Confession Point

When you must confess!

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Well, no one would probably believe me if I told them face to face, and some people just make up things for attention, but, by my heart and soul, all I have to say here is true.

I have always felt a great deal of pain from persistent headaches and unexplained pains, feelings that slow me down. I am so lazy and I speak without thinking, but all of that isn’t me. I am a scholar of psychology, I know that what we think creates the world around us, and my preconceived ideas are getting the best of me. There is a lot to be said about the power of the mind, a consistent thought will become real. I know so much, and I have so much potential, but, by my nature, it seems that I cannot utilize it.

I hate nothing more than hard work. I waste most of my time playing video games to disassociate from reality, but I really want to work more on my psychological endeavors. Heck, I even know all the psychological processes I must go through to alter my reality in such a desired way. I just need some time to think it through, that is what confessing is about, right? Thinking through whatever is on your mind in an accepting and closely listening audience. I live for emotion, and since I feel so little, I have thought of many horrid things as to why I am this way.

The answer is simple, I believed I was a terrible person, part of my subconscious focused on negativity in various areas of my life, such as motivation. I have it all set out for my now: find negative feelings and shift feelings to shift habits, changing my inner world to change the world around me. I think I know why I talk so much now. Even though it hurts to speak and not be heard, I have to feel my thoughts physically manifest. That is a good feeling to me, feeling in the now, feeling real. I have work to do, but work is a nasty word, I hate work; I have a life to fulfill.

I am a really messed up person by society’s standards, but society is impersonal and doesn’t understand emotion. Society is the cookie cutter that makes people feel bad, and I speak out against such things that destroy true emotion, often to be struck down for doing what is right even though it is spitting in the face of what is accepted. I am a lazy person, and there is no need for a ‘why’ to that. It doesn’t matter, it just is. This control, this understanding of thought and emotion, this is who I really am. It is amazing how the power of a little time and effort can snowball into a life-changing experience. A good friend told me, “The key to life is not to know thyself, but to accept thyself.”


I’m madly in love with someone who I met through Facebook but I don’t even know him personally and the worst of all is that he lives abroad!!!! I can’t stop thinking about him, and I feel terribly depressed when I don’t have any news of him. When this happens I feel that he might forgot about me, and I even feel that he hates me!!!!

I think I’m becoming obessesed with him and I don’t know what to do to stop this obsession that is driving me insane and I know is not a healthy thing!!!! Every day, I check out his Facebook page to learn what he’s been up to, and I feel awful when I read that he is been involved in some activities on Facebook but that he didn’t contact me on that day.

I hate feeling this way, and I don’t know what to do to change this situation, but at the same time I don’t want to lose contact with him, because it means the world to me.


I want to have sex sooooooooooo bad and i’m 14, but I don’t know anyone. Hopefully it’ll happen in the 9th grade on my terms.


i fall for the worst boys.
i fall for the ones that cheat, that lie that are just bad for me.

there’s this boy in my 2nd block.
oh man is he sexy.
i dont even pay attention in class anymore.
i just put my head down and fantasize about having sex with him.
hes always telling me how big his dick is, and i want it so bad. but he has a girlfriend, and he talks to a girl that i know. BUT I WANT HIM.

i wanna be the girl he talks to everyday and every night. i wanna be the girl he gives head to and fucks from the back. i wanna be his girl

the sad thing is, just because i fall for the baddest boys, he WILL cheat on me. and i will be the one looking stupid -_-


I have never had sex. I am 25 and I think it’s gonna stay likes this because women are so different and play hard to get and act like man have to make a play of love to cweep them away even if it is fake but they seem to need it, and I hate that. I am a shy person, so I am aware that it’s gonna be pretty impossible to get out of this loop of loneliness unless I overcome my fears and play the girls game which seem fake and elaborated artificially and it seems like everybody loves playing them except me.

