with him. We have been fooling around since we were 10 and we started having sex when we were 12 or 13.We go to the same school and since were the same age we have some of the same classes. Sometimes we text each other and meet in the boys bathroom to have sex among other things. I know its wrong but it feels so right. He is everything i have ever wanted in a man. We have always been so close and i never want this to end. My parents don’t know. They caught us once when we were 14 kissing but they haven’t brought it up since. Is a good idea to tell my parents about my brother and I’s intimate relationship? Or will it cause the demise of my family?…..Comments?


It’s the same deal every few days… I download videos that just about every rational person thinks (or at least supposedly thinks) that nobody should have (underage sex, incest, gratuitous violence, etc.) I get off on having something I shouldn’t have, then delete it, and tell myself that I should never do that again.

When the doorbell rings, if I’m not expecting somebody, I become momentarily afraid that some form of law enforcement has found proof of the things I’ve watched, and could somehow retrieve them from my computer.

Most people believe I am one of the safe people… The kind of guy that you could leave your children with, and not worry… What would they do if they knew?


I’m madly in love with someone who I met through Facebook but I don’t even know him personally and the worst of all is that he lives abroad!!!! I can’t stop thinking about him, and I feel terribly depressed when I don’t have any news of him. When this happens I feel that he might forgot about me, and I even feel that he hates me!!!!

I think I’m becoming obessesed with him and I don’t know what to do to stop this obsession that is driving me insane and I know is not a healthy thing!!!! Every day, I check out his Facebook page to learn what he’s been up to, and I feel awful when I read that he is been involved in some activities on Facebook but that he didn’t contact me on that day.

I hate feeling this way, and I don’t know what to do to change this situation, but at the same time I don’t want to lose contact with him, because it means the world to me.


I used to be somewhat of a man-whore. Never got the girls in high school, then went to college and things just clicked for me. Settled down in a ltr for two years. Now thats over, forgot all my “game”, and remembering all those girls I hurt in the past is keeping me from re-entering that player lifestyle. I’m looking for another gf but to satisfy my libido for now, I bought one of those Fleshlights. Basically, I bought a vagina.


i cant stop thinking about my sister-in-law. at the very least i would love to see her case scenerio would be to have some naked pictures of her. worst case would be actually having sex with her . i say that because i know how much worse it would make the situation for me. we were really close friends at one time but ive pushed away because i now compare all women to her. i love my brother and i love my sister-in-law and miss them and she is upset that i no longer go to see them. i just cant do it. even though there is some sexual tension between us i dont think she would ever do anything despite the fact she and my brother are having marital problems. i on the other hand cannot say that.though id like to think that i wouldnt im pretty sure i most people she has her bad days and can be a real bitch but on all the other days she is as close to perfect as a woman can get.


I work in the funeral industry and am in close proximity to corpses on a daily basis. One day a friend outside of work jokingly offered to pay me $100 to procure him a small amount of human flesh. I took this as a dare. A triple-dog-dare.

I’ve always harbored a secret obsession with cannibalism. It probably began in childhood with stories of the Donner Party and the movie “Alive”. In my teens I read every book I could on depraved subjects like Jeffery Dahmer, Albert Fish, and Ed Gein. I always thought to myself, that if it came down to it, I would be capable of eating human flesh. Now to put it to the test…

I only had to wait a few days for a good donor to come in. I still remember his name, and will take it to my grave. I sliced his thigh open with a scalpel and excised a nice long strip of sartorius muscle.

We breaded and fried the flesh until it was well done and served it with some asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes, and a sweet raspberry sauce. A glass of red wine and a few candles gave our dinner a special touch. I should have sliced off much more than I did, as the meat shrunk a considerable amount. We were left with a couple of decent sized bites each though. It tasted very good! Similar to buffalo, but with a distinct flavor and texture that few will ever experience first hand.


For the past two years I’ve stared at my sisters big tits i jack off to my sister when i take a bath and before i go to sleep. One day i figured out how to peek between the bathroom door and when she takes a shower, when it’s just me and her and i at home, i peek between the door at her undressing. When I stare at her i get a really hard erection.

One day when we were watching a movie and she fell asleep, she was right next to me and i just kept staring at her tits then i moved my hand and grabbed her left boob, then she woke up. Darn!! i remember that when i was like 6 or 7 i would do what they did on tv make-out. i made out with my sister, we didn’t talk about it but i was only able to kiss her on her neck not her mouth. the longer we made-out the more i got to do, first i was able to grab her boobs from the outside of her shirt then she would lift up her shirt, i was able to grab her bra and some skin. she has really big boobs.

