Confession Point

When you must confess!

theres this guy i like.. hes a really famous celebrity.. ive been messaging and texting him… and i do know his real, but my friends dont support me with this thing….. i dont feel appreciated.. i know they would just judge me . 🙁


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  1. equal step-mother
    5:11 pm on March 30th, 2009

    kill yourself

  2. HeyHelena
    9:27 pm on March 30th, 2009


  3. popular actress
    4:07 pm on April 2nd, 2009

    i agree with equal step mother…KILL YOURSELF!!!

  4. dead and alive
    8:29 pm on April 17th, 2009

    wait seriously, i know your having a crush, but the jonas bros are mine!!!! so KILL YOURSELF!!!!

  5. material banker
    1:58 pm on April 22nd, 2009

    sounds like stalker behavior to me

  6. stranger
    3:35 pm on April 27th, 2009

    there just jealous
    if they dont support u . they obviously arnt very good friends
    except if its not really him and some creep then listen to em

  7. Mr. Blunt
    3:54 am on May 21st, 2009

    Stop Giving A Shit About What Others Think Of You, Do What Matters To You.

  8. richard kawamura
    4:33 am on May 24th, 2009

    what are you 10 years old? Let it go and meet a real person

  9. italian nurse
    10:17 am on June 12th, 2009

    >hes a really famous celebrity

    And if he wasn’t you would absolutely no interest in him, which is why your friends don’t support you in this you daft bitch.

  10. Dr gineco
    8:20 pm on July 13th, 2009

    Find a psyco ok .

  11. white daughter
    4:49 pm on September 10th, 2009

    Go for it!!! If your friends are truly your friends, then they will be there for you no matter what.

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