Confession Point

When you must confess!

I call myself Elvira, mistress of the Park! I walk around wearing long skirts, no panties, till i spot a man, or preferably a group of men. Then I sit down as if sunbaking, open my thighs, and expose my pussy. By this stage, i’m usually so wet, it’s glistens in the sun. Teenage boys playing footy tend to make the best audience.

Then i walk home and masturbate, as soon as i place the sign at the front door that reads,

‘I can’t come to the door right now.
I’m busy playing with myself,
So if you’d like to watch, just open the door and walk in.
I love to be watched…..and to watch.’

so far, noones stumbled along at the time but just the thought of it there is enough.

should i mention i’m a woman,,,,,,and kinda hot. Well, very hot Ive been told.


I secretly desire my mother in law. I even peek into our guestroom window at night when she stays over and have seen her naked. it started when she left her bra in the wash when she stayed at my house, it was large. We once had a conversation about menopause and hot flashes and how she has to ripoff her clothes when she gets them at night. That she does not want to be touched at all until she cools down. I got so aroused and began to shake which she noticed but did not stop her talking about her need to be naked the minute the flash happens. i have been hooked ever since.


For the past two years I’ve stared at my sisters big tits i jack off to my sister when i take a bath and before i go to sleep. One day i figured out how to peek between the bathroom door and when she takes a shower, when it’s just me and her and i at home, i peek between the door at her undressing. When I stare at her i get a really hard erection.

One day when we were watching a movie and she fell asleep, she was right next to me and i just kept staring at her tits then i moved my hand and grabbed her left boob, then she woke up. Darn!! i remember that when i was like 6 or 7 i would do what they did on tv make-out. i made out with my sister, we didn’t talk about it but i was only able to kiss her on her neck not her mouth. the longer we made-out the more i got to do, first i was able to grab her boobs from the outside of her shirt then she would lift up her shirt, i was able to grab her bra and some skin. she has really big boobs.

One time, i remember she almost took off her bra, but my mom called her and we had to stop. im 16 and she’s 26, and i can’t stop thinking about how she makes me really hard and how i really want to have sex with her. that’s my confession


Thinking back I know now what caused me to have an obsession with exposing myself. When I was 9 my mother re-married and my stepdad had two sons Brad and Kyle. They were both a few years older than me but we did get along pretty well. I’m not sure exactly when it started but they would walk in on me while I was getting a bath or undressed. I guess I became so accustomed to them doing it that I eventually didn’t mind them seeing me nude or in my underware. They also would be in their underware often and over a couple years I had seen them naked also, quite a few times.

As I developed and started getting older it would happen more often and they would make comments about my breasts and body. They would actually tell me how cute I was and compliment my figure. I started to realize that I enjoyed it when they saw me naked or in my bra and panties and that it aroused me. Leaving my bedroom or bathroom door open a few inches helped in letting them see me naked more often. Naturally I never did that when my mother was at home and I know she would be upset if she knew what I was doing.

I can’t help feeling like I do and have even let their friends see me nude many times over the last year or two. I know for sure that 4 of Brads friends and 5 or 6 of Kyles friends have seen me naked. It gets me so excited that I masturbate just thinking about it. Brad even caught me mastubating once, but that was embarrassing because I know he was watching me for a long time and told me so. My step dad saw me naked also two times that I know of but I don’t think he told my mother about it. I really didn’t mean for him to see me though. I like when the boys see me but don’t want my stepdad or mother to know what I’m doing.


When I was just a kid, I wondered what my parents did at night b/c I could hear them talking. I couldn’t sleep so I decided to stay near their door. All of a sudden I heard weird noises. It was after three nights of this did I learn that they were having sex.

When I hit puberty, I started masturbating to them having sex at night. I stopped when I discovered porn.


I caught my step dad jerking off and watched him till he finished. Then I jerked off thinking about him. I’m not gay, but why did I do this?


