Confession Point

When you must confess!

I want to give my brother a blow job, but having double thoughts about it. We are out of town, in the middle of nowhere and stuck here for 2 weeks. I wouldn’t mind doing it, I mean a blow job is a blow job. I’m just wondering what my feelings and emotions are gonna be after wards. Should I drink or something with him first? But then I know it will be a fuck fest if I get too drunk.

Any girls with some experience of giving your brother a blow job? And how you felt emotionally after wards?


I’m 19 and my best friend’s sister is 23. We’ve had a thing for each other since we were little kids, but I never pursued her because I didn’t want to put any stress on my friendship with her brother. Her brother and I are tighter than most real brothers


I went over to see my friend at his house for some Friday night drinking and smoking and his sister answered the door. Ben had called to leave a message for me that he had to work late and wouldn’t be back for 3 hours. He asked that I hang with Meggin until he got back.

Meggin and I had a few beers and then smoked a giant blunt of some really epic shit. We got to talking about the attraction we’d always had for each other and one thing led to another and we started making out. Before I knew it we were ripping off each other’s clothes.

She went for my zipper and pulled out my cock and sucked on it like it was the last penis she was ever gonna see.I wanted to fuck Meggin, but didn’t want to disappoint my friend. My hard cock won out, of course, but before fucking her, I thought I’d return the favor by licking her pussy for awhile. She had a hot little ass and I slapped her cheek as I pulled down her panties and tried to maneuver my head in between her hot thighs. OH NO! What the fuck is that smell? I almost puked right then and fucking there. Her pussy stunk like a dead fish on the dock in August. It not only stunk. It really stunk. I had to turn my head away quickly because I could feel the chicken salad sandwich I had for lunch starting to come up my throat. “What’s the matter?”, she asked.
“Nothing”, I replied. I had to get out of there before the smell started burning the hair off of my body.

“Look, Meggin, I’m sorry, but all of a sudden I got a horrible toothache. I have to go. I’m sorry. Tell Ben I’ll catch him tomorrow,” I was zipped up and out of that house in 30 seconds.

Now I don’t know what to do.I haven’t called either of them and they haven’t called me. It’s been two days. I don’t want to lose my best friend, but there’s no way I’m ever going to be able to look at Meggin again.

I’m screwed.


hey im 14 and after sniffing my moms pussy and ass while she slept i really wanna eat her out


i began to fuck with my latin teacher as i was 16. she was 32 and the hottest women i’ve ever seen.

Couldn’t believe it first as she recognized i was in love with her and she called me to her room. i thought she will sentence me or something but she smiled at me and suddenly began kissing me. she was telling, that she wanted it as much as i did, locked the door of the room and began to take of her cloth.

after licking her pussy and she sucking my cock we began fucking on one of the tables. couldn’t belive it. after this, we met several times, even at her’s when her husband, some stupit buissinesman travelling around, who wasn’t able to satisfy her, as she said.

we had an affair until i was 19 and the time, the most bad thing happened. she got pregnant! i felt like a fool ’cause she always tooked the pill, but that was not the biggst problem. this was, as her daughter was born and we had to clear about who’s the father ’cause she ment, she was fucking with her husband at this time.

but it happened as i thought it would: i was the father of the little girl we named cara, as i supposed some weeks before birth. nobody but us two knows, that we had this affair and that cara is my daughter, because her stupid husband even today thinks she’s his child, and that’s what really hurts me, even it is six jears ago from now


I am a 22 yo man and my friend is also 22. we both are swimming since we were 10. our parents are long time friends. so when we were 13 i slept over at their house as our parents went to a wedding in pennsylvania (we are from california). we watched porn that night, and it was hot, so we took off our clothes. we were jacking off but didn’t look at each other like if we wanted to do anything. then he started jacking me and than blowing me. i did the same to him. when we were 14 we both had cum, and we eventually started snowballing. Still we weren’t gay. Even now we both have a girlfriend. And I at least wouldn’t try anal sex. it’s grossing me out. but everything else is ok. we are muscular both so doing each other seems to me to be really hot.

Is this normal? I can’t imagine myself doing this to any other man, nor does him. Are there guys who do this?


once I was staying at my friends house we were both 14 and once he fell asleep I started rubbing his cock untill it was hard and then unbuttoned his boxers and let his huge cock spring out then I sucked until he came in his sleep


i have a 2′ penis but.but my tongue is 6′. all woman like the way i move it when i’m giving then head they go wild they make sure to keep my head pull her till she have orgasm. i have had some woman to keep me pull to her for 2 hr or more.they all tell me they love my tongue. OH! my g/f like to sit on my head when i done she wet in my mouth make me drink every drop of it.


I’ve had a crush on my grandmother ever since she gave me my very first blowjob on my thirteenth birthday.

I was visiting her for a couple of hours and we were having a pretty good time kidding around. She caught me looking down her blouse at her tits and later looking up her skirt when she was sitting on the couch. After giving me “the look”, I knew I’d better watch myself or I’d be in some big, big trouble!

But I couldn’t help myself – I just had to look! My Grandmother has really BIG tits that just won’t quit and the hairiest cunt I’ve EVER seen! She wasn’t wearing a bra and she didn’t have any panties on either!

Anyway, to make a long story short, she caught me peeking up her skirt again. She made me come over to the couch and stand in front of her. I had gotten all hard and everything and I tried to hide it from her but she grabbed my hands and pulled them away from my crotch. She pulled me in even closer. So close in fact, that she had to hike up her skirt so I could stand there in between her spread knees.

I was scared stiff in more ways than one!

