Confession Point

When you must confess!

Hey, my name is Jason. I have a problem. I fuck my sister. lol hax.


I’m Nathan, I love it when my boyfriend nick sticks his long dick in my throat and rubs it around until i puke! Then he bends me over and gives me hot sweaty anal. I then finish him off by giving him the same treatment. I only wish there was another guy to play with…


I work so hard to make my dream come true, but my girlfriend doesn’t understand how hard it is to start and run your own business. The economy is so bad and I’m lucky if I make a dime in profit.

She treats me with so much disrespect that I can barely stand to look at her and it’s all because of money. She covers most of her bills and food. She covers our rent, which a lot of the time I’ll admit can’t pay. I told her I couldn’t pay but she insisted that I move in.

She drives up the credit card and gets upset that I can’t give her any money b/c she’s in the debt she created.

Recently, I just started making some money to help pay rent but she is so evil with how she speaks to me. I’m sick of it … I’m so damn sick of it! I feel trapped like I can’t get out of this relationship without turning my whole life upside down.

I’ve been thinking about cheating, just to hurt her and make her feel like shit; she’s driving me to it.
Although, it would be better to break-up with her; I don’t see the point of her not feeling the way she makes me feel or worse

I want to wait until I make more money and treat her with the disrespect she treats me with, find another girl and leave. I can’t bare to be with her in my success, when she can’t stand by me respectfully when times are bad.

She doesn’t know business is picking up for me financially.

I don’t know I’m not a bad person . . . maybe I just needed to vent on here . . . maybe.


i really want my girlfriend to gain 50 pounds because then i would fuck her so hard she’d never need to be fucked again.

i really like chubby girls, shes kinda chubby. But I need some fat to grab a hold of i want to stuff her until her fat belly is so soft and squishy i could ejaculate.

i want to stuff her and have her pants rip and her shirt buttons pop that would make me so hard, i want to feed her so bad.


Its time to just come clean. This whole need for sex thing has kind of hindered me from gaining $100,000 and a new home. I need to let it go. Right when I begin to suceed, sex creeps up and I fall again. The road is getting tougher, I am getting older, and the money potential is getting way higher. I feel a new task coming along this is HUGE, and I also feel that sex game coming back again trying to get me to log on to the same websites and get the same “quick fix” then trying to explain to my girlfriend why it takes me so long to orgasm. Man its getting out of control but its okay because I know its in God’s hands and that’s where it needs to be. I am just ready to move on with my life and physically, let my other half handle anything I need for me. She is willing I need to use that to help transisiton me to the next step. But self-pleasure is not the answer. It is the Question. Why Do I do it? Because of Boredum? Because of depression? Because of Anger? Because Its the Question not the answer. Well know I know the Answer its God and the Question is the same. Why not do it?


Eu amo a Mia, amo a Beatriz e amo a Marlene. 3 mulheres, o que há em comum? O facto de todas elas terem passado por uma tragédia ou várias na vida delas. O facto de todas elas serem lindas, o facto de sem saber como acabo sempre por ser essas pessoas que me atraem e que acabo por me apaixonar. Pelo facto de ama-las e sentir o que elas sentiram ao longo da vida delas. Não sei porquê mas todas as pessoas que me atraem no inicio e que mais tarde acabo por as conhecer são uma Bea, Mia e Marlene. Porquê pergunto-me eu? Porquê? Porque acabo sempre por amar esse tipo de pessoas? Será a luxuria a chamar por mim? Se assim fosse porque é que o que eu sinto por elas é mais do que isso? Amo-as tanto. E estou completamente na merda. Porque a minha vida pára por causa disso. Por mais voltas que tento dar. Por mais tentativas que faço para seguir em frente. Por mais iniciativas que invento e tento fazer para esquecer tudo o resto. Tudo acaba por correr mal. Estou farto, de viver nessa merda de mundo, onde o individualismo reina, onde cada está por si, onde ninguém é capaz de olhar para o outro e ajuda-lo. Odeio isso tudo. Ao ponto a que chegamos. Sei que estou vivo mas sinto que tudo morreu ao tempo. As pessoas estão mortas por dentro, e como eu as entendo. A Mia e a Bea foram pessoas que tudo fiz para dar vida…e falhei. A Marlene é mais outra. Porque raio estou a apaixonar me de novo, por alguém que de certeza vai terminar da mesma forma que terminou com as outras duas.

[Translation: Portuguese » English]

I love Mia, Marlene and Beatriz. 3 women, which is in common? The fact that they all have gone through a tragedy or several of them in life. The fact that all of them are beautiful, the fact that I do not know how to always be those people that attract me and for me that I love. The fact that love them and feel what they felt over the life of them. I do not know why but all the people that attract me in the beginning and that later in the know are just a Bea, Mia and Marlene. I wonder why I? Why? Because I always loved by such people? Is luxuria calling for me? If that was why I feel it is more than that? I love them both. And I’m completely in the shit. Because my life stops because of it. For more laps I try to give. It attempts to do more to move on. For more initiatives that invention and try to do to forget everything else. Everything ends up wrong. I’m tired of living in that kind of world, where individualism reigns, where each is for you, where nobody is able to look the other and help him. I hate it. When we got the point. I know that I’m alive but I feel that all the dead time. People are dead inside, and I will understand. The Mia and Bea were people who did everything to give life … and failed. The Marlene is another. Why the hell am I love me again, by someone who certainly will end the same way that ended with the other two.


