Confession Point

When you must confess!

My friend’s husband is a pervert that raped me. I hate his very essence and want him to suffer like he made me suffer.

He always commented on how he loved my breasts because they’re 36Ds and his wife’s are barely filling an “A” cup but she is BEAUTIFUL, inside and out. Well one time I was over to their home. He was not there, at first. Her mother called, needing a ride to pick up a prescription. My friend asked me to stay at her home while her newborn was sleeping. I agreed. I thought the perverted JERKWAD wouldn’t be home any time soon because he’s always out, fucking anything with a pussy. Well, he unlocks the front door, comes into the den and looks at me all surprised. He noticed that his wife’s car was not there so he asked me where she was. I told him that she left to take her mom somewhere. He comes over to me, really close and says, “oh so we’re all alone now!” He grabs at my shirt and sort of yanks it down, exposing my breasts. He sorta lets out this moan and tries to bury his face between them. I pushed him away, called him every cussword I knew and tried to ease past him. I thought my words would piss him off and he’d leave me alone.

WRONG. Turned him on even more. He grabs at me and slams me so hard to the floor that the wind was knocked out of me. He straddles me, bends down and starts licking all on my neck. I was terrified and begged him to stop and reminded him that his baby was in the other room asleep. His exact words were, “I’m trying to make a baby with you!” He raises my shirt above my head, pulls my bra up to the collar bone and starts suckling my breasts. This guy is muscular and tall and VERY strong. I always thought when women said they couldn’t get someone off of them they weren’t trying hard enough. Now I understand. Anyway, I prayed for my friend to walk in and catch him in the act. She didn’t. He raped me that night, violently. His penis was so huge…my god how do women handle that? I felt like he was ripping me apart. And he moaned and moaned and commented on how tight my “snapper” was and how he fantasized about doing this to me. I mean he actually was enjoying himself while I cried, pleaded and begged for him to stop. It made me sick. I wish he would hurry up but he didn’t. He took his time and he ejaculated inside of me and when he did, he tried to put all of himself inside of me, which (later on finding out) did something to my cervix and I believe tilted my uterus. I wanted to die right there. I was so sore and hurt that I thought I would die.

I didn’t know what to do. When he was finished, he said that if I thought of telling I might as well forget about it because she’d never believe me, which was true. He can do no wrong in her eyes.

I wondered where she was at and secretly blamed this on her. Why the hell would it take so long to go to Walgreens???!!!!!! I wasn’t there when she came back. As soon as he got off of me and I put my tattered clothing back on, I was out of there.

When I walked out of that house, I could feel his semen seeping out of me and into my panties. Makes me sick just thinking about it. I didn’t end up pregnant and thank god for no STDs but mentally and emotionally I am totally fucked up. When I got home I took a shower, I know I shouldn’t have but I had no intention on reporting it. I noticed that I had some blood in my panties along with some semen. My neck had purplish blotches on it, which were hickeys. My nipples were raw from him sucking them so hard. My stomach was cramped up and I bled all night. I went to the doctor the next day. She asked me if I had been assaulted because of how my cervix looked but I denied it. I just wanted it to all go away. But it hasn’t!

My friend did call me the next day and asked why I left and I simply said I left because he came home. I’ve been trying to forget this but I can’t because he still harrasses me and still says lewd things. I want it to stop!!!! He has ruined my life. I no longer have a boyfriend and I don’t want to have sex ever again.

I have all but stopped going over to my friend’s house because he’s there and he still harrasses me. I have changed my home number and cell many times but he always manages to find it. Why can’t this idiot just leave me alone? Why mess with me?


I wish my married co-worker’s wife would run off with a used car salesman because I want him for myself.

I also must confess that even though I never met the woman face-to-face, I hate her guts. Being my complete opposite, she represents all that I despise about being a female. Just the fact that we have genitalia in common makes me sick, although mine is well-groomed and I’m not plagued with contant yeast infections.

I’m not saying I hate being a woman, I’m saying I hate being associated with boring, uptight, SUV/minivan driving Mommies who talk in nasal voices and yack incessantly into their cell phones and shave their necks. I think the idea of such a woman coming home and finding a naked hippie heathen under her precious Hubby Wubby is HILARIOUS.

Unfortunately, I have too many morals to carry this out myself. I sure don’t want him dipping his wick into her greasy, hairy yeast burger and then dipping into my tight, clean kitten. Yuck. Even if he stuck his weiner in boiling water it wouldn’t be enough.

I’m also secretly angry at men who marry these boring, uptight hags because they think it’s the safe and easy thing to do. Have fun going without sex for the rest of your lives. Oral sex is now a distant memory. Why do you do this to yourselves? I’m a fun, easy-going woman. I’ve had one sexual partner, I have all my teeth, I don’t look bad, I’m healthy. But because I’m the kind of person who other people may find appealing for whatever reason, I’m not safe.

Have fun with your harpies with their capri pants and their Keds and their neck stubble. Fun, sex and affection are so overrated when you have a big, fat hound dog that sits at your side and nags your ear off every night. She may be annoying but garsh, she’s loyal. Is it worth it?


I’ve known you for 3 years, have not talked to you in a friendly, true matter for 2. Yet, I’m deeply in love with you and I go out of my way to “bump” into you and ignore you, so that you would be upset and maybe apologize. But I know it’s my fault that we never dated, because you scared me. You were to good for me. You discouraged my drinking, but when I did and I got sick, you held my hair back. [By the way, I smoked just so I could ask you for a cigarette and a light.]


I love it when he fingers me but he keeps stopping suddenly and i don’t know why!!! especially when i’m so close!! plus his fingers are really cold.


whenever i’m feeling really alone, i either want to have internet sex annonymously in a chatroom, eat chocolate, cry, or drag a razor across my arm.
all of those aren’t really working for me.


im in love with my boss who is a guy i cant get him out of my head i am a guy too, as sometimes he flirts with me but he has a girlfriend!, what do i do


im only 13 and me nd my gf did EVERYTHING(makeout,handjob,finger,blowjob,ate her out, nd sex).
is there sumtin wrong wit me


My name is Cele and I’ve been hiding the fact that I’m gay subtly. I think a lot of the g00ns know but I’m not sure whether to go right out and say the truth. I think I may pack some fudge tonight with my boyfriend Billy for the first time. But I am not sure what to do. Should I tell the g00ns I’m gay and ask for advice?


My bestfriend nearly lost her viriginity today, but her bf couldn’t get it up. But truth be told, I feel some Schadenfreud about it (like when you feel happy/good about something that you know you shouldn’t). Maybe cause they maintain they’re all Mr. and Ms. Experience while me and my bf arent. But now i feel like “HA!” because my bf can… My god he can…


I’m a guy with a girls build, I love wearing tight fitting lowrise jeans and watching other guys glance down at my crotch as I walk past.