Then she told me to stand still and not to move around. I was totally petrified as she unzipped my pants, reached in and pulled my rock-hard little pecker out!

Then she took out her false teeth, leaned forward and sucked my entire cock into her toothless mouth. ALL five and a half inches of it! OMG!!! I was in heaven!

She had grabbed a hold of both my asscheeks in her wrinkled hands and started moving me forward and back so that my cock was fucking in and out of her sucking mouth.

All of a sudden my balls started tingling and that’s when I found out that my Grandma likes it rough. As I was getting ready to shoot my pent-up load of sperm down her throat, I grabbed her head in both hands and started fucking my Grandmother’s face. I was only 13 but I was face-fucking my own Grandmother like a man possessed!

When I startd cumming, my knees gave out and I fell over backwards pulling my cocksucking Grandmother down with me. I kept fucking Grandma’s face just as hard and fast as I could and pumped my sperm down her throat for another five seconds or so before I passed out.

When I came to, about 4 or 5 minutes later, my Grandmother was down on her knees with her great big tits hanging out of her blouse, and she asked me if I wanted to do it some more.

Over 14 years and 27 gallons of sperm later, my answer is still YES !!!


at my best friends Halloween party me and his fourteen year old brother locked ourselves in his room to go to sleep un-bothered by any of the other party guests. i woke up a little later with his hand down my undies. i didn’t mean to but it got me horny as he started rubbing me and i got moaning. i sucked his til he was hard then sat on his dick


I’m 14, 15 in January, and very physically mature for my age.. i started getting facial hair when i was 12 and chest/pubic hair around 13. my penis has also grown larger, pretty big for someone my age i guess..about 6 inches. im 5′ 11″ 165lbs. and caucasian.

I was adopted a few months ago by 2 very awesome people..i love them very much! they have a 10 year old son and 16 year old daughter..the trouble is, ever since the first time i saw the daughter (ill call her “Katie”) i’ve been very physically attracted to her and she’s shown interest in me too.

the other night our parents went out for their 20th anniversary dinner and left us 3 kids alone in the house for the night. “Katie” and i dropped “Nick” (the 10 year old) off at a friends house for a sleepover at 9 o’clock. then “Katie” and i started watching the movie Wedding Crashers in our parents room. When it got to the “hand job scene” at the dinner table, “Katie” noticed that i was aroused and asked if i’d ever gotten one. i said no because i hadn’t. she asked if i wanted one and i said yes. she started just to rub my jeans jokingly and then slid her hand down my boxers and was surprised at my size and then i could tell she was turned on. she unbuttoned my jeans and ripped them off. she had this look in her eyes that kinda scared me but it made me feel really good too. so she started rubbing and sucking me. i didn’t know what to think but then i really started enjoying it. and we made out and had oral sex from about 11 to 1. she then asked if i wanted to go farther and i said not right now. she was fine with that and then we went to sleep in our parents bed.

i woke up at 9 the next morning to find “Katie” completely naked straddling my crotch area and we proceeded to make out more and then she gave me a quick blow job and rubbed her butt up against my penis and said “there’s more where that came from.” then we had breakfast together. she said if i wanted to we could keep having oral sex and maybe more for as long as i wanted to. i really want to because we’re attracted to her but i don’t because i don’t want our parents to find out. help!


When I was 12 my aunt sucked my dick while she was babysitting me. She was pretty drunk and I shot my load almost as soon as she put her mouth on me. A week later she did it again but this time she bent me over and ate my ass out like it was candy. I mean her tongue was really far up there. My parents came home early that night about 5 minutes after we were done and I think that scared the crap out of her because she never attempted to do it again.

I didn’t tell anyone because she said she’ll kill herself if I did. I’m 17 now and she’s married and living a little stepford wives life. In Sept she suddenly sent me an email and another email right after begging me not to read the previous one. I read a little but deleted it as she asked but from what I read at a glance it was very threatening.. she was probably drunk off her ass when she wrote it. I really should have kept it so I can blackmail her into getting some monies lol.. j/k though, whatever.. She sent it a few days after labor day when we had a family get together. My parents were talking about some child molestor that lived nearby that was arrested and were talking about how sick pedos are and I said “yeah, I know” while glancing at my aunt and she just had the most frightened look on her face.. I think she thought I was going to out her right then and there. Of course I didn’t but I should probably put her at ease soon before she does something crazy because I’m pretty sure the email she sent had the words “i’ll kill you” in it.


my name is ryan b. and im a 15 year old boy. at least i think so. lately ive been having strange feelings towards my best mates i dont understand i thought only girls liked guys. is there something wrong with me? i want to touch them so bad. and i keep having dreams about putting a friends cock in my mouth.

one night we got pissed and i fondled my friend. i dont know if he remembers but it has been awkward between us lately. i dont want to bring it up incase he tells my friends and some how my brother finds out.

please help me.


I have a huge crush on my GF’s sister. I want to fuck her so badly! I fantasize about doing her every single day. I want to lick her cunt and ram my dick into her so hard she screams. MMM. She is one hot little bitch. Yum.


one night i got off of work late and missed the last bus. i jumped into a cab with an arab driver. like 2 blocks before i got home i offered the cab driver a blowjob for the ride. he was shocked and said wow. then he said sure. i jumped into the front seat and pulled his cock out. not even 3 minutes later he cummed. i opened the door and spit. i said thank you and got out. since then i’ve done this about a good 25 to 30 times with 4 drivers.


once when i was at a party with a couple of mate’s and relative’s we all got trashed and when half were asleep me and my cousin were up picking onm the sleepers like dicks in the nose etc then i tried the wierdst thing i licked my dads balls and mad my brother finger my mum?!?