I invited my girlfriend at that time, to hang out with me and my little sister that day. First we made out, then I felt her around till she got wet. I slid my finger up her skirt and played around the opening. She moaned and told me to stop. I kissed her and kept my finger close to her clit, till I decided to explore…

So I finger fucked her behind a children’s splash area, with kids running around. We left and I fingered her again behind some bushes near the playground. She got so wet that we almost fucked, but my sister wanted to go home. So we went home and i fingered her to the point we almost had sex, till my mom came home. She didn’t see us but we had to stop since we were still out in the open.
She left and I sat inside the apartment stairwell licking my fingers….

She was pretty shallow if you know what I mean… Her Gspot wasn’t hard to find.
We broke up after, cuz she was scared that my mom knew… Oh well easy come, easy go. She wasn’t that good.
I’ll be posting more later.


I’m pregnant…I’m 25 years old, which is normal but the fact that I’m also a dude makes everyone freak out…Why? :/


I was born with a severely disfigured face. i am also mentally retarded. because of this i can be violent and dangerous sometimes, and because my face is so ghoulish looking it can be very scary for people. so my mom and brothers chained me to a wall in the basement where i just watched TV all day and lived on a diet of bar food and candy bars.

One day a bunch of kids from the neighborhood found me and helped me escape. we had a long adventure together, during which i had to pick sides against my own family who turned out to be totally evil selfish bastards, and in the end we were rich, famous, and still alive. well me and chunk eventually shacked up together and from time to time he will give me blowjobs and/or let me fuck him. i think he just feels sorry for me because even though im free to do whatever i want i still just sit in our basement and watch TV all day (and surf da net, obviously).

Anyways, i just wish god hadn’t made me be born a ghoul and gay and not even have a shot at getting into heaven when i die. it is so depressing that it makes me want to take my life, but i would only end up in a worse situation (hell). so i guess i just have to be happy to be alive and try to stay alive as long as i can. the thing is that when those kids “rescued” me from my family my whole world got flipped turned upside down. And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air.


I prayed to God for the girl of my dreams but the girl of my dreams was really attracted to a bad guy who is really into cheating on his wife, so now I am stuck with the girl of my fantasies and I am just gonna have to live with that. I find it odd or entertaining that it happens to turn out that the only girl who will have me is the girl of my fantasies.

Clearly God has a unique sense of humor, cause I have a hard time understanding how the girl of my fantasies actually finds me devastatingly attractive, cause most your lesser totally hotties never find me attractive enough if at all. Though, it should be noted that this confession and/or complaint is probably temporary. Guess I am used to trusting myself to obtain the best I THINK I am worthy of, rather than letting God bless me with what HE thinks I deserve. I guess I just have to learn to be secure in the fact that God answered my prayer better than I even prayed it.

But what am I gonna do with my own never good enough self image? Think I will pass it to THAT guy, who’s name and number shall remain anonymous. Now, HE gets to possess my never good enough self image. And God tells me that is just fine, cause he needs a wake up call anyway. And you may find this confession a bit cheesy and even offensive or even unbelievable, but that is cause you probably never prayed to God to fulfill your wildest fantasies, so, you are presently stuck living the mediocrity of your dreams. And where is your faith? Probably in the mediocrity of your dreams. And should I prove to you God answered my prayer by showing you a picture of my devastatingly gorgeous wife? No, I will just remind you of how totally boring I look, how uninteresting is my bank account, and how socially retarded I am. Besides, most men have seen pictures of her anyway, but I have not even seen her Playboy spread!

Yes, no lie! I am a mostly dysfunctional and unsuccessful Christian guy, and God sends me a Playboy playmate with a long since misplaced faith. I actually prayed to God, please send me the most devastatingly beautiful, brilliant, and engaging Christian woman in the world, who will find me, ME, totally hot and exciting for the whole of our lives, and GOD SENDS ME A FORMER PLAYMATE!


I work at a club every weekend. The club manager’s girlfriend is out of state visiting her family. A few weeks ago I got the manager and myself really drunk. At the end of the evening I went to my car to warm it up and defrost the windows and he went with me. He told me that he was horny because his girlfriend was gone and I told him I was horny because he was in my car, so I talked him into letting me put my hands down the front of his pants and feel him up. He was very unsure about this and only let me feel for a few seconds. The next weekend I didn’t even ask for permission. I just shoved my hand down his pants and started massaging his dick. He said that he didn’t mind doing this as long as he was drunk. Obviously he’s not gay but curious. This past weekend he let me suck him off which was a lot of fun. But there’s no reciprocation. It’s all one-sided. When his girlfriend returns I’m sure this will end.


My brother and I fondled each other and touched each other’s privates when we were REALLY young. I think one or both of us might have been molested either by a babysitter or a parent because we didn’t seem like it was a big deal until afterward and then vowed to never speak of it again.


I have a 4 inch penis and feel like no girl would want to have sex with only 4 inches…or me. Maybe it’s all the porn I watch. Maybe my hairy back also has to do with that belief.


This is a true confession, I had to get it off my chest.

