Confession Point

When you must confess!

I feel like i need to….well here it goes

Im happy, sad, angry, loving, caring, but most of all…im empty. I have been for very long and until recently it was getting better. From my first love and first lover, not feeling completely loved by my family and just recently finding out that my little sister is 7 months pregnant…and thats only the topping on this poisonous cake.

Family…i have so much to say about that one word. Its everything that i crave but everything that i’ve never had. I’m more scared than anything to experience it. I need to get over my abandonment issues but its not that easy.

Ooohhh i miss him so much but most of all i miss the friendship..the true friendship..I need a friend like him during this time…but maybe HE took him out of my life for a reason, so that i can develop into a strong woman…which is needed for a strong man. i will never forget you B. A.R. H. I am gratefull for everything that has happened between us and hopefully if im down in san jose i get to see u play football 1 day…….

i will take everything that i will learn from my past and everything that im experiencing presently and apply it to my future.


I’m pregnant…I’m 25 years old, which is normal but the fact that I’m also a dude makes everyone freak out…Why? :/


I prayed to God for the girl of my dreams but the girl of my dreams was really attracted to a bad guy who is really into cheating on his wife, so now I am stuck with the girl of my fantasies and I am just gonna have to live with that. I find it odd or entertaining that it happens to turn out that the only girl who will have me is the girl of my fantasies.

Clearly God has a unique sense of humor, cause I have a hard time understanding how the girl of my fantasies actually finds me devastatingly attractive, cause most your lesser totally hotties never find me attractive enough if at all. Though, it should be noted that this confession and/or complaint is probably temporary. Guess I am used to trusting myself to obtain the best I THINK I am worthy of, rather than letting God bless me with what HE thinks I deserve. I guess I just have to learn to be secure in the fact that God answered my prayer better than I even prayed it.

But what am I gonna do with my own never good enough self image? Think I will pass it to THAT guy, who’s name and number shall remain anonymous. Now, HE gets to possess my never good enough self image. And God tells me that is just fine, cause he needs a wake up call anyway. And you may find this confession a bit cheesy and even offensive or even unbelievable, but that is cause you probably never prayed to God to fulfill your wildest fantasies, so, you are presently stuck living the mediocrity of your dreams. And where is your faith? Probably in the mediocrity of your dreams. And should I prove to you God answered my prayer by showing you a picture of my devastatingly gorgeous wife? No, I will just remind you of how totally boring I look, how uninteresting is my bank account, and how socially retarded I am. Besides, most men have seen pictures of her anyway, but I have not even seen her Playboy spread!

Yes, no lie! I am a mostly dysfunctional and unsuccessful Christian guy, and God sends me a Playboy playmate with a long since misplaced faith. I actually prayed to God, please send me the most devastatingly beautiful, brilliant, and engaging Christian woman in the world, who will find me, ME, totally hot and exciting for the whole of our lives, and GOD SENDS ME A FORMER PLAYMATE!


I am pissed I find this stuff on the computer of my old man. I must confess IF HE WANTS to do this stuff why can’t he do it with me or even tell me about weird shit like these little confession things …weird noone can
really be themselves in front of anyone


i am not attracted to men..i am more attracted to females….i been interested in women since i was 13 years old…YES..I AM A LESBIAN


I’m a fucking heinous megalomaniac mess that also ends up devoting too much of myself to the wrong people. I try to play tough girl all the time, and my legacy of debauchery and social magnificence preceeds me. However, deep down I really wish I could settle down with just one.. perfect.. dude. I have a serious case of ADD when it comes to the attention of men, so I typically end up screwing myself by not sticking around, or i try to stick around with a nut job. What am I supposed to do?


I fucking hate you. Really, I do. I know, it’s hard to hate someone you ‘don’t know’, but trust me, bitch, I know enough. You fucking manipulative cunt. In fact, everyone here fucking hates you. Every single person except for the blind few who can’t see past your cute little facade. Guess what, whore, I saw it months ago. Nobody believed me or saw it then, but they do now. Even J***! You’re the only girl he’s ever truly wanted to just slap across the ugly little whore face. You’re a trollop, a fucking stupid liar who deserves nothing more than the very worst life has to offer.

So you used him for months, pissed him off, ripped his heart out and ate it on the plates he fucking gave you to use. You’re so ungrateful it’s disgusting. Every aspect of you disgusts me and it disgusts… well, everyone. Once again you seem to have pulled the wool over J***’s eyes but you didn’t fool any of us. You seriously think writing a cute nice little letter is going to fix any of the shit you’ve pulled? Um no. You bought yourself what you wanted, another night in his bed. I got to sit back and listen to how miserable you made him, the only reason he tolerated your bullshit for as long as he did was because he’s in love with the girl you used to be, not the satanic whorehound you’ve become. You know, I thought I’d like you. Haha, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I hate you and everything you stand for. I really, truly hope that when your ass does get around to doing that favor you said you’d do (you know, what whole going back to hicksville thing), you’re in a violent car accident or something to the like. I don’t want you to die, no, I want you paralyzed. I want you to suffer. I have never hated anyone like I hate you, ever – and you deserve kudos for that.

Tonight I strongly considered calling out of work, showing up to fighter practice and punching you in the face. If I ever see you again, you can rest assured you will leave blind and limping. God, you’re such an ugly fucking soul. The best part is you think you’re physically attractive, too, but really – you’re not. J*** prefers me over you by far, he always has. I don’t know what he ever saw in you. All he was to you ever was a cheap fuck. Guess what, slut? Cheap fuck or not he knows your game. He’s not that dumb. All you did was buy yourself some time.

