Confession Point

When you must confess!

First of all, i’m a 22 y/o bisexual GUY. I’ve dated girls my whole life (because its the thing to do, right?) until a year ago where I decided to experiment without telling anyone.

Over the course of the summer I slept with 4 different guys. Mostly good experiences but it was just sex… no romance, just pure Fuck. September came and I met a new guy, we were so much alike in so many ways that he eventually became my first boyfriend. I liked him, everything was cool at first… then he turned psycho on me. That guy had ISSUES.

I’m a nice guy, i don’t like hurting people, he totally used that against me. He was very mentally abusive with me, he would manipulate me in ways that I still don’t understand. Everytime I tried to brake up with him, but he would take out the “I’m going to kill myself if you brake up with me” card. And more shit like that.

One night he had a party at his house, towards the end of the night, he was drunk and threw fit. He got jealous cause I was flirting with girls. but nobody knew we were dating. We had mutual friends which made keeping it a secret a touchy business, it was part of my tactics, but he wouldn’t get that. He called me names, just saying really hatefull things that I’m not used to hear. so I threatened him to leave and brake up with him (cause c’mon, he had been treating me like shit for 2 months at this point) So he threw me on his bed and pined me, holding me by the neck, he was choking me, begging me not to leave him. I’M 22, HE WAS 19, I am bigger, stronger than him, but I…. its like I couldn’t do anything.

Its then that I thought to myself: “that’s how beaten wifes that still stay with their abusive husbands feel like…”

…. man I erased so much of this from my brain I’m having trouble recalling the events properly, it was so bad.

somehow, he manipulated me into staying. He played with my feelings and my head. Since when do you hear about abused 22 y/o guys… I was so ashamed of myself.

To break up with him, I had to take a break. I visited my parents for 2 weeks, in a town 10 hours away. I sent him an e-mail from there so he coudln’t show up at my door and … I don’t know what he could have done.

In the end it worked. I broke up with him. Today I have a girlfriend that treats me well. I’m happy but still a little shaken. I told my mom and she thinks I should go see a therapist… o.O


i dont even know what i see in you. you act like a total fucking jerk to me and then the next minute you are flirting with me, acting like you like me. then you go off and flirt with some ugly whore that i absolutly HATE, and you fucking know that. also, that whore that i was talking about, she has a boyfriend, and yet you fucking go make out with her and hold her hand and shit. and then when you’re with me, you talk about how you hate that whore. what the fuck is your deal?!!?!???

i just dont understand it. you told me that you like me, then you dont talk to me. you have caused me 22+ cuts all over my body. you make me feel like a worthless piece of shit sometimes. and then i cut myself. is the only way i can get my anger out, becasue if i asked you about it then you would lie to me, even though i know the truth. danm, why do i even bother?


Okay, so here is just something that i want to say to someone…..

I fucking hate you soooooo much!! i cannot believe that we every use to be friends. now the only people that like you are whores….just like you. they three of you are sluts. no wonder you guys hang out together. you’re such a dumb bitch! you have a fucking boyfriend! mannnn, i feel sooooo fucking sorry for him! you have him, so why do you still flirt with other guys?! oh yeah, its because you’re a whore. man, i dont know what eooeoie sees in you, or anyone as a matter of fact. i think that they only like you is because they know that you’re easy and you can give them what they want. you have no fucking idea how much i just want to punch you in your fucking face. also, you’re just like your sister. she two kids from different guys! WOW, thats you in the future.

I just want you to know that all the picutes that i have of you in my room, now have a fucking push pin in your ugly ass face. i wish that i could do that in real life. i hope after i get out of school, i NEVER hear from you again! i wish that i have never met you. ewwwww i fucking hate you. and stop flirting with people’s crushes. you’re soo stupid and i already know that you fucking do that shit to make peole mad, and thats why everyone fucking hates you. i guess all the guys want is a whore, and they fucking got it, and that you. so go off and keep doing that. i cant fucking wait until the day you ass gets pregant or a std. hahaha im gonna be laughing my ass of at you. man i HATE you.


i was in love with a guy who loved me back.
but i moved away.
and now he’s seeing other people.
and he tells me that if i were there, he’d be with me.
i won’t move back. no way.
i’m finding it hard to see new people.
i’m feeling ugly, unwanted, and small.
he seems to be falling in love with this new girl.
and as much as i want him to be happy.
i hate him for it.


