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I have been attracted to my mother in law for over twenty years. I am forty two she is seventy. She is sexy , takes care of herself and looks and dresses good. She always gets me hot with the smell of her expensive perfumes. I get hard and want to fuck her on the spot! I jerk off and fantasize about her all the time. More than any one else. I sniff and lick her dirty under wear and rub my dripping dick on the crotch of the sexy ones in her drawer. If she only knew.



  1. A Mother's Gift to her Son
    2:05 pm on July 19th, 2013

    A Mother’s Gift to Her Son

    I recently returned home from university for summer break following an academically strenuous semester in which I had little time for relaxation, sexual or otherwise. I had actively sought a girl friend on campus so I could enter into a sexual relationship but this did not happen. To more or less satisfy my sexual needs during the semester, I masturbated frequently, usually before going to sleep at night. During these acts of self-indulgence, I would fantasize about the pretty girls in my classes as well as older women who work on the campus. But I really desired was sexual interaction with the opposite sex and it didn’t matter whether she was a young student or an older mature woman.

    For the next couple of months, I am staying with my parents and siblings. My dad is a hard-working man but rigid and intolerant while and my mother is an easy-going, middle-aged, stay-at-home mom who dotes to her children, including me. Quite slender and attractive when young, she has put on weight and now has a stocky, busty appearance with a decidedly motherly look. In spite of her rounded heavier figure, she has shapely, well-proportioned legs that are most pleasing to the eyes, especially when she is wearing nylon stockings.

    One night when my dad was at work – he works nights at a factory – and my siblings were at sleepovers with friends, I received a call from my mother to pick her up and drive her home. She had been at a girl’s night out and needed a ride home. From the tone of her voice, it was obvious that she had been drinking. My mother has had a drinking problem for as long as I can remember and this seems to have created conflict between her and my dad. I think their sex life has been non-existent for a long time. In any event, I picked her up, drive her home and helped her into her bedroom where she prepared for bed. Being quite late, I took a shower and then decided to check in on her to see if she was all right. She was asleep, ‘dead to the world’, lying on her back and uncovered and dressed only in a petticoat and without panties on. In the past, I had seen her like this a couple times when she was on drinking binge. Since no one else was home, I repeated what I have done in the past: I went along side her, gently pulled down her straps and bared her breasts. They were so large and soft, well proportioned and milky-white in colour. I fondled them with my hands and sucked on each nipple until they were erect. I then raised her petticoat to reveal her naked crotch. Seeing and stroking her large clump of short, curly pubic hair sexually excited me to the extent that pulled out my penis and began to masturbate in front of her. I had gone this far before but this time I wanted more. I took hold of her legs and began to spread them widely apart. Her genitals came into full view and I was surprised that her vaginal lips have such a wrinkled appearance and grayish-brown colour. They are also surrounded by more short curly pubic hair. I fondled them with the tips of my fingers until her vagina became moist. I then gently thrust my fingers into her soft, warm vagina and used them to masturbate her. I had never gone this far before and to go further would involve inserting my penis into her vagina. This would be committing the forbidden act, so reviled by society, of incest between mother and son, regardless of whether or not she is aware of the sex act. But I had gone to far to stop now and all I could think of now was to consummate the act. I stripped naked, got into bed with her and, with my heart pounding, raised one of her legs and drew my body tightly against hers in such a way that my penis was up against her vaginal lips. I used saliva to wet my penis and her vaginal opening and then slipped my penis into her vagina. My penis was as large and hard as it has ever been and it was now deep inside her vagina. We were now sexually united with our bodies conjoined as a single entity and I had this burning unstoppable desire to complete the act by delivering a load of sperm into her body to ‘fertilize’ her. To this end, I rhythmically pumped, harder and harder, with the bedsprings creaking loudly with each gyration, until after about a hundred strokes, I reached my climax and ejaculated into her. My mother may not have been aware of it, but she and I had just completed the act of sexual intercourse. I remained inside her for a while to savour the wonderful experience and, later, when my erection returned, repeated the sex act but this time by mounting her directly on top. After inseminating her a second time, I slowly pulled out, spilling semen on her thighs and bed sheets. I wiped up the mess as best as possible, covered her and left the room.

