Confession Point

When you must confess!

I dont trust you.

I dont know why.

I just dont.

Why wont you fuck me and ravage me?

If you are lying to me and make me look like a fool, I will rage like I’ve never raged before. It will turn my heart black.

You have no idea what FTW really means.


i lied so much to my girl and she still forgave me. i did so much bad things and i cant even start to explain why. I still lie to her. i cheated and schemed. all i want to do is be truthful to my girl because she is what i need and i am so sorry fro all that i did


i stole money from my dad, and he has just died. i loved him so much, but i just compulsively wanted things cuz life felt so empty. i also lie about working hard when sometimes i dont always. i also need to stop watching so much tv, but it makes me feel like i have friends.also when i was 8 i was talked into taking something from a store, but then i ran away and never seen her since.


A few years ago, my parents got divorced. My mom was being a total bitch and kept trying to hit him with a frying pan. So while she was trying to do that, I came to stop, but I tripped and accidentally fingered her… She liked it, and started sucking me. Then I laughed because you believed this.



I have confess, I made up the EmoWolf23 story. I thought it’d be funny. Now I see the flaws of my actions. I will kill myself.


I lie to my friends abt wtchng porn. I watch but i lie and say i don’t