I think I’ll die a virgin and alone and can’t do anything realistic to change it. Even if I am the only one with this perspective, I am really attracted to girls, even want romance and have lots of crushes on any given time and have tender feeling of love and occasional lust. But I feel we are all indoctrinated to behave one way only in the dating scene, we are just brainwashed by society in the way they want a guy approach to them. I can’t comply to the mating games rules established by media and society, they suck for me. I just want to be natural and have a happy fulfilling real relationship, but sometimes I conclude that women don’t look for averageness on love and sex. They look for adventures risk and pleasures. So I am not able to provide a movie for them cause all I want is simple and real love. I am in big trouble, even considering celibate and even a romance celibate if that definition even exist. Thanks.


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Im really lonely and want a serious relationship! I just cant seem to get any dates with girls which is really annoying. Im a good looking guy and I get with girls in clubs and stuff but whenever I get into a relationship things start going sour. I am 23 and havent had a serious relationship in my life. Every one has been random flings ranging from a week to two months of what I considered casual sex. Its really annoying because when I think I start to fall for a girl I change and close up and blank them out. I also seem to turn off when im having sex and the emotion goes away. I dont know what it is 🙁 I had an opportunity to be with a girl last year for a long time she was tall and beautiful, had a gorgeous body and we were amazing together.. at the start. We had sex and then everything changed again. I get told im very good in bed and I have an 8 inch penis and love pleasing girls I always take time to find out what a girl likes then give it to her. But when I have sex with them the chemistry in the relationship changes. When I split up with the girl I asked her why and she said we were just friends which was very wierd.. she also said I was a great lover… but didnt make love, proof that my emotions switch off when sex enters the relationship. So … dont have sex with them?

The only thing is I cant do that… Im a very horny guy and I have a huge sex drive and when Im with a girl I like and we kiss I usually get hard straight away sometimes just from cuddeling. I just want a girl to understand me but I dont even understand myself…

Its been a year now since the relationship and I have had 3 flings one with a 30 year old who I really liked and we got on great but she said we were in different places and she only really wanted me for my cock. The other two were with 2 girls who I dont even like.. I think I just wanted sex and they were easy I didnt enjoy either time and regreted doing it but they still call me n stuff but imtrying to keep away because Im sure they just want to have a quicky.

I havent been on a date in years and Im really lonely, scared to enter the whole thing again because I guess its all just going to end the same way.

I wish I was one of those guys that sticks with his girlfriend for 4 years or more. I think I have so much to offer a girl I am successful and fit, I am quite sensitive and very cheeky but it seems these days when I meet a girl I really want they just want to be friends and end up with some asshole boyfriend.

Last month my best friend of 6 years kissed me in a club, It was really strange, we hadent spoken in months and we finally talked again and ended up kissing. We went out a few times after that and I told her I liked her more than a friend.. I think I loved her but she told me she didnt fancy me. Which I found wierd seeing as she kissed me. We fell out and I havent seen her for 4 months now and I dont want to think about her anymore because it feels like she used the kiss to get back as friends again.

I feel really happy these days and smile alot and try seem open to new girls but no girls really pay attention to me in an affectionate way. I dunno why maybe they can sense the fear I have of fucking things up as usual.

I hope one day that goes away.


I have an 8 inch cock thats 5 inches thick and im horny! But there are no girls I know close to my house in my town.

Godamn the countryside!


I’m a total cunt. I dump my boyfriend after cheating on him, and I act like HE’S the bad guy. But I totally feel that way. I want him to come back and I have to give up.
This isnt much of a confession, i kinda want to kill myself. Im sick of who I am.


im 13
never had a boyfriend
relly want one
i never kissed a guy
but relly want to
i have this fantasy
tht i relly want 2 comee true
tht one day in front of everyone at skewl
some boy just runs up to me and
starts makin out with me out of nowher
this is kinda wierd?


That’s right. I’m actually out of my teens (truth be told, I’m also well on my way to turning 21, which would make me an adult pretty much anywhere around the globe), I’ve finished high school, and I’m starting my second year of university.

