Confession Point

When you must confess!

I’m a 30 year old female and I recently moved in with my 54 year old mother due to being layed off of my career job.

One night we were drinking wine and talking and I was a little horny and suggested we watch a porn DVD. I was surprised, but she said sure. Trust me, she was three sheets to the wind.

My computer is hooked up to the HDTV and I sorted through some websites, until I found some porn. I downloaded a movie. The first scene was a woman masturbating with a large dildo. I looked over at my mother thinking she would say turn it off, but she didn’t. A few minutes into the video, the woman was joined by another woman. She took off her clothes and revealed a very hairy pussy.

Soon, the two women started kissing and feeling each other. I glanced over at Mom and I was shocked. She was rubbing herself. That got me hot and I too started rubbing my pussy. The two women continued and the first one was sucking the tits on the hairy woman.

I got bold and stood up from the chair and took off my shorts and and panties and started fingering myself. Right after that, my mother lifted her skirt, slide down her panties and that’s when I saw how hairy she was!!

Mom was fingering herself right along with me. The women were now eating each other. The first woman was licking the hairy woman’s cunt up and down. Now, Mom had her fingers inside her. She was actually masturbating. I continued to finger myself, but most of the time, I found myself looking at my mother more then the women.

Next, the women got into a 69 and were licking each other furiously. The hotter they got, the faster my Mom fingered herself. Within a few minutes the women were cumming in each other mouths and my Mother came. I watched her cum and fingered myself watching her until I came.

When we finished, nothing was said and we have never talked about it.


well, literary, my confession is regarding my sexuality. i am a lesbian. my family and friends doesn’t anything about my sexual orientation. i am currently in love with a girl, but i can’t confess my feelings to her cause i am afraid of rejection. i hope someday, i will be able to tell everyone i know that i am gay, and be proud of it.


I’m confused heartbraker. I’m attracted to guys, yes. but I’ve never been in love with one. I’ve been loved by many though.

But also since i started to watch the L word (secretly, i know, stupid) i’ve started digging in my head and i found some thoughts… and i discovered also that it has been going on eariler but i never put an attetion on it. its not that i desire and fantisize bout girls, but it all looks so cosy and intimate on the L word.
i know nothing about me right now.


I’ve been watching lesbian sex scenes on youtube for a few years now.
Everyone thinks I’m a christian…I don’t know where I am with God…..
I’m so lost.


i am not attracted to men..i am more attracted to females….i been interested in women since i was 13 years old…YES..I AM A LESBIAN


For at least a couple years now I have secretly been fantasizing about having intimate encounters or sometimes even sex with my boyfriend’s mother! I’m guessing it’s because I have this OCD thing where I’ll meet someone who I really like or who I feel has this inner connection with me and so I can’t stop thinking about them, regardless of their gender and sometimes that innocent crush turns into fantasies, even if they are retarded one’s that don’t make any since. I’ve kind of struggled with the idea that I might be a little bit bi-sexual because I’ve had girl fantasies before but every time I start picturing doing sexual things to the female I’m thinking about I suddenly get really turned off and no longer fantasize anymore. So maybe I’m attracted to the idea of doing something “scandalous” that’s different than the relationships I normally have but when it comes down to it I still prefer my regular opposite sex relationships in regards to the sexual attraction component? I’m sure I’ll figure that part out on my own but why I’ve picked my future mother-in law as a person to fantasize about I’m not sure. It’s kind of messed up…


I am finally comfortable with the fact that I am bisexual… but uncomfortable with the fact that I experimented with four different girls this weekend, when I already have a boyfriend. Does this count as cheating?


I’m a 16 year old girl and 1 year ago this month I had started seeing another girl. I was deeply in love with her and then she broke my heart, we argued all the time and eventually she didn’t feel the same way about me and found somebody else. It took me months to get over her, I’m still not completely sure if I am over her. I could never imagine myself with any other girl but her so I now have a boyfriend.

I thought maybe if I got another girlfriend then I would be forever comparing her with my ex.

Anyway, i do love this guy so much, he makes me feel so happy and special. It’s just really weird being with a man and every time he kisses me, I keep thinking of my ex girlfriend or just girls in general. My boyfriend knows nothing about it and I can’t tell him, it would break his heart.