Keep in mind, the more time you’re here, the better my chances are of getting to do what I’ve wanted to do for a long time – hurt you. I know my words will go straight through that hollow little head of yours, for there’s not really any brain for them to run into in there. I’m not going to post cute little threats on MySpace and talk tough on MySpace like you do; oh no. I’m not in high school. See, this isn’t a ‘threat’, this is a promise – if I see your ratfink face anywhere – ANYWHERE – I will beat it in. I will not stop inflicting blows on your ugly ass until someone pulls me off. You’d better pray that someone gives enough of a shit to do so, because from what I understand, most people know how fucking ugly you are as a being and would greatly enjoy watching you get the shit kicked out of you. I am not a violent person; I guess T**** was right when he said his sister brings out the worst in people. I know he was right. He turned out really great- what the fuck happened to you? Did Daddy touch you too many times? Guess what, bitch, we all lead hard lives. Nobody feels bad for you, so quit moping you fucking idiot emo bitch. Turn off your Black Parade – nobody is listening. Grow. The. Fuck. Up.

And get the fuck back to the trash heap from which you came.

Stupid, ugly whore.

Oh, what was that you said? If I ever called you a whore again you’d ‘fucking kill’ me? Let’s see you try, whore. The only reason you’re so loved in Tennessee by those sheep you call friends is because they’re either stupid whores like yourself or you fucked them into pretending to like you. Let’s see you make good on your little MySpace threat.

Also, brownie points for failing to call J*** out on MySpace too, because we all know MySpace is serious business. You seriously need to grow the fuck up. Try your hardest to get into that car accident, please. It would do the whole world a favor. I’ll visit you in the hospital and feed you Lysol and bleach through your fucking feeding tubes.



my confession is that I’m pregnant but no one knows. all my friends are starting to get suspicious because I’m starting to look pregnant ! See I bet you’re thinking that’s not that bad but the fact is I’m 13!


My confession is simple. Its about my insecurity. I have been told by EVERY woman I have EVER been with that I have a HUGE penis. Still in my mind it is not big enough. I actually measured it and its a nice size. 8 inches long and about 2.5 inches thick. In my mind I just feel like I need atleast ONE more inch. Is this normal?

I think it comes from when I was in 5th grade. Me and my friends in my apartment building (male and female) would always play truth or dare. One day I was dared to show all the girls my penis. They all INSTANTLY started to laugh at me. Now to this day I look down at myself thinking my penis is not big enough. 🙁


ok so one night when me and my friends were out doing dmt and acid and pot we all went down to the main street , stumbling around, spitting at passers by, stark naked. then we broke into the town hall and had a little 4 some then i cant really remember anything else but we woke up in a sand trap on a golf course, me bum reeli hurt and my throte was sore
and i was sleeping with a duck and 15 loafs of bread


One night I hung out with my boy who is a promoter at this club and he had a table with a few bottles so we got the partying. Then a group of girls he knew came to hang out at our table. They were all fine as hell so I went after the chunky one cause usually thats the easiest one right? She was very pretty and sexy as hell so we go the dancing and grinding.

We started dancing VERY dirty, catching the attention of most of the club. Her hands were all over me up my shirt and shit. I was like “Im in there”, yeah RIIIIGHT! After all that I tried to get the digits and she was like “I have a boyfriend” I was like “I have a girlfriend, we have something in common. I dont wanna take you from him.” She says “I’m here just to have fun, thats all.” Now I’m pissed not because she didn’t want to give me her number but I felt like she was being a cock tease. I didn’t show my anger so I put on a fake smile and when it was time for me to leave I told her it was nice meeting her and when I hugged her I smudged CHEWING GUM in her hair. I made sure it was nice and high so that she couldn’t cut it. AH HA.


I live in Vermont and I’m a member of the Top Secret Vermont Cheaters Club!

No, we’re NOT what you think we are. It has to do with the recently completed contest to be named the “Official” hometown of The Simpsons.

The Simpson’s hometown is named Springfield, but the STATE was never revealed. So with the new Simpsons movie coming out at the end of this month, July 2007, they had this BIG contest on USA Today’s website.
There were 14 Springfields from around the country entered in the contest. They all submitted videos about how their Springfield should be named the Simpson’s hometown. People would go to the USA Today website, watch the videos, and vote for the one they thought was the best one. Each person was allowed one vote per day. Whichever Springfield got the most votes WON. The winning Springfield gets to host the world premier of the movie.

Our video, Springfield VERMONT, WON the big contest!

I’m confessing that I and about 20-25 others here in Vermont (all members of the VCC) cheated by voting more than once each day. A TON more than once each day. We were all voting multiple times on a daily basis, but the race remained pretty close, Then this past weekend we really poured it on! Saturday and Sunday we voted at least 2,000 times each day. The last day of the contest, Monday, July 9th, we almost hit 3,000 votes!


Final tally of votes:

Vermont = 15,367
Illinois = 14,634
Oregon = 13,894
Massachusetts = 11,442

WE WON and all those other losers are crying and whining, bitching and moaning!

HA HA !!


Springfield, Vermont is the OFFICIAL hometown of the Simpsons!

Don’t have a cow, man!

Eat our shorts!

Springfield, Vermont RULES !!!


I’m sorry, but I am quite possibly the greatest person to ever be born. This is sad, because the majority of humankind is shitsucking little unfucked grown-wussies. I stand alone, in my superiority among mediocrity. You’re all fucking pathetic.


i always wanted to be famous…i always wished everyone loved me for who i am. Now i am really popular but everyone hates me.They call me a BiTcH.I didnt want to be this!! And now its too late.
🙁 I am depressed:(