Confession Point

When you must confess!

One night as maryann lay sleeping I knelt down by her side and softly touched her breasts , damn they felt good , I had seen them in the shower through the ceiling vent before but to finally touch them was exhilarating. The next move was even moreso , I very carefully un-did the top 3 buttons on her dark blue pyjama top and pulled it open to expose most of her left breast , I slid my left hand over her warm , soft tits , gently caressing her full mature bosom , finally reaching orgasm as i rubbed her nipple between my fingers.


I’m a 30 year old female and I recently moved in with my 54 year old mother due to being layed off of my career job.

One night we were drinking wine and talking and I was a little horny and suggested we watch a porn DVD. I was surprised, but she said sure. Trust me, she was three sheets to the wind.

My computer is hooked up to the HDTV and I sorted through some websites, until I found some porn. I downloaded a movie. The first scene was a woman masturbating with a large dildo. I looked over at my mother thinking she would say turn it off, but she didn’t. A few minutes into the video, the woman was joined by another woman. She took off her clothes and revealed a very hairy pussy.

Soon, the two women started kissing and feeling each other. I glanced over at Mom and I was shocked. She was rubbing herself. That got me hot and I too started rubbing my pussy. The two women continued and the first one was sucking the tits on the hairy woman.

I got bold and stood up from the chair and took off my shorts and and panties and started fingering myself. Right after that, my mother lifted her skirt, slide down her panties and that’s when I saw how hairy she was!!

Mom was fingering herself right along with me. The women were now eating each other. The first woman was licking the hairy woman’s cunt up and down. Now, Mom had her fingers inside her. She was actually masturbating. I continued to finger myself, but most of the time, I found myself looking at my mother more then the women.

Next, the women got into a 69 and were licking each other furiously. The hotter they got, the faster my Mom fingered herself. Within a few minutes the women were cumming in each other mouths and my Mother came. I watched her cum and fingered myself watching her until I came.

When we finished, nothing was said and we have never talked about it.


I am 13 but i had sex for the first time a few days ago.
im exhasted. ok so the rents r gone ferr the night they had to go to my 2end house in poconos to winterize the place or sum shit like tht. so i told my bf he can com overr. so we listend to music and blablabla and then we started making out like we always do but wit a lot more toungh action. then he started putting his hand on his shirtt and i luved it. so then he pulled off my shirt and started sucking my nipples. it felt nice. then he took off his pants while i took off mine. we were both completly naked then he put his penis inside of me at first it hurt so muchh i was yelling like crazy and we were worried the neighbors were gunna call the cops (lmao) but then i started bleeding (ouch) but after a while it started to feel reaallly good. just that feeling of his whole penis right inside of my vagina filling it pussy devouring his penis tht was so nice. he wanted to take a break from tht and then put his nice toungue on my moist very wet pussy i started to cum. then we went back to his penis in my vagina, i finally had a orgasm. it was awesome, my whole body was shaking and i was screamin wit my eyes closed. but then i found out he cummed inside me!!!! and i took a pregnancy test and it sed positive and it was a very accurate one but i didnt believe it.. so i went to my aunts doctor [i didnt wanna go to my moms doctor just incase she wud find out] and i asked her to check. AND I AM PREGNANT!!!! HELPPPPP!!!!! IM ONLY 13!!!!!!!! WUT AM I GUNNA DOOOO?!!! how am i gunna have the baby? i barly can handle a little penis in me but now a whole baby?!! i cant give birth. and my mom wud about kill me if she found out. she duzzen even let me (or know) i have a boyfriend!!!!
plz comment and tell me if u have had any simular expieriences and kno wut to do.


Lately, I’ve been having a recurring dream where I end up having sex with my girlfriend’s sister. I dream that we’re all gathered at her parents’ house for some holiday or other and that everybody but me leaves to go and do some shopping or something. I go upstairs to use the bathroom, and I spot her masturbating through her half-open door. We make eye contact, and she starts to try to cover herself, but I tell her not to. I move closer to her, and I open her bedroom door all the way so that I can take in her entire nude form. She’s beautiful, of course, and she has a sex toy of some type in her hands. I take it from her, lick it off, set it aside, and take its place inside of her. The dream feels so real, and I’ve actually come close to orgasming from it.