Am male 22
When I was 13 my dad and mom split up. I was with mom and dad married his secretary 28. I used to visit dad and he gave me allowances. Dads wife was also cool. We talked normally. Mom could not stand her neither did they meet. One year later, One day as I went to their house no one opened the door… I went towards the backdoor and through the window I saw her naked in bed. Curiocity got over me and I watched…First i thought it was with dad…no then maybe someone else….Even After 5 minutes I saw no male, then it got clear she was masturbating. I watched till she finished…she lay there naked even after it was over I quietly got back home.

After that day it became my masturbating scene. Everytime afterwards when I went to their house I hoped to catch her again.Never did it happen till 6 months.This day I rang the doorbell and found the door un-locked so I entered inside. She was in her bedroom naked masturbating.We both got akward I just turned back When she said sorry…she thought she had locked the door. I was horny as well as scared, I dont know what i mumbled when she said “let this be our little secret”. She took my thing out and sucked..I almost fainted and instantly blew in her mouth.She said it was tastier than your dad’s.That got me more hornier.
From then onwards it was no turning back.
She became my tutor. All I know today about pleasing a women is her effort.It continued till I was 18.Then they moved out to other city. It has been four years I have not heard about them. And this was one thing which was really OUR SECRET. I have has 5 girlfriends since my age and slightly older BUT she was the best.


i like watching my female neigbours and playing with myself sometimes i get so horny i finger myself and i love using hand cream


There is a very attractive young couple living next door to me who like to fuck on their living room couch with their window shades up. I have been sneaking out to watch them. I know I shouldn’t but it’s like I’m hooked. He is gorgeous with a great body and she also has a tight little ass and beautiful titties. She usually rides him on top and when I watch her sink down on his hard cock (about 8 inches) I get all wet and finger myself to orgasm. The last time I watched he turned her around and put it up her ass! I was horney for days after seeing that! I usually see her when I’m leaving for work in the morning and say hello. Little does she know ……


In college I was on a junior year abroad in Europe, and the city I was studying in had an annual festival in its Medeival “old city” (complete with cathedral). The festival was relatively tame, consisting mostly of going out drinking.

Well I had been walking around the old city alone, not being much of a drinker myself, and was getting ready to head back to my dorm. I was walking past an alley and saw a man whose back was to me, who was moving in a weird way. Once I looked closer, it looked like he was making out with a woman against the back wall of the alley, although I couldn’t see much of her. I don’t know what posessed me, but I walked slowly and quietly into the alley. It soon became clear that he wasn’t making out with a woman as much as *fucking* a woman, standing up, in an alley! It also became clear that the 2 of them were drunk out of their minds and didn’t know the world existed, let alone notice me.

I was so turned on by the idea of watching people fucking that I abandoned all sense and walked right up to them, but they still didn’t notice me. I could hear him grunting as he was pumping into her. Then, I don’t know what posessed me, but I reached my hand in the direction of her pussy to feel it. What I instead felt was his cock pumping in and out. I guess it was because I couldn’t see what I was doing, and I was not in my right mind, and it all hapenned fast, but somehow my finger ended up *in* her pussy, while his cock was still pumping! I remember it like it was yesterday, even though it was many years ago. It was my right index finger, his cock was rubbing the back of it, and the front if it was touching her pussy wall, which felt extremely wet.At this point I regained my senses and felt some normal fear finally. I pulled my finger out and ran away. I glanced over my shoulder and saw he was still fucking her exactly the same (I guess the alcohol was slowing down his cuming) as if they hadn’t noticed my finger invasion at all.

Once I got a chance to think about it, I came up with the theory that even if they felt my finger, each one probably assumed that the other one was putting their finger in there. Once I ran for a few minutes and could see they weren’t running after me, I looked at my finger under a street light, and the front was covered with something that looked like semen, but a little more on the clear side. I’m not sure if it was just her secretions or if there was some male cum too. Definitely one of the hottest things I’ve done.


ive once watched people fucking without them knowing