Well, when I visited my Grandma’s home for Christmas break, my aunt and uncle where living there also. I never met my aunt until the day I visited Grandma. She was hotter than I expected, but she also had hot feet too. Now, I couldn’t just ask her for a foot rub or maybe even worship, so I did the next best thing. At night when everyone was sleeping, I would sniff her shoes and socks endlessly. The stronger the odor the better. Even after she wore them after the family went out sometimes. I feel dirty, but aroused and confused. She’s my aunt, I find her pretty attractive too. I’m kinda sickened by it too, but I fantasize sometimes about rubbing her feet, licking her soles gently, sucking her beautiful toes, and smelling those odors. She’s family and I’m really confused by it. I try to sneak a sniff whenever I visit and it sure turns me on!


So I’ve been with this girl for about a good two years. For a good portion of our relationship I’ve been the “ideal” boyfriend that any girl would love. You know that special attention, listening, little gifts here and there just to let her know how special she is, willingness to talk; you know, the unconditional I love you with all my heart type of attention- she neglected it.

And during all this time I’ve been in love with another girl. Another girl that I knew in high school and until this very day, I am still in love with her. Her and I share everything, and I mean everything in common! I know she still has feelings for me as I do for her. But for some reason I cannot break up with my girlfriend. She’s a great girl now, super sweet and rarely ever asks for anything in return for her graciousness, but I feel like she’s just putting on a facade. She’s also brought out a side of me that I don’t even know.

And this other girl, well she is simply amazing. Everyone loves her, she’s everyones friend, and everytime we see each other, it’s like nothing’s changed- we always flirt back and forth in a sort of aggressive kind of way even in front of her boy. I just don’t know what to do. There’s so many factors in this… My best friends don’t even like my current girlfriend.. In fact… they hate her stinkin guts! I had a shot with this other girl before but I think I may have ruined that by now, haha, yeah ruined.


I slept with my guy friend. At first I was a bit wary when he told me to bend over and count my toes. But when I got to toe # 4 I felt ok about it all.

So ne wayz we sexored for 14 hours. at the end of it i was shitting out dickskin cause he must have rubbed off in me.

now i’m all aroused and i’m eating chocolate pretending i’m a girl outta 2 girls 1 cup.

Thats all i have to say about that

By Brad Innes.


I love my girlfriend, but I don’t love her that much.

I only think about her about 10% of the time when I masturbate, and I like to talk dirty to girls I meet on myspace and send them naked pictures (they love those).

Anyway, I managed to seduce a girl who lives in my building and I think I might have a chance to fuck her. The problem is she doesn’t know I have a girlfriend, so if my girlfriend comes for a visit, then I’m afraid she’s going to find out!

If I AM going to get caught by my GF, I won’t cheat on her, but if I won’t, then I think I would love to!


I’m depressed……

2 months ago i hired a hooker because i felt lonely. My girlfriend is on another country and we haven’t seen each other for at least 8 months. I didn’t want to get emotionally involved with anyone so i decided to pay a prostitute just to let my inner beast loose.

The day i fucked this slut she felt abnormally attached to me, we exchange numbers and became friends.
One day we talked over the phone and decided to meet to have some drinks and talk. That evening we had sex again and spent the whole night together. Of course without any money involved.

We have been talking periodically over the phone, I know I’m not supposed to fell for a whore, i don’t want to have any feelings for this girl but my fucking brain is giving me a hard time.

The past Saturday we talked and agree to see each other that same night… when i called her she was with a “costumer” and i felt really bad….she told me to call her one hour later… i did but she never picked up the phone or return my calls.

Today is Tuesday and i decided to give her a call to check if she was alright…. she didn’t picked up again….i checked online on her website to see if something was wrong and her pictures were gone and when i tried to book her again they pimp told me that she was out of town. I call her from another cell phone and surprisingly she picked up….i asked her what was wrong….and she told me that her mom was in town and that she is not going to work anymore. I ask her whether i could call her and she say no…i will call u…
She only work as a hooker for less than 3 months…or at least that is what i know.

I got feelings for this girl….i know i can do much better…..i have a lot of female friends that i could fuck anytime i want…..i tried not to get involved with anyone but i ended up so much worse.

I’m not going to call her again, but i know i will take some time to recover from this. My girlfriend is coming next month and i don’t feel the same way about her anymore…..after meeting this girl the chemistry on my brain changed and i cant do anything about it.


so i’ve been seeing this girl for about a week now, and she’s seemed really really cool. from past relationships i’ve learned that sex isnt everything, and wanted to make her wait a little bit, i was thinking a week, maybe 2 before we had sex. mainly to make sure that things sparked for the right reasons, not just great sex.

so we’re at her place, and we’ve polished off like…3, maybe 4 bottles of wine…and i’m to the point that i’m spinning drunk, most likely because i drank most of those bottles…and she’s pretty well buzzed too.

she starts to get a little crazy. like going to emotional extreems in conversation, and we’ll be talking and she’ll slap me right across the face. which i’ll admit, i’m all for a little rough-house…but not in the middle of completely irrelevant conversation, yano?