The thing is, this dream mirrors how I really feel. I’m in love with my girlfriend, who is always beside me when I wake up from that dream. But I am in total lust with her sister. It’s to the point now where I think about the dream during the day and get excited. So… so… hot!!! I suppose I’ll be thinking of that dream the next time I see her, too. I wish I could tell her about it or even act on it, because I think she is attracted to me. I don’t want to hurt my girlfriend, though.


I just had anal sex with my guy. He said it hurt cause it was so tight but I loved it. He was sleeping and I woke him after getting naked. He tried to get on top of me but I squirmed and turned over and rubbed my butt against his big hard erection. It was so good. He had no idea what I had in mind, he just went along with it. As soon as he got it in I moaned so loud and ravenously that he came instantly. I wasn’t done yet and he couldn’t get it up so he brought out my rabbit. Then he flipped me over put the rabbit deep inside me while he sucked my tits real hard. I came so hard that my butt just lift off the bed up in the air. That turned him on and after I was done he was almost hard again. But that was it for me, I think I’m done. Or I just might read more hot confessions and get turned on again and let him fuck me good.


I am a bi male, I haven’t had my first with a guy yet, but I really want to, I get a massage from time to time from a really hot male massuse, he rubs my ass really good and I want him to take it further but I am to scared to ask him too, its hard to tell if he would. I bet if when I turned over with a big hard on he would get the picture. after the massage is over I always jack off in the room when he leaves. I would love to suck his cock and let him fuck my ass, I just cant tell if he would be into it. I think he is married, but he has no problem giving me very good kind of sensual massage, no man could rub my naked body the way he does and not be a little gay. I have a sexy body and have been told I’m hot.

I just want him so bad, there has got to be a way to make this happen…any advice? I don’t want to insult his professionalism or be rejected, but I just dont know what to do. He is the only guy I have ever been attracted too and I can’t seem to shake this crush. How do I let him know without ruining what I already have, If he didn’t want to have sex with me I dont think I could continue going to him for massages, which I really enjoy and I don’t want to stop seeing him, It definitely is the best massage I have ever had even without the “happy ending”, some good advice would be helpful.


i’ve never orgasmed with my bf.


I get drunk whenever I can which is pretty much all the time. I know I’m an alcoholic. I’ve tried therapy and AA but it didn’t help. I’m not writing this about my drinking problem but about what happens every time I drink. As soon as I am drunk, I want someone to eat my pussy. I will grab any man that comes along and offer it to him. I usually don’t have a hard time finding takers because I am very pretty. I never have intercourse or anything else, I just want my pussy licked until I cum. Afterwards I feel awful. Most guys want to see me again but I don’t ever want to see them again. I am ashamed and feel dirty. I swear it won’t happen again but once I’m drunk, I get all horny and do it again. Even when I cum, I feel so empty. It seem I’m caught in a trap.


You know that expression, “You can’t tell a book by it’s cover?” Well here is a prime example. I’ll try to not be too long. Anyway, I was at the library one day doing research when I caught the eye of a very attractive mid twenties woman. Red hair, bright green eyes, perfect lips, gorgeous tits (with nipples visable) and a perfect tight ass to die for.

Well we started talking, one thing led to another and we ended up sitting in my car. Turns out she enjoyed pot like me so we smoked a joint and really had a good time laughing and getting to know one another. I invited her back to my apartment to listen to some music we both liked and she accepted. Once there, we had a drink and just spontaniously started making out. She was an awesome kisser and let me know that she was interested in a little more when she started stroking my rock hard cock.