    That night, it took a long time for me to fall asleep as the events that had unfolded kept replaying in my mind. I was worried that I might have made my mother pregnant, which would have had disastrous consequences in our family. Checking on the Internet, I read that the chance of a 43-year-old woman becoming pregnant after penal-vaginal intercourse is relatively low. This somewhat alleviated my fears.

    When I got up the next morning, I encountered my parents in the kitchen and I was terrified that my father might confront me with the fact that his own son had taken advantage of his wife, that I had had raped her while she was asleep. Mercifully, this did not happen. My mother acted her normal self but I was concerned that she might take me aside and question me about how semen stains got onto her bed sheets. This did not happen either. She and I have a very close and warm relationship, so I suspect that, even if she knew, she might very well come to the conclusion that I just needed a sexual release. She knows that in some cultures, such as Japan, some mothers will volunteer their body to their son for this purpose. It is, as it were, a mother’s gift to her son. In any event, she might just let it go and say nothing. Wrong as it may be, I derived great sexual pleasure and great satisfaction by having sexual intercourse with my sleeping mother last night.

  2. Loving son
    11:23 am on September 19th, 2013

    Only a Mother Understands

    My girl friend and I are both university students. I am 21-years old, studying the physical sciences, and she is 20-years old and studying the social sciences. We met in the campus library while looking for reference material and have been going steady for some time. We enjoy each other’s company and have similar interests. We are both straight (sexually) and conservative in our ways. We come from ordinary middle-class families that uphold the traditional values of sexuality and morality. Lately, we have been discussing sex and she makes a big thing out of her being a virgin. She cherishes the fact that she has deferred sex until she feels that she is mature enough to deal with any emotional complications that might arise. She told me that she has had casual relationships with the opposite sex in the past but they have never led to sexual intimacy. I told her that I have never had a lover, meaning that I have never had sex with anyone that I love in a romantic context. I added that when I am sexually aroused, I simply masturbate to obtain sexual pleasure and release. Both statements are true but she mistakenly concluded that I have never had sex with anyone, i.e., that I am a virgin. In fact, this is ALMOST the case, but not quite. I have a dark secret and I feel compelled to reveal to her, but I doubt if she will understand.

    When I was 16-years old, I had a sexual encounter with my mother. Details now are a bit vague but I’ll try to recall them. Late one evening, my mother and I were home alone. My father was away on one of his many trips trying to drum up support for launching his own small business. These trips were common and he would be gone for days. I’m sure my mother was lonely during his absences. She had gone to bed early but was unable to fall sleep. Being somewhat of an insomniac, she tried sleeping medication but it didn’t seem to work. So she asked me to do something that has always worked before. She asked me to brush her hair in bed, hoping that it would relax her enough so she would fall asleep. I agreed and did what she wanted. But It was chilly in her bedroom and I was only wearing pajama bottoms, so I decided to warm up by getting under her blankets and lying next to her warm body. I had done this before and she never complained. In any case, she was wearing a nightgown and it covered her body. She gradually began to doze off and fell asleep. In the past, I had just darkened the lights in her room and left. This time the situation was different. When she had called me, I had been masturbating in my bedroom and I still felt horny. I was sexually aroused by something a friend had told me earlier. He said that he had seen his mother completely naked as she was leaving the shower. She hadn’t expected to encounter anyone and therefore hadn’t covered herself. He said that he saw her “tits” from so close that he could have touched them. They were large, beautifully shaped and they jiggled as she walked. Her nipples were dark brown and they just stuck out from her tits. Lower down, he saw her huge patch of dark-brown pubic hair that covered her crotch. Neither said anything as they passed by one another, but his mother had to have sensed that he was enormously aroused by her nudity. But what really excited me was when he said that he cannot get these images out of his mind and that he wonders what it would be like to be sexually intimate with her in bed.

