Confession Point

When you must confess!

It’s Sunday morning and there’s no one I can talk to so here goes. I confess.

I told my friends that I only made out with the crazy stuntman i met last week. Everyone who met him said “Wow, what a wild man. Where did you meet him? He is soooo not the guy for you,” I mean, I’m a bookworm and computer geek and he sets himself on fire for a living. But it’s been so long since there was any fire or passion in my life. And those friends who said those safe, dismissive things don’t know about the wild woman in my soul — the one who couldn’t say no to the matching flame I saw in him.

So I told them we went out, had drinks, made out and that was that but the truth is this: We had amazing, life-affirming sex for hours — wild, caveman/cavewoman you-Tarzan-me -Jane sex that would horrify all these PC, respectful SNAGs (sensitive new-age guys) I’m typically with. There’s nothing quite like alpha-male testosterone, and talk about mad manskillz…I”m getting aroused just thinking about it now. He left the bed we shared for a stunt yesterday morning, after trying to get me to come with him. I left the bed we shared baffled, rattled, sore, and not knowing myself anymore. I mostly ignored his effusive, adoring calls and texts he sent me from the road but he never called me after his stunt like he said he would.

So here I am, 24 hours after my last round of rough, crazy, wild-beast sex with this man, trying to process the call I just got from his team: the stunt went wrong and he’s in ICU, really fucked up. His team and family are all there and I’m sitting here covered with bruises and bitemarks, thinking of his firm, gorgeous body that delighted me for hours, all torn up in ways I can’t even stand to think about. If we hadn’t used condoms his sperm would still be swimming around in me.

Q: What if he dies?
I know what he’d say: “What a way to end it all, a night like that with a woman like you.”

Q: What if he’s just a fucked-up, washed-up vegetable now who needs a lot of care?
I can’t imagine that as an option for him. Just can’t. So full of life, just starting a new tour, big plans and moving to a new town with all sorts of good PR coming out after years of struggle. I’m pretty sure he’d want to sneak out of the hospital early to make his next gig or go out in a big blaze.

The big Q: Did being with me tire him out and distract him and somehow lead to his accident?
The dude was flyin (pretty sure he does speed, from various references), and really pumped about the gig. But man, the details have to be just right to survive the kind of shit he does.

He believes in God, in his own wayward way, and feels that God has kept him alive all these years. Anyone reading this, seriously — if you’re here to get turned on, fine, but please send a plea or prayer skyward for this sweet-talking daredevil, this overgrown kid, this silver-tongued risk-taker whose luck may have run out.


I want to meet a very perverted girl who will do absolutely anything I say no matter how sick or depraved. I will also enjoy being her sic dog from time to time. I want her to eventually fuck me to death, literally. I should die at the peak of orgasm at the hands of my most hated love.


I’ve always had a fantasy about bondage. I remember getting an erection and trying to hide it as my elementary school teacher recited Alfred Noyes’ “The Highwayman”. The section where the British soldiers bind and gag the innkeeper’s daughter was very stimulating.

As I got older I discovered bondage magazines and 8mm film to feed my fetish. As an adult I tried to induce my girlfriend to try it but was unsuccessful until finally I found a string of lovers who were willing subjects. I was startled to find that it was a common female fantasy and that I was not a “weirdo” for having it.

My favorite session was dressing up a lover as an ardent feminist along with a graphic t-shirt and tight mini-skirt then proceeding to bind her to a chair and gag her while I videotaped the proceedings. I had to mime what I wanted her to act like and what her facial expressions should be. I next hog-tied her and had an assistant videotape me and her struggling on a bed. Close up shots had me biting her ear and licking her neck. I then tied her to a footstool with her ass sticking out which I then spanked hard with a leather flogger.

Next I made her crawl on the floor to where I was sitting on a couch, un-gagged her and made her lick my black boots while I occasionally spit into her face as I pronounced her a “worthless cunt-whore”. I pulled her onto the couch and forced her to suck my cock as I spanked her ass.
I put a dog collar and leash on her neck as I bent over and force her to rim my anus and stick her tongue up it.

I then lay down on the bed, gagged her again and made her mount my cock and fuck. After I had a huge orgasm I dragged her like bad dog to the bathroom floor and pissed on her making sure most of my pee was aimed at her face.

I love binding willing females and making them service my desires. I hope this story will encourage fellow enthusiasts to share.