My girlfriend is aways looking for fun with me she came over my house one night and she totally gave me a blow job =P.she also rp gts with me.
i love her so much


My ex-girlfriends are always giving me BJ’s. Apparently, I have the best tasting sperm in town because they just won’t leave me alone and I can’t seem to get away from them. On the other hand, I don’t really want to because they’ve all learned (from me) how to be excellent cocksuckers. I’m afraid that it might interfere with my current relationship. Last week I got four blowjobs in one day from ex-girlfriends. When I went to pick up my current GF from work, she wanted me to fuck her face out in the parking lot before we went home. It took her over and hour and a half to suck me off! I’m just grateful that she is a VERY persistent little cocksucker who doesn’t suspect a thing !!!!


i’ve started to have sex with my sisters husband, and its great! only problem is were both male and if she finds out she will kill us! it started after a drunken night out he stayed at mine and shared my bed during the night i felt him touch me which made me hard, i played along with it and touched his cock which was rock hard and hugh i started masturbating him next thing i know he was cuming in my hand so i quickly moved and put his cock in my mouth it was lovely hot cum in my mouth he pushed me back and started sucking me until i cum. it was the best night i had had for a long time we still met now for sex and everytime still feels like the first time and i love it!


when i was younger i always used to sniff my moms panties. One she caught me and she let me eat her pussy and ass.


I think i am gay because i like large penis & i want to taste one.


I hope I don’t get into trouble for telling . . .

I molested my Dad.

He was sleeping on the couch and his bathrobe had fallen open. He wasn’t wearing underwear or anything and I could see his cock: It was big (WAY bigger than my brother’s), it was hairy (the hairiest), and it was hard!

I’d seen my Mom give Daddy a couple of blowjobs when they thought they were all alone and I wanted to give it a try.

I almost couldn’t get it into my mouth it was so big! but I kept working it like I had seen Mom do and pretty soon my jaw relaxed and I started bobbing my head up and down (like I’d seen Mom do) and had Daddy’s cock going in and out of my mouth. As I sucked him faster and faster I was finger-fucking my little cunny as hard as I could!

Then all of a sudden Daddy grabbed my head with both hands and started fucking my face and his cock exploded in my mouth! It caught me completely by surprised and I didn’t know what to do so I kept sucking Daddy’s cock and trying to swallow all of his sperm!

Finally Daddy’s eruption slowed down and stopped. I couldn’t believe it! I’d just given my own Father a blowjob!

Now we have a whole new game to play every day:

My Daddy pretends to have fallen asleep on the couch and I sneak up and get down on my knees and lean forward and……


A few years ago, my cousin got a divorce and was fixing her basement so she could take in a boarder. I lived to far away to comute back and forth so she said I could just stay with her for a while. My wife was not to pleased with me being gone for two or three weeks at a time.

When we were kids we used to “make out” when we were together. We never did anything serious but she would grind her pussy into my crotch almost making me come. I think she liked almost getting me off. She is a nice looking girl with really nice tits. Well after a couple of weeks I was begining to have strong urges towards her. One day we went to the hardware store together so she could buy something. One the way back she stopped at a stop sign, I took her by the hair on the back of her head and pulled her face toward mine and we kissed. While taken aback she then kissed me. I explained that the night befor I really wanted to fuck her. I laid down on the sofa bed where she fell asleep watching tv and rubbed my cock against her hand. She said “Why didn’t you wake me”. She had no objection to us fucking.

Well that was all it took, that night slept together and she let met play with her honey hole. With last minute reservations she said she wasn’t sure if we should. I moved on top of her and began rubbing my cock against her wet hole. I felt the lips part and I rubbed the head of it between them and on her clit. She gave in and thrust her pussy on my dick. After a couple of minutes of slowly pushing in and out of her I pulled out and began to lick her wet slit. She shuddered and let out a little whimper. I then thrust my cock back in and we both had a magnificent climax.

I stayed for about five more weeks. I would eat her pussy whenever we got the chance during the day. She would be talking on the phone, I would come up and pull her panties down. She would open her legs and my tongue would caress the lips of her pussy. Needless to say she had trouble talking on the phone.
She would come home from work a few minutes early to beat the kids schoolbus so we coould fuck before they got home. Needless to say I had a great time as we fucked everyday. I returned evey weekend I could so we could fuck. Once when they came and stayed with me for the weekend my wife had to work, she told the kids to go to the school and play. Almost as soon as they walked out the door she had a hold of my dick pulling me towards the bedroom and into her waiting pussy. She is the only girl I have ever met as horny as me.


I like little children. Sometimes I just want to fuck them so bad. It sounds weird, but it’s natural. I want to lick them… down there.



i have molested a few of the females in my family… not all of them… theres one i will not touch… because i like her…… i dont like the others… by the way they are children. it feels good. i like when the way they look with my penis inside them……. i lie to them and tell them to kiss my penis…… and i cum in there mouth…… i force them to swallow. none of them are my children though…… i dont want to fuck my children up… just my brothers and sisters children.


Growing up on Prince Edward Island was a pleasant experience for me. The air smelled like pine trees and the closeness of the sea brought relief form the warm summer temperatures that seemed to make your clothes stick to your skin even after a bath.

