Confession Point

When you must confess!

I work in the funeral industry and am in close proximity to corpses on a daily basis. One day a friend outside of work jokingly offered to pay me $100 to procure him a small amount of human flesh. I took this as a dare. A triple-dog-dare.

I’ve always harbored a secret obsession with cannibalism. It probably began in childhood with stories of the Donner Party and the movie “Alive”. In my teens I read every book I could on depraved subjects like Jeffery Dahmer, Albert Fish, and Ed Gein. I always thought to myself, that if it came down to it, I would be capable of eating human flesh. Now to put it to the test…

I only had to wait a few days for a good donor to come in. I still remember his name, and will take it to my grave. I sliced his thigh open with a scalpel and excised a nice long strip of sartorius muscle.

We breaded and fried the flesh until it was well done and served it with some asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes, and a sweet raspberry sauce. A glass of red wine and a few candles gave our dinner a special touch. I should have sliced off much more than I did, as the meat shrunk a considerable amount. We were left with a couple of decent sized bites each though. It tasted very good! Similar to buffalo, but with a distinct flavor and texture that few will ever experience first hand.


One day, I was being stupid. And I found a dead person on the lawn. She looked so dumb. So I did her and laughed. The end.

Also, that was fake. I had to confess that. I am also a narcoleptic and necrophiliac and bibliophiliac. I love idiots.



I work in a morgue and I have sex with dead woman all the time. I can’t seem to stop. I have tried and dead guy once by flipping him over and lubing him but I didn’t like it as much. But the women I am addicted to, having a tight ice cold pussy wrapped around my dick is indescribable,


Im a male in my late forties and i cant stop thinking about my dead wife. the worst part is that if i get to masterbate i do it thinking of her dead corpse. i know i will die soon and that nothing really matters but i can’t stop felling bad about this.