One time, i remember she almost took off her bra, but my mom called her and we had to stop. im 16 and she’s 26, and i can’t stop thinking about how she makes me really hard and how i really want to have sex with her. that’s my confession


I have been free from pornography and masturbation addiction for four years now through Jesus Christ. Before the Lord saved me, I thought it would be impossible to ever be free from these wicked addictions that I had. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I refused to stop. I even knew I was going to hell, but I was convinced that even if I went to hell for my sins… it would be worth it.

That’s how depraved I was. But one day in 2005 the Lord killed something within me in the middle of a masturbation session and I’ve never been the same. The realization that I was letting my hand determine where I would spend the rest of my eternity settled on me.

I turned from my sin and put my faith in Christ as the only Savior. I’ve been free ever since, and I now try to help guys that are addicted to porn and masturbation the best way I can.

Soli Deo Gloria, “All glory to God”.


i fall for the worst boys.
i fall for the ones that cheat, that lie that are just bad for me.

there’s this boy in my 2nd block.
oh man is he sexy.
i dont even pay attention in class anymore.
i just put my head down and fantasize about having sex with him.
hes always telling me how big his dick is, and i want it so bad. but he has a girlfriend, and he talks to a girl that i know. BUT I WANT HIM.

i wanna be the girl he talks to everyday and every night. i wanna be the girl he gives head to and fucks from the back. i wanna be his girl

the sad thing is, just because i fall for the baddest boys, he WILL cheat on me. and i will be the one looking stupid -_-


I really am developing quite a thing for one of my girlfriend’s best friends. Don’t get me wrong; I love my girlfriend. But I can’t get this other girl completely out of my head. She’s… wonderful. She moved nearby recently, and, although I’d known her before, I’m really getting a chance to get to know her now. We have a lot in common, and, frankly, I just find her incredibly sexy. I wouldn’t leave my girlfriend for her; I just need a way to stop thinking about her so much. I mean, I seriously have fantasies about her. I have had dreams about doing all sorts of glorious things to and with her. Only my love for my girlfriend has stopped me from propositioning her, and there have been days when I fear that might not even have been enough. Even as I write this I’m practically drooling over her. I can’t begin to describe how badly I want her.


I often masturbate to my girl friends’ pictures on facebook.


theres this guy i like.. hes a really famous celebrity.. ive been messaging and texting him… and i do know his real, but my friends dont support me with this thing….. i dont feel appreciated.. i know they would just judge me . 🙁


I just broke my previous record of 60 guys that I fucked in one week….the record now stands at 94. I constantly crave sex and I love fucking. I’ve masturbated over 50 times in a day because I was so horny…I’m such a nympho that sometimes I wish that I had a guy that is just as horny and is willing to nothing but fuck me….


Hey everybody….hm, this is my first confession . I am a beautiful 17 years old girl…I think i am a kinda veird….Am.. I have liek 2 lifes….. First is my real life ( i am kinda happy and very liked girl, but i dont have boyfriend , becouse i am not ready or so…hm i dont know why ) and the another life…( there i am in love with a musician…in real life this musician is my friend…GOOD FRIEND . but he is 25 …and i am 17…and he eaven isnt beautiful..he is more like ugly…and i have seen him only some times..but i have talked him sooo much…, when i sleep then i oftenly have a dream where are he and i ..liek there is how we get in love..and what we do together…..and in work i am dreaming(when is boring) about 1-4 houers of it….it seems so real and i love this “my own world” ……….in real life…he want to go to a date with my..but i live little bit far away from him..when i am 19 – 20 and he is still free…then i will ask him to date or so…….hmm, i am so weird about dreaming it…but i love this thing:D . one day i talked to her what i sawd in my dream ..about us..and he sayd ” SOMETIMES DREAMS COME TRUE” .. this was sweeeetest thing i have ever heard 🙂 . ´actually he is quite famous with him band….. but we have a little country….. .


