Confession Point

When you must confess!

I thought I was weird. After seeing this site I do feel better that there are more weird people than me.


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  1. charming cobra
    11:35 am on November 12th, 2005

    #105: No, you are weird.

  2. soft step-mother
    10:48 pm on November 15th, 2005

    #107: And gay!

  3. Whatever...
    6:55 am on November 16th, 2005

    #146: "Weird" is not the word…."stupid" is!!! You are stupid if this website made even an iota of impact on your thought process.

  4. Whatever... SUCKS
    4:00 am on November 19th, 2005

    #199: Hey Whatever, now that you replyed… thanks for answering everyone question

  5. Whatever... SUCKS... is a moron
    12:59 am on December 9th, 2005

    #322: Whatever is right, the confessee of this confession is a frickin idiot.

  6. romantic psychiatrist
    3:43 pm on December 19th, 2005

    #489: your all morons u dumb fags

  7. selfish grandmother
    2:49 pm on September 4th, 2007

    #3215: Deep in your Mother’s Incestuous Cunt is where your Incestuous Cock should be every morning, noon, and night

  8. secret abominable snowman
    12:50 am on August 15th, 2009

    i go to 4chan when i feel weird… and then i drink cock from a cock glass and slitz mai wrists to goodcharlotte. That makes me feel better too.

  9. baldlovingdad
    4:26 am on March 3rd, 2014

    Dude if you have to sit in judgement and call us all names u get out of here, this is our safe place, BYE!! I never use weird as a descriptor, it aleinates and hurts feelings!!! Let us adopt, say just different, most different, whatever is grammar correct!!I am not into shitting or peeing (actively) I mean, see I grossed out when I first saw and read about that turn on, but I made myself try it and I came so hard I thought I would die!!!Don’t knock it til you try it, even then don’t because it takes all kinds of people to make this society go round!!I can’t hold this in anymore, I love this site!!!I loved my step daughters little bald pussy, I licked it daily for years she loved the great orgasms too!!Problem is I made myself addictted to young bald pussy and I only want it!!! Honestly age really doesn’t mean anything at all to me, one rule only, sounds nuts but minimum has made me not taste under 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved that threw six only for years then I made myself switch addictions for my own good, now I only swallow horse cum and fuck animals no people young or old!!!

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