I am pissed I find this stuff on the computer of my old man. I must confess IF HE WANTS to do this stuff why can’t he do it with me or even tell me about weird shit like these little confession things …weird noone can
really be themselves in front of anyone


… ok, even when ppl dont know who i am i feel stupid about saying whats wrong. i cant talk to anyone, i feel stupid about my feelings, i think it might be because when i was younger, when i would cry, my mom would usually say ” either stop crying or go to your room, no one wants to see that”.. but i dont know. i hate the way i look, i am probably have the lowest amount of confidence ever, i always wear my hoodie because i feel like everyone is staring at my “fat” cuz im not skinny but im not fat, im just in the middle, but i feel disgusting, i always see my flaws… i dont even know how to take a compliment, i just feel weird. idk…

my family is so fucked up, and i feel like they hate me. my eldest brother *Abe* ignored me for like a year for no reason…like, i went to my brother *dan’s* house for a cook out and he was there, and he wouldnt even make eye contact with me, and he talked to everyone BUT me… then like 20 mins later he went to sleep… even now, i feel like crying cuz of it… i mean, do you know how that feels, im the youngest out of all my siblings (im 16 now, oldest sib. is 32) and when that happened i was only like 15, it hurt so bad, and he didnt even have a reason to do it… my mom said it was cuz the age diff. (hes like 25) but he was perfectly fine talking to my niece who is 11… and i have like 2 friends cuz no1 likes me, i never tell anyone how i feel, cuz i feel stupid and i dont even have a “best friend” and every friend i have always just leaves me, and treats me like shit, and i never stand up for myself… i hate it… and the person who used to be my best friendjust stopped talking to me, and she left me when i really needed her, …. u know how many times i have actually thought about suicide… more than i can count, i doubt id ever do it though.. i just feeling shitty all the time andhave no one there for me… i cant handle it… i dont know what to do…

and im not trying to make anyone feel bad for me or w/e i just wanted to tell someone even though they dont know me cuz i have never told anyone any of the way i feel and think.. ppl just see me as happy funny stupid acting jess, and they have NO idea about unhappy i actually am…
p.s- im not doing this to have ppl feel bad for me, and i tell u this cuz, even doing this, i feel stupid. =[


I have a 4 inch penis and feel like no girl would want to have sex with only 4 inches…or me. Maybe it’s all the porn I watch. Maybe my hairy back also has to do with that belief.


I’m a fucking heinous megalomaniac mess that also ends up devoting too much of myself to the wrong people. I try to play tough girl all the time, and my legacy of debauchery and social magnificence preceeds me. However, deep down I really wish I could settle down with just one.. perfect.. dude. I have a serious case of ADD when it comes to the attention of men, so I typically end up screwing myself by not sticking around, or i try to stick around with a nut job. What am I supposed to do?


i’ve been having a gay affair with a married professional footballer for 5 years. he says he loves me more than his wife but he couldn’t take the public backlash. i’m not allowed to have a boyfriend but what can i do? i love him so much


I have the password to my ex-boyfriend’s email accounts (along with his facebook, and a couple online sex/dating sites). He didn’t give them to me – I noticed him typing it in one day and remembered. I can’t help logging on now and then to see what he’s up to. I miss him. I realize this is only hurting me, since he’s moving on. Nothing in his emails is particularly shocking or even interesting but I realize it’s still wrong, and I hate being a stalker.


While working at a new job there was this one guy that seemed to have all the luck with the female coworkers in the office.
He even managed to go out with this one woman that was so incredibly hot and large chested and I hated it when he would tell us all that he did with her the next day at work.


I live in Vermont and I’m a member of the Top Secret Vermont Cheaters Club!

No, we’re NOT what you think we are. It has to do with the recently completed contest to be named the “Official” hometown of The Simpsons.

The Simpson’s hometown is named Springfield, but the STATE was never revealed. So with the new Simpsons movie coming out at the end of this month, July 2007, they had this BIG contest on USA Today’s website.
There were 14 Springfields from around the country entered in the contest. They all submitted videos about how their Springfield should be named the Simpson’s hometown. People would go to the USA Today website, watch the videos, and vote for the one they thought was the best one. Each person was allowed one vote per day. Whichever Springfield got the most votes WON. The winning Springfield gets to host the world premier of the movie.

Our video, Springfield VERMONT, WON the big contest!

I’m confessing that I and about 20-25 others here in Vermont (all members of the VCC) cheated by voting more than once each day. A TON more than once each day. We were all voting multiple times on a daily basis, but the race remained pretty close, Then this past weekend we really poured it on! Saturday and Sunday we voted at least 2,000 times each day. The last day of the contest, Monday, July 9th, we almost hit 3,000 votes!


Final tally of votes:

Vermont = 15,367
Illinois = 14,634
Oregon = 13,894
Massachusetts = 11,442

WE WON and all those other losers are crying and whining, bitching and moaning!

HA HA !!


Springfield, Vermont is the OFFICIAL hometown of the Simpsons!

Don’t have a cow, man!

Eat our shorts!

Springfield, Vermont RULES !!!


I think about my ex every day. I used to just have a crush on him, now I’m absolutely smitten with him and it drives me crazy to know he’s dating someone else. Now that I’m older, I fantasize about having passionate sex with him. He hints at the fact that he still loves me, but I don’t believe him all the time. He’s somewhat of a casanova and an asshole..and I love it.