And what’s more, the other day I went to my friends 18th birthday and I saw my ex girlfriend there, we talked for hours and hours about everything and anything, we had a really good laugh like old times, then we ended up having a bit of a kiss. We both agreed it was a mistake because we’re both with other people now, but it’s really messed me up and confused me again.


i laugh about gay ppl sometimes with friends.. i think im lesbian tho


I’m a 15 yr old chick. And lately I’ve been fantisizing over one of my teachers at school. She’s female but she’s so hott. All the things I wanna do with her. She makes me so horney


Every time i close my eyes i fantasise about girls, the thing is i dont want to be a lesbian, because it high school thats a killar move. i’m hoping its a phaze, because the only thing that gets me off is lesbian stuff. im a senior and have no clue wat to do or think.


Growing up on Prince Edward Island was a pleasant experience for me. The air smelled like pine trees and the closeness of the sea brought relief form the warm summer temperatures that seemed to make your clothes stick to your skin even after a bath.

Anna Delusia and I grew up together,although she was 3-1/2 years older we were like sisters.We shared everything,even our clothes,untill she started blossoming before me. It was late summer,a typical hot dry day and I decided to go to Anna’s farm to spend the day with her. I had just turned 14 a week earlier and Anna was going to be 18 in the fall. Anna had a way with me… she would take my hand as we walked along Cassie’s creek and it seemed so natural…I didn’t know it then.. but she was really becoming more to me…..

That day I wore a red & white checked dress,loose and airy down to my knees,I remember it was comfortable and cool,and a pink ribbon that my Grandmother had put in my hair. “don’t you loose it now”… I can still hear her say… “my first beau gave that to me !”

We eventually ended up at the Delusia’s barn, an imposing structure, as her father was one of the more sucessful farmers in the area. As we entered the barn the first thing you notice is the contrast to the warm muggy air outside, here it was cool and cavernous your footsteps echoed off the walls and ceiling and it took a few moments for your eyes to adjust to the darkness. We decided to go up to the loft, altho the upper structure of the barn is always warmer, I didn’t mind.. the hay was fresh and it smelled so sweet.

Anna went up the ladder first and by the time I reached the loft she was on her hands & knees at the loft door,where we lift the bails and swing them into the barn. She seemed to be looking for her brothers in the barley fields. Her dress was much like mine,loose and breezy,I remembered looking at her figure under the light fabric and yearning for the day that I had hips like hers, that could hold up my jeans.

she turned over and fell into the hay,a big smile on her face,and she had such a lovely face..oval with almond shaped blue eyes and golden curly hair to her shoulders.Grandma always said “golden haired girls are early to bloom” and that was Anna.

I layed next to her..thinking of how fast the summer was going..and Anna would be off to University soon.. my only real friend..grown & gone… not a happy prospect. She must have been thinking the same thoughts… getting up on one elbow…she brought her face close to mine and look very intently into my eyes,I had never seen her so serious. It sort of worried me..”you know Amy”..she started…”I’ll be going to school soon”.. “will you miss me?” heart ached to tell her how much..but I couldn’t…

“oh yes!” was all I could say…I’ll just bet” she said…and it hurt! Up she rose.. and was climbing down the ladder..with a cute smile on her face I can still see…so I followed, but since it was close to dinner time I said my good-by’s and went home.

All night, in bed, I thought about Anna..the nearness of her face to me.. the scent of her shampoo,and the sparkle in her blue eyes.
…….. I never got to sleep.

The next day I had to see her again,something pulled me there to the barn, and I found Anna once again in the loft. “hi”..I said…what ya doin'” ..but my heart wasn’t in it..I was so tired from not sleeping the night before..and the strange conflict in my heart, which I couldn’t quite put my finger on. “hiiiii”..she answered… in a very strange way…drawing it out..I thought maybe she had been drinking. But I plopped down next to her,and we snuggled into the hay,and she drew closer to me,….I had a feeling of destiny closing in on me..

We lay there looking up at the rafters,the ever-present “buzz” of the flies that are a part of every barn,and the wasp building the nest on the ceiling. It started to rain and the humidity rose.but the hay was soft,sweet and
dry so we didn’t mind.

I undid the top two buttons of my dress,I wore no bra..didn’t need one yet (darn it!)..and let the air waif across my tiny breasts,bringing a moment of cool comfort. but then a drop of rain fell through the roof and onto my breast..Anna leaned over to me,her hair fell over her face onto my breasts and I couldn’t see what she was doing…I was frozen in time.I felt her lips touch my breasts and kiss off the rain drop…!!! sent a
shudder through me I was certain she felt because she lifted her head and brushed that golden hair of hers back from her face to reveal a strange look..her eyes were glazed over and she had that smile again. All I could do was smile back… the moment stretched on like time had stopped……
…..but the next few minutes are etched in my mind like it happened

Anna reach under my dress to put her hand on my thigh…and I froze again… like I would do several times in the next few minutes… she lifted my dress over my hips to expose my cotton panties… I was both ashamed and exhilarated…Anna put her fingers under the elastic band around my upper thigh and pulled aside the fabric…..leaning over she placed her lips onto the flesh next to my mound…and kissed me again…it sent another electric shock through me that almost made me bolt upright..