she starts to crawl on me on the couch, and i just pretty much let her, dont try to push it at all, then she makes out with me as i’m in the middle of conversation, and as soon as she pulls away i start right back where i got cut off. and she starts crying about how she’s not sexy enough for me, *i used to date a few strippers, and she knows it, and i’m pretty sure is very insecure about that fact*

so then she turns up the music and starts dancing for me, and as i’m slightly starting to get turned on, she cuts off and goes and smokes a cigarette. by the time she gets back i’ve already halfway passed out-did i mention i drank like 3 bottles of wine? and she tells me if i’m tired to just go lay down, so i strip down and crawl into her bed, and she comes in like 10 minutes later and strips and says she wants to fuck. normally i would have…except by then i was really starting to get the spins, and the only thing on my mind was holding onto the bed so i wouldnt fall off.

i politely turn her down, and tell her i’m waaay to fucked up and would puke on her…ask me again in the morning, and she starts to freak out. then goes on about how no guy has ever turned her down, about how she’s not sexy enough for me just because she dosent have big fake tits, and is throwing a general fit like a kid who’s parents wont give him candy.

she then lies down next to me, back to me and i try to pull her in close to calm her down, and she lets out a big sigh of disgust and storms off to the kitchen. i dont know how long she was gone, because i passed the hell out…but she wakes me up yelling at me again. i tell her to calm down, and this goes on back and forth for about 20 minutes, then she finally turns off the lights and crawls in bed. then starts crying, or more like sobbing uncontrollably. i try to calm her down, but then have to leave for a minute to ralf, and come back and she’s still sobbing, then goes on to start cussing me out and talking shit, not really to me..but about me like i’m not even there. then more sobbing, and finally i calm her down and we go to sleep.

next morning she apologizes repeatedly for the incident, and has for the last couple nights, and says that she’s really an alcoholic and shouldnt drink anymore, bad shit happens, blah blah blah.
anyways…i still really like her…she’s a great girl, except when she’s drunk, and i only witnessed the one night. and we have great sparks as a couple so far, except that one incident.

any advice please?!? should i cut my losses and kick her to the curb…or try to give her another chance?


I am married but I still find myself thinking about other women sexually. I even have a certain female friend who often teases me about sleeping with her. I can’t help but think about what it would be like. Now, I am not a cheater nor have I ever been, but I worry that I will not be able to control myself one of these days. I am not sure what to do.


My name is anonymous but my friends call me doug. A couple of weeks ago this guy fondled me at a party, we were both drunk at least i was. We’re pretty good friends and i dont want this to get between us. I think i could see him as more than a friend but im not sure. What if he wants to have sex. I think it would really hurt my asshole because i tried my sisters dildo once and i pooped blood. Doug and ryan it could work 🙁 help me.


I’m 14, 15 in January, and very physically mature for my age.. i started getting facial hair when i was 12 and chest/pubic hair around 13. my penis has also grown larger, pretty big for someone my age i guess..about 6 inches. im 5′ 11″ 165lbs. and caucasian.

I was adopted a few months ago by 2 very awesome people..i love them very much! they have a 10 year old son and 16 year old daughter..the trouble is, ever since the first time i saw the daughter (ill call her “Katie”) i’ve been very physically attracted to her and she’s shown interest in me too.

the other night our parents went out for their 20th anniversary dinner and left us 3 kids alone in the house for the night. “Katie” and i dropped “Nick” (the 10 year old) off at a friends house for a sleepover at 9 o’clock. then “Katie” and i started watching the movie Wedding Crashers in our parents room. When it got to the “hand job scene” at the dinner table, “Katie” noticed that i was aroused and asked if i’d ever gotten one. i said no because i hadn’t. she asked if i wanted one and i said yes. she started just to rub my jeans jokingly and then slid her hand down my boxers and was surprised at my size and then i could tell she was turned on. she unbuttoned my jeans and ripped them off. she had this look in her eyes that kinda scared me but it made me feel really good too. so she started rubbing and sucking me. i didn’t know what to think but then i really started enjoying it. and we made out and had oral sex from about 11 to 1. she then asked if i wanted to go farther and i said not right now. she was fine with that and then we went to sleep in our parents bed.

i woke up at 9 the next morning to find “Katie” completely naked straddling my crotch area and we proceeded to make out more and then she gave me a quick blow job and rubbed her butt up against my penis and said “there’s more where that came from.” then we had breakfast together. she said if i wanted to we could keep having oral sex and maybe more for as long as i wanted to. i really want to because we’re attracted to her but i don’t because i don’t want our parents to find out. help!


i have had sex with a dead person whilst my girlfriends dog took a shit in my mouth, i have also cheese grated my bell end whilst licking my dads sweaty arse from after he went to the gym he also hasn’t showered in weeks i have a yeast infection on the tip of my penis and my cat licks it then i lick my cats tongue i have also had sexual relations with my grandma and grandad they are nice. (bit wrinkly but i lick it anyway and i like the way it bounces her tits touch the ground cos of her age and i have also licked my mums dick whilst my sister diahorread in my face while shoving 4 butt plugs up my ass, fuck liam foster


i lied so much to my girl and she still forgave me. i did so much bad things and i cant even start to explain why. I still lie to her. i cheated and schemed. all i want to do is be truthful to my girl because she is what i need and i am so sorry fro all that i did


I’ve always had a fantasy about bondage. I remember getting an erection and trying to hide it as my elementary school teacher recited Alfred Noyes’ “The Highwayman”. The section where the British soldiers bind and gag the innkeeper’s daughter was very stimulating.

