Confession Point

When you must confess!

Hey everybody….hm, this is my first confession . I am a beautiful 17 years old girl…I think i am a kinda veird….Am.. I have liek 2 lifes….. First is my real life ( i am kinda happy and very liked girl, but i dont have boyfriend , becouse i am not ready or so…hm i dont know why ) and the another life…( there i am in love with a musician…in real life this musician is my friend…GOOD FRIEND . but he is 25 …and i am 17…and he eaven isnt beautiful..he is more like ugly…and i have seen him only some times..but i have talked him sooo much…, when i sleep then i oftenly have a dream where are he and i ..liek there is how we get in love..and what we do together…..and in work i am dreaming(when is boring) about 1-4 houers of it….it seems so real and i love this “my own world” ……….in real life…he want to go to a date with my..but i live little bit far away from him..when i am 19 – 20 and he is still free…then i will ask him to date or so…….hmm, i am so weird about dreaming it…but i love this thing:D . one day i talked to her what i sawd in my dream ..about us..and he sayd ” SOMETIMES DREAMS COME TRUE” .. this was sweeeetest thing i have ever heard 🙂 . ´actually he is quite famous with him band….. but we have a little country….. .