Anna Delusia and I grew up together,although she was 3-1/2 years older we were like sisters.We shared everything,even our clothes,untill she started blossoming before me. It was late summer,a typical hot dry day and I decided to go to Anna’s farm to spend the day with her. I had just turned 14 a week earlier and Anna was going to be 18 in the fall. Anna had a way with me… she would take my hand as we walked along Cassie’s creek and it seemed so natural…I didn’t know it then.. but she was really becoming more to me…..

That day I wore a red & white checked dress,loose and airy down to my knees,I remember it was comfortable and cool,and a pink ribbon that my Grandmother had put in my hair. “don’t you loose it now”… I can still hear her say… “my first beau gave that to me !”

We eventually ended up at the Delusia’s barn, an imposing structure, as her father was one of the more sucessful farmers in the area. As we entered the barn the first thing you notice is the contrast to the warm muggy air outside, here it was cool and cavernous your footsteps echoed off the walls and ceiling and it took a few moments for your eyes to adjust to the darkness. We decided to go up to the loft, altho the upper structure of the barn is always warmer, I didn’t mind.. the hay was fresh and it smelled so sweet.

Anna went up the ladder first and by the time I reached the loft she was on her hands & knees at the loft door,where we lift the bails and swing them into the barn. She seemed to be looking for her brothers in the barley fields. Her dress was much like mine,loose and breezy,I remembered looking at her figure under the light fabric and yearning for the day that I had hips like hers, that could hold up my jeans.

she turned over and fell into the hay,a big smile on her face,and she had such a lovely face..oval with almond shaped blue eyes and golden curly hair to her shoulders.Grandma always said “golden haired girls are early to bloom” and that was Anna.

I layed next to her..thinking of how fast the summer was going..and Anna would be off to University soon.. my only real friend..grown & gone… not a happy prospect. She must have been thinking the same thoughts… getting up on one elbow…she brought her face close to mine and look very intently into my eyes,I had never seen her so serious. It sort of worried me..”you know Amy”..she started…”I’ll be going to school soon”.. “will you miss me?” heart ached to tell her how much..but I couldn’t…

“oh yes!” was all I could say…I’ll just bet” she said…and it hurt! Up she rose.. and was climbing down the ladder..with a cute smile on her face I can still see…so I followed, but since it was close to dinner time I said my good-by’s and went home.

All night, in bed, I thought about Anna..the nearness of her face to me.. the scent of her shampoo,and the sparkle in her blue eyes.
…….. I never got to sleep.

The next day I had to see her again,something pulled me there to the barn, and I found Anna once again in the loft. “hi”..I said…what ya doin'” ..but my heart wasn’t in it..I was so tired from not sleeping the night before..and the strange conflict in my heart, which I couldn’t quite put my finger on. “hiiiii”..she answered… in a very strange way…drawing it out..I thought maybe she had been drinking. But I plopped down next to her,and we snuggled into the hay,and she drew closer to me,….I had a feeling of destiny closing in on me..

We lay there looking up at the rafters,the ever-present “buzz” of the flies that are a part of every barn,and the wasp building the nest on the ceiling. It started to rain and the humidity rose.but the hay was soft,sweet and
dry so we didn’t mind.

I undid the top two buttons of my dress,I wore no bra..didn’t need one yet (darn it!)..and let the air waif across my tiny breasts,bringing a moment of cool comfort. but then a drop of rain fell through the roof and onto my breast..Anna leaned over to me,her hair fell over her face onto my breasts and I couldn’t see what she was doing…I was frozen in time.I felt her lips touch my breasts and kiss off the rain drop…!!! sent a
shudder through me I was certain she felt because she lifted her head and brushed that golden hair of hers back from her face to reveal a strange look..her eyes were glazed over and she had that smile again. All I could do was smile back… the moment stretched on like time had stopped……
…..but the next few minutes are etched in my mind like it happened

Anna reach under my dress to put her hand on my thigh…and I froze again… like I would do several times in the next few minutes… she lifted my dress over my hips to expose my cotton panties… I was both ashamed and exhilarated…Anna put her fingers under the elastic band around my upper thigh and pulled aside the fabric…..leaning over she placed her lips onto the flesh next to my mound…and kissed me again…it sent another electric shock through me that almost made me bolt upright..

But before I could protest..if I could even speak at that moment…she had her head down on my knees.. kissing a very sensitive spot on the inside of my knee..a 14 year old girl has no way of knowing there are spots like that on her young body…and it was breathtaking. As she proceeded up the inside of my thigh…I began to notice the rough texture of her tongue..dragging up the soft tissue of my thigh…I was again frozen.. wondering what her destination was..but knowing all along in my heart, where she was taking this.

Without even feeling her doing it…she had my panties pulled down to my knees..and was lifting my legs up to bend them so she could have a more comfortable access to my “secret”,and access she had now….she took one moment to stop,and smiled at me again,then lowered her head onto my clitoris….the shock of her tougue touching me there…well … I bucked straight up……bridged my neck and I must have let out a small scream…because she gently shushed me…and went back to her pleasure…I was beginning to feel the rumblings of my first orgasm.. it built like the thunderstorm blowing outside and flooded across me like a tidal wave…time was suspended…

when I regained my preception…I was aware of a sound like listening to sea shells with both ears.. a wooshing sound…and slowly it was replaced with the sounds of the barn again,the buzzing flies and the rain…gently falling now… Anna had her head resting on my shoulder…kissing me softly…and stroking my hair…my heart was pounding so loud I thought everyone in town could hear it.. and I could scarcly breath..

when I looked over at Anna..her face was glistening all around her mouth…my “wetness” was on her…and she was licking her upper lip…my mind was going in a million different directions…did she really like “my taste”…before I could ask her she reached out and drew me to her..I rolled over onto her and found myself hovering above her groin… I pulled down her panties and was astonished to see she had a shaved mound… completely hairless..and the aroma…clean & sweet ..but with a earthy smell that mingled with the animal smells in the barn and the sweet smell of the hay…I went down on her with no shame…. and tasted the wetness of her body…I found it was like licking honey off a spoon…I’ll never forget that first taste as long as I live….and she let out the moan this an animal…. primitive and deep from inside her chest….I worked till I felt the climax building to a peak…and as she came…she gushed….into my mouth and down my chin….I drank deep…………………………
…………..and time was suspended again.