As I got older I discovered bondage magazines and 8mm film to feed my fetish. As an adult I tried to induce my girlfriend to try it but was unsuccessful until finally I found a string of lovers who were willing subjects. I was startled to find that it was a common female fantasy and that I was not a “weirdo” for having it.

My favorite session was dressing up a lover as an ardent feminist along with a graphic t-shirt and tight mini-skirt then proceeding to bind her to a chair and gag her while I videotaped the proceedings. I had to mime what I wanted her to act like and what her facial expressions should be. I next hog-tied her and had an assistant videotape me and her struggling on a bed. Close up shots had me biting her ear and licking her neck. I then tied her to a footstool with her ass sticking out which I then spanked hard with a leather flogger.

Next I made her crawl on the floor to where I was sitting on a couch, un-gagged her and made her lick my black boots while I occasionally spit into her face as I pronounced her a “worthless cunt-whore”. I pulled her onto the couch and forced her to suck my cock as I spanked her ass.
I put a dog collar and leash on her neck as I bent over and force her to rim my anus and stick her tongue up it.

I then lay down on the bed, gagged her again and made her mount my cock and fuck. After I had a huge orgasm I dragged her like bad dog to the bathroom floor and pissed on her making sure most of my pee was aimed at her face.

I love binding willing females and making them service my desires. I hope this story will encourage fellow enthusiasts to share.



I don’t know why I do it. I started posting pictures of my girlfriend nude and in sexy outfits on the internet a few months back. We are an attractive couple (especially her) and constantly get a ton of comments encouraging me to continue uploading content. It has progressed to me posting full on videos of us having sex. Cowgirl, doggystyle, POV, you name it. At first I would just post her bodyparts, no face. Now her full naked body, including face, is posted all over the internet! There is even one video where she is facing the camera the entire time! Sometimes I even search the internet for hours on end to see if anyone has reposted our material to bigger websites. I’ve found our videos on other sites around 4 times total. A few friends have stumbled upon her videos and told me candidly that they saw her, even her ex boyfriend contacted her to tell her, but she didn’t believe it. There’s something about the thought of countless strangers getting off to her naked body without her knowledge that turns me on. I love her very much and I hate doing this to her, I know she deserves more respect but it’s like I can’t control myself. Something comes over me, then I always feel guilty after I do it. But by then its too late, the material has been posted and I can’t take it back. What do I do? What is wrong with me?!


Lately, I’ve been having a recurring dream where I end up having sex with my girlfriend’s sister. I dream that we’re all gathered at her parents’ house for some holiday or other and that everybody but me leaves to go and do some shopping or something. I go upstairs to use the bathroom, and I spot her masturbating through her half-open door. We make eye contact, and she starts to try to cover herself, but I tell her not to. I move closer to her, and I open her bedroom door all the way so that I can take in her entire nude form. She’s beautiful, of course, and she has a sex toy of some type in her hands. I take it from her, lick it off, set it aside, and take its place inside of her. The dream feels so real, and I’ve actually come close to orgasming from it.

The thing is, this dream mirrors how I really feel. I’m in love with my girlfriend, who is always beside me when I wake up from that dream. But I am in total lust with her sister. It’s to the point now where I think about the dream during the day and get excited. So… so… hot!!! I suppose I’ll be thinking of that dream the next time I see her, too. I wish I could tell her about it or even act on it, because I think she is attracted to me. I don’t want to hurt my girlfriend, though.


Not really a confesion… Just a great story….

Last Summer my wife and I went to a Nude Beach in Malibu Ca. My wife knew that I had always fantasized about her going topless at a beach. I think we got a little more than we bargained for… in a good way. After about an hour or two, my beautiful, shy, conservative wife finally agreed to take off her bikini top. I think she only really agreed because there were about a dozen nude men(mostly gay)all around us. She leaned back on her elbows, because she knows this positions her perfectly shaped C-cup tits. Keep in mind, she escaped stretch marks after our two kids. It all just went back in place… thank God!

Any ways, as she lay there with he tits on display a tall black fellow walked up to us to chat. Though he was wearing swim trunks, the obvious shape and length of his penis was clearly visible. He asked us the time and if we come here often.. small bullshit, I know it was just to get a better look. My heart was racing because I wasnt sure how my wife was feeling or how she would react. All of a sudden, the man sits down on the sand next to my wife as he contuned to talk about the beach and the police and other banter that I cant remember.

As he sat there, kinda leaning back on his side, our view of my wifes tits were at eye level as she remained frozen sitting up knowing it was the best position for her tits. Both me and the the man continued our conversation each about 2 feet from my wife, just looking across her chest as to pretend to be looking at eachother. Her tits glowed from the sun. The glisten of the tanning butter on her dark chocolaty nipples made them look like candy. We watched and talked as she shook a fly off her hand, making her tits jiggle like jello!!

After a few minutes of this very subtle yet erotic moment, the guy decides that he is going to take off his shorts because “he doesnt want my wife to feel uncomfortable being the only one naked”. We both laughed becuase we didnt think he was serious. Sure enough he did as he said, and now we see why! As he slides down his shorts, his penis bounces out as the elastic of the shorts clear the tip of his semi erect cock! My wifes eyes were glued to the sight,we both gasped. I had to comment to break the ice. WOW I said.. we all laughed.