I took her in my bedroom and laid her down. We stripped off each others clothes and started to caress and kiss passionately. She pushed me on my back and gently lowered her hot shaved pussy on my face. I licked it until she came on my face. I was in heaven. Now the story turns. She slid down my body and offered her tits to my eager mouth. While I sucked her rock hard nipples she was stroking my cock and balls and rubbing the head of my cock between her ass cheeks. Suddenly I heard a strange noise and smelled something odd.

Well she reached behind herself and came back with a handful of shit! She started smearing it all over my chest. I almost fucking puked! I threw her off of me and ran and jumped into the shower. She followed me and offered to get in the shower with me and let me fuck her “hard” in the ass. Now I know that there are some guys that would consider this a dream, but I was repulsed and mortified and believe me, I’m no prude. It was just really repulsive and sad because she really was a beautiful young girl. I just wonder what happened to her?


Am male 22
When I was 13 my dad and mom split up. I was with mom and dad married his secretary 28. I used to visit dad and he gave me allowances. Dads wife was also cool. We talked normally. Mom could not stand her neither did they meet. One year later, One day as I went to their house no one opened the door… I went towards the backdoor and through the window I saw her naked in bed. Curiocity got over me and I watched…First i thought it was with dad…no then maybe someone else….Even After 5 minutes I saw no male, then it got clear she was masturbating. I watched till she finished…she lay there naked even after it was over I quietly got back home.

After that day it became my masturbating scene. Everytime afterwards when I went to their house I hoped to catch her again.Never did it happen till 6 months.This day I rang the doorbell and found the door un-locked so I entered inside. She was in her bedroom naked masturbating.We both got akward I just turned back When she said sorry…she thought she had locked the door. I was horny as well as scared, I dont know what i mumbled when she said “let this be our little secret”. She took my thing out and sucked..I almost fainted and instantly blew in her mouth.She said it was tastier than your dad’s.That got me more hornier.
From then onwards it was no turning back.
She became my tutor. All I know today about pleasing a women is her effort.It continued till I was 18.Then they moved out to other city. It has been four years I have not heard about them. And this was one thing which was really OUR SECRET. I have has 5 girlfriends since my age and slightly older BUT she was the best.


When I was a boy I use to stay with my grandma sometimes in the summer. Over the years it was common for her to see me naked in and out of the bath and shower. I saw her naked a few times also while she was dressing. Sometimes she would help me towel off in the bathroom. Once when I was about 11, she was helping me and I got an erection. She was quite interested in it and she handled my cock and nuts. This caused me to have my first ejaculation. This scared me but she asured me it was ok because I was just becoming a young man. After that I got more modest and didn’t let her see me naked any more. The only thing is that as an adult it turns me on for an older woman to see me naked.
Jack me Granny


I’m in a commited relationship with a guy.
But the only thing that gets me hot is thinking about other women. When I masterbate the only thing that can make me cum is thinking about a gorgeous blonde eating me out until I scream.

I love guys, they’re sweet and caring, and being wrapped in their arms is the most amazing feeling in the world. But I never did like being having sex with them. I mean no offense to men, but penises never really interested me.
I love girls because they’re soft, beautiful, and just have this glow around them. But they can be caty, mean, and over-emotional. However I still LONG to one day be able to experiment with a girl.
I love relationships with guys, but I think I would enjoy sex with women a whole lot more…


Im married with 2 kids, but have always had a crush on my daughters english teacher. So when it was parent teacher conferences i decided to go full out, make up, skirt, no undies…
the meeting was in the science room and we where alone
i didnt really listen to what he had to say about my daughter which i felt guilty about but was too busy trying to smoothly flirt with him. I opened my legs abit, and i caught him take a glance. He stopped talking because it was the end of the conference. So i got up and went to give him a kiss on the cheek. this i knew was not usual but couldnt resist, it was the longest kiss on the cheek i have ever had. I dont know what came over me but i moved from his cheek to his lips and he kissed me back! so i sat on him with his legs open, i couldnt wait, i unzipped his pants and slowly slided his dick into me. we had the roughest passionate sex i have ever had. It was a fantasy come true. he put me on the desk and went down on me, i returned the favour and he came all over my mouth. i cleaned myself up and said goodbye. Now every time my daughter mentions him i feel sooo guilty but it was defiantly worth it. i cant wait till next parent teacher conferences. i might book him twice.


