Confession Point

When you must confess!

After 40+ years of marriage, there has been no intimacy or touching and no sexual contact for 10 years. I treat my wife with respect and have tried to approach her several times but to be turned away. I am hurting for just a touch or a hug-it does not have to be sex.


I’m in a crumbling relationship with one guy, had an affair with another guy twice my age, and all i can think about is this amazing third guy who has just left the country.
why is everything so complicated?


A few years ago, my cousin got a divorce and was fixing her basement so she could take in a boarder. I lived to far away to comute back and forth so she said I could just stay with her for a while. My wife was not to pleased with me being gone for two or three weeks at a time.

When we were kids we used to “make out” when we were together. We never did anything serious but she would grind her pussy into my crotch almost making me come. I think she liked almost getting me off. She is a nice looking girl with really nice tits. Well after a couple of weeks I was begining to have strong urges towards her. One day we went to the hardware store together so she could buy something. One the way back she stopped at a stop sign, I took her by the hair on the back of her head and pulled her face toward mine and we kissed. While taken aback she then kissed me. I explained that the night befor I really wanted to fuck her. I laid down on the sofa bed where she fell asleep watching tv and rubbed my cock against her hand. She said “Why didn’t you wake me”. She had no objection to us fucking.

Well that was all it took, that night slept together and she let met play with her honey hole. With last minute reservations she said she wasn’t sure if we should. I moved on top of her and began rubbing my cock against her wet hole. I felt the lips part and I rubbed the head of it between them and on her clit. She gave in and thrust her pussy on my dick. After a couple of minutes of slowly pushing in and out of her I pulled out and began to lick her wet slit. She shuddered and let out a little whimper. I then thrust my cock back in and we both had a magnificent climax.

I stayed for about five more weeks. I would eat her pussy whenever we got the chance during the day. She would be talking on the phone, I would come up and pull her panties down. She would open her legs and my tongue would caress the lips of her pussy. Needless to say she had trouble talking on the phone.
She would come home from work a few minutes early to beat the kids schoolbus so we coould fuck before they got home. Needless to say I had a great time as we fucked everyday. I returned evey weekend I could so we could fuck. Once when they came and stayed with me for the weekend my wife had to work, she told the kids to go to the school and play. Almost as soon as they walked out the door she had a hold of my dick pulling me towards the bedroom and into her waiting pussy. She is the only girl I have ever met as horny as me.


Hi I am 16 year old girl from Salem Oregon and I have to confess about the worst time of my life. Last summer I fell in love with this boy named Nick F. we did everything together went to the movies held hands went swimming. But things always felt awkward like he was scared or something. Then one day when we were swimming in his pool I went upstairs to go to the bathroom and after that I thought I would leave him a little love note on his computer but when I turned on his computer I saw the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. It was gay porn. I was in shock the boy I loved was gay. So I sat there for a while and finally he came up to find me and he saw me sitting in front of his computer He stood there wrapped in a towel then after a moment I saw the fear in eyes he started to lie I looked away from him and then he sighed and said “Okay I’m gay” so I asked “why are you going out with me?” he replied “to cover it up I am actually in love with a boy from school named Josh S. and his twin Jake S.” he continued to tell his secret fantasy of them. I started to throw up in my mouth. Finally I had had it so I left and on the way out I ripped the towel off of him and saw his tiny penis I smiled and left him in past.


It’s really scary and also REALLY exciting to be confessing!

The first time I really noticed my Mother as a “woman” and not as my Mom, was when I was only thirteen and Mom was twenty nine. I had been getting spontaneous erections for the past year and a half, but I wasn’t about to embarrass myself by telling anybody about them, especially my Mother.

One night we were getting ready for bed. I had already undressed, turned off the light and got in bed. Mom usually went into the bathroom, closed the door, took a shower and changed into a long t-shirt for bed. This time she did not close the door completely when she went in. I looked across the bed and saw that I could see her in the mirror. She took her dress and slip off and laid them down on the side of the tub. She stood there looking at herself in the mirror, running her hand up and down on her stomach. She took both hands and lifted her breasts in her brassiere, kind of “fluffing” them. That was when I noticed I was getting an erection and it was a big one.

Up until that moment in my young life she had always been just “Mom”. Mom looked hot. She wasn’t overweight like most of my friend’s moms. She was hot. She was around 5’ 6” and I would guess, and maybe 110 lbs. I was about to look away when she reached behind her to take off her bra. I felt funny watching but I could not take my eyes off of her. Once her bra was off she dropped it on top of her dress and then reached down and took off her panties. I had never seen pubic hair before, at least not that much of it and not in person. I didn’t think my friend Jimmy’s Playboy magazine should count.

