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Thinking back I know now what caused me to have an obsession with exposing myself. When I was 9 my mother re-married and my stepdad had two sons Brad and Kyle. They were both a few years older than me but we did get along pretty well. I’m not sure exactly when it started but they would walk in on me while I was getting a bath or undressed. I guess I became so accustomed to them doing it that I eventually didn’t mind them seeing me nude or in my underware. They also would be in their underware often and over a couple years I had seen them naked also, quite a few times.

As I developed and started getting older it would happen more often and they would make comments about my breasts and body. They would actually tell me how cute I was and compliment my figure. I started to realize that I enjoyed it when they saw me naked or in my bra and panties and that it aroused me. Leaving my bedroom or bathroom door open a few inches helped in letting them see me naked more often. Naturally I never did that when my mother was at home and I know she would be upset if she knew what I was doing.

I can’t help feeling like I do and have even let their friends see me nude many times over the last year or two. I know for sure that 4 of Brads friends and 5 or 6 of Kyles friends have seen me naked. It gets me so excited that I masturbate just thinking about it. Brad even caught me mastubating once, but that was embarrassing because I know he was watching me for a long time and told me so. My step dad saw me naked also two times that I know of but I don’t think he told my mother about it. I really didn’t mean for him to see me though. I like when the boys see me but don’t want my stepdad or mother to know what I’m doing.


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  1. mx
    9:43 pm on November 30th, 2008

    It’s validity. Not sure how old you are but it’s affirmation of being a woman. I would be extremely careful with stepdads a lot of woman get molested by their own father I could only imagine that a stepfather would have less restraint. As a man I know what it feels like and it’s really hard to control yourself and your morals don’t seem to be an obstacle when you’re feeling turned on. It takes a lot of self control to shut down the engine and walk away. Usually guys don’t do anything because they haven’t in the past. I would advise you talking to a guy you found cute, outside of your home, to explore this. Inside the home it’ll just lead to trouble one day.

  2. Tattva
    2:42 pm on December 7th, 2008

    Sounds totally like a young dudes dream! Just in case this is true, my advice would be to look deeply into what it is about the experience that you are really getting something from? In the moment of highest sexual ecstacy (after the lust) do you experience a kind of quiet place where your minds is at total peace, if only a brief moment or two?

    Just focus on that peace – what is it? It’s a total relief from all your worries, all your other thoughts, all the other crap that you might have to deal with… just total absorbtion and peace. If this is sounding familiar, then how about if there was a way to get that peace without the sexual side, and for it to last much longer. Just follow the signs and the Universe will give you an answer. This message is the start of your (yes it is meant for you) journey.

  3. brave goldfish
    6:19 am on January 9th, 2009

    Tell your mom since your step-dad didn’t and that’s reallyyyyy bad; he probebly didn’t tell her because he likes it himself and probebly will keep wanting to watch. If you love her, tell her what was going on. And you are being a whore. You may not see it; which is less then likely, but you sure damn are. Put some fucking clothes on and stop being the family slut. Your step-brothers obviously don’t care and have issues themselves. There shouldn’t be any secrets between your family, especially this kind.

  4. Honey
    12:25 pm on February 22nd, 2009

    u can continue doin this if u like it.i can feel ur feelings.let them see u and feel horny……….

  5. damnitall
    2:15 am on April 8th, 2009

    dewd you’re mindfukt. i mean in my room i stay naked all day every day from summer to winter. i do dress up with my parents around or such but i see nothing special about being naked d00d. go find a doctor and check yourself.. before you WRECK yourself.. being fucked up in the head is bad 4 ur health

  6. mr bud
    12:44 pm on July 20th, 2010

    oh, then u r a bitch

  7. that dude
    6:58 am on May 11th, 2013

    Got pics?

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