I’ve been distancing myself from her since the last time I saw her (which was Thanksgiving). We’ve made passes at each other and have gotten intimate. Last year in August, I told her I was falling in love with her and she told me she was falling for me, too. Things didn’t go anywhere after that and I moped for a while. I didn’t want to be reminded of it, hence the distancing. Anyway, I got a phone call last night. She asked me to come over so we could talk. I didn’t have any plans, so I went. We talked for a little, and then she decided to kiss me. And if that wasn’t enough, she had to lean in so close that her body grazed mine. Fuck. It’s happening all over again. I can’t help but love her. She’s so intelligent, witty, beautiful, humorous, she’s everything I could ever ask for. We’re perfect together. But she hurt me so much. I want to settle down with her. I want to sleep next to her every night. I want her to read her favorite books to me and vice versa. I want HER. And for some reason she’s not willing to give herself up right now. Am I wasting my time?


i had sex with Byron Long the porn star and it was the best sex ive ever even imagine having. its like he touched my soul! i have had terrific sex all my life so i thought! ive never had a small penis, its always been 8′ and up. so i havent been sexually deprived. He is terrific at what he does. not to mention he has the most beautiful penis i will probably ever see that close!!! i spent 3 days in his company and was ready to be his konkubine for life!!! To top it all off his personality is the businesssssss


i still have the hots for my high school boyfriend and have fantasies about him–so there!


I stand in the Black Rain, outside the warm comfort of the bright light. Jesus, don’t let me get swallowed up in all the lies, lust, and darkness that gather over my head.

I stand in the Black Rain. Where half-poisons kill. Where meaning is nothing, where purpose is something too far away to hold. Jesus, save me. Please save me. That is my one desire. I desire you more than life itself.


(continued from part 2)

After she gave my cock a mushy strokes, she stopped for a moment, then she stared at me for a while. I suddenly felt guilty of what I have done with her. Her innocent-looking eyes were like saying me to stop this nonsense, but her body language conquered what’s inside those eyes and proved me wrong.

She grabbed my member and started to suck. The aura of her lust and desire for me is so strong, as I watched her thrusting my dick like a lollipop and juggling my balls. My lil’ sis, for her young adolescence, turned herself to a woman at that very moment.

“Make come, make me come, please fuck me hard, I want you, I want you right now, quick!”

I didn’t stand a chance against her will, so I readily embraced her to the toilet sink, and positioned her perfectly for a ‘doggy’.

I felt nervous at that instance, aiming to her spot, her wet pussy begging for a penetration..But Bubbles can’t stand the waiting no more, so she grabbed my cock and she speared it right on the spot..!

Then I put my hand on her love handles and started to come..The “Ooh’s” and “Aah’s” began as I deeply come into my slutty sister’s paradise. We both were saying “I love you’s” to each other as we go along..
Then we broke to make another style..

I mashed and ate her breasts like crazy and fingered and fucked all afternoon. While my dick found a new home to her sizzling wet pussy.

We took all of that stolen moments for our desires to be fulfilled. After I fucked her hard, I gave my shot of what my cum tastes like. I let her extract all of its contents like files to WinRar..!

“Ohh…oh, baby..You’re fantastic..I love you, I love you Bubbles..Oh,oh..” I said as she unloaded my cum.

“Yeah..ooh yeah…Fuck me again baby.. Fuck me next time, my lover..”

I didn’t make a promise to her ’cause I don’t want this thing to happen again. But I know, she will haunt me for more.

Luckily for us two, my sexy mom and sister Blossom arrived 7pm. We had ourselves spending time tasting each other and fucked the afternoon long.

We just acted like nothing’s happened as promised.
(To be continued…)


i really want my girlfriend to gain 50 pounds because then i would fuck her so hard she’d never need to be fucked again.

i really like chubby girls, shes kinda chubby. But I need some fat to grab a hold of i want to stuff her until her fat belly is so soft and squishy i could ejaculate.

i want to stuff her and have her pants rip and her shirt buttons pop that would make me so hard, i want to feed her so bad.


