Confession Point

When you must confess!

After my wife left me I and my mom were left alone. It was my mom’s constant fighting that made my wife leave to her parents. I began to miss a woman sexually. my mom was middle aged and plump and I admired her. I decided to fuck her instead of my wife.

I got drunk one night and came to her and pretended I was too much drunk and called my mother with my wife’s name geetanjali. my mom said geetanjali had left many days before. I did not listen and again called her geetanjali. my mom said I had drunk too much. then I caught my mother’s hand and pulled her to me and embraced her calling her geetanjali again. my mom said she was not geetanjali but she was my mom. I began to kiss her calling her geetanjali and started to press her boobs. my mom started to cry. I embraced her tightly and held her by her plump buttocks. I told her geetanjali I will fuck u and kissed her on the lips and pressed her body all over. she said I cannot fuck her as she was not geetanjali but my mother.

I pushed her down on the bed and started to kiss her belly. I told her to remove her sari. she said no but I started to remove it and now my mother was in her pettycoat and blouse. she began to cry. I kissed her and told her geetanjali again and opened her blouse and told her to remove it. reluctantly she removed it. then I told her to remove her pettycoat which she removed it reluctantly. now she was in her bra and panties. she told me she was not geetanjali but my mother. in reply I started to kiss her and removed her bra. now her big tits were in front of me. I brought my mouth to them and pressed them. I put my hand near her cunt and in her panties. I told her to remove it and she removed it up to her knees still crying. I removed her panties and now she was totally naked. she covered her cunt with both her hands. I stared to kiss her all over and said geetanjali u r beautiful I will fuck u and kissed her lips and boobs and tummy and buttocks. she had stopped crying now. I turned her over and again kissed her plunp buttocks and near her ass. I went up and kissed her whole back and neck and turned her in front again and looked in her eyes and said geetanjali I will fuck u and I started to mount her. she said was not geetanjali but my mom. I told her I dont care and kissed her and inserted my prick in her cunt and pushed it inside completely. she gasped and spread her legs. I stared to kiss her and pressed her boobs and then held both her buttocks and started to stroke her. all the time I was looking in her eyes ant told her to keep her eyes open as she was closing it. after few strokes I put my load in to her. I kissed her and did not come out as my prick began to get erect again. I started to fuck her and felt her lubricated cunt spasm in to orgasm. then I removed my prick and spooned by her side and slept.

In the morning we woke up like that and i held her close. she told me that I had fucked her thinking she was my wife in a drunken state. I now told her mom I love u and kissed her lips. I did not let her go when she started to get up and pressed her and embraced her. I began to press her boobs and buttocks and came on top of her and looking in her eyes I told her mom I will fuck u. she spread her legs and I entered her and began to stoke her. she had orgasm and I shot my load in her. I told her to become my wife and kissed her. then I mounted her from behind and fucked her again.

I kept on fucking her all days and night like a wife. then my wife came back. she fucked me on the first day. I wanted to fuck my mother instead of her now. in the night I went to her and mounted her. my wife came looking for me and found us. I kept on fucking my mom in front of her and after shooting my load in her brought her in my bed room with my wife. I told her she will not be her mom in law but her competitor and kissed her in front of her. my wife was very excited and she mounted me in front of my mom. she orgasmed quickly and told me to finish mine on my mom and she sat on my buttocks as I started to fuck my mom. then my wife embraced both of us together and I kissed my wife and embraced her and my mom together.

I fuck both of them together as my prick gets erect after fucking my wife to fuck my mom in front of my wife and to fuck my wife in front of my mom.


I need to fuck my younger sister very badly, she is nothing but a cockslut and she teases me all of the time with her firm young body. When I cannot take my sisters cockteasing anymore I like to sneak into her room and jerk off a big load into her panty drawer for a little relief. Someone please help me I need to fuck her very badly.


I am a bi male, I haven’t had my first with a guy yet, but I really want to, I get a massage from time to time from a really hot male massuse, he rubs my ass really good and I want him to take it further but I am to scared to ask him too, its hard to tell if he would. I bet if when I turned over with a big hard on he would get the picture. after the massage is over I always jack off in the room when he leaves. I would love to suck his cock and let him fuck my ass, I just cant tell if he would be into it. I think he is married, but he has no problem giving me very good kind of sensual massage, no man could rub my naked body the way he does and not be a little gay. I have a sexy body and have been told I’m hot.

I just want him so bad, there has got to be a way to make this happen…any advice? I don’t want to insult his professionalism or be rejected, but I just dont know what to do. He is the only guy I have ever been attracted too and I can’t seem to shake this crush. How do I let him know without ruining what I already have, If he didn’t want to have sex with me I dont think I could continue going to him for massages, which I really enjoy and I don’t want to stop seeing him, It definitely is the best massage I have ever had even without the “happy ending”, some good advice would be helpful.


my confession is I love underage girls, and I want to fuck then all, I dream about them all the time, how nice there little tight bodies look in jeans and shorts, and how pretty there tits look. I’ve never fuck a underage girl before (yet) so if someone can help me as to how to get them in my apt so I could fuck there tight little pussies, I would like that very much and if you have any story’s about fucking a underage girl, I would like to read it. they girls I like are between 14 and 17 preteens.

I’m a older guy in my 30’s and can’t stop dreaming about those tight little preteens, I see them everywhere, the mall, walking around, in the stores, when I see one I can’t stop looking at there soft round assess, and perk tits, mmmm I’m hard just thinking about sticking my big dick in a tight young preteen pussy and watching her suck my dick, man that would be so nice. so again if anyone have any idea’s as to go about picking up a underage preteen or have any story of fucking a preteen I would love to here about. please help me and if there are any preteens reading this hit me up and well talk and meet and fuck. don’t worry no one will ever know. 🙂 can’t wait reply soon….


I read my GF diary and i was upset. I know that i shouldn’t have read it but i don’t know why i did. I found out that she started having sex when she was 11, she let a guy finger her at the movies, she had sex with her boyfriend after just a month, and she had sex with her brothers friend. I try to forget all that shit.


My cousin used to stay over at our place when her mom was away.. her mom was kind of a druggie hooker type. When I had the chance I went to the laundry room and sniffed her knickers and clothes. I guess its kinda fucked up but the girl was 7 and I was about 15. I didn’t touch her but often I went downstairs and sniffed and licked them, especially if they had shit streaks in em.