Confession Point

When you must confess!

There is a girl that I really like and would do anything to have as my girlfriend. But when I get around here I can’t say anything, I’m like a mute. But we have similar friends and when they say something to me I can answer to problem, but when she says something to me it’s just quiet.

Worst part is that I’m a musician, and I end up having sex with random girls after every concert. I do this just because I feel somewhat empty. I know I wouldn’t have meaningless sex all the time if I could have that girl. I wish I could grow a pair and talk to her, instead the only thing my balls are good for is going in random girls mouths. I always feel horrible after I have sex with one of them. I really wish I could go up to that girl and just say SOMETHING I don’t care what I just wish something would come out. Seeing her all day at school really makes for a bad night of meaningless sex.


well, literary, my confession is regarding my sexuality. i am a lesbian. my family and friends doesn’t anything about my sexual orientation. i am currently in love with a girl, but i can’t confess my feelings to her cause i am afraid of rejection. i hope someday, i will be able to tell everyone i know that i am gay, and be proud of it.


Im in love with best friend…and i dont think she feels the same way. We both tells ours secrets to each other and go to each other when we need help. i just dont know if i should tell how i feel or not.


I have never had sex. I am 25 and I think it’s gonna stay likes this because women are so different and play hard to get and act like man have to make a play of love to cweep them away even if it is fake but they seem to need it, and I hate that. I am a shy person, so I am aware that it’s gonna be pretty impossible to get out of this loop of loneliness unless I overcome my fears and play the girls game which seem fake and elaborated artificially and it seems like everybody loves playing them except me.

I think I’ll die a virgin and alone and can’t do anything realistic to change it. Even if I am the only one with this perspective, I am really attracted to girls, even want romance and have lots of crushes on any given time and have tender feeling of love and occasional lust. But I feel we are all indoctrinated to behave one way only in the dating scene, we are just brainwashed by society in the way they want a guy approach to them. I can’t comply to the mating games rules established by media and society, they suck for me. I just want to be natural and have a happy fulfilling real relationship, but sometimes I conclude that women don’t look for averageness on love and sex. They look for adventures risk and pleasures. So I am not able to provide a movie for them cause all I want is simple and real love. I am in big trouble, even considering celibate and even a romance celibate if that definition even exist. Thanks.


I’m 17 and I love this girl, she’s my friend but I’ve been in love with her for 5 years now. I’ve told her my feelings 2 years ago but she doesn’t love me.

I’ve never had a girl before, maybe because I’m a little shy and I never asked a girl out… but the problem is that I love this girl, I’ve done so much for her but she will never see me as more than a friend… we always talk about things that we do not tell anyone else. We trust each other. She says that, if she could chose whom to love, she would chose me.

But the thing is that she always chooses guys that don’t give a shit about her feelings, and then she comes crying to me, because they always hurt her….. I can’t understand why she prefers those guys over me…. I always care about her.. I would never hurt her! I want her so much!

Next year she will go to the university and we won’t see each other so often. She will meet someone there and will never love me…….
I can’t think about other girls…. There are some girls interested on me, but I can’t love other girls……

The girl I love is not perfect, she’s not the best one in my school, but i would never want anybody else…. I just want her!

I’m afraid that I am wasting my time and she will never love me. I’m tired of being the best friend, or the “just friend” and being rejected as a lover….. I’m tired……

I’m just a pathetic guy, crying over a girl that doesn’t realize how much I love her and how I would always give my best to make her happy…….


That’s right. I’m actually out of my teens (truth be told, I’m also well on my way to turning 21, which would make me an adult pretty much anywhere around the globe), I’ve finished high school, and I’m starting my second year of university.

And yet, the one and only kiss I’ve ever received from a girl was at a “spin-the-bottle” game in junior high.


Well, partly, because I’m unlucky…as pathetic as that might sound. I was absolutely crazy about one girl in my first two years of high school, and during that time at least two nice girls confessed that they had feelings for ME…not knowing that I was busy drooling after another gal. As fate would have it, I got to know one of these girls quite well over the following year…and I started to feel more and more attracted to her, just as quickly as she began to see us as “just friends”. And so on and so forth.

Partly, I’m quite sure, because I’m a fool.

