Confession Point

When you must confess!

i am 20 years old and i live in canada. I was 13 years old and i was on my way to a wrestling tournament, ive been wrestling since i was 8 years old. so the night after we got there. We saw all kinds of girls in the pool and they were sexy. So me and my teammates got our swimsuits on and headed into the pool.

so when i was in the pool, the girls were trying to toy with me and all i thought was, that they were stupid bitches. I went to go play some games with them, but then i thought im gonna play a little game on this one girl. So i swam underwater over to her and put my hand on her vagina.

She tells all her friends on me, and the only ones in the pool are my teammates and me, except one of them was going to tell confront the girls. He came up to me and was wondering why i did that. So I told him they were toying around with me so i got them back. I made all my teammates not tell my coach about this so he wouldnt kick me off the team. No one ever spoke about this again.


I hate my sister’s boyfriend so much that i want to kidnap him and torture him, since he caused my sister so much pain.


I work so hard to make my dream come true, but my girlfriend doesn’t understand how hard it is to start and run your own business. The economy is so bad and I’m lucky if I make a dime in profit.

She treats me with so much disrespect that I can barely stand to look at her and it’s all because of money. She covers most of her bills and food. She covers our rent, which a lot of the time I’ll admit can’t pay. I told her I couldn’t pay but she insisted that I move in.

She drives up the credit card and gets upset that I can’t give her any money b/c she’s in the debt she created.

Recently, I just started making some money to help pay rent but she is so evil with how she speaks to me. I’m sick of it … I’m so damn sick of it! I feel trapped like I can’t get out of this relationship without turning my whole life upside down.

I’ve been thinking about cheating, just to hurt her and make her feel like shit; she’s driving me to it.
Although, it would be better to break-up with her; I don’t see the point of her not feeling the way she makes me feel or worse

I want to wait until I make more money and treat her with the disrespect she treats me with, find another girl and leave. I can’t bare to be with her in my success, when she can’t stand by me respectfully when times are bad.

She doesn’t know business is picking up for me financially.

I don’t know I’m not a bad person . . . maybe I just needed to vent on here . . . maybe.


My sister is a drunk, and I hate her now. Usually ONLY when she drinks. But she’s NOT a very nice person anymore, even when she’s NOT drinking. She and I were SO CLOSE growing up too. We were the best of friends, and now I don’t even like her, and it makes me so sad. If she wasn’t my sister, she wouldn’t be someone I would EVER want as a friend. Even when she’s NOT drinking she’s a loud foul mouthed negative person. My other sister committed suicide a couple years ago, and I miss her SO MUCH! So you’d think, that me and my last remaining sister would have become closer. INSTEAD, we only grew even farther apart. Last time she got drunk, she beat the shit out of me, becasue I wouldn’t give her a cigarette. We get along just fine, when she’s NOT drinking, BUT I still don’t like her much as a person, anymore.:-( Ugh… What should I do????


well im grounded for 2 weeks, until i learn my lesson, but ive already learnt my lesson, it was worth it! lol

what im grounded for is, well yesterday my mom made this spaghetti dinner, for when dad got home and everyone was gonna eat, i actually like spaghetti meatballs but.. so she made this dinner and she set out all the plates and stuff to get ready, well my dad was on the computer and my mom was in her room doing something, so what i did was, i decided, i was at the table, i decided i wanted to ‘season the food a little lol

with pepper spray

i wanted to season the food a little

season the food a little lol
because its pepper spray, pepper/seasoning! lol

so what i did was i sprayed this pepper spray all over the food, and it was like all over the food, and i havent sprayed that much pepper spray before, well except this time i sprayed this lady in the face at blockbuster

so then what i did was, was i ran up stairs so fast and then locked my room, and then my mom was all like “come down here, you’re in trouble” and then i was all like hiding in my room and they were trying to open the door but it was locked and i started spraying the pepper spray at the bottom of the door but it wasnt working it was just going in my eyes, and then i just hid in the corner of my room

and then my mum grounded me for two weeks, but she said it will be like 2 weeks if i dont apologise

but im not going to apologise


I fucking hate you. Really, I do. I know, it’s hard to hate someone you ‘don’t know’, but trust me, bitch, I know enough. You fucking manipulative cunt. In fact, everyone here fucking hates you. Every single person except for the blind few who can’t see past your cute little facade. Guess what, whore, I saw it months ago. Nobody believed me or saw it then, but they do now. Even J***! You’re the only girl he’s ever truly wanted to just slap across the ugly little whore face. You’re a trollop, a fucking stupid liar who deserves nothing more than the very worst life has to offer.