We layed in each others arms for what seemed like hours….. waiting for the rain to stop…and hoping it never would…….

As the summer wore on we met at the barn frequently…and she showed me different side to her personality… at times she would stalk me through the loft…like a tigeress..on her hands and knees..naked and covered with sweat…the straw sticking to her body..and her tangled mane of hair cascading over her shoulder and face..and she’d peek out at me with one eye..the “hunger” clear…and I was compelled to obey ….and when we were finished….she would lie there…her breasts heaving… she’d see me looking at her…and like a chased suzanna she would cover her nakedness with a fluttering hand..and looking every bit like Botticelli’s angel in the afternoon’s soft light.

Anna went off to school that fall..and we slowly lost touch with each other…but I will never forget her…or what we had,and the path my life would take,after that rainy summer day on Prince Edward Island….


I let a man almost twice my age eat me out on a picnic table. It just happened. I didn’t stop him but I wanted him to. And i’m engaged to another man.


Last week i found sum porn movies in my moms cupboard so i decided 2 put them on! I was so horny that i had 2 start fingering myself and then i called my boyfreind if he cud cum ova…. next thing u know we were lying on the floor naked and wet. he was shoving his cock in my nicely shaved pussy. i was moaning so loud! i also gave him a blowjob! bliss


after a very drunken night with a male friend he passed out on the sofa i was feeling horning and had a massive erection i started to masterbate the next thing i remember i was sitting on the floor near my friend i reach to his groin area to feel his cock i could stop myself i undone his zip and started to feel his cock he became erect so i thought he wanted me to continue so i had a lick then i put his cock in my mouth had a little suck i then fell asleep he woke up and ran out he hasnt spoke to me since and he keeps avoiding me i hate my self for what i have done but i really miss him but he wont answer my calls or texts


Last nyt was awsum! Calvin, my sexual partner, knocked on my door with a pair of handcuffs and feeling very horny. he said he needed a wet pussy 4 the nyt and i was very excited! he pushed me on the couch and put his hands in my mini skirt(and i didnt even have underwear on) and i ripped his shirt off! He started teasing my pussy so i grabbed the handcuffs from him and took him upstairs! i pushed him on the bed and handcuffed his arms. but we were so sweaty he slipped his hand out and handcuffed my legs wide open. he started to shove his hard horny cock in my wet pussy and he got faster and faster and i was moaning so loud! it makes me horny even thinking about it! he was rubbing my breasts and at the same tym sucking my pussy. he started going up the way so that i could suck his cock and i did. after that he said it was the best blowjob eva! he uncuffed me and then we got into the missionary position! ‘Deeper, Deeper’ i screamed. ‘OH YES, FUCK, MORE, YES YES YES! OHHHHHHH OH OH OHHHHH!


I get drunk whenever I can which is pretty much all the time. I know I’m an alcoholic. I’ve tried therapy and AA but it didn’t help. I’m not writing this about my drinking problem but about what happens every time I drink. As soon as I am drunk, I want someone to eat my pussy. I will grab any man that comes along and offer it to him. I usually don’t have a hard time finding takers because I am very pretty. I never have intercourse or anything else, I just want my pussy licked until I cum. Afterwards I feel awful. Most guys want to see me again but I don’t ever want to see them again. I am ashamed and feel dirty. I swear it won’t happen again but once I’m drunk, I get all horny and do it again. Even when I cum, I feel so empty. It seem I’m caught in a trap.


I dated a really nice pretty girl for about a month before we decided to make love. When she went down on me she was a real pro. While she sucked my cock head she gently tickled my asshole with her middle finger. She sensed I was close to cumming and she shoved her finger all the way up my ass really hard. I blew a huge load but it really hurt too. I just wish she warned me first. I’m still seeing her and when we get kinky, we at least use lube now.


You know that expression, “You can’t tell a book by it’s cover?” Well here is a prime example. I’ll try to not be too long. Anyway, I was at the library one day doing research when I caught the eye of a very attractive mid twenties woman. Red hair, bright green eyes, perfect lips, gorgeous tits (with nipples visable) and a perfect tight ass to die for.

Well we started talking, one thing led to another and we ended up sitting in my car. Turns out she enjoyed pot like me so we smoked a joint and really had a good time laughing and getting to know one another. I invited her back to my apartment to listen to some music we both liked and she accepted. Once there, we had a drink and just spontaniously started making out. She was an awesome kisser and let me know that she was interested in a little more when she started stroking my rock hard cock.

I took her in my bedroom and laid her down. We stripped off each others clothes and started to caress and kiss passionately. She pushed me on my back and gently lowered her hot shaved pussy on my face. I licked it until she came on my face. I was in heaven. Now the story turns. She slid down my body and offered her tits to my eager mouth. While I sucked her rock hard nipples she was stroking my cock and balls and rubbing the head of my cock between her ass cheeks. Suddenly I heard a strange noise and smelled something odd.