He then sits back down and asks if he can use our spray tan lotion. My wife leans over and hands it to him. He sprays a few on his chest and legs … then his cock. he hands the bottle back to my wife and rubs the lotion in, stroking his cock a few times as to rub the lotion in. We both were quiet and watched as he did it… It was like in slow motion.

I said as a joke be carefull with that thing.. as it quickly grew to its full length.. standing straight up. He said to my wife, “go a head give it a couple tugs” … mywife looked at me and said “Im sure!!” in half insulted half giggly way. I knew deep down she wanted to beacuse she couldnt keep her eyes off of it. I said ” go ahead honey” “Its not gonna bite”.. “just a few strokes wont kill anybody”!!! She gave me a strange smirk and leans ovr to her left and strokes him with her right hand. I was soo turned on , already hard, I rubbed my cock though my shorts almost coming dowm my leg.

She stroked away as to be going for the gold. What I thought was to be just a quick couple of tugs, turned out to be this lucky bastards day!!! he leaned back looked up to the sky, rolled his head back and lets out this loud progressive moan as he shot this massive load all over his chest….almost clearly up to his shoulders. It was amazing……. She then leans over and say “ok come on your turn” as in lets get this over with… she reaches in my shorts jerks on it like four times and I explode….. We all lay back on the sand in silence… me and the guy just totally drained.


im 13 but i have liked porn since young and i masturbate almost everyday. i try not to masturbate as it seems wrong but sometimes i just cant help it. i’ve tried not looking at porn but i just can’t help it and kept looking instead. i really want to stop as this might desensitize me and give me the wrong impression of life.


I’m 17 and I love this girl, she’s my friend but I’ve been in love with her for 5 years now. I’ve told her my feelings 2 years ago but she doesn’t love me.

I’ve never had a girl before, maybe because I’m a little shy and I never asked a girl out… but the problem is that I love this girl, I’ve done so much for her but she will never see me as more than a friend… we always talk about things that we do not tell anyone else. We trust each other. She says that, if she could chose whom to love, she would chose me.

But the thing is that she always chooses guys that don’t give a shit about her feelings, and then she comes crying to me, because they always hurt her….. I can’t understand why she prefers those guys over me…. I always care about her.. I would never hurt her! I want her so much!

Next year she will go to the university and we won’t see each other so often. She will meet someone there and will never love me…….
I can’t think about other girls…. There are some girls interested on me, but I can’t love other girls……

The girl I love is not perfect, she’s not the best one in my school, but i would never want anybody else…. I just want her!

I’m afraid that I am wasting my time and she will never love me. I’m tired of being the best friend, or the “just friend” and being rejected as a lover….. I’m tired……

I’m just a pathetic guy, crying over a girl that doesn’t realize how much I love her and how I would always give my best to make her happy…….


My wife’s friend who is in a relationship, is the most sexiest woman i have ever seen. Very firm & big tits & the most fuckable ass i have ever seen. Last week me & my wife were invited around there house for a meal, we were meet at the front door by my wife’s friend who was wearing the most sexiest outfit & i had a instant hard-on. About 10 minutes into the meal i had to take a pee & went upstairs to the bathroom, i was just about to leave, when i spotted the dirty washing basket. Knowing how sexy this friend was & the fact that i had a big hard-on thinking about fucking her i decided to have a quick look in the basket.

There were a lot of thongs & g-strings in there, but one pair stood out (a very skimpy black lace thong with tie’s at the side). I knew there & then that i just had to sniff them. I sat on the toilet seat and took out my long hard cock & put the gusset of the panties near my nose. The smell of her wet gusset from her moist pussy & the fact that her fanny lips with white discharge on was rubbing where my nose was, was just a massive turn on. I wanked so fast and hard that i shot my load all over another pair of her knickers inside the gusset.

I cleaned myself up and put both pairs of panties back into the basket & went downstairs. Now evertime i see her face, i know that i have come in a pair of her panties, if only it was her pussy.


I sometimes played around with my best friend about being gay and acting stupid.
The trouble is, we think we’re turning a slightly bit gay. It just comes natural to us and we’re a little worried we might start kissing and getting comfortable with touching each other if we continue our little games.

I personally think we need to stop but we always go back to the same routine and I know for a fact that we both picture it in our heads. I even pictured us naked and in each others arms, calling each other a whore and bitch.


When i was 14, (horny as fuck, i might add) i had some form of attraction for boys my age. Nothing too perverted.
Without this intention i invited my friend for a sleepover, (a bit tubby over the edges but still cute) while he was sleeping i started to take off my pants and stand over him. It was a hot night so he had no covers on and he was wearing only his underwear.
i couldn’t control myself i started rubbing my dick on his tubby. Then i got a bit further, i gathered up some of this fat rolls and stuck my penis in. I then ran to the bathroom for clean up :P. I’ve done this a total of two times.
I’m now 17 with a girlfriend and my attraction to boys has ceased but i still hook up with the same gender time to time.
But i’ve never been as turned on in my life than that moment.


I fondled my co-workers enormous jugs a few days before I got married and rubbed her vag through her jeans. It was also my last week at this particular workplace. She stroked my rod through my slacks and it felt good. I wonder where she is now.


My confession is simple. Its about my insecurity. I have been told by EVERY woman I have EVER been with that I have a HUGE penis. Still in my mind it is not big enough. I actually measured it and its a nice size. 8 inches long and about 2.5 inches thick. In my mind I just feel like I need atleast ONE more inch. Is this normal?