    As I was lying next to my sleeping mother, I thought about what my friend had said and I was becoming more and more aroused by it. My mother wasn’t that attractive but she did have a nice body. She was quite stocky and she certainly had a large bust that always caught my eye. I had never really lusted for her in the past but now I was becoming excited by the prospect of sexually touching her. I had never done this before but now I really wanted to. With my heart pounding, I pulled off my pajama bottoms and underpants and began masturbating my penis. I slipped my hand down the top of her nightgown and ran my hand over her breasts. They really were large and soft and I played with her nipples until they became hard. I then went to her feet end, pulled up her nightgown and slid my hands up and down her legs. They were so soft, warm and smooth as glass. As my hands reached upward to her thighs and crotch, I felt pubic hair and realized that she was not wearing any panties. I knew then that I was not going to stop at fondling, that I had the opportunity to go “all the way” with her and that I was going to take it. So I began spreading her legs wide apart and then, checking that she was still asleep, raised one of her legs and bent it at the knee so I could pull my crotch tightly up against hers. My penis was almost touching her genitals now. I moistened it with saliva so it would easily slip it into her vagina. I could feel that her vaginal opening was closed, so I used my fingers to rub her vaginal slit and make it moist. I then gradually inserted my penis and when I could not do any deeper, instinct took over and I began to pump rhythmically, slowly at first but gradually faster and faster. The bedsprings were creaking loudly and with the movement of my body, I realized that my mother was beginning to wake up. She was making moaning sounds every time I penetrated her deeply and she seemed to be trying to synchronize the movement of her body with mine. As I neared my climax, I bent over her, penetrated her as deep as I could and ejaculated my sperm into her. She moaned one last time as I filled her, then closed her eyes, laid back and fell asleep.

    The next morning my mother asked me what happened last night. She said that she has a vague recollection of it but would like me fill in the gaps. She wasn’t angry or anything, but she was curious. I was extremely embarrassed and basically said that I was horny last night and “did things to you” that I probably should not have done. She said, “Sweety, you have to be careful when you do things like that to your mother. I know it feels really good, but I am still fertile and can conceive and when you inseminate me, I can become pregnant. Then I would have to have an abortion. Besides, when a son has sexual intercourse with his mother, that is incest and it is still a bit of a social taboo. We’ll just keep it to ourselves, but your father must NEVER find out that we have had sexual intercourse. Whereas I understand that you are simply trying to explore sex with me, and that it is not uncommon nowadays for a son to have sexual intercourse with his mother at least once, as I have read, he would never understand. With that final comment, my mother gave me a big hug and said not to worry about it any further.


  3. It's A Different World Now, by Anonymous, PhD
    6:38 pm on October 9th, 2013

    IT’S A DIFFERENT WORLD NOW, by Anonymous PhD

    What a different world it is now. I have read in various sources, including some confession websites, that many sons have sexual intercourse with their mother at least once during adolescence and that it is not an uncommon occurrence nowadays. It used to be that such acts of taboo sex were vehemently forbidden by society. The readings suggest various reasons why they are committed: the sons are exploring sex with their mother, who is generally available and sometimes willing; they consider it a ‘right of passage’ as they progress from adolescence to manhood (“to prove their manhood”); or they have appealed to their mothers to teach them about sex. The readings also suggest that the extremely close bond shared between mother and son fosters an environment that is conducive to these acts being committed. Indeed, the sexual union between mother and son often serves to strengthen the special bond between them. Clearly society now seems to be more tolerant and even accepting of these occasional acts of sexual union between mother and son.

    When my granddaughter, who I am very close to, got married recently she confided in me that her fiancée and her were virgins when they first met. Yet, when I spoke to her now-husband, he said that he thanks his mother for teaching him all he knows about sex. His mother, who was present, added quite candidly that they had had sexual intercourse “maybe a dozen times to teach him the various positions and to give him practice.” When I inquired about the touchy subject of possible pregnancy, she added, “We are mother and son, so of course we didn’t use any protection. I would LET him inseminate me and later take a ‘morning after’ pill.” When I asked her if her husband knew about these activities, she replied, “ABSOLUTELY NOT.” Her son continued to consider himself a ‘virgin’ because the sexual acts with his mother were for learning purposes only.