And yet, the one and only kiss I’ve ever received from a girl was at a “spin-the-bottle” game in junior high.


Well, partly, because I’m unlucky…as pathetic as that might sound. I was absolutely crazy about one girl in my first two years of high school, and during that time at least two nice girls confessed that they had feelings for ME…not knowing that I was busy drooling after another gal. As fate would have it, I got to know one of these girls quite well over the following year…and I started to feel more and more attracted to her, just as quickly as she began to see us as “just friends”. And so on and so forth.

Partly, I’m quite sure, because I’m a fool.

I can’t seem to develop romantic feelings for a girl until I’ve gotten to know her a bit…which is, coincidentally, when you tend to enter the “friend-zone”. At that point, before it’s too late, you either tell her how you feel or you just slip into a comfortable, painless friendship.

And being a coward and a gutless idiot, I’ve yet to tell a girl that I like her, in said moment.

Now? Again, I’m in my second year of university. My friends have all had multiple relationships, some of which have actually been pretty damned serious. Several of them are now so comfortable with the ladies that they can walk into a club/disco and find a chick to get busy with each and every single time. They know what to say to a girl, how to entertain her, how to please her.

Me? All I’ve got down are the awkward jokes and subsequent silences. The small talk…GOD, I hate it.

Seriously: if a girl walked up to me at a pub, told me that she thought I was gorgeous, and that she wanted to kiss me…instead of jumping up and down for sheer joy, I’d probably be pissing my pants. Why? Because I CAN’T KISS WORTH A SH*T, unless I’ve got a crapload of innate talent for it.

Which of course makes the prospect of going out on a first date even MORE daunting. What am I supposed to do? I’m twenty, getting to first base should be almost AUTOMATIC. Trouble is, the real goal should be GETTING SOME, at this point.

But me? I’d be happy with one, miserable kiss. NO TONGUE, for gawd’s sake, or I might have a stroke here.

You know you’re pretty damned depressing when your hypothetical best-case scenario is some secluded area with a chick so drunk off her ass that she won’t notice what a slobby kisser you are :/

And what gets me is that I KNOW that I’m not repulsive, or ugly, or even unfit. I’m six feet tall, in moderate shape. I’ve been told a few times that I’m not entirely bad to look at.

I dunno…I guess I just wanted to get this off my chest. Hopefully, this’ll have some therapeutic effect, and by tomorrow I’ll be screwing like a bunny on viagra 😀

Seriously though…if anyone, ANYONE has every gone through anything like this, send a few words of wisdom my way, please.

Thanks for reading.


I have problems expressing my feelings to girls. I have a lot of friends who are girls that i like, but I can never ask them out or flirt with them even if they’re single. I am sixteen and have never had a girlfriend. I’m a hopeless romantic looking for advice on talking to girls. Can anyone help me?


well i dont even know what life i have, First all, i’ve never seen my real mom since i was born, I walk away from my dad house b/c he treated me like a shit. I missed 1month of school b/c my aunt lazy enough to get my transcript from my previous school. Plus, the girl i met online she always drive me insane. She always cheat on me, And yeah i still love her! I dont even have a job yet and im in the house playing games everyday. Sometimes im thinking committing suicide. My heart is full of pain, sadness, and sometimes i dont even know myself anymore. I wish there someone loves me. someone care about me. someone make me happy. I wish there’s someone…GOD HELP ME!


I’m tire of masturbating everyday! I only wish some girl would suck me off, and have sex. Anal wouldn’t be too bad either, or some crazy sex fetish. Skull fucking is a bonus.


I think that if I stay “friends” with my ex long enough he’ll want to get back together with me. Deep down I know its not true, and that when he starts fucking some other girl I’ll be heartbroken, but I cant help myself. I cant imagine my life without him.


I jerk off every day and night because I can’t get any girls. I have so many good looking friends but just friends. I am afraid of dying a virgin or being like the 40 year old virgin.