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My name is anonymous but my friends call me doug. A couple of weeks ago this guy fondled me at a party, we were both drunk at least i was. We’re pretty good friends and i dont want this to get between us. I think i could see him as more than a friend but im not sure. What if he wants to have sex. I think it would really hurt my asshole because i tried my sisters dildo once and i pooped blood. Doug and ryan it could work 🙁 help me.


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  1. the sheriff
    2:59 pm on December 15th, 2008

    What type of name is Anonymous, your freinds call you doug eh….your name wouldn’t happen to be Douglas would it.

  2. e-scene
    8:20 am on December 18th, 2008

    ok so i like totally think thay the dildo thing was really hot, if you like you could webcam me some time, but i do prefer the occasional rexona can up my vag.


  3. brave goldfish
    5:25 am on January 9th, 2009

    Ok you’re homo no big deal. And you don’t need to be up front either. Just keep it going, and if it gets obvious, well then you know what to do 😉

  4. brave goldfish
    6:11 am on January 9th, 2009
  5. hmmm i didn't think of that
    6:52 am on February 4th, 2009

    So okay two things to consider. One, if you think that there could be something more and if you want something more and if he wants something more then there really is nothing wrong with that.
    the second thing to consider, what makes you think you’d be the bottom and not him?

  6. helpful_friend
    3:03 am on June 3rd, 2009

    let us hope that your sister uses that dildo for oral practice and has now tasted your asshole. mmmmm

  7. erdi
    7:21 am on August 28th, 2009

    u can use things that will slick this area.^^

  8. Sexy Bitch*
    11:07 pm on October 1st, 2009

    If you’re gay, you’re gay, so what, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just fuck him, he obviously wants you and you are obviously curious. Of course it’s going to hurt your asshole the first time. It will go away and feel totally good after that, promise. P.S. I love butt sex!!! I have and love LOTS of vaginal sex but a good poke in the ass every once in while feels sooo grand!! Yay

  9. qwerty
    7:29 am on January 25th, 2011

    Looks like you’re hurrying up the things. First start with one finger, then two, three. Only after that proceed with the dildo.
    When you will be able to insert a mineral water bottle, then you may offer your ass to the world.

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