    In my own case, many decades ago, I had a sexual encounter with my mother that I have dared not reveal to anyone. I was an 18-year-old bright-but-shy student who had few male friends and no girl friends. It was summer time and I had planned to attend university in the coming fall. I wanted to become a scientist. Even though I was shy, I was very interested in sex and somehow took a perverse sexual interest in my own mother. She was a stay-at-home mom who doted on her children, all five of us. My father and I didn’t get along and I had few dealings with him. My mother was not particularly attractive but she did have a nice body. I knew she had large breasts and I wanted to see and touch them. I had never seen a woman’s genitals and I wanted to see and touch them, too. My mother had a drinking problem for whatever reason and one evening I found her drunk in bed and sound asleep. The situation that I found myself in was extraordinary because no one else was home for the entire evening! Somehow, my mother and I were home alone and I could do anything to her that my conscience would allow. At first, I just touched her breasts over and over and played with her nipples. Then I sucked on them until they became hard. Next, I ran my hand over her pubic hair. It was bushy, dark brown and felt silky to the touch. At this point, I was extremely excited and my penis was huge and hard. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. I desperately wanted to stick it into my mother. I WANTED to have sexual intercourse with her regardless of the consequences. I undressed, slipped into bed with her, spread her legs wide apart, raised them up high and positioned my erect penis at the entrance to her vagina. It was the ‘moment of truth’ as I begin pushing my penis into her vagina. When I was deep inside her and could not go any deeper, I lay there thinking how wonderful it feels to be sexually united to a woman. Our bodies were joined together as a single entity for the express purpose of procreation. Mercifully, my mother was no longer of child-bearing age so I had no fear of making her pregnant. I slowly began pumping into her rhythmically but gradually sped up as I approached my climax. As I ejaculated my semen into her, it struck me that I had just inseminated my own mother. I thought about it for a while, while remaining inside her, and decided that it was something that I really wanted to do. I had absolutely NO regrets whatsoever. Finally, I pulled out and left her bed.

    My mother never knew that I had had sexual intercourse with her that one time and the act was never repeated ONLY because I left home to attend university, then graduate school, and then beyond.

    Anonymous, PhD

  4. My Understanding Mother
    12:06 pm on November 9th, 2013

    My mom is pretty understanding, too. Last weekend, when she returned home from a late office party a bit drunk, I got horny seeing her vulnerable like this. She is a nice looking older woman, very well endowed, and I have thought about having sex with her many times in the past. After she had gone to bed and fallen asleep, I decided that I really wanted to fuck her. Entering her bedroom, I noticed that she had removed her panties. I got into bed with her, pulled up her nightgown and entered her from behind. When I couldn’t go any deeper into her, I began pumping, slowly at first but then speeding up. This seemed to wake her and she turned and sort of mumbled, “Honey, can’t this wait. I am tired and…” She thought I was my dad, but immediately recognized her mistake. She said, “John, what are doing! Do you know what will happen if your father finds out you’re doing this?” I was waiting for her to order me out of her bed but, instead, she just rolled back on her side and said nothing more. I didn’t know what to do but as I regained my erection, I just re-entered her and continued pumping until I came inside her, filling her with my sperm. She seemed fall back asleep as I left the bed. The next morning, she re-iterated her warning to me, saying, “John, I don’t want you to tell anyone that you had sexual intercourse with me last night. You’re father would be furious if he were to find out.” After this stern warning, things went pretty well back to normal and she hasn’t mentioned it since. I found it very interesting, though, that she didn’t warned me not to have sex with her again. It was all about not letting anyone else find out.

    John W.

  5. serious brother
    6:23 pm on March 2nd, 2014

    Uniting With My Mom

    I am a 19-year-old male living with my parents while I attend university. My dad works nights in maintenance at a meatpacking plant, so I don’t see him much during the week. Even on weekends, I have little interaction with him and we are not always on the best of terms. My mother is a stay-at home mom in her late forties. Mom and I have a very warm and loving relationship, though I feel that she dotes on me more than I deserve.

    Last weekend, something happened that caused me to become particularly aroused by something she did. The dubious end result was that I had sexual relations with her without her knowledge or consent. It was the first and only time that I have been sexually intimate with her. Even though it did her no physical harm, it is reprehensible and it does bother me a bit. I don’t usually have sexual thoughts about her and I only do when she does things that arouse me. I guess she fails to realize the effect they have upon me. For example, unless someone is visiting, she never wears a bra or panties under her dress. She must find this situation more comfortable. She often hurries out of the bathroom after a shower wearing only a towel – no top – and if she encounters me in the hallway, I see her tits jiggling. Of course, she immediately covers them with her hands but by then I have seen a lot. Prior to bedtime, she often walks around in a one-piece slip sort of resembling a negligee. Since she is a heavyset and busty woman, I see every curve in her body and I cannot help but become aroused by it. I usually just masturbate to get over the sexual impulses but last weekend, masturbation was just not enough.