I have this fantasy and don`t know if it is normal to have something like this or not.I would like for me and my wife and another guy go to a club and drink and dance. Him and I would not get drunk but let my wife get drunk. We`d go home and carry her to bed and i`d ask him to help me get her blouse off of her.I`d pull it off of her and then take her bra off to.She has a beautiful set of 42DD breasts and this should wake the other guy up some.Then i`d ask him if he wanted to stay here as he had been drinking.He would say yes and i`d say “well,get undressed then,you may as well sleep here with me and my wife”.

I`d let a light on in the hallway so it wasn`t real dark in our bedroom.I`d slip her slacks off and pull her panties off,and start sucking her breasts and fingering her cunt.I would see that he is starting to get hard by this time and tell him it was ok if he sucked her breasts and fingered her.She would be moaning slightly by this time and i`d get between her legs and start licking her clit.By this time she is starting to work her cunt and moaning pretty good.I`d crawl out from between her legs and go back to sucking her tits,noticing that he is really hard by now.Damn,it must be at least nine inches long. I`d tell him to get between her legs and see if she could take all of him.He gets between her legs and puts them over his shoulders and starts to slip the head in.As i`m sucking her tits i can see everything that goes on.

He gets about half that big cock in her and her ass comes off the bed and she groans and starts bucking against his big cock.I tell him to put it in slowly,as she isn1t used to a cock like that.He`s pushing it in slowly and i watch until about a little over eight inches is inside her.She is groaning and moaning now and it doesn`t seem to be going much farther in her.I tell him to just push it in gently until it is all inside her.He does and it finally is all inside her.She is groaning and moaning now and her ass is coming off the bed and her legs are tight around him with her heels on his ass pushing him down faster and faster.They`re kissing and she is exploring the inside of his mouth with her tongue.Her moans are getting louder and her breathing is more ragged now.

She asks him if he is close,and he says “hold on,I`ll pump you faster and catch up with you”.He is up on his hands and knees now and pumping the hell out of her,and she is coming up off the bed to meet his every thrust.He then tells her he is close now and she says”give it to me as hard as you can and shoot a big load inside me”.He is now ramming all nine inches in her and her ass is coming off the bed to take every inch of his big cock.He lets out a couple of small moans and stops moving and i can see his body starting to shake slightly as he is overwhelmed by the feelings as his load courses through his big cock.As she feels the first load of semen splash inside her she moans and starts ramming her cunt up to take all his cock.She is moaning and thrasing now and telling him how good his cock and cum feels inside her hot cunt.He starts puching it in and out gently and i can see the cum squeezing out between her cunt and his cock.Omg,what a sight,I`d give anything to see that.

They lay there kissing and she tells him that is the biggest cock she has every had.She said it hurt when it went all the way in,but it wasn`t long until it felt good and she started to work her ass.She gets on her knees and starts kissing him and kissing down his chest.She reaches down and takes hold of his cock and then puts her lips around that enormous head on it.She takes it in as far as she can and there still is about four inches outside her mouth.I think to myself,omg,wish i had a cock like that,she even said if i had one like that i could fuck the shit out of her every night.As he is getting ready to leave she asks if we could do it again.I said “heck yes we can”.I fantasize about this all the time but don`t know what to say to see how wife feels about doing something like this.I`d give anything to have this happen.


My boyfriend finally talked me into having anal sex. It was the BEST sex I’ve ever had. I’ve never had a more intense orgasm than when I could feel his hard cock thrusting in and out of my ass. The problem being when he pulled out there was crap on the end of the condom. It really grossed him out and now he refuses to do it again. I think I might have to start cheating on him just to get someone willing to fuck me in the ass. Now that I’ve felt how great it is, I cant just not do it anymore.


