Confession Point

When you must confess!

I’m Nathan, I love it when my boyfriend nick sticks his long dick in my throat and rubs it around until i puke! Then he bends me over and gives me hot sweaty anal. I then finish him off by giving him the same treatment. I only wish there was another guy to play with…


What can I do to get my boyfriend to have sex with me more…? he mostly sitting in front of computer and downloading porns! I think he likes to watch that instead of doing it….IDK.


ive been with my man for almost 4 years now. i loove him to death (i think). i work at a club as a dancer and of course i have to interact with alot of guys and most of the time its more acting and dramatics than anything. u know moaning, fuck faces, what ever it takes to get a guy going strong enough to make him want to spend his life savings on me. one night while danceing for this supersexy guy about 5 years older than me i found my self all off my husle and the tables turned. when it was over the guy some how he had managed to make me cum all over him and myself. The worse part of it all is i loved it but feel really guilty. i need a second opinion.


when i was 14 my mom caugh me jacking off she told me that all boys doin it then she grabed my dick and started to strok it she opend her robe and showed me her tits and stuck a finger up my ass i came all over hand that was 6 years ever since that we fuck every night she even puts on a strap dildo and fuck me up the ass i shure love my mommy


I’ve been watching lesbian sex scenes on youtube for a few years now.
Everyone thinks I’m a christian…I don’t know where I am with God…..
I’m so lost.


Its time to just come clean. This whole need for sex thing has kind of hindered me from gaining $100,000 and a new home. I need to let it go. Right when I begin to suceed, sex creeps up and I fall again. The road is getting tougher, I am getting older, and the money potential is getting way higher. I feel a new task coming along this is HUGE, and I also feel that sex game coming back again trying to get me to log on to the same websites and get the same “quick fix” then trying to explain to my girlfriend why it takes me so long to orgasm. Man its getting out of control but its okay because I know its in God’s hands and that’s where it needs to be. I am just ready to move on with my life and physically, let my other half handle anything I need for me. She is willing I need to use that to help transisiton me to the next step. But self-pleasure is not the answer. It is the Question. Why Do I do it? Because of Boredum? Because of depression? Because of Anger? Because Its the Question not the answer. Well know I know the Answer its God and the Question is the same. Why not do it?


Eu amo a Mia, amo a Beatriz e amo a Marlene. 3 mulheres, o que há em comum? O facto de todas elas terem passado por uma tragédia ou várias na vida delas. O facto de todas elas serem lindas, o facto de sem saber como acabo sempre por ser essas pessoas que me atraem e que acabo por me apaixonar. Pelo facto de ama-las e sentir o que elas sentiram ao longo da vida delas. Não sei porquê mas todas as pessoas que me atraem no inicio e que mais tarde acabo por as conhecer são uma Bea, Mia e Marlene. Porquê pergunto-me eu? Porquê? Porque acabo sempre por amar esse tipo de pessoas? Será a luxuria a chamar por mim? Se assim fosse porque é que o que eu sinto por elas é mais do que isso? Amo-as tanto. E estou completamente na merda. Porque a minha vida pára por causa disso. Por mais voltas que tento dar. Por mais tentativas que faço para seguir em frente. Por mais iniciativas que invento e tento fazer para esquecer tudo o resto. Tudo acaba por correr mal. Estou farto, de viver nessa merda de mundo, onde o individualismo reina, onde cada está por si, onde ninguém é capaz de olhar para o outro e ajuda-lo. Odeio isso tudo. Ao ponto a que chegamos. Sei que estou vivo mas sinto que tudo morreu ao tempo. As pessoas estão mortas por dentro, e como eu as entendo. A Mia e a Bea foram pessoas que tudo fiz para dar vida…e falhei. A Marlene é mais outra. Porque raio estou a apaixonar me de novo, por alguém que de certeza vai terminar da mesma forma que terminou com as outras duas.

[Translation: Portuguese » English]

I love Mia, Marlene and Beatriz. 3 women, which is in common? The fact that they all have gone through a tragedy or several of them in life. The fact that all of them are beautiful, the fact that I do not know how to always be those people that attract me and for me that I love. The fact that love them and feel what they felt over the life of them. I do not know why but all the people that attract me in the beginning and that later in the know are just a Bea, Mia and Marlene. I wonder why I? Why? Because I always loved by such people? Is luxuria calling for me? If that was why I feel it is more than that? I love them both. And I’m completely in the shit. Because my life stops because of it. For more laps I try to give. It attempts to do more to move on. For more initiatives that invention and try to do to forget everything else. Everything ends up wrong. I’m tired of living in that kind of world, where individualism reigns, where each is for you, where nobody is able to look the other and help him. I hate it. When we got the point. I know that I’m alive but I feel that all the dead time. People are dead inside, and I will understand. The Mia and Bea were people who did everything to give life … and failed. The Marlene is another. Why the hell am I love me again, by someone who certainly will end the same way that ended with the other two.