Eu amo a Mia, amo a Beatriz e amo a Marlene. 3 mulheres, o que há em comum? O facto de todas elas terem passado por uma tragédia ou várias na vida delas. O facto de todas elas serem lindas, o facto de sem saber como acabo sempre por ser essas pessoas que me atraem e que acabo por me apaixonar. Pelo facto de ama-las e sentir o que elas sentiram ao longo da vida delas. Não sei porquê mas todas as pessoas que me atraem no inicio e que mais tarde acabo por as conhecer são uma Bea, Mia e Marlene. Porquê pergunto-me eu? Porquê? Porque acabo sempre por amar esse tipo de pessoas? Será a luxuria a chamar por mim? Se assim fosse porque é que o que eu sinto por elas é mais do que isso? Amo-as tanto. E estou completamente na merda. Porque a minha vida pára por causa disso. Por mais voltas que tento dar. Por mais tentativas que faço para seguir em frente. Por mais iniciativas que invento e tento fazer para esquecer tudo o resto. Tudo acaba por correr mal. Estou farto, de viver nessa merda de mundo, onde o individualismo reina, onde cada está por si, onde ninguém é capaz de olhar para o outro e ajuda-lo. Odeio isso tudo. Ao ponto a que chegamos. Sei que estou vivo mas sinto que tudo morreu ao tempo. As pessoas estão mortas por dentro, e como eu as entendo. A Mia e a Bea foram pessoas que tudo fiz para dar vida…e falhei. A Marlene é mais outra. Porque raio estou a apaixonar me de novo, por alguém que de certeza vai terminar da mesma forma que terminou com as outras duas.

[Translation: Portuguese » English]

I love Mia, Marlene and Beatriz. 3 women, which is in common? The fact that they all have gone through a tragedy or several of them in life. The fact that all of them are beautiful, the fact that I do not know how to always be those people that attract me and for me that I love. The fact that love them and feel what they felt over the life of them. I do not know why but all the people that attract me in the beginning and that later in the know are just a Bea, Mia and Marlene. I wonder why I? Why? Because I always loved by such people? Is luxuria calling for me? If that was why I feel it is more than that? I love them both. And I’m completely in the shit. Because my life stops because of it. For more laps I try to give. It attempts to do more to move on. For more initiatives that invention and try to do to forget everything else. Everything ends up wrong. I’m tired of living in that kind of world, where individualism reigns, where each is for you, where nobody is able to look the other and help him. I hate it. When we got the point. I know that I’m alive but I feel that all the dead time. People are dead inside, and I will understand. The Mia and Bea were people who did everything to give life … and failed. The Marlene is another. Why the hell am I love me again, by someone who certainly will end the same way that ended with the other two.


I have a confession to make, that I am becoming obsessed with a musician who I only know slightly as friends… and in my mind, he is in love with me too… I have evidence of this but I don’t know if I am losing touch with reality.

I look at pictures and videos of him everyday for the past week or so… I wish he were in my real life… my real life is starting to feel so empty… I feel that he is my soulmate.

I am so much like him, but I am inward in my world whereas he is always performing…

I first met him a year and a half ago, and I loved him right away but tried to hide my feelings because I didn’t think anything could happen. But every time I see him, he is so happy to see me and we talk for hours. But he has never tried very hard to contact me, outside of a few emails.

I am afraid because he is a public figure that I am indulging my feelings and getting being a fan mixed up with being a lover or a friend, and that I will ruin things by feeling too much… but if I keep pretending I DON’T feel as much then nothing will happen between us.

Confused, in love or something in between obsession and angst-ridden love?


For at least a couple years now I have secretly been fantasizing about having intimate encounters or sometimes even sex with my boyfriend’s mother! I’m guessing it’s because I have this OCD thing where I’ll meet someone who I really like or who I feel has this inner connection with me and so I can’t stop thinking about them, regardless of their gender and sometimes that innocent crush turns into fantasies, even if they are retarded one’s that don’t make any since. I’ve kind of struggled with the idea that I might be a little bit bi-sexual because I’ve had girl fantasies before but every time I start picturing doing sexual things to the female I’m thinking about I suddenly get really turned off and no longer fantasize anymore. So maybe I’m attracted to the idea of doing something “scandalous” that’s different than the relationships I normally have but when it comes down to it I still prefer my regular opposite sex relationships in regards to the sexual attraction component? I’m sure I’ll figure that part out on my own but why I’ve picked my future mother-in law as a person to fantasize about I’m not sure. It’s kind of messed up…


I love tickling… I have dreamed that my feet are being tickle by a pretty woman, but it was just a dream, that repeats every night…

Only once I had the chance to tickle a pretty girl…and that was so fantastic. It was very short, maybe less than a minute, and she was using a very soft white socks…. I remember the moment of my first contact with that feet… I was so excited… I felt her warm feet…I got a little sensation of them slightly wet… Then I started tickling, very slowly… She saw me, and laugh in a discreet manner…

oh my god….