I think it comes from when I was in 5th grade. Me and my friends in my apartment building (male and female) would always play truth or dare. One day I was dared to show all the girls my penis. They all INSTANTLY started to laugh at me. Now to this day I look down at myself thinking my penis is not big enough. 🙁


I hate my girlfriend she is draining all the life out of me, but I can’t leave her.


One night I hung out with my boy who is a promoter at this club and he had a table with a few bottles so we got the partying. Then a group of girls he knew came to hang out at our table. They were all fine as hell so I went after the chunky one cause usually thats the easiest one right? She was very pretty and sexy as hell so we go the dancing and grinding.

We started dancing VERY dirty, catching the attention of most of the club. Her hands were all over me up my shirt and shit. I was like “Im in there”, yeah RIIIIGHT! After all that I tried to get the digits and she was like “I have a boyfriend” I was like “I have a girlfriend, we have something in common. I dont wanna take you from him.” She says “I’m here just to have fun, thats all.” Now I’m pissed not because she didn’t want to give me her number but I felt like she was being a cock tease. I didn’t show my anger so I put on a fake smile and when it was time for me to leave I told her it was nice meeting her and when I hugged her I smudged CHEWING GUM in her hair. I made sure it was nice and high so that she couldn’t cut it. AH HA.


Most of my girlfriends have all had threesomes, MFM and some FMF, at my urging. It took some time and some convincing for some of them but eventually most of them wanted to try it, they were just inhibited or never thought of themselves as “being like that”. Once they tried it they all loved it, especially the ones that can take two cocks at once in their pussy. I am white, 40 and SWM in Houston. If you want to do this with your girlfriend or wife hit me up at danvilleman at hotmail or katymountainman at yahoo chat


That’s right. I’m actually out of my teens (truth be told, I’m also well on my way to turning 21, which would make me an adult pretty much anywhere around the globe), I’ve finished high school, and I’m starting my second year of university.

And yet, the one and only kiss I’ve ever received from a girl was at a “spin-the-bottle” game in junior high.


Well, partly, because I’m unlucky…as pathetic as that might sound. I was absolutely crazy about one girl in my first two years of high school, and during that time at least two nice girls confessed that they had feelings for ME…not knowing that I was busy drooling after another gal. As fate would have it, I got to know one of these girls quite well over the following year…and I started to feel more and more attracted to her, just as quickly as she began to see us as “just friends”. And so on and so forth.

Partly, I’m quite sure, because I’m a fool.

I can’t seem to develop romantic feelings for a girl until I’ve gotten to know her a bit…which is, coincidentally, when you tend to enter the “friend-zone”. At that point, before it’s too late, you either tell her how you feel or you just slip into a comfortable, painless friendship.

And being a coward and a gutless idiot, I’ve yet to tell a girl that I like her, in said moment.

Now? Again, I’m in my second year of university. My friends have all had multiple relationships, some of which have actually been pretty damned serious. Several of them are now so comfortable with the ladies that they can walk into a club/disco and find a chick to get busy with each and every single time. They know what to say to a girl, how to entertain her, how to please her.

Me? All I’ve got down are the awkward jokes and subsequent silences. The small talk…GOD, I hate it.

Seriously: if a girl walked up to me at a pub, told me that she thought I was gorgeous, and that she wanted to kiss me…instead of jumping up and down for sheer joy, I’d probably be pissing my pants. Why? Because I CAN’T KISS WORTH A SH*T, unless I’ve got a crapload of innate talent for it.

Which of course makes the prospect of going out on a first date even MORE daunting. What am I supposed to do? I’m twenty, getting to first base should be almost AUTOMATIC. Trouble is, the real goal should be GETTING SOME, at this point.

But me? I’d be happy with one, miserable kiss. NO TONGUE, for gawd’s sake, or I might have a stroke here.

You know you’re pretty damned depressing when your hypothetical best-case scenario is some secluded area with a chick so drunk off her ass that she won’t notice what a slobby kisser you are :/

And what gets me is that I KNOW that I’m not repulsive, or ugly, or even unfit. I’m six feet tall, in moderate shape. I’ve been told a few times that I’m not entirely bad to look at.

I dunno…I guess I just wanted to get this off my chest. Hopefully, this’ll have some therapeutic effect, and by tomorrow I’ll be screwing like a bunny on viagra 😀

Seriously though…if anyone, ANYONE has every gone through anything like this, send a few words of wisdom my way, please.

Thanks for reading.


I have problems expressing my feelings to girls. I have a lot of friends who are girls that i like, but I can never ask them out or flirt with them even if they’re single. I am sixteen and have never had a girlfriend. I’m a hopeless romantic looking for advice on talking to girls. Can anyone help me?


I fucked my girl with out a condom & came inside her a bit. Luckily she didnt get pregnant. My confession is that i never told her til after her period came LOL


i always look at gay porn and i am straight and christian i masturbate alot any i really im happy


My girlfriend is aways looking for fun with me she came over my house one night and she totally gave me a blow job =P.she also rp gts with me.
i love her so much


I want to fuck my Wife’s 2 sisters and 2 of her cousins.