I slept with my best friend’s ex boyfriend while he was trying to game her up.

I am not really sure about my sexuality


I have been in the military for 7 years. Well, a couple of years ago I befriended my supervisor. She is married with two children and her husband happens to also be in the military. Shortly after, she decided to get out of the military but me and her remained really close friends. We used to go out all the time…..out to eat, clubbin, and I used to go over to her house all the time. I would play with her children and me and her husband would make polite small talk when I happened to see him in passing. Around this time, I received orders to Korea and about a month or so later I found out that my friends husband received orders to Korea as well, only to a different base than me (2 hours away). My friend decided not to go to Korea with him due to their children but would be following him to his next base after Korea.

So, one day after I was settled at my new base, me and a friend decided to take a trip up to the other base. While shopping, I happened to run into my old Supevisor’s husband. We made the same small talk, only this time exchanged IM addresses. After I traveled back to my base, I added him to my IM.

One night about 3 months later, on another trip up yonder, I was at a club with a few friends. And there he was. Only this time things were much different. He was very flirtatious, a little touchy. He asked where I was staying and I told him. We left the club, I got my things from the hotel I was staying at, and we headed to his place. After arriving there, we listened to some music, was drinking on some cognac, and talking. Somewhere in between talking and listening to music, he started pulling me closer to him and telling me that he had always wanted me since the day he met me. He started kissing on my neck and my ears and then before I knew what was happening I was being led to his king sized bed.

The next morning, when my brain was clear from it’s drunken haze I thought about what I had just did. I thought it was just one of those drunk-night flings. But he woke up and we started going at it again.

I have taken a few other trips to his base to visit him. And while I always questioned myself as to what I was doing, I simply could not help myself.

Since both of us left Korea, he has IM’ed me out of the blue…telling me that he missed feeling my ass and tits and how he still thought about all the things we did to each other. All the while, I still keep in touch with his wife….his wife who wants to come visit me in Guam where I now am.


i had sex with 5 boys at the same time, i had never felt so good in my life. i plan on using drugs so we would not get tired easily and we had sex fof 6 hours. i could hardly walk. my pussy was all torn. now my pussy is as wide as hell. no one can have sex with me


I work at a club every weekend. The club manager’s girlfriend is out of state visiting her family. A few weeks ago I got the manager and myself really drunk. At the end of the evening I went to my car to warm it up and defrost the windows and he went with me. He told me that he was horny because his girlfriend was gone and I told him I was horny because he was in my car, so I talked him into letting me put my hands down the front of his pants and feel him up. He was very unsure about this and only let me feel for a few seconds. The next weekend I didn’t even ask for permission. I just shoved my hand down his pants and started massaging his dick. He said that he didn’t mind doing this as long as he was drunk. Obviously he’s not gay but curious. This past weekend he let me suck him off which was a lot of fun. But there’s no reciprocation. It’s all one-sided. When his girlfriend returns I’m sure this will end.


8th grade was amazing… I moved to a new country, had a girlfriend, and was pretty much cool with life! Things changed earlier that year when I was in a cab going home and the driver took a detour and abused me sexually. I think i could have stopped it but at the time i was just so shocked that i didnt know what to do…

I never told anyone… things that crossed my mind that my parents would be upset with me… i dont know why they would but its still there…

another thing is the place i was living deals on a lot of taboo in a bad way so it wouldnt be good for me

me and my girlfriend broke up, and now at 20, i have not had a real girlfriend, and also i have no idea if i even like girls or guys, complicated but i dont know… how am i supposed to figure out things!?!?!


For at least a couple years now I have secretly been fantasizing about having intimate encounters or sometimes even sex with my boyfriend’s mother! I’m guessing it’s because I have this OCD thing where I’ll meet someone who I really like or who I feel has this inner connection with me and so I can’t stop thinking about them, regardless of their gender and sometimes that innocent crush turns into fantasies, even if they are retarded one’s that don’t make any since. I’ve kind of struggled with the idea that I might be a little bit bi-sexual because I’ve had girl fantasies before but every time I start picturing doing sexual things to the female I’m thinking about I suddenly get really turned off and no longer fantasize anymore. So maybe I’m attracted to the idea of doing something “scandalous” that’s different than the relationships I normally have but when it comes down to it I still prefer my regular opposite sex relationships in regards to the sexual attraction component? I’m sure I’ll figure that part out on my own but why I’ve picked my future mother-in law as a person to fantasize about I’m not sure. It’s kind of messed up…


I love tickling… I have dreamed that my feet are being tickle by a pretty woman, but it was just a dream, that repeats every night…

Only once I had the chance to tickle a pretty girl…and that was so fantastic. It was very short, maybe less than a minute, and she was using a very soft white socks…. I remember the moment of my first contact with that feet… I was so excited… I felt her warm feet…I got a little sensation of them slightly wet… Then I started tickling, very slowly… She saw me, and laugh in a discreet manner…

oh my god….