But before I could protest..if I could even speak at that moment…she had her head down on my knees.. kissing a very sensitive spot on the inside of my knee..a 14 year old girl has no way of knowing there are spots like that on her young body…and it was breathtaking. As she proceeded up the inside of my thigh…I began to notice the rough texture of her tongue..dragging up the soft tissue of my thigh…I was again frozen.. wondering what her destination was..but knowing all along in my heart, where she was taking this.

Without even feeling her doing it…she had my panties pulled down to my knees..and was lifting my legs up to bend them so she could have a more comfortable access to my “secret”,and access she had now….she took one moment to stop,and smiled at me again,then lowered her head onto my clitoris….the shock of her tougue touching me there…well … I bucked straight up……bridged my neck and I must have let out a small scream…because she gently shushed me…and went back to her pleasure…I was beginning to feel the rumblings of my first orgasm.. it built like the thunderstorm blowing outside and flooded across me like a tidal wave…time was suspended…

when I regained my preception…I was aware of a sound like listening to sea shells with both ears.. a wooshing sound…and slowly it was replaced with the sounds of the barn again,the buzzing flies and the rain…gently falling now… Anna had her head resting on my shoulder…kissing me softly…and stroking my hair…my heart was pounding so loud I thought everyone in town could hear it.. and I could scarcly breath..

when I looked over at Anna..her face was glistening all around her mouth…my “wetness” was on her…and she was licking her upper lip…my mind was going in a million different directions…did she really like “my taste”…before I could ask her she reached out and drew me to her..I rolled over onto her and found myself hovering above her groin… I pulled down her panties and was astonished to see she had a shaved mound… completely hairless..and the aroma…clean & sweet ..but with a earthy smell that mingled with the animal smells in the barn and the sweet smell of the hay…I went down on her with no shame…. and tasted the wetness of her body…I found it was like licking honey off a spoon…I’ll never forget that first taste as long as I live….and she let out the moan this an animal…. primitive and deep from inside her chest….I worked till I felt the climax building to a peak…and as she came…she gushed….into my mouth and down my chin….I drank deep…………………………
…………..and time was suspended again.

We layed in each others arms for what seemed like hours….. waiting for the rain to stop…and hoping it never would…….

As the summer wore on we met at the barn frequently…and she showed me different side to her personality… at times she would stalk me through the loft…like a tigeress..on her hands and knees..naked and covered with sweat…the straw sticking to her body..and her tangled mane of hair cascading over her shoulder and face..and she’d peek out at me with one eye..the “hunger” clear…and I was compelled to obey ….and when we were finished….she would lie there…her breasts heaving… she’d see me looking at her…and like a chased suzanna she would cover her nakedness with a fluttering hand..and looking every bit like Botticelli’s angel in the afternoon’s soft light.

Anna went off to school that fall..and we slowly lost touch with each other…but I will never forget her…or what we had,and the path my life would take,after that rainy summer day on Prince Edward Island….


I have never said this to anyone.
I have always like guys, never really doubted that. but recently i just can’t get the idea of being with a girl out of my head. i find myself wishing things weren’t so strange around the topic of being gay, but i really think i’d rather be in a relationship with a girl. i’ve been watching lesbian tv shows like the L word etc. so maybe im just confused because things on tv seem so perfect. any advice?

well yup thats my confession…


My friends are all at my house right now and we are going to my room in a minute. Just want to let you know what we’ll do:
Okay, so we are all lesbians and flipping hot! We love sex! We are going to finger ourselves and lick eachothers pussy’s! And later on tonight my boyfriend is coming over so he will probably join us. Can’t wait for him to stick his hard 8,5 inch dick in our wet, sweaty pussy’s! Oh, what do you know, 1 of my friends called Natasha has just taken my g-string off, opened my legs and is sucking/licking/fingering my wet horny pussy right now coz she is sitting under the computer table! Fuck, more, um, i need to go!!!!