So you used him for months, pissed him off, ripped his heart out and ate it on the plates he fucking gave you to use. You’re so ungrateful it’s disgusting. Every aspect of you disgusts me and it disgusts… well, everyone. Once again you seem to have pulled the wool over J***’s eyes but you didn’t fool any of us. You seriously think writing a cute nice little letter is going to fix any of the shit you’ve pulled? Um no. You bought yourself what you wanted, another night in his bed. I got to sit back and listen to how miserable you made him, the only reason he tolerated your bullshit for as long as he did was because he’s in love with the girl you used to be, not the satanic whorehound you’ve become. You know, I thought I’d like you. Haha, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I hate you and everything you stand for. I really, truly hope that when your ass does get around to doing that favor you said you’d do (you know, what whole going back to hicksville thing), you’re in a violent car accident or something to the like. I don’t want you to die, no, I want you paralyzed. I want you to suffer. I have never hated anyone like I hate you, ever – and you deserve kudos for that.

Tonight I strongly considered calling out of work, showing up to fighter practice and punching you in the face. If I ever see you again, you can rest assured you will leave blind and limping. God, you’re such an ugly fucking soul. The best part is you think you’re physically attractive, too, but really – you’re not. J*** prefers me over you by far, he always has. I don’t know what he ever saw in you. All he was to you ever was a cheap fuck. Guess what, slut? Cheap fuck or not he knows your game. He’s not that dumb. All you did was buy yourself some time.

Keep in mind, the more time you’re here, the better my chances are of getting to do what I’ve wanted to do for a long time – hurt you. I know my words will go straight through that hollow little head of yours, for there’s not really any brain for them to run into in there. I’m not going to post cute little threats on MySpace and talk tough on MySpace like you do; oh no. I’m not in high school. See, this isn’t a ‘threat’, this is a promise – if I see your ratfink face anywhere – ANYWHERE – I will beat it in. I will not stop inflicting blows on your ugly ass until someone pulls me off. You’d better pray that someone gives enough of a shit to do so, because from what I understand, most people know how fucking ugly you are as a being and would greatly enjoy watching you get the shit kicked out of you. I am not a violent person; I guess T**** was right when he said his sister brings out the worst in people. I know he was right. He turned out really great- what the fuck happened to you? Did Daddy touch you too many times? Guess what, bitch, we all lead hard lives. Nobody feels bad for you, so quit moping you fucking idiot emo bitch. Turn off your Black Parade – nobody is listening. Grow. The. Fuck. Up.

And get the fuck back to the trash heap from which you came.

Stupid, ugly whore.

Oh, what was that you said? If I ever called you a whore again you’d ‘fucking kill’ me? Let’s see you try, whore. The only reason you’re so loved in Tennessee by those sheep you call friends is because they’re either stupid whores like yourself or you fucked them into pretending to like you. Let’s see you make good on your little MySpace threat.

Also, brownie points for failing to call J*** out on MySpace too, because we all know MySpace is serious business. You seriously need to grow the fuck up. Try your hardest to get into that car accident, please. It would do the whole world a favor. I’ll visit you in the hospital and feed you Lysol and bleach through your fucking feeding tubes.



we had a sleepover and it was ok to share a bed, because we were… just best friends
neither of us could get to sleep so we started just generally talking then he started talking about his girlfriend so i kissed him just to shut him up. i’m not sure if he knew what he was doing but he slid he hand down my underwear and pulled them off, then he pulled down hiss boxers and fucked


once when i was at a party with a couple of mate’s and relative’s we all got trashed and when half were asleep me and my cousin were up picking onm the sleepers like dicks in the nose etc then i tried the wierdst thing i licked my dads balls and mad my brother finger my mum?!?