That was the best minute of my life…


This is a true confession, I had to get it off my chest.

Well, when I visited my Grandma’s home for Christmas break, my aunt and uncle where living there also. I never met my aunt until the day I visited Grandma. She was hotter than I expected, but she also had hot feet too. Now, I couldn’t just ask her for a foot rub or maybe even worship, so I did the next best thing. At night when everyone was sleeping, I would sniff her shoes and socks endlessly. The stronger the odor the better. Even after she wore them after the family went out sometimes. I feel dirty, but aroused and confused. She’s my aunt, I find her pretty attractive too. I’m kinda sickened by it too, but I fantasize sometimes about rubbing her feet, licking her soles gently, sucking her beautiful toes, and smelling those odors. She’s family and I’m really confused by it. I try to sneak a sniff whenever I visit and it sure turns me on!


I’m a fucking heinous megalomaniac mess that also ends up devoting too much of myself to the wrong people. I try to play tough girl all the time, and my legacy of debauchery and social magnificence preceeds me. However, deep down I really wish I could settle down with just one.. perfect.. dude. I have a serious case of ADD when it comes to the attention of men, so I typically end up screwing myself by not sticking around, or i try to stick around with a nut job. What am I supposed to do?


My ex-boyfriend was the first boy i’ve had sex with. He was amazing at it, but every since we’ve broke up i’ve been really horny. I know that there’s other guys that are good at sex but idk..

Every since i lost my virginity and broke up, my best friend has been my vibrating toothbrush.


My movements are under surveillance and I only seem paranoid trying to prove it.


Thinking back I know now what caused me to have an obsession with exposing myself. When I was 9 my mother re-married and my stepdad had two sons Brad and Kyle. They were both a few years older than me but we did get along pretty well. I’m not sure exactly when it started but they would walk in on me while I was getting a bath or undressed. I guess I became so accustomed to them doing it that I eventually didn’t mind them seeing me nude or in my underware. They also would be in their underware often and over a couple years I had seen them naked also, quite a few times.

As I developed and started getting older it would happen more often and they would make comments about my breasts and body. They would actually tell me how cute I was and compliment my figure. I started to realize that I enjoyed it when they saw me naked or in my bra and panties and that it aroused me. Leaving my bedroom or bathroom door open a few inches helped in letting them see me naked more often. Naturally I never did that when my mother was at home and I know she would be upset if she knew what I was doing.

I can’t help feeling like I do and have even let their friends see me nude many times over the last year or two. I know for sure that 4 of Brads friends and 5 or 6 of Kyles friends have seen me naked. It gets me so excited that I masturbate just thinking about it. Brad even caught me mastubating once, but that was embarrassing because I know he was watching me for a long time and told me so. My step dad saw me naked also two times that I know of but I don’t think he told my mother about it. I really didn’t mean for him to see me though. I like when the boys see me but don’t want my stepdad or mother to know what I’m doing.


I think this will be the weirdest incest experience that I will never forget my whole life.. I know its hard to believe on your point of view, but its definitely TRUE. I just can’t believe what happened to my family, and my life will never be the same again..

This is where the story goes:
My parents had their divorce because of their so-called “differences”. My dad migrated somewhere in the US with his new woman. All of my siblings, (including me) are living with my mom in our rented apartment. It’s me with my mom, my elder sister (21), my identical sister (17), and my youngest sister (14).

Since then, it was my mom who took in charge of all the duties my dad left behind. She, by the way, is a doctor, only 36 yrs. old, (I think she was just 15 when she got pregnant with my elder sister). She is now one of the new acquisitions for public hospital surgeons, and practicing her profession in a public hospital.

My elder sister now works as a Nursing clinical instructor in a well-renowned University here in our place. She graduated ‘Magna Cum Laude’ and she got a spot in the top 10 during the Nursing board exams.

Meanwhile, me and my twin sister (both 17, although she was a few hours older) are currently studying in college, also Nursing, where our eldest use to work.

She is far more better than me, academically. A dean’s lister, a candidate for our U’s outstanding students, and also candidate for Miss University. And I’m so jealous with her academic prowess, up until now. She usually beats me up in all of our subjects.. Never did I have a chance to take the lead bet. the 2 of us..