That was the best minute of my life…


i had sex wid my ex like anal and everthnn and NO 1 noess cuzz lusin ur Virginity is a HUGE thng where i come frm and it hurtss tthat i lostt it i alwayz wanted to save it till i got marriedd and lose to myy husbandd
i cry soo muchh at timess wen my frndzz brag abt how deyy stil havv thers
fuckk WHYD i doo it :'(


My friend tld me she has 2 std’z, when she got raped.
We’ve been through alot we where almost a couple but we had sum problems wit it..and during all these yearz we’ve been tlkin sum ting I believe her about den sumtimes i tink she’s lyin to me..i beleave she may have 2 std’z but i dont beleave dat she got raped..cuz 4 1 she dresses like a hoe..and shes a sex am i wrong 4 tinkin she’s lyin about dis or wat??…Another ting she’s alwayz depressed…Wat cn i do about dat..when i tink shes lyin about it sumtmes.And how shld and can i confront her about her lyes and how i dont bleave her…but i mean no mata wat i still got friendly love 4 her..??…need sum help ppl..


For my boyfriends 16th birthday we had a big shindig at his house and he got pass out drunk. But i was still so horny. when everyone had passed or gone to sleep i went to have a shower and wash off the alcohol and his 22 year old brother snuck in on me. at first i was shocked and tried to cover myself up as he climbed into the shower and cornered me, but as soon as he pinned me against the wall and slid his fingers into me i let him.

He ended up pulling he fingers out and shoving his 7 inch dick into me as hard as he could and it never felt so good. i went to sleep that night in his bed with his left hand on my tits and right fingers in my slit.


Im in love with a pimp. He never told me anything “slick” or lied to me to get what he wanted [I WISH I HAD ASKED] . his bestfriend was dateing my best friend so without knowing anything about him I fucked him, it was awesome. by the third time I was already addicted. I wasnt sure what to make of the relationship.

He would pick fuck me in the most passionate manner possible, then take me home. I couldnt help my self at 19 much like the sex i was falling hard and fast he was in his mid 20’s. He knew what say what to do were to touch. i have a weakness for great massages and he definately had the midas touch. After two months of the best sex ever he asked me to move in with him. i dint understand we had never officially agreed to the whole boyfrind girlfriend deal. I mean thats what i wanted but that would have been just to damn good to be true. he’s got his own money own house own car he showers everyday and he has brains. i thought it was a trick question. I thought i had enough bad experiences to know the differences between love and lust, and this was definitely love. eventually i packed my shit and went for it. I couldnt stand the thought of a broken heart again so i told my self that no matter what i was gonna do what ever it took to make this work. i cold have never prepared my self for what was next.

he had never mentioned her before and didnt say very much that day besides “oh yeah, this is old girls room” as if I was supposed to have known who the fuck “old girl” was. i applied at the gentlemans club the day before i moved in with them. the next day when he picked me up for work i trid to open the back door to put my things in the car when the window cracked and a pettite nicely manicured hand popped out. she was pretty and cool as shit. I didnt know what to do besides smile and smoke til i was to high to care about the thousand questions running through my mind . that was 4years ago. my parents love him. My grandmother even has a picture of him in her liveing room. I actually love the thought of knowing that hes fucking other girls and i know all about them rather than past relatonships when i found out about other girls the hards way. i dont think i could breath without him but how will i ever tell the people who care about me the most that I dance at a topless bar making almost 1000 dollars a day and go home and gives it all up to this pimp who i fell madly in love with way to hard & way to fast they think is simply my boyfriend. where will i start? help me please




I have a 4 inch penis and feel like no girl would want to have sex with only 4 inches…or me. Maybe it’s all the porn I watch. Maybe my hairy back also has to do with that belief.


I slept with my guy friend. At first I was a bit wary when he told me to bend over and count my toes. But when I got to toe # 4 I felt ok about it all.

So ne wayz we sexored for 14 hours. at the end of it i was shitting out dickskin cause he must have rubbed off in me.

now i’m all aroused and i’m eating chocolate pretending i’m a girl outta 2 girls 1 cup.

Thats all i have to say about that

By Brad Innes.


I’m a fucking heinous megalomaniac mess that also ends up devoting too much of myself to the wrong people. I try to play tough girl all the time, and my legacy of debauchery and social magnificence preceeds me. However, deep down I really wish I could settle down with just one.. perfect.. dude. I have a serious case of ADD when it comes to the attention of men, so I typically end up screwing myself by not sticking around, or i try to stick around with a nut job. What am I supposed to do?


I love my girlfriend, but I don’t love her that much.

I only think about her about 10% of the time when I masturbate, and I like to talk dirty to girls I meet on myspace and send them naked pictures