One night I hung out with my boy who is a promoter at this club and he had a table with a few bottles so we got the partying. Then a group of girls he knew came to hang out at our table. They were all fine as hell so I went after the chunky one cause usually thats the easiest one right? She was very pretty and sexy as hell so we go the dancing and grinding.

We started dancing VERY dirty, catching the attention of most of the club. Her hands were all over me up my shirt and shit. I was like “Im in there”, yeah RIIIIGHT! After all that I tried to get the digits and she was like “I have a boyfriend” I was like “I have a girlfriend, we have something in common. I dont wanna take you from him.” She says “I’m here just to have fun, thats all.” Now I’m pissed not because she didn’t want to give me her number but I felt like she was being a cock tease. I didn’t show my anger so I put on a fake smile and when it was time for me to leave I told her it was nice meeting her and when I hugged her I smudged CHEWING GUM in her hair. I made sure it was nice and high so that she couldn’t cut it. AH HA.


I have the password to my ex-boyfriend’s email accounts (along with his facebook, and a couple online sex/dating sites). He didn’t give them to me – I noticed him typing it in one day and remembered. I can’t help logging on now and then to see what he’s up to. I miss him. I realize this is only hurting me, since he’s moving on. Nothing in his emails is particularly shocking or even interesting but I realize it’s still wrong, and I hate being a stalker.


I started up a friendship with a fundy christian just so I could dump her and hurt her feelings. After I dumped her I lurked at the christian forums she posts on and laughed at the posts she made telling everyone how sad she was that I wasn’t her friend anymore.


I sent an anonymous letter to a Muslim girl I knew whose parents were really traditional, telling them that she was not a virgin. She got disowned and had to move to New York. I did it because she used to date the guy I ended up marrying, and I thought she was much hotter than me. It drove me nuts with jealousy.


My friend’s husband is a pervert that raped me. I hate his very essence and want him to suffer like he made me suffer.

He always commented on how he loved my breasts because they’re 36Ds and his wife’s are barely filling an “A” cup but she is BEAUTIFUL, inside and out. Well one time I was over to their home. He was not there, at first. Her mother called, needing a ride to pick up a prescription. My friend asked me to stay at her home while her newborn was sleeping. I agreed. I thought the perverted JERKWAD wouldn’t be home any time soon because he’s always out, fucking anything with a pussy. Well, he unlocks the front door, comes into the den and looks at me all surprised. He noticed that his wife’s car was not there so he asked me where she was. I told him that she left to take her mom somewhere. He comes over to me, really close and says, “oh so we’re all alone now!” He grabs at my shirt and sort of yanks it down, exposing my breasts. He sorta lets out this moan and tries to bury his face between them. I pushed him away, called him every cussword I knew and tried to ease past him. I thought my words would piss him off and he’d leave me alone.

WRONG. Turned him on even more. He grabs at me and slams me so hard to the floor that the wind was knocked out of me. He straddles me, bends down and starts licking all on my neck. I was terrified and begged him to stop and reminded him that his baby was in the other room asleep. His exact words were, “I’m trying to make a baby with you!” He raises my shirt above my head, pulls my bra up to the collar bone and starts suckling my breasts. This guy is muscular and tall and VERY strong. I always thought when women said they couldn’t get someone off of them they weren’t trying hard enough. Now I understand. Anyway, I prayed for my friend to walk in and catch him in the act. She didn’t. He raped me that night, violently. His penis was so huge…my god how do women handle that? I felt like he was ripping me apart. And he moaned and moaned and commented on how tight my “snapper” was and how he fantasized about doing this to me. I mean he actually was enjoying himself while I cried, pleaded and begged for him to stop. It made me sick. I wish he would hurry up but he didn’t. He took his time and he ejaculated inside of me and when he did, he tried to put all of himself inside of me, which (later on finding out) did something to my cervix and I believe tilted my uterus. I wanted to die right there. I was so sore and hurt that I thought I would die.

I didn’t know what to do. When he was finished, he said that if I thought of telling I might as well forget about it because she’d never believe me, which was true. He can do no wrong in her eyes.

I wondered where she was at and secretly blamed this on her. Why the hell would it take so long to go to Walgreens???!!!!!! I wasn’t there when she came back. As soon as he got off of me and I put my tattered clothing back on, I was out of there.