Well she reached behind herself and came back with a handful of shit! She started smearing it all over my chest. I almost fucking puked! I threw her off of me and ran and jumped into the shower. She followed me and offered to get in the shower with me and let me fuck her “hard” in the ass. Now I know that there are some guys that would consider this a dream, but I was repulsed and mortified and believe me, I’m no prude. It was just really repulsive and sad because she really was a beautiful young girl. I just wonder what happened to her?


This happened two years ago. Am married woman working and faithful to my hubby. We are deeply in love and trust each other.This particular incident has made me guilty. Hubby was out on tour, my friend Lisa asked me to stay at her place as she was alone too.We are good friends as we work togather.

We drank a little and was watching ‘Face Off” she asked if i fantasizes Travolta the hero in the movie fucking me. I was shocked. never had thought of such things.She said she did fantasized a few heros fucking her. The topic got hotter and bolder. She also wanted to know that after sex with my husband did i secretly masturbated….. I was shocked but …i was guilty i had done it once or twice but it was my little secret…still i said no to her.I was little horny with the talk..a little shocked as i had not expected this and a little scared as i was never into such situation.

we were talking sex and we kept in sharing a few experiences…as long as it is talking it went on suddenly she took out her vibrator… it was crossing the limits but i was curious to know more I had used it once but it was too noisy and i was scared so i threw it away…but that was almost ten years ago…she came up to me and kissed me…. to make it short i was seduced by my female friend. I had never been with female I was starting to like it the touched were different to that of my husbands and when she licked me…i was on the virge of screaming….it did not end here. She brought a strapon and fucked me. I did not know where my mind was……. did i think of my hubby… She asked me to turn around and i obeyed it… I came three times continuous…. Afterwards she asked me to do her but i politely refused saying i was too tired and went to sleep. She masturbated herself.

I was guilty of cheating my hubby..but I was more guilty for secretly enjoying the whole fuck I was also guilty of not pleasing her after i got the pleasure.


I’m a 60 year old man and I have a gentalman friend who is 72. We both have had wives in the past. Sometimes we talk on the phone and the subject gets around to sexual things. We end up masturbating together on the phone. A few days ago we got so turned on while on the phone that we decided that he would stop by my place. We played with each other and I ended up sucking him.


i like dogs and horses.. wun day on the farm me and my sistar wur bored and went to the barn we started to brush the horsees hair and he got a stiffy so i talked my sistar into getting under the horse and she put the stiffy inside her just then the dog came in and i ripped my pants off and let him lick me is this wrong or have other peoples dun this


when i was a teenager i would have my mates stay over i would make one of them sleep in my bed with me and the other would sleep in the spare bed the one who stayed in my bed i would wait until he was asleep and i would have a little feel of his cock i even managed to put his cock in my mouth several times!


I would love to eat Jessica Simpson’s pussy. The thing is, I’m a girl!


Well about 3 years ago while my wife was pregnant I was so horny. I would masterbate but that was not doing the trick. I did not want to cheat on her. I thought well maybe I can just have a guy jerl me off. Sort of a modified masterbation. I found a guy online and we met and he jerked me off. It was ok, but I was really nervous. He asked me to jerk him off to so I did. No big thrill. So I decided for a bit more. I found another guy who said he would suck me off, with nothing needed in return. So I did it. I went to his pace and he did just that. He sucked me until I came and he swallowed. I was nervous but that did feel good. I went back a couple of times and the one time a freind of his was there and he had him suck me off. I went back all together 5 times to be sucked off. Well it has been two years since then and still am horny for being sucked off. I am glad I did this. I had offers from women but that would have lead to intercourse. I did not want that. I myself have never sucked, but can’t say I have never thought about it. Well I need to add that a few months ago I did let a BBW suck on me. She did not make me cum but I jerked off for her. So now I have let 2 men suck me off, a couple guys jerk me off, and a woman suck me and stroke me, and then I jerked off for her. All in the span of around 3 years. I feel bad but I am glad I did not suck a guy or screw the woman or let the woman make me cum.


Im married with 2 kids, but have always had a crush on my daughters english teacher. So when it was parent teacher conferences i decided to go full out, make up, skirt, no undies…
the meeting was in the science room and we where alone
i didnt really listen to what he had to say about my daughter which i felt guilty about but was too busy trying to smoothly flirt with him. I opened my legs abit, and i caught him take a glance. He stopped talking because it was the end of the conference. So i got up and went to give him a kiss on the cheek. this i knew was not usual but couldnt resist, it was the longest kiss on the cheek i have ever had. I dont know what came over me but i moved from his cheek to his lips and he kissed me back! so i sat on him with his legs open, i couldnt wait, i unzipped his pants and slowly slided his dick into me. we had the roughest passionate sex i have ever had. It was a fantasy come true. he put me on the desk and went down on me, i returned the favour and he came all over my mouth. i cleaned myself up and said goodbye. Now every time my daughter mentions him i feel sooo guilty but it was defiantly worth it. i cant wait till next parent teacher conferences. i might book him twice.


Im a straight man with a girlfriend, But When i was a teenager, I sucked my younger brothers cock while he was alseep.


I was at a buddy’s house having a couple of beers and watching football. My team was up at halftime by 2 touchdowns when we made a bet on the game. I joked, that if I won, he would have to give me a blowjob, and to my surprise, he took the bet. I could not believe it – I was up by 2 touchdowns. But he said that if I lost, I would have to blow Rex, his German Shepherd. He was serious! My team was outplaying the other and getting the ball at the start of the 2nd half, so I took the bet.

