Confession Point

When you must confess!

i really want my girlfriend to gain 50 pounds because then i would fuck her so hard she’d never need to be fucked again.

i really like chubby girls, shes kinda chubby. But I need some fat to grab a hold of i want to stuff her until her fat belly is so soft and squishy i could ejaculate.

i want to stuff her and have her pants rip and her shirt buttons pop that would make me so hard, i want to feed her so bad.


hi im zach jones. i like to play age of empires alot. sometimes i take it to far, and i get pleasure from it. sometimes people sit at my computer and i have to be a homo about it and use my super nerd knowledge and boot kids from the game. anyway ladies im about four feet tall and have greasy black afro hair. i weigh a good 170 but i try to keep the weight down. i have alot of rolls and im ghostly pale. no girls like me but 13 year old eighth graders and i cant help but to get with it. Or “Hop on dat” as my negro friends would say. i dont care how old they are, as long as i dont have to jack off at night its all good. well im out so bye


I hate fat people. I hate their rolls of useless flab. I hate their arms that are thick as legs, and their legs as thick as trees. I hate watching them shove food into their fat mouths while they walk. I hate seeing them eat ice cream and donuts at 10 am. I hate the way they waddle. I hate their bellies hanging over their genitals. I hate the way they take up 2 seats on planes and buses. I hate the way they make excuses for being fat.