When I walked out of that house, I could feel his semen seeping out of me and into my panties. Makes me sick just thinking about it. I didn’t end up pregnant and thank god for no STDs but mentally and emotionally I am totally fucked up. When I got home I took a shower, I know I shouldn’t have but I had no intention on reporting it. I noticed that I had some blood in my panties along with some semen. My neck had purplish blotches on it, which were hickeys. My nipples were raw from him sucking them so hard. My stomach was cramped up and I bled all night. I went to the doctor the next day. She asked me if I had been assaulted because of how my cervix looked but I denied it. I just wanted it to all go away. But it hasn’t!

My friend did call me the next day and asked why I left and I simply said I left because he came home. I’ve been trying to forget this but I can’t because he still harrasses me and still says lewd things. I want it to stop!!!! He has ruined my life. I no longer have a boyfriend and I don’t want to have sex ever again.

I have all but stopped going over to my friend’s house because he’s there and he still harrasses me. I have changed my home number and cell many times but he always manages to find it. Why can’t this idiot just leave me alone? Why mess with me?


He was playing me around, so I’m going to fuck his roommate. And then seduce him again. And then tell him about the roommate.


1972,Florida. My wife (at the time)Diane Rizzo, she now lives in Sabastion,Fla came home to confess that she had been with an old boyfriend all day and had sex with him since 10:00AM. She said she felt guilty and just had to tell me. She sat in the kitchen with her head in her hands and cried while confessing her sins. While she was sobbing and telling me she loved me soooo much I found myself getting an erection. I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the living room where I pushed her on the floor and told her to take off her clothes. I ripped off her panties and climbed on top of her and started slapping her beautiful size 36 ass and telling her she was going to fuck me like she fucked him. She was so taken aback by all this she couldn’t say a word. I told her to lay on her stomach because I was going to fuck her ass until she begged me to stop! Sobbing she said,” please no, please no Dan, you know that’s always been off limits”. I told her to go fuck herself and proceded to pull out my throbbing seven inch cock and force her legs apart. She was fighting me every step of the way but I was going to get my way! I grabbed a bottle of baby oil that was on the table and just poured it in the crack of her ass until it was empty. I finally got her legs open enough to get the head of my dick in her ass when she started screaming at me to get off her! I just kept pushing my hard cock up her ass until it was all the way in. I grabbed her hair and told her,”I hope this hurts you bitch!” She was trying to get away but I held her down and started pounding her ass as hard as I could. As I was fucking her ass she stopped screaming and started moaning, then she started raising her ass towards me and fucking me back! She pushed herself on her knees while softly saying “yes, yes, oh God yes , it feels so good, you fucking bastard, oh God, fuck my ass harder” I could not beleive my ears. Of course that only made me harder and I started slapping her ass as hard as I could. Everytime I hit her she let out a scream. As I was pulling her hair I said,” How do you like your first ass fucking you slut” when she turned around with a smile and said, ” Sorry to let you down Dan but this is the second time today I’ve had my ass fucked and his cock was alot bigger than yours too!” I didn’t know what to say or do, I was in shock (again). So I grabbed her hair even more and said, Well that may be true you cunt but watch this” then I started fucking her like a train and came a bucket load deep in her ass. As soon as I could climb off her I moved my cock up to her face and said ,”Clean it off bitch”, she turned her head away and said ,”Fuck you Dan” I said I don’t think so and grabbed the back of her head and forced my filthy cock in mouth, and told her to clean it off bitch! She finally gave in and started sucking my limp cock clean. Afterwards I told her to pack her shit and get out, This is a true story folks…


one time in eighth grade while we all were at break during lunch I found a frog in the school yard. I took it back inside to show my friends but by this time it was time to go back to class. The frog needed to go back outside. While on my way out there was a backup of kids leaving the lunch room and coming in. This one girl was coming in and I was going out(she was all wayz running her smart mouth about something) there her mouth was flapping away, I took the frog and stuck in her mouth just long enough for her to see it was a frog. She freeked out! I kept my cool and walked out to the school yard to release the frog. She was still screaming something about a frog in her mouth but had no idea who did it. I never did hear much from her mouth after that. Becareful where your mouth is open a frog may show up.