Okay, I know it’s not so good to be doing this but i’m only 15 and i have been fingering myself, using my moms sextoys, having sex already, thinking about sex and writing all my sex story’s on other websites. I just love hearing about sex! I get horny so often, i love getting my pussy waxed coz i pose nude for my sexualy active 18 year old boyfriend and he takes photo’s of me and other girls having sex! I love lesbians coz i am bi and i have loads of threesomes! So please, if you have any really hot horny sex story’s, please confess all of them on this site even if you just make some up! I’m begging you! PLEASE make me horny! I’m even naked right now.


I’m sitting here at my computer, and i logged on to a porn site accidently, and now i’ve realised how much i love watching two lesbian girls fucking eachother! I’m fingering myself naked right now and my legs are wide open! I’ve got a few sex toys with me coz my boyfriend isn’t here to shove his hard 9 inch cock inside of me and also coz i haven’t got my friends over to finger me! But i’m good with sex toys! I’ve even got my vibrator with me! It feels so good!


This happened two years ago. Am married woman working and faithful to my hubby. We are deeply in love and trust each other.This particular incident has made me guilty. Hubby was out on tour, my friend Lisa asked me to stay at her place as she was alone too.We are good friends as we work togather.

We drank a little and was watching ‘Face Off” she asked if i fantasizes Travolta the hero in the movie fucking me. I was shocked. never had thought of such things.She said she did fantasized a few heros fucking her. The topic got hotter and bolder. She also wanted to know that after sex with my husband did i secretly masturbated….. I was shocked but …i was guilty i had done it once or twice but it was my little secret…still i said no to her.I was little horny with the talk..a little shocked as i had not expected this and a little scared as i was never into such situation.

we were talking sex and we kept in sharing a few experiences…as long as it is talking it went on suddenly she took out her vibrator… it was crossing the limits but i was curious to know more I had used it once but it was too noisy and i was scared so i threw it away…but that was almost ten years ago…she came up to me and kissed me…. to make it short i was seduced by my female friend. I had never been with female I was starting to like it the touched were different to that of my husbands and when she licked me…i was on the virge of screaming….it did not end here. She brought a strapon and fucked me. I did not know where my mind was……. did i think of my hubby… She asked me to turn around and i obeyed it… I came three times continuous…. Afterwards she asked me to do her but i politely refused saying i was too tired and went to sleep. She masturbated herself.

I was guilty of cheating my hubby..but I was more guilty for secretly enjoying the whole fuck I was also guilty of not pleasing her after i got the pleasure.


i like watching my female neigbours and playing with myself sometimes i get so horny i finger myself and i love using hand cream


I would love to eat Jessica Simpson’s pussy. The thing is, I’m a girl!


I’m in a commited relationship with a guy.
But the only thing that gets me hot is thinking about other women. When I masterbate the only thing that can make me cum is thinking about a gorgeous blonde eating me out until I scream.

I love guys, they’re sweet and caring, and being wrapped in their arms is the most amazing feeling in the world. But I never did like being having sex with them. I mean no offense to men, but penises never really interested me.
I love girls because they’re soft, beautiful, and just have this glow around them. But they can be caty, mean, and over-emotional. However I still LONG to one day be able to experiment with a girl.
I love relationships with guys, but I think I would enjoy sex with women a whole lot more…


In highschool, here was a girl I really liked at my drama camp. I stole a pair of her underwear (clean) but I’d wear them a lot. I’m a girl by the way.


i was at the coast with a bunch of friends…
like 8+ boys and 4 girls,
and we all got totally smashed, especially this one girl who is REALLY hot (i’m a lesbian), well we had to get her to bed after she vomited, she was wearing this short dress…
i slipped off her panties and fingered her

BTW this is like my best friend, and i feel really really guilty for it


I’m not sure i like boys, because i’ve never kissed one.


I have a crush on my best female friend. Neither of us are lesbians…. I don’t think. What’s my problem?


Well I finally had my first lesbian experience. It was with my boyfriend’s hot younger sister and it was really nice. She is really beautiful and knew just what I like in bed. I told her that I wish she could give her brother (my bf) some tips on how to eat my pussy better but she doesn’t know how to bring up the subject without making him suspect anything. Oh well, for now she said she would love to service me any time I want. Guess I’ll enjoy the best of both worlds for now, yum!


im am in love with my best friend. thing is we are both girls. She is bi, and so am i, and she is very touchy feely, but i dont know if thats because she is attracted to me, or if its just friendly. i dont want to make a move and it ruin the friendship. help! xxx


i had sex with my brother’s girlfriend