The youngest of the siblings, my ever-so-cute cuddly-wuddly sis. She’s the sweetest and the most thoughtful, esp. to me. Everytime she sees me, she always gives me a lovely hug. She, by the way, got the genes that I never had from my mom: being a ‘brainiac’. All of the are academically excellent except for me.. I felt like I was just a thorn among the bunch of roses. I even once started to think that I was just an adopted sibling. But my mom proved me wrong by showing me the scar that the surgery left in me and my twin sister. I was convinced.

Almost all of them, including my mom, have graduated elementary with a ‘Valedictorian’ in their names. The fact that I can never be like them is what I’m jelling about.

I call my sisters ‘THE POWERPUFF GIRLS’ because of their traits as persons. My older sister being the leader of the siblings, the one closest to mom and being the ‘Blossom’ of the trio.

The boyish image of ‘Buttercup’ lies on my twin sister. She, I think, is more like a ‘boy’ than me. She is more aggressive, more gutsy and more smarter bet. the 2 of us. I’m more like of a ‘shyboy’ type, the ever-silent and the one who is very limited in speaking. She uses to wear black dresses to tell the world her ‘EMO’ side. Nevertheless, underneath that very loose and thick black garment is a one hot, sexy chick that’s waiting to be revealed, I tell ya!

And there was my ever-sweet, loving little sister. The one who’s giving me hugs almost many times a day. Its kinda strange on my side as her older brother for her being too close, but nevertheless fine. She’s currently in high school. We have our everyday heart-to-heart talk where she confesses to me all of what happened, the latest showbiz gossips and more! Hehe!

She had a lot of admirers, from friends, classmates, even teachers bec. of her beauty. I was wondering why she doesn’t go out with even one of the guys who courts her, so I asked. She said to me that she has no time for them. She spends more time in their dance practices (she’s also in their school’s performing arts club).

I always wonder why she gets to have very excellent grades despite of all of their daily practices, and still having the time to study. She is the closest to me amongst of us. She tells me almost everything, except for that one thing that can make our relationship as brother-sister go on nuts: the secret that she has kept, but unnoticeably obvious, her desire of having me as her lover, as in.

One day, I arrived home form school and I’ve noticed her watching TV all by herself. As in nobody’s home bec. my mom and my older sis went shopping. She quickly grabbed my bag and hugged me so tight. I had many things that I have noticed about her that instance.

She wore a sando shirt together with a very short skirt., and seemed she was so sexy. Her tight bra gave her not-so-big but seemingly large boobs a lift for that long clevage effect. She does’nt actually wears such clothes ever since. This is just too revealing for me to see and I didn’t stand the possible lust and sin I may commit form looking with sinful intent.So I asked her, “Why are you wearing such sexy clothes..?”

She answered back and said,

“There’s nothing to be worried about, big bro. I’ts just you and me..! Hihi!”.

“What?! Are you going crazy?! I know you don’t wear such revealing dresses. Are you sick or something?!

“I just wanted to tell you a secret. Come here quickly!”

Bec. of my confusion, we sat on the sofa and she starts to cry. I don’t know what she was trying to say. Then she said,

“Bro, its been a while and I can’t take this anymore. I will tell you my secret but pls, keep it bet. us only.. Sniff.. The real reason why I restrain myself form having a BF is bec. of… YOU..”

“Why me..? I don’t restrict you from having a boyfriend.. It’s okay with me as long as he will never hurt you and your feelings..”

“No.. I mean, you.. Sniff.. I LOVE YOU.”

“Huh?.. Well I love you too, sis. Don’t mention it.”

I felt like it was not what she really meant, so I distanced myself from her. But when I was about to go to my room, she pushed and brought me down, and she tried to strip off my pants..!

“No, that’s not what you meant by that, isn’t it..? Hehe.. Isn’t it..?!”

She moved closer to me, and told me:

“Bro, I wanna make love to you now. Could you..?please..?”
As she makes a cutie smile effect on her face, as if she was only making a joke or she wad just making a fool of me. But she suddenly removed her sando and exposed her cuddly boobs on my sight.

I warned her, “Don’t nake a fool of me, lil’ sis. I love you too, but not to this extent..”

She answered me with a teasing facial expression and said, “Would you mind if you take all of my clothes off..?”

(continued in part 2)


im 13 but i have liked porn since young and i masturbate almost everyday. i try not to masturbate as it seems wrong but sometimes i just cant help it. i’ve tried not looking at porn but i just can’t help it and kept looking instead. i really want to stop as this might desensitize me and give me the wrong impression of life.