I lost! Could not believe it! Surely he would not make me go through with it, would he? He whistled for Rex and my heart went into my throat. I protested and he laughed, a bet is a bet.

Well this dog has a monster dick, and I figured, let me get it over with – besides, I knew my buddy would not tell anyone. I knew things about him, that he would not want to be known. So I got under Rex and put the dogs dick in my mouth and started sucking. That damn thing got bigger and I liked to gag. As Rex is humping my mouth, my buddy’s wife walks into the room and freaks out! She was supposed to be out of town. “What the hell is going on?” I am sick I am so embarrased.

Well she has agreed to keep it a secret, but now when I go over, I have to strip naked and suck the dog. She watches and cheers me on. I am kinda getting used to it and look forward to my visits. Except, the last time I was there, she said the next time I come by, she wants Rex to fuck me.

I don’t know – that dog does have a big dick!!!


I love my boyfriend and he is really good at fucking but one thing he won’t do is go down on my pussy. He says he’s just not into it but he doesn’t understand that I really need him to do this for me. I want to feel his tongue on my clit while he fingers my ass. Yeah baby!


I have this fantasy and don`t know if it is normal to have something like this or not.I would like for me and my wife and another guy go to a club and drink and dance. Him and I would not get drunk but let my wife get drunk. We`d go home and carry her to bed and i`d ask him to help me get her blouse off of her.I`d pull it off of her and then take her bra off to.She has a beautiful set of 42DD breasts and this should wake the other guy up some.Then i`d ask him if he wanted to stay here as he had been drinking.He would say yes and i`d say “well,get undressed then,you may as well sleep here with me and my wife”.

I`d let a light on in the hallway so it wasn`t real dark in our bedroom.I`d slip her slacks off and pull her panties off,and start sucking her breasts and fingering her cunt.I would see that he is starting to get hard by this time and tell him it was ok if he sucked her breasts and fingered her.She would be moaning slightly by this time and i`d get between her legs and start licking her clit.By this time she is starting to work her cunt and moaning pretty good.I`d crawl out from between her legs and go back to sucking her tits,noticing that he is really hard by now.Damn,it must be at least nine inches long. I`d tell him to get between her legs and see if she could take all of him.He gets between her legs and puts them over his shoulders and starts to slip the head in.As i`m sucking her tits i can see everything that goes on.

He gets about half that big cock in her and her ass comes off the bed and she groans and starts bucking against his big cock.I tell him to put it in slowly,as she isn1t used to a cock like that.He`s pushing it in slowly and i watch until about a little over eight inches is inside her.She is groaning and moaning now and it doesn`t seem to be going much farther in her.I tell him to just push it in gently until it is all inside her.He does and it finally is all inside her.She is groaning and moaning now and her ass is coming off the bed and her legs are tight around him with her heels on his ass pushing him down faster and faster.They`re kissing and she is exploring the inside of his mouth with her tongue.Her moans are getting louder and her breathing is more ragged now.

She asks him if he is close,and he says “hold on,I`ll pump you faster and catch up with you”.He is up on his hands and knees now and pumping the hell out of her,and she is coming up off the bed to meet his every thrust.He then tells her he is close now and she says”give it to me as hard as you can and shoot a big load inside me”.He is now ramming all nine inches in her and her ass is coming off the bed to take every inch of his big cock.He lets out a couple of small moans and stops moving and i can see his body starting to shake slightly as he is overwhelmed by the feelings as his load courses through his big cock.As she feels the first load of semen splash inside her she moans and starts ramming her cunt up to take all his cock.She is moaning and thrasing now and telling him how good his cock and cum feels inside her hot cunt.He starts puching it in and out gently and i can see the cum squeezing out between her cunt and his cock.Omg,what a sight,I`d give anything to see that.

They lay there kissing and she tells him that is the biggest cock she has every had.She said it hurt when it went all the way in,but it wasn`t long until it felt good and she started to work her ass.She gets on her knees and starts kissing him and kissing down his chest.She reaches down and takes hold of his cock and then puts her lips around that enormous head on it.She takes it in as far as she can and there still is about four inches outside her mouth.I think to myself,omg,wish i had a cock like that,she even said if i had one like that i could fuck the shit out of her every night.As he is getting ready to leave she asks if we could do it again.I said “heck yes we can”.I fantasize about this all the time but don`t know what to say to see how wife feels about doing something like this.I`d give anything to have this happen.


I was still in High School, I had a big cock and was horny all the time, jerked off at least 3 times a day. My body is small and slim with very little hair, 5″4″,125lbs. My fat cut 7″ cock looked huge on me. I had been jerking off thinking about gay sex lately, I was very turned on by the fantasy of having sex with an older man, and having a cock in my ass.

I got a job working after school and weekends at a antique shop, it was ran by 2 older gay gentleman, very nice gentleman who were always flirting and teasing me. An older very distinguished looking handsome customer came in the store, he was a silver haired fox who looked like he had money.

The owners knew him well, he bought a small end table and asked the owners if I could help him unload it at his house, I thought this was kind of suspicous since it didn’t weigh much but my horniness and curiousity made me jump at the chance. We rode in his SUV to a big house in a ritzy neighborhood and I carried the end table into his house. He gave me a tour, it was huge and very nice, there was an indoor hot tub and he asked me if I wanted to soak for a while, I told him I didn’t have a swim suit and he laughed and told me I could go without, he always did.