The other day there my boyfriend knocked on the door and pushed me down on the couch, ripped my clothes off, ripped his clothes off, and started shoving his 9 inch cock in my pussy! it was just bliss! then he asked me if i wanted to suck his dick so i said yes and did 4 about 3 mins, but then i wanted more pleasure so i decided to tease my pussy, i won though because he started shoving it right in again! in out in out in out in out! aahhhwwwwwwwwwww i was screaming so loud! i said “more, deeper, deeper, oh yes………….. want sum more horny sex confessions? dont be afraid 2 ask!


I dated a really nice pretty girl for about a month before we decided to make love. When she went down on me she was a real pro. While she sucked my cock head she gently tickled my asshole with her middle finger. She sensed I was close to cumming and she shoved her finger all the way up my ass really hard. I blew a huge load but it really hurt too. I just wish she warned me first. I’m still seeing her and when we get kinky, we at least use lube now.


My friend’s husband is a pervert that raped me. I hate his very essence and want him to suffer like he made me suffer.

He always commented on how he loved my breasts because they’re 36Ds and his wife’s are barely filling an “A” cup but she is BEAUTIFUL, inside and out. Well one time I was over to their home. He was not there, at first. Her mother called, needing a ride to pick up a prescription. My friend asked me to stay at her home while her newborn was sleeping. I agreed. I thought the perverted JERKWAD wouldn’t be home any time soon because he’s always out, fucking anything with a pussy. Well, he unlocks the front door, comes into the den and looks at me all surprised. He noticed that his wife’s car was not there so he asked me where she was. I told him that she left to take her mom somewhere. He comes over to me, really close and says, “oh so we’re all alone now!” He grabs at my shirt and sort of yanks it down, exposing my breasts. He sorta lets out this moan and tries to bury his face between them. I pushed him away, called him every cussword I knew and tried to ease past him. I thought my words would piss him off and he’d leave me alone.

WRONG. Turned him on even more. He grabs at me and slams me so hard to the floor that the wind was knocked out of me. He straddles me, bends down and starts licking all on my neck. I was terrified and begged him to stop and reminded him that his baby was in the other room asleep. His exact words were, “I’m trying to make a baby with you!” He raises my shirt above my head, pulls my bra up to the collar bone and starts suckling my breasts. This guy is muscular and tall and VERY strong. I always thought when women said they couldn’t get someone off of them they weren’t trying hard enough. Now I understand. Anyway, I prayed for my friend to walk in and catch him in the act. She didn’t. He raped me that night, violently. His penis was so huge…my god how do women handle that? I felt like he was ripping me apart. And he moaned and moaned and commented on how tight my “snapper” was and how he fantasized about doing this to me. I mean he actually was enjoying himself while I cried, pleaded and begged for him to stop. It made me sick. I wish he would hurry up but he didn’t. He took his time and he ejaculated inside of me and when he did, he tried to put all of himself inside of me, which (later on finding out) did something to my cervix and I believe tilted my uterus. I wanted to die right there. I was so sore and hurt that I thought I would die.

I didn’t know what to do. When he was finished, he said that if I thought of telling I might as well forget about it because she’d never believe me, which was true. He can do no wrong in her eyes.

I wondered where she was at and secretly blamed this on her. Why the hell would it take so long to go to Walgreens???!!!!!! I wasn’t there when she came back. As soon as he got off of me and I put my tattered clothing back on, I was out of there.

When I walked out of that house, I could feel his semen seeping out of me and into my panties. Makes me sick just thinking about it. I didn’t end up pregnant and thank god for no STDs but mentally and emotionally I am totally fucked up. When I got home I took a shower, I know I shouldn’t have but I had no intention on reporting it. I noticed that I had some blood in my panties along with some semen. My neck had purplish blotches on it, which were hickeys. My nipples were raw from him sucking them so hard. My stomach was cramped up and I bled all night. I went to the doctor the next day. She asked me if I had been assaulted because of how my cervix looked but I denied it. I just wanted it to all go away. But it hasn’t!

My friend did call me the next day and asked why I left and I simply said I left because he came home. I’ve been trying to forget this but I can’t because he still harrasses me and still says lewd things. I want it to stop!!!! He has ruined my life. I no longer have a boyfriend and I don’t want to have sex ever again.

I have all but stopped going over to my friend’s house because he’s there and he still harrasses me. I have changed my home number and cell many times but he always manages to find it. Why can’t this idiot just leave me alone? Why mess with me?