I can’t seem to develop romantic feelings for a girl until I’ve gotten to know her a bit…which is, coincidentally, when you tend to enter the “friend-zone”. At that point, before it’s too late, you either tell her how you feel or you just slip into a comfortable, painless friendship.

And being a coward and a gutless idiot, I’ve yet to tell a girl that I like her, in said moment.

Now? Again, I’m in my second year of university. My friends have all had multiple relationships, some of which have actually been pretty damned serious. Several of them are now so comfortable with the ladies that they can walk into a club/disco and find a chick to get busy with each and every single time. They know what to say to a girl, how to entertain her, how to please her.

Me? All I’ve got down are the awkward jokes and subsequent silences. The small talk…GOD, I hate it.

Seriously: if a girl walked up to me at a pub, told me that she thought I was gorgeous, and that she wanted to kiss me…instead of jumping up and down for sheer joy, I’d probably be pissing my pants. Why? Because I CAN’T KISS WORTH A SH*T, unless I’ve got a crapload of innate talent for it.

Which of course makes the prospect of going out on a first date even MORE daunting. What am I supposed to do? I’m twenty, getting to first base should be almost AUTOMATIC. Trouble is, the real goal should be GETTING SOME, at this point.

But me? I’d be happy with one, miserable kiss. NO TONGUE, for gawd’s sake, or I might have a stroke here.

You know you’re pretty damned depressing when your hypothetical best-case scenario is some secluded area with a chick so drunk off her ass that she won’t notice what a slobby kisser you are :/

And what gets me is that I KNOW that I’m not repulsive, or ugly, or even unfit. I’m six feet tall, in moderate shape. I’ve been told a few times that I’m not entirely bad to look at.

I dunno…I guess I just wanted to get this off my chest. Hopefully, this’ll have some therapeutic effect, and by tomorrow I’ll be screwing like a bunny on viagra 😀

Seriously though…if anyone, ANYONE has every gone through anything like this, send a few words of wisdom my way, please.

Thanks for reading.


I have problems expressing my feelings to girls. I have a lot of friends who are girls that i like, but I can never ask them out or flirt with them even if they’re single. I am sixteen and have never had a girlfriend. I’m a hopeless romantic looking for advice on talking to girls. Can anyone help me?


I had a dream last night, I was looking for the love of my life (whom i just met a long time ago and since then became a good friend, but couldn’t summon up enough courage to ask her out), I kept looking, to tell her that I love her, but she was always a step away, I just couldn’t get to her… then I woke up, with a great feeling of despair for losing her even in my dream, I guess I need to hold on to her before she slips out of my life forever. I think I should tell her how I feel about her.


So there’s this girl, and I like her. Everyone tells me to get with her but I am nervous to ask her because I am afraid of rejection. She’s so pretty though. I think I love her


I’ve known you for 3 years, have not talked to you in a friendly, true matter for 2. Yet, I’m deeply in love with you and I go out of my way to “bump” into you and ignore you, so that you would be upset and maybe apologize. But I know it’s my fault that we never dated, because you scared me. You were to good for me. You discouraged my drinking, but when I did and I got sick, you held my hair back. [By the way, I smoked just so I could ask you for a cigarette and a light.]


I’m a 40 year old male, and my confession is that I’ve been having the most perverted gay fantasies- really dodgy stuff (mutual scat, licking a guys dirty anus, drinking his piss & cum etc.) I think that it is having an adverse effect on my (straight) relationship, as I seem to be losing interest in my GF sexually. I’ve been blaming tiredness etc for my failings, but this can’t go on forever. I’m far too shy to persue this fantasy though, even though there must be others……..


I’m 15 and never had a girlfriend, i would of asked a girl out by now, but i know my mum will start moaning (she thinks im to young to have a gf) also, because every girl has already been out with someone im nervous and shy to ask someone out:( help!


i feel so bad inside.i want to be an actress,but im so shy and parents dont even support my dream.but im going to be famous one day,and have lots of fans.


There’s a girl at my school who I see like ones a week and every time I see her I get all nervous and stuff. But when I think of her at times like these, I just wish I’d get my act together next time I see her and tell her how I feel. Life’s too short for this kind of sh*t!


I have a crush on a lotta people but too shy they will reject!