I have a huge crush on my GF’s sister. I want to fuck her so badly! I fantasize about doing her every single day. I want to lick her cunt and ram my dick into her so hard she screams. MMM. She is one hot little bitch. Yum.


I feel I will never be good enough or sexy enough and I will never have a guy love me and fuck me all the time and want to marry me because I am not as hot as sexy beautiful perfect busty models that men seem to want.

I am attractive, but I am not a model. I think I need to get in the best shape of my life and model and then still I won’t be enough. Plus I will get older every year and there are always new young models coming out for men to look at and love and want more than me. I want to die. Thinking about it makes me cry and feel so bad about myself. Why does that have to matter to men so much? I wish I was good enough for a man so he would fall in love with me.

Are all guys obsessed with looking up new girls photos and videos? 🙁 I don’t look for guys to drool over very often at all. I want a real man.

I am thinking of stripping and being extremely strict with my diet and exercise. I don’t know what to do to feel better about myself. I feel I will never be as good as hot models my boyfriend (and probably all men) really wants. What can I do?


I’m 17 and I love this girl, she’s my friend but I’ve been in love with her for 5 years now. I’ve told her my feelings 2 years ago but she doesn’t love me.

I’ve never had a girl before, maybe because I’m a little shy and I never asked a girl out… but the problem is that I love this girl, I’ve done so much for her but she will never see me as more than a friend… we always talk about things that we do not tell anyone else. We trust each other. She says that, if she could chose whom to love, she would chose me.

But the thing is that she always chooses guys that don’t give a shit about her feelings, and then she comes crying to me, because they always hurt her….. I can’t understand why she prefers those guys over me…. I always care about her.. I would never hurt her! I want her so much!

Next year she will go to the university and we won’t see each other so often. She will meet someone there and will never love me…….
I can’t think about other girls…. There are some girls interested on me, but I can’t love other girls……

The girl I love is not perfect, she’s not the best one in my school, but i would never want anybody else…. I just want her!

I’m afraid that I am wasting my time and she will never love me. I’m tired of being the best friend, or the “just friend” and being rejected as a lover….. I’m tired……

I’m just a pathetic guy, crying over a girl that doesn’t realize how much I love her and how I would always give my best to make her happy…….


I just had anal sex with my guy. He said it hurt cause it was so tight but I loved it. He was sleeping and I woke him after getting naked. He tried to get on top of me but I squirmed and turned over and rubbed my butt against his big hard erection. It was so good. He had no idea what I had in mind, he just went along with it. As soon as he got it in I moaned so loud and ravenously that he came instantly. I wasn’t done yet and he couldn’t get it up so he brought out my rabbit. Then he flipped me over put the rabbit deep inside me while he sucked my tits real hard. I came so hard that my butt just lift off the bed up in the air. That turned him on and after I was done he was almost hard again. But that was it for me, I think I’m done. Or I just might read more hot confessions and get turned on again and let him fuck me good.


When i was 14, (horny as fuck, i might add) i had some form of attraction for boys my age. Nothing too perverted.
Without this intention i invited my friend for a sleepover, (a bit tubby over the edges but still cute) while he was sleeping i started to take off my pants and stand over him. It was a hot night so he had no covers on and he was wearing only his underwear.
i couldn’t control myself i started rubbing my dick on his tubby. Then i got a bit further, i gathered up some of this fat rolls and stuck my penis in. I then ran to the bathroom for clean up :P. I’ve done this a total of two times.
I’m now 17 with a girlfriend and my attraction to boys has ceased but i still hook up with the same gender time to time.
But i’ve never been as turned on in my life than that moment.


I met this guy a couple months ago and we’ve hung out a few times. He wants to fuck to see how it is with me. When I first met him I wanted to but I put that aside because I was thinking he wouldnt want to. However now I kinda want to do him. I wasnt raised to “sleep around” but part of me really wants to try it once with him. What do you think?


once when i was at a party with a couple of mate’s and relative’s we all got trashed and when half were asleep me and my cousin were up picking onm the sleepers like dicks in the nose etc then i tried the wierdst thing i licked my dads balls and mad my brother finger my mum?!?