Last wensday i came home from a party- I wasn’t drunk though or anything- but as soon as I got in, i saw that all the lights were all dark so i guessed my parents and my brother (19 yrs) and my sister (5 yrs) had all gone to bed. My parents are kinda libral and let my bro and me come home when we want just as long as we remember our key and dont drive if we’ve had something to drink (i’m nearly 17). I go downstairs to the living room and open the door and my bro is there on the sofa watching tv. I go in and sit beside him and take off my jacket and shoes. We just talk about nothing really, like what’s on tv and everything, then suddenly he says “you look really sexy tonight”. I laughed and told him to shut up and i kinda jokingly pushed him. Then he laughed and pushed me back and we got into this wrestling match and before i knew it he was ontop of me pinning my hands down. Then there was this moment where we were just looking at each other. Then suddenly he kissed me. Really hard and i felt his tougue really far in my mouth. He stopped and looked at me again. Then at the same moment we both started kissing again. He started gropping my breasts and he unhooked my bra through my halter top. I found myself helping him take off his shirt and suddenly he felt down under skirt and panties and started stroking my pussy. I suddenly became so horny. And when he stopped and asked me if it felt weird i told him no, that it felt good. i know he meant about him being my brother, but i dont think either of us cared that i didnt really answer. he kept touching me and kissing me and omg i was so wet. i heard myself start to moan and i started to cum but before i did he pushed my skirt up around my hips and slid his cock into me. he started pushing harder into me and grunting into my hair. the couch started shifting on the hardwood floor cause we were fucking so hard. i started to let out a scream as i came but he clamped his hand over my mouth cause we didnt want to wake mom and dad. i felt him cum inside me and fill me up. it felt so good.
the next morning we couldnt even look at each other at the breakfast table. he pretended that i wasnt there and went bright red everytime i asked him something. it was really uncomfortable since he had to give me a ride to school and i asked him to drop me off at the pharmasist cause i needed a morning-after-pill. it’s been 4 days and all i want to do is crawl into his room right now and ask him to fuck me again.
I know he’s my brother, but it didn’t feel wrong at all. it felt so good. i completely forget that we came from the same place and all i realize is that he’s a guy and i’m a girl. it shouldn’t be wrong, should it?


1972,Florida. My wife (at the time)Diane Rizzo, she now lives in Sabastion,Fla came home to confess that she had been with an old boyfriend all day and had sex with him since 10:00AM. She said she felt guilty and just had to tell me. She sat in the kitchen with her head in her hands and cried while confessing her sins. While she was sobbing and telling me she loved me soooo much I found myself getting an erection. I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the living room where I pushed her on the floor and told her to take off her clothes. I ripped off her panties and climbed on top of her and started slapping her beautiful size 36 ass and telling her she was going to fuck me like she fucked him. She was so taken aback by all this she couldn’t say a word. I told her to lay on her stomach because I was going to fuck her ass until she begged me to stop! Sobbing she said,” please no, please no Dan, you know that’s always been off limits”. I told her to go fuck herself and proceded to pull out my throbbing seven inch cock and force her legs apart. She was fighting me every step of the way but I was going to get my way! I grabbed a bottle of baby oil that was on the table and just poured it in the crack of her ass until it was empty. I finally got her legs open enough to get the head of my dick in her ass when she started screaming at me to get off her! I just kept pushing my hard cock up her ass until it was all the way in. I grabbed her hair and told her,”I hope this hurts you bitch!” She was trying to get away but I held her down and started pounding her ass as hard as I could. As I was fucking her ass she stopped screaming and started moaning, then she started raising her ass towards me and fucking me back! She pushed herself on her knees while softly saying “yes, yes, oh God yes , it feels so good, you fucking bastard, oh God, fuck my ass harder” I could not beleive my ears. Of course that only made me harder and I started slapping her ass as hard as I could. Everytime I hit her she let out a scream. As I was pulling her hair I said,” How do you like your first ass fucking you slut” when she turned around with a smile and said, ” Sorry to let you down Dan but this is the second time today I’ve had my ass fucked and his cock was alot bigger than yours too!” I didn’t know what to say or do, I was in shock (again). So I grabbed her hair even more and said, Well that may be true you cunt but watch this” then I started fucking her like a train and came a bucket load deep in her ass. As soon as I could climb off her I moved my cock up to her face and said ,”Clean it off bitch”, she turned her head away and said ,”Fuck you Dan” I said I don’t think so and grabbed the back of her head and forced my filthy cock in mouth, and told her to clean it off bitch! She finally gave in and started sucking my limp cock clean. Afterwards I told her to pack her shit and get out, This is a true story folks…