Mom’s pubic hair was dark blond and formed a very large, thick bushy triangle. I pulled my eyes away and looked back up to her breasts. They were just a bit on the small side but she had very large nipples. My erection was not only big, it was getting downright painful, so I slipped off my briefs and kicked them down to the foot of the bed. I knew I was staring at my own naked mother and should stop before she turned and caught me. Mom then reached over, closed the door and started the shower she took each night before bed. When she was finished she came back into the bedroom wearing her night t-shirt over her panties and got into bed. My cock was still hard with the memory of how she looked naked, and I was in lust!

Even at my age I knew that most sons didn’t sleep in the same bed with their mothers. You see, it started right after my dad died. I was just six. We had to move from the house we rented to a small one bedroom apartment. Mom had the bedroom and I slept on the sofa in the front room. I was so sad with dad gone that I would wake up crying at night. After a couple of nights of this Mom had me come in and sleep with her. That helped and after a few days the crying stopped. For whatever reason, year after year, we just never changed and I continued to sleep with my Mom. In fact, for several years, starting at that time, I would periodically climb between her legs and up on top of Mom and fall asleep on her.

Now, as I lay there with that erection, the more I thought about seeing Mom naked in the bathroom, the more I wanted that closeness of lying on top of her. I did not know much about sex at the time and didn’t realize it was my too-hard dick thinking for me. I turned over and put one arm across mom’s body. At first she thought I was just going to kiss her goodnight. But I continued turning over. I put one knee between hers and she automatically spread her legs apart for me.

Mom put one hand on my shoulder to stop me, asking, “What are you doing Bobby”?

I continued moving over on top of her, “Mom, I just felt the need to be close to you. You know, like we used to do after Dad died when I was little”.

By that point I was on top of her with both of my legs between hers. As I positioned myself between my Mother’s legs she sighed and spread her legs a little bit more for me and lifted her knees up along my thighs and then dropped them down towards the bed with her knees splayed out. That was something she had not done before. Usually I just laid there with my legs on top of hers. This was much more comfortable. I liked it. My hard cock liked it too!

Mom seemed a little bit alarmed. “Honey, you are really too old for this”. Read the rest of this entry »


I confess that i enjoy reading other people confessions, especially if they are sexual, except some of the wierd ass crap thats posted.




Everytym i look at a photo of Paul Walker, or david Beckham, or even Johhny Depp, i want to have sex! i dont hav a partner though! so what i do is i jump into the bath, put the tap on full blast and put my pussy under it! then i let the end of the tap go all the way in! if anybody thinks its okay 2 do that, i’m a hot 16 year old girl, just wanting 4 sum1 2 shove their cock down there! please contact me! my confessionpoint name is: I-Want-SEX


The other day there my boyfriend knocked on the door and pushed me down on the couch, ripped my clothes off, ripped his clothes off, and started shoving his 9 inch cock in my pussy! it was just bliss! then he asked me if i wanted to suck his dick so i said yes and did 4 about 3 mins, but then i wanted more pleasure so i decided to tease my pussy, i won though because he started shoving it right in again! in out in out in out in out! aahhhwwwwwwwwwww i was screaming so loud! i said “more, deeper, deeper, oh yes………….. want sum more horny sex confessions? dont be afraid 2 ask!


i think i’m falling for a minor he is 14 and good looking abit mouthy and cheeky but thats whats making me like him i’m in my twenties and married to a great girl but i’ve always been interested in men i just watch him out the window and when he running around in his shorts and his hand down his underwear it makes me horny just thinking about him makes me hard. i hope when he gets older he might want some man on man action and i’ll be waiting.


I’m a 54 yr male, married. I can’t help myself but I like going to public parks and having anonymous sex with other males. There’s just something about showing each other your dicks. I only play with them and let them jack me off for now. Maybe at some point I might suck a dick but not now. I do let them suck me with a condom. I have met a woman who jacked me off and I wish more women would come to the parks and enjoy themselves with each other or other men. I have occasionaly been in a group of 3 men and a woman for the third would be interesting.


I had a dream last night, I was looking for the love of my life (whom i just met a long time ago and since then became a good friend, but couldn’t summon up enough courage to ask her out), I kept looking, to tell her that I love her, but she was always a step away, I just couldn’t get to her… then I woke up, with a great feeling of despair for losing her even in my dream, I guess I need to hold on to her before she slips out of my life forever. I think I should tell her how I feel about her.


I have a major obsession with feces and I like go to the bathroom and wrap it suran wrap and then masturbate with it. It feels so good when my dick is sliding in out of it. I know its weird but I love it. Also I love to record myself doing this but so far no one is willing to accept my work. I’m going to keep on trying so look for “You really turd me on”


One time i watched teen titans porn on newgrounds. i enjoyed it. very much so. seeing raven’s tiny undeveloped body doing such explicit this with beast boy turned me on.


A few years ago, my parents got divorced. My mom was being a total bitch and kept trying to hit him with a frying pan. So while she was trying to do that, I came to stop, but I tripped and accidentally fingered her… She liked it, and started sucking me. Then I laughed because you believed this.



Sometimes when I laugh, I pee.
Is that normal?


I must confess… I jerk off to my cookbook.


I have confess, I made up the EmoWolf23 story. I thought it’d be funny. Now I see the flaws of my actions. I will kill myself.


I like little children. Sometimes I just want to fuck them so bad. It sounds weird, but it’s natural. I want to lick them… down there.



One day, I was being stupid. And I found a dead person on the lawn. She looked so dumb. So I did her and laughed. The end.

Also, that was fake. I had to confess that. I am also a narcoleptic and necrophiliac and bibliophiliac. I love idiots.



I live in Vermont and I’m a member of the Top Secret Vermont Cheaters Club!

No, we’re NOT what you think we are. It has to do with the recently completed contest to be named the “Official” hometown of The Simpsons.

The Simpson’s hometown is named Springfield, but the STATE was never revealed. So with the new Simpsons movie coming out at the end of this month, July 2007, they had this BIG contest on USA Today’s website.
There were 14 Springfields from around the country entered in the contest. They all submitted videos about how their Springfield should be named the Simpson’s hometown. People would go to the USA Today website, watch the videos, and vote for the one they thought was the best one. Each person was allowed one vote per day. Whichever Springfield got the most votes WON. The winning Springfield gets to host the world premier of the movie.

Our video, Springfield VERMONT, WON the big contest!

I’m confessing that I and about 20-25 others here in Vermont (all members of the VCC) cheated by voting more than once each day. A TON more than once each day. We were all voting multiple times on a daily basis, but the race remained pretty close, Then this past weekend we really poured it on! Saturday and Sunday we voted at least 2,000 times each day. The last day of the contest, Monday, July 9th, we almost hit 3,000 votes!


Final tally of votes:

Vermont = 15,367
Illinois = 14,634
Oregon = 13,894
Massachusetts = 11,442

WE WON and all those other losers are crying and whining, bitching and moaning!

HA HA !!


Springfield, Vermont is the OFFICIAL hometown of the Simpsons!

Don’t have a cow, man!

Eat our shorts!

Springfield, Vermont RULES !!!


It was to embarrassing to tell anyone and up to this day the only people that know what happed, are the group of boys and girls that forced me into that horribly embarrassing moment. It happed after school was out. We were hanging out with four girls and three off my friends. I went to the bathroom to take a pee and sudently they all came in and locked the door behind them. My friends were threatening to pants me and the girls were daring them to do it. That was exactly what they wanted to hear and began grabing at my pants. Before I knew it my pants were down by my ankles and held down on the floor. I din’t dare shout for help fearing being embarrassed in front of more people, so I just layed there in my underware and getting and obvius boner pushing against my underpants. I couldn’t belive those four girls were encouraging them to also pull them down so they could see my hardening dick out in the open. Pleading with them din’t work and my underpants were slide down my leggs. I had no other choice but to be desplayed naked with my shirt pulled up to my neck while the girls had a great time looking at my tiff dick. It lasted just enoughf time to check me out good, but to me it seemed like an iternity. I keept being friends with them, but they always had fun making me blush by asking me if I could get naked again for them. At least they din’t spread it all over school.


I’m a boy 18 years old and have a 16 year old sister that I play jokes on all the time. Boys are always hiting on her because she’s very prety. I told my friend I had caught glipses of her naked and she’s a knock out. My friend wished he could have seen her and I told him I could arange it. On saturday mornings my perents leave to do the shoping and I know my sister sleeps late, so I called my friend over to our house. I know she justs sleeps in her panties so it was going to be easy to expose her in front of my friend. I picked the lock open and we both went in quietly and lifted her sheet off. She was sound asleep face up as we looked at her perfect midium size breasts and beautiful long leggs. She just keept sleeping as we were looking at her small panties and trying to see her pussy through them. I think we went to far because we picked up her leggs and yanked her panties off and held her with her leggs apart to get a good long look at her pink pussy. She finally woke up an screamed with embarrassment realicing she was totaly naked and her leggs held spread out. We let her go as she barely covered herself with a pillow. Days past and she never said a word about it. I later regreted what I did to her and now supect she’s waiting to get back at me when I least expect it.