    What happened last weekend began with an unexpected phone call from one of my mother’s friends. My mother had gone to a lady’s night out and the caller said that she was a bit intoxicated and could someone please come and take her back home. I know that my mom really enjoys her alcoholic beverages, especially wines, and I surmised that she had overindulged herself. It wasn’t the first time that she overindulged herself but usually my dad and I are with her and can bring her home. But this time, my dad wasn’t home and wouldn’t home until late, so the responsibility fell upon me to get her. When we returned home, she was tipsy so I helped her to her bedroom. She immediately began undressing for bed and before I knew it, she had unhitched and removed her bra, fully exposing her tits. It caught me by surprise and I couldn’t take my eyes off them. I have never seen her tits from so close, for so long a duration and with such clarity. They are quite beautiful, being full, shapely and having a uniform milky-white colour. But what really caught my eye were her nipples. They are pea-sized, brown in colour and just stuck out from her tits like buds. I guess they were erect because her bedroom was chilly. She may be my mother but she is also a woman, and the effect on me was that my penis became thick and hard as I stood there staring at them. My mom, meanwhile, was struggling to remove her slacks and motioned me to help. I helped her remove them and this left her wearing only panties. I know that she sleeps in the buff, that is, naked, so I asked her if she wants me to remove her panties. She did and I slid them down her legs and removed them as well. The sight of her lying on her back, nearly asleep, and being completely naked was almost more than I could bear. Even with her legs together, I could see the large crop of pubic hair between her crotch. I knew that if I were to spread her legs wide apart, that I would be seeing so much more but I resisted the temptation to do that. I just covered her with blankets and left the room.

    For the next half hour, I masturbated while thinking about what I had seen and wondering what to do about it. Ultimately, I convinced myself that even though she was my mom, I had to do something, because I was really sexually aroused. And I couldn’t dawdle because my dad would be returning home in a couple of hours. So, naked, I returned to her bedroom and, after checking that she was asleep, raised her blankets and began fondling her tits. They were incredibly soft to the touch, although her nipples had become soft. I now dared to do what I didn’t dare before: I started spreading her legs apart, although I didn’t expect her legs to be so heavy. But once they were spread, I could see her genitals and I ran my fingers over her vaginal lips. They were moist and I became so excited at the sensation that I immediately got into bed with her, raised one of her legs up high, cradled it in my arms and positioned my penis up against her vaginal lips. Up to this point, I had really done nothing wrong, short of sexual touching. I could have just enjoyed rubbing my penis over her genitals and left. She wouldn’t even have known about it. But I was too aroused to settle for that and I was determined to ‘penetrate’ her. I took hold of my penis and pressed it hard against her vagina until the slit opened and allowed entry of my penis. Now inside, I pumped gently until my penis fully penetrated her. My scrotum was now pressing against her crotch. I continued pumping slowly at first but gradually speeding up, as I developed a rhythm. But the creaking of the bed and the gyrations of our bodies began to wake her up and I knew that I had to finish soon. Already, she was squirming and moaning slightly, so I stiffened my body, positioned my penis deep inside her and ejaculated. After pulling out, there was a pool of semen under her crotch, so I immediately wiped it up with tissues. The last thing that I wanted was for my dad to go to bed and find the bed sheets wet from semen. I returned to my bedroom and pondered the night’s events over and over until I fell asleep.

    When I got up, my mom and dad were finishing their breakfast. Dad left the house shortly after to do some chores and she offered to prepare me a nice breakfast. From the way she was acting, I was beginning to think that she either didn’t know or didn’t remember what happened last night. But after breakfast, she took me aside and thanked me for picking her up last night and for putting her to bed. She apologized for getting a bit drunk and assured me that it wouldn’t happen again. I knew that this was a promise that she really couldn’t keep but I chose to keep quiet. She added, “Look, I know what happened last night, that you were ‘intimate’ with me and I can understand why you were. If you put a young virile man in the same room as a naked woman, even if she is much older, then the result is predictable. But you have to be careful when you are ‘intimate’ with me, because if your dad ever finds out, he would be extremely upset”. Those were her final words on the matter and she hasn’t mentioned it since. As for her, I didn’t see her as being upset or angry, and our relationship hasn’t suffered. Who knows, perhaps it is the realization that she is carrying my sperm inside her body and that has raised our relationship as mother and son to the highest possible level.


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