I sent an anonymous letter to a Muslim girl I knew whose parents were really traditional, telling them that she was not a virgin. She got disowned and had to move to New York. I did it because she used to date the guy I ended up marrying, and I thought she was much hotter than me. It drove me nuts with jealousy.


I wish my married co-worker’s wife would run off with a used car salesman because I want him for myself.

I also must confess that even though I never met the woman face-to-face, I hate her guts. Being my complete opposite, she represents all that I despise about being a female. Just the fact that we have genitalia in common makes me sick, although mine is well-groomed and I’m not plagued with contant yeast infections.

I’m not saying I hate being a woman, I’m saying I hate being associated with boring, uptight, SUV/minivan driving Mommies who talk in nasal voices and yack incessantly into their cell phones and shave their necks. I think the idea of such a woman coming home and finding a naked hippie heathen under her precious Hubby Wubby is HILARIOUS.

Unfortunately, I have too many morals to carry this out myself. I sure don’t want him dipping his wick into her greasy, hairy yeast burger and then dipping into my tight, clean kitten. Yuck. Even if he stuck his weiner in boiling water it wouldn’t be enough.

I’m also secretly angry at men who marry these boring, uptight hags because they think it’s the safe and easy thing to do. Have fun going without sex for the rest of your lives. Oral sex is now a distant memory. Why do you do this to yourselves? I’m a fun, easy-going woman. I’ve had one sexual partner, I have all my teeth, I don’t look bad, I’m healthy. But because I’m the kind of person who other people may find appealing for whatever reason, I’m not safe.

Have fun with your harpies with their capri pants and their Keds and their neck stubble. Fun, sex and affection are so overrated when you have a big, fat hound dog that sits at your side and nags your ear off every night. She may be annoying but garsh, she’s loyal. Is it worth it?


My bestfriend nearly lost her viriginity today, but her bf couldn’t get it up. But truth be told, I feel some Schadenfreud about it (like when you feel happy/good about something that you know you shouldn’t). Maybe cause they maintain they’re all Mr. and Ms. Experience while me and my bf arent. But now i feel like “HA!” because my bf can… My god he can…


i want to look that bitch in the eye and say “you will die alone” and then punch her in the face.
how dare she try to corrupt my relationship,
the only thing in the world that terrifies me is her succeeding.


One of my best friends has become a slut. Well, sort of. She used to be sweet and more mature I guess? And just this week alone she made out with a boy twice. And the thing is, she just likes spending time with him and doesn’t genuinely like him. She’s just being hormonal and lusty and my friend and I think it’s really bad for her because she keeps thinking that she’ll be in total control but we’re worried the boy might make use of her and everything. This sucks I hope the problem resolves itself. It’s killing me that she’s making out with this boy it’s sick sick sick because they used to date three years back and nothing went on physically but he two-timed with one of her close friends.


well how do i start.its gonna be really long. I am 17,pretty,smart and attractive. I am also among the TOP 5 in my class. Despite all this ,earlier i never got much attention from the opposite sex because i wasnn’t much exposed much.
But lately(like the past 6 months)i am in the limelight. I have made many friends and most of them like me. There have been many people who have fallen for me(i couldnt even keep a track), but there is one special guy. He is now like my best friend. We hang out all the time,we talk over the phone almost all day.
Sometime back he told me that he loves me and i know its true. He’s one of the nicest people i have ever come across in my life. But there is something that always stops me from giving myself to him. I told him that i dont love him(which is true ,i only like him) but the problem is i wont even give this a chance.
At the same time i dont want him to be with anyone else. My problem is that i am completely full of myself.
I am scared that i wont meet new peeple, there wont anyone new falling for me. When there are lots of rumours and controversies about me, i HATE it and i get completely FRUSTRATED(because i never try to hurt anyone and i have no bad intentions),but i know that i will become even more frustrated if people do not talk about me. I become more upset that way. People have started to call me a bitch and now i think i have started to become one.I want all guys to fall for me, i want all the attention to myself. I am so damn desperate for attention…..
here let me give u an example.
A few days back i went to a party with my friends and one of my good friends met a galfriend of mine and
now he is interested in her. This almost made me mad, even though i am not attracted to that guy, i often think of him like a brother. But i cant stand him liking any girl. Maybe i am just way to possessive about my friends.
I know one day i will completely fall apart when i realise that i do not have anyone. I want guys to fall for me but i never say YES to them. I have feeling i will end up alone.
I really wish i could deal with this but dont know how to go about it?
I wasnt like this earlier, i was much more happy and contented with my life. This problem is also not letting me settle down with anyone , i have even rejected true love.(it’s not about sex,i dont want it, just thought of letting u know).
Some people think that all these kind problems start in the family. My parents got divorced when i was 10, i live with my mom, she has a boyfriend. And she is addicted to cigarettes.
I wish i could figure a way out. PLEASE HELP.


im inlove with this one guy but one of his friends likes me too.. and he makes the guys i like lifes misreable


I once though about a person in a manner of which I shouldn’t be thinking about said person