Me and my m8s were out camping and we were piss drunk we started to wander around the bush when we ran into a wild boar we ended up killing it and raping the remains… then we found a deer…


ok so one night when me and my friends were out doing dmt and acid and pot we all went down to the main street , stumbling around, spitting at passers by, stark naked. then we broke into the town hall and had a little 4 some then i cant really remember anything else but we woke up in a sand trap on a golf course, me bum reeli hurt and my throte was sore
and i was sleeping with a duck and 15 loafs of bread


I have the password to my ex-boyfriend’s email accounts (along with his facebook, and a couple online sex/dating sites). He didn’t give them to me – I noticed him typing it in one day and remembered. I can’t help logging on now and then to see what he’s up to. I miss him. I realize this is only hurting me, since he’s moving on. Nothing in his emails is particularly shocking or even interesting but I realize it’s still wrong, and I hate being a stalker.


Id worship the ground that Tyrese Gibson walked on. Im so in lust w. him. I often fantasize the two of us f*cking and him peeing on me.

I guess the golden shower makes it a confession. Is there any one else who likes or thought about golden showers?


hi im 15 years old and i always think about getting fucked. ive been mastrubating since i was 10 and im always horny in bed, in the shower, at school, ne where in public. i always keep my pussy shaved and always wear a thong in public w/ mini skirt. a couple days ago i was sitting in a bus and there was only one guy w/ me and out of nowhere i start 2 mastrubate in FRONT OF HIM!!! it felt amazing having his eyes on me. he just kept smirking at me while watching me. and i swear i could hav seen his bulge getting bigger. so now im obsessed w/ it.


My name is Anuraag. I am married since a long time to Kiran. My wife Kiran is quite good looking and voluptous. Right since we got married, I have always had a rather kinky obsession, to watch my wife Kiran, exposing her lovely body to strange men. I started confiding in her about this obsession. Initially she flatly refused. But, over the years, I persisted in keeping on requesting her. Finally, she agreed – but on condition, that I will not force her to do what she does not like. I accepted. Slowly we started experimenting with small semi-exposures on the highways, in restaurants etc. These were not really exposures. It was just a small peek, that strangers would get into Kiran’s blouse, or thru’ her skirt etc. But these were one second peeks. I told Kiran, that I wanted her to expose more….

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I just got busted on a totally idiotic thing I did a few weeks ago, making me so ashamed that I just needed to tell someone to get it off my chest.

I was with this guy for approximately four years. It was not a good relationship, he put me down and cheated on me repeatedly. I always had suspicions, as he would be very secretive about his computer, his email, his chat clients etc… we moved abroad together last year and right before the move, I found out he had cheated and made him confess to it. I decided to let it be because of the move. This guy was very disparaging and manipulative and finally, after a couple of months, I had had enough. I broke up with him, he brought a girl back to our place the same night. I found out he had actually been dating her and another girl for a few weeks before the breakup. It was pretty bad, first he tried to get me back, then he became controlling, even more manipulative and violent. Finally, he moved back home and I decided to stay on my own.

So, I have this stupid habit of googling people’s names. Childhood friends, family, myself, exes, my partner’s exes etc. And I’ve googled this guy a few times. Recently, I found him on a dating community. I registered a user, using my own email, to look at his profile and then immediately afterwards deleted the account. Little did I know that this community notifies its users everytime an aim contact opens up an account. And, he emailed me today, tellling me to stop spying on him. I denied ever doing it (though I did it a lot when we were together, to try and find evidence of his infidelity). He emailed back with a picture of the notification he got when I registered, and my username is his visitors’ log. So what do I do? Deny, deny, deny! I said I didn’t do it, but that I had let someone borrow my email account.

I feel physically sick, not so much because of my ex busting me, but because I am behaving like this even though I am with a new person, who is absolutely perfect in everyway and I know I will marry eventually. I don’t understand why I am obsessively looking for this type of information, and it’s not only my ex, I also look for information on my new boyfriend’s exes. Not telling him will make me feel like a crazy person (which I am not, this is a behavior rooted in being cheated on and developing a very low self-esteem) but if I tell him, I will make his disappointed. He would never do anything like this. He is genuinely the kindest and gentlest person I know.

I hate myself for doing this.


I have a major obsession with feces and I like go to the bathroom and wrap it suran wrap and then masturbate with it. It feels so good when my dick is sliding in out of it. I know its weird but I love it. Also I love to record myself doing this but so far no one is willing to accept my work. I’m going to keep on trying so look for “You really turd me on”