Confession Point

When you must confess!

I love my girlfriend, but I don’t love her that much.

I only think about her about 10% of the time when I masturbate, and I like to talk dirty to girls I meet on myspace and send them naked pictures (they love those).

Anyway, I managed to seduce a girl who lives in my building and I think I might have a chance to fuck her. The problem is she doesn’t know I have a girlfriend, so if my girlfriend comes for a visit, then I’m afraid she’s going to find out!

If I AM going to get caught by my GF, I won’t cheat on her, but if I won’t, then I think I would love to!


He was playing me around, so I’m going to fuck his roommate. And then seduce him again. And then tell him about the roommate.


I am a 28 yr old woman and I recently seduced a 14 year old boy that cuts my lawn. I admit that I had a few drinks first but I have always been attracted to him. He’s really quite handsome and has a great body for a young man. To make a long story short, I invited him in for a soda and just pushed him back on my couch unzipped and reached into his shorts and sucked his cock until he exploded in my mouth. And what a nice cock he has! I know he totally enjoyed it as I did. I explained to him that it had to be our secret but I’m kind of worried that he will tell people and my husband will find out.