I was still in High School, I had a big cock and was horny all the time, jerked off at least 3 times a day. My body is small and slim with very little hair, 5″4″,125lbs. My fat cut 7″ cock looked huge on me. I had been jerking off thinking about gay sex lately, I was very turned on by the fantasy of having sex with an older man, and having a cock in my ass.

I got a job working after school and weekends at a antique shop, it was ran by 2 older gay gentleman, very nice gentleman who were always flirting and teasing me. An older very distinguished looking handsome customer came in the store, he was a silver haired fox who looked like he had money.

The owners knew him well, he bought a small end table and asked the owners if I could help him unload it at his house, I thought this was kind of suspicous since it didn’t weigh much but my horniness and curiousity made me jump at the chance. We rode in his SUV to a big house in a ritzy neighborhood and I carried the end table into his house. He gave me a tour, it was huge and very nice, there was an indoor hot tub and he asked me if I wanted to soak for a while, I told him I didn’t have a swim suit and he laughed and told me I could go without, he always did.

I was getting turned on so I started to undress, my tank top came off first and my back was turned to him and I pulled down my cutoffs, no underwear and bent over to finish removing my cutoffs, it was a turn on to expose my ass to him, he watched me climb into the hot tub, my cock was rock hard. I watched him take off his shirt, he had a sexy chest covered with silver hair, he pulled down his pants and underwear in one motion exposing a beautiful 8″ cut cock, very fat. We sat in the tub for five minutes talking, he asked me if I wanted a massage, I moved over close to him with my back to him and sort of sat on his lap, I could feel that big cock, I started moving my ass around until it was between my cheeks, I moved up and down, it felt so hot, made my asshole spasm. He was rubbing my shoulders and back, he reached around and started massaging my inner thighs making my cock twitch, finally he started stroking my cock, I was so turned on it was all I could do not to cum. He had me stand up and started tonguing my ass while stroking my cock, I was in pleasure overload and exploded cum after about two minutes of this.

We went into his bedroom, still naked and dried off, he put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me to my knees, grabbed the back of my head and guided me to his cock. I sucked on it hungrily feeling it get harder in my mouth, when he was rock hard he guided me to the bed and had me lay on my stomach. He ate my ass again this time harder, getting his tongue up inside me, this made my cock hard again, I relaxed and felt my boypussie open up. Next he slowly inserted one of his fingers , it kind of hurt at first but then I started to love the feeling. Two fingers was next with some lube, he two finger fucked me for along time, I loved how it felt, like I was getting stretched. I was moaning and moving my ass up and down.

He stopped and put his big cock back in my mouth, I sucked him for maybe a minute and he pulled out and rolled on a condom, had me get down doggie style got behind me and pushed that big cock head against my tight hole. He slowly pushed, I thought it was to big and would never fit, all of a sudden it popped in, the sensation took my breath away, it felt so huge and it hurt a little, but I was starting to relax and it was feeling better by the second.

He slowly pushed in until he was deep inside me and moved in and out very slowly to start with, it still burned but the thought of getting fucked, having a big cock inside me was such a turn on.

He fucked me for a long time, after I got used to it and fully relaxed the feeling was pure pleasure. My cock was rock hard.

The pace got faster and harder, finally I came again, without even touching my cock, such intense pleasure. He came and stayed inside me, I layed flat on my stomch with him still inside me, he slowly went limp, slipped out of me and rolled off me.


When i walked past his girlfriend, I thought of the look on his face as he came inside me.


I am married for 5 years after dating my husband for a couple years. I am 31 now and both of us live far in different cities due to our jobs. I always fantasize having sex with handsome men whom I come across. Is this wrong? I have many dreams about the same too.

I love to have sex with my husnabd bu he would not lick my clit and I hardly have should I ask him to do that..he wouldnot agree ..I am sure