I am married to an absolutely beautiful loving wife that no one would believe how naughty she can be. One night we had been out clubbing and rather than go home I asked her if she wanted to go to an adult theater. She said sure let’s go. This place has a small theater and after sitting inside I noticed we were the only couple there. We watched the porn for a while then I started rubbing my wife’s breasts which always turns her on. The other guys in the place were all watching us and after a while I unbuttoned her blouse and revealed one of her breasts. At that point one guy moved to the seat right next to my wife and two others moved to the seats right in front of us. I kept playing with her breasts and kissing her. Then the guy next to her began rubbing on her leg and she didn’t stop him. Then he moved his hand up and began rubbing on her breast too. My heart was racing. I had always fantisized about watching my wife with another man and here I was watching a total stranger fondeling her. After a few minutes the two men in front of us began rubbing her legs then moved up and started rubbing her crotch though her jeans. During this time my wife had her eyes closed and never said a thing, she just let these total strangers touch her. Then she raised up in her seat and undid her jeans and took them off! The two guys in front pulled at her panties and she took them off too! By this time everyone in the place was standing all around us and soon everyone was touching her breasts and fingering her. Then this black guy says “damn I got to get some of that” and he steps over the seats and gets between my wife’s legs and she says “do you have a condom?” He reached into his pocket an pulls one out then after putting it on begins fucking her. I could not believe it, here I sat watching my wife with another man with a dozen or more other men watching too! I didn’t know what to say all I could do was watch. While he was screwing my wife men began lining up on our row and as soon as he was finished another took his place. Most of the time she never even opened her eyes to see who was doing her! All she did was reach out to make sure they had on a condom then she would guide them into her. This went on for more than an hour when finally there was no one left in line. In all she had been with 16 guys.

She got dressed and we left. On the ride home she was absolutely giddy but never even mentioned what she had just done. That was 3 years ago and we’ve been back many times though she’s never been with that many men again. We always have fun whether its just me and her or its 4 to 6 guys, me and her. Now its just part of our sex life. We go “play” once or twice a month, sometimes more sometimes less. Sometimes we just watch the movie and go home to “finish” and sometimes she plays with other men. We’ve even played with other couples and she’s discovered women can be fun too!

I can’t believe how our sex life has changed and we’ve never been happier.


My name is Anuraag. I am married since a long time to Kiran. My wife Kiran is quite good looking and voluptous. Right since we got married, I have always had a rather kinky obsession, to watch my wife Kiran, exposing her lovely body to strange men. I started confiding in her about this obsession. Initially she flatly refused. But, over the years, I persisted in keeping on requesting her. Finally, she agreed – but on condition, that I will not force her to do what she does not like. I accepted. Slowly we started experimenting with small semi-exposures on the highways, in restaurants etc. These were not really exposures. It was just a small peek, that strangers would get into Kiran’s blouse, or thru’ her skirt etc. But these were one second peeks. I told Kiran, that I wanted her to expose more….

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I need to fuck my younger sister very badly, she is nothing but a cockslut and she teases me all of the time with her firm young body. When I cannot take my sisters cockteasing anymore I like to sneak into her room and jerk off a big load into her panty drawer for a little relief. Someone please help me I need to fuck her very badly.


I am a bi male, I haven’t had my first with a guy yet, but I really want to, I get a massage from time to time from a really hot male massuse, he rubs my ass really good and I want him to take it further but I am to scared to ask him too, its hard to tell if he would. I bet if when I turned over with a big hard on he would get the picture. after the massage is over I always jack off in the room when he leaves. I would love to suck his cock and let him fuck my ass, I just cant tell if he would be into it. I think he is married, but he has no problem giving me very good kind of sensual massage, no man could rub my naked body the way he does and not be a little gay. I have a sexy body and have been told I’m hot.

I just want him so bad, there has got to be a way to make this happen…any advice? I don’t want to insult his professionalism or be rejected, but I just dont know what to do. He is the only guy I have ever been attracted too and I can’t seem to shake this crush. How do I let him know without ruining what I already have, If he didn’t want to have sex with me I dont think I could continue going to him for massages, which I really enjoy and I don’t want to stop seeing him, It definitely is the best massage I have ever had even without the “happy ending”, some good advice would be helpful.


my confession is I love underage girls, and I want to fuck then all, I dream about them all the time, how nice there little tight bodies look in jeans and shorts, and how pretty there tits look. I’ve never fuck a underage girl before (yet) so if someone can help me as to how to get them in my apt so I could fuck there tight little pussies, I would like that very much and if you have any story’s about fucking a underage girl, I would like to read it. they girls I like are between 14 and 17 preteens.

I’m a older guy in my 30’s and can’t stop dreaming about those tight little preteens, I see them everywhere, the mall, walking around, in the stores, when I see one I can’t stop looking at there soft round assess, and perk tits, mmmm I’m hard just thinking about sticking my big dick in a tight young preteen pussy and watching her suck my dick, man that would be so nice. so again if anyone have any idea’s as to go about picking up a underage preteen or have any story of fucking a preteen I would love to here about. please help me and if there are any preteens reading this hit me up and well talk and meet and fuck. don’t worry no one will ever know. 🙂 can’t wait reply soon….


I read my GF diary and i was upset. I know that i shouldn’t have read it but i don’t know why i did. I found out that she started having sex when she was 11, she let a guy finger her at the movies, she had sex with her boyfriend after just a month, and she had sex with her brothers friend. I try to forget all that shit.