I was getting turned on so I started to undress, my tank top came off first and my back was turned to him and I pulled down my cutoffs, no underwear and bent over to finish removing my cutoffs, it was a turn on to expose my ass to him, he watched me climb into the hot tub, my cock was rock hard. I watched him take off his shirt, he had a sexy chest covered with silver hair, he pulled down his pants and underwear in one motion exposing a beautiful 8″ cut cock, very fat. We sat in the tub for five minutes talking, he asked me if I wanted a massage, I moved over close to him with my back to him and sort of sat on his lap, I could feel that big cock, I started moving my ass around until it was between my cheeks, I moved up and down, it felt so hot, made my asshole spasm. He was rubbing my shoulders and back, he reached around and started massaging my inner thighs making my cock twitch, finally he started stroking my cock, I was so turned on it was all I could do not to cum. He had me stand up and started tonguing my ass while stroking my cock, I was in pleasure overload and exploded cum after about two minutes of this.

We went into his bedroom, still naked and dried off, he put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me to my knees, grabbed the back of my head and guided me to his cock. I sucked on it hungrily feeling it get harder in my mouth, when he was rock hard he guided me to the bed and had me lay on my stomach. He ate my ass again this time harder, getting his tongue up inside me, this made my cock hard again, I relaxed and felt my boypussie open up. Next he slowly inserted one of his fingers , it kind of hurt at first but then I started to love the feeling. Two fingers was next with some lube, he two finger fucked me for along time, I loved how it felt, like I was getting stretched. I was moaning and moving my ass up and down.

He stopped and put his big cock back in my mouth, I sucked him for maybe a minute and he pulled out and rolled on a condom, had me get down doggie style got behind me and pushed that big cock head against my tight hole. He slowly pushed, I thought it was to big and would never fit, all of a sudden it popped in, the sensation took my breath away, it felt so huge and it hurt a little, but I was starting to relax and it was feeling better by the second.

He slowly pushed in until he was deep inside me and moved in and out very slowly to start with, it still burned but the thought of getting fucked, having a big cock inside me was such a turn on.

He fucked me for a long time, after I got used to it and fully relaxed the feeling was pure pleasure. My cock was rock hard.

The pace got faster and harder, finally I came again, without even touching my cock, such intense pleasure. He came and stayed inside me, I layed flat on my stomch with him still inside me, he slowly went limp, slipped out of me and rolled off me.


im only 13 and me nd my gf did EVERYTHING(makeout,handjob,finger,blowjob,ate her out, nd sex).
is there sumtin wrong wit me


i cheated on my boyfriend last weekend. i gave my ex a blow job and got some in return. i didnt feel guilty at the time but i do now. but also it was so hot that im afraid i would do it again it the oppurtunity is there.


Once i went on official tour to company. In the evening my customer took me to his house. I saw his beautiful wife and 2 yrs old kid. I could not believe the lady as a mother because of her flat belly and sex appeal with perfect curves at top and bottom. After dinner I was ready to leave their house, but heavy rain started and power went off. my friend gave me night dress and told me to stay with them. I was given a room in the upstairs and i was watching rains. When lights came, I saw through the window in next room the lady lying in the bed fully naked and moaning in the next room. I was feeling guilty to watch her but could not control myself and entered in her room. I started licking her juicy tits and spreading my hands on her thighs. Suddenly she got up and saw me, I could not open my mouth. She went and locked the door and lied on the bed. She toldme “come on and get in”. I removed all my cloths and lied on her. I started kissing herlips, mouth, erect breasts, she co-operated moaningly and carrassed me head and back. Then I sucked juice from her wide open wet pussy tits for half an hour. then I penetrated into her wet vagina, she moaned in my ear, fuck me dear. I did not stroke and was going only deeper into her tits. She cried to me please fuck me hard and at the end i started my engine with full speed. We had nice hard fuckings in that night. Next day i could not face my freind, but he patted me and told me you have saved me in that night, i was not able to fuck my wife hard, thanks.


I’m a 40 year old male, and my confession is that I’ve been having the most perverted gay fantasies- really dodgy stuff (mutual scat, licking a guys dirty anus, drinking his piss & cum etc.) I think that it is having an adverse effect on my (straight) relationship, as I seem to be losing interest in my GF sexually. I’ve been blaming tiredness etc for my failings, but this can’t go on forever. I’m far too shy to persue this fantasy though, even though there must be others……..


I am married for 5 years after dating my husband for a couple years. I am 31 now and both of us live far in different cities due to our jobs. I always fantasize having sex with handsome men whom I come across. Is this wrong? I have many dreams about the same too.

I love to have sex with my husnabd bu he would not lick my clit and I hardly have should I ask him to do that..he wouldnot agree ..I am sure


when i trvelled in ac compartment in a train, iwas in side upper berth and one young lady was in lower berth below me. at night 11 pm the train stopped in a station and i came down from my berth. in the dark compartment with only night lamps i saw the bare legs of the lady and carassed her legs. therewas some movement from her and i her breasts covered tight clothe breathing movements. i put my hands on her breasts and squeezed and caraseed them. after 10 mins the train started and she went toilet. i followed slowly and waited outside. when door opened i pushed her inside and went locked the door. i stood kneeling in front of her. before saying anything, i lifted her cloth and pulled out the her underwear. i cleaned her clean shaven cunt with her panty. i started licking her cunt she opened her legs wide for me and removed her other clothing.i sucked her juice from her cunt and she started moaning. i rubbed my mouth against her juicy vertical lips. i stood up erected fully ready to fuck her. she jumped on my hip and took my inside her cunt, we hugged together. due to movement of train, we just held together. the jerk in the train running helped our coupling together for longer time. we moaned and kissed vigourously i bit her breasts and enjoyed for an hour. it was a memorable sexy train journey.