Confession Point

When you must confess!

One night I hung out with my boy who is a promoter at this club and he had a table with a few bottles so we got the partying. Then a group of girls he knew came to hang out at our table. They were all fine as hell so I went after the chunky one cause usually thats the easiest one right? She was very pretty and sexy as hell so we go the dancing and grinding.

We started dancing VERY dirty, catching the attention of most of the club. Her hands were all over me up my shirt and shit. I was like “Im in there”, yeah RIIIIGHT! After all that I tried to get the digits and she was like “I have a boyfriend” I was like “I have a girlfriend, we have something in common. I dont wanna take you from him.” She says “I’m here just to have fun, thats all.” Now I’m pissed not because she didn’t want to give me her number but I felt like she was being a cock tease. I didn’t show my anger so I put on a fake smile and when it was time for me to leave I told her it was nice meeting her and when I hugged her I smudged CHEWING GUM in her hair. I made sure it was nice and high so that she couldn’t cut it. AH HA.


one time my uncles friend was staying with us and he was really horny cuz he was watchin porn but he couldn’t walk or touch himself cuz he broke his arms (BOTH) and he broke his left leg so I ran in the room before going away to college; and stripped butt naked and danced and stuck my butt an my titys in his face and teased him to death, then watched him blow his load in his pants.