Confession Point

When you must confess!

I just had anal sex with my guy. He said it hurt cause it was so tight but I loved it. He was sleeping and I woke him after getting naked. He tried to get on top of me but I squirmed and turned over and rubbed my butt against his big hard erection. It was so good. He had no idea what I had in mind, he just went along with it. As soon as he got it in I moaned so loud and ravenously that he came instantly. I wasn’t done yet and he couldn’t get it up so he brought out my rabbit. Then he flipped me over put the rabbit deep inside me while he sucked my tits real hard. I came so hard that my butt just lift off the bed up in the air. That turned him on and after I was done he was almost hard again. But that was it for me, I think I’m done. Or I just might read more hot confessions and get turned on again and let him fuck me good.


So I recently ended a relationship that was 2 and a half years long. That was 2 weeks ago, since then I got a new girl and when we’re fooling around or I’m fingering her or whatever I’ll get hard as can be but the second she starts to do something to me it goes away. I’m 20 years old and have never had such a thing happen to me and have had sex so many times with other girls that I can’t begin to number it and I don’t understand why this is occuring!


I’m a 19-year old virgin. Me and my boyfriend have been trying to have sex for a while, but it hurts to much for him to penetrate inside me. He can’t keep an erection when he sees me in pain, but he has no problem getting an erection normally.

I can’t get over this pain. Please help.


Last Summer when I was 12, I had gone swimming with my big brother (he was 15 at the time) in a pretty creek near the town where we lived. I tore my little swimsuit on a small hard branch, so I took it off, and swam in the nude. I didn’t think anything of it, because my big brother had seen me without clothes plenty of times at home, and no-one else was about.

But sometimes, being unexpectedly nude in a different place, especially such an isolated and pretty place, can have a different effect. My big brother’s penis became rather erect, watching me, and when I lay next to him on the river-bank he was very uncomfortable, because his erection was stretching his swim trunks beyond their limits. I persuaded him to take his swimsuit off, and be nude like me.

So he was lying on his back, propping himself up with his elbows with an absolutely enormous erection sticking up into the air. I lay next to him on my front with my arm over his thighs, closely examining his beautiful cock. I had seen his dick many times before, but never THIS close and I had never seen it so big and hard!

“Can I touch it?”, I asked.

My big brother nodded, and I held his beautiful cock between my fingers and thumb. Then I began to slide my fingers up and down the shaft, because lying there in such an close position was so nice, and it seemed such a natural thing for a loving little sister to do.

My face was only inches away from it, so I gave it a kiss, and looked at him to see what reaction he would have. His eyes half-closed, so I knew he liked it. So I brought my lips to it and played with it, teasing it with my tongue and lips.

Doing that was making me wet, so I thought “No one’s around. I could have sex with my wonderful big brother! I wonder if he’d mind taking my virginity?”

So I knelt over him, bringing our genitals close together, looking at his face to see if he would let me. He lay back altogether, showing me that it was alright to continue. I thanked the gods for the honor, and brought his wonderful penis into me.

It hurt ( a LOT) but I didn’t make a sound and my GOD! There was blood everywhere! but I just kept fucking him just as hard and as fast as my skinny little body would let me!

I found that being on top enabled me to move up and down on his gorgeous cock to the utmost effect deep, deep, inside me, and get the best positions, and I began to climax for what seemed a very long time. Although the positions were very erotic for me, it was also the fact that it was my big brother I was making love to that aroused me so intensely. When he climaxed inside me it felt so wonderful I just hugged him and hugged him and kissed him all over his face and chest. I know I will always love my big brother forever.

Maybe someday, when we’re finally old enough, we can even get married!


i’m 19 yrs old i’ve never had sex in my life, when i was 17 yrs old i thought and felt that i have to have girl friend and i agreed about it she visited me then we kissed and i finger fucked her at a time when i was suppose to put my penis insite her vigina it was not erected,and this has happened twice now.but sometimes when she is not around it does erect,i dont know what to do because if i’m with her it just erect for a short of time as soon as we take off the clothes is no longer erected please help


i like dogs and horses.. wun day on the farm me and my sistar wur bored and went to the barn we started to brush the horsees hair and he got a stiffy so i talked my sistar into getting under the horse and she put the stiffy inside her just then the dog came in and i ripped my pants off and let him lick me is this wrong or have other peoples dun this


I am in love with Emma but the problem is that I am thirty years older than her. She is so cute and sexy that I get hard whenever I am near her. I would love to taste her pussy. Just writing this makes me want to jerk off.


i got a 8 inch dick and its pretty thick im only 14, but when my dick is not erected its only around 4 inches long. is that normal?


Have u ever heard of a man not having erection with a very beautifull girl in bed despite having a 8″ long dick.It was me .I had a feeling of being watched by my parents.The girl was really pissed off and left the room abusing and cursing me.That was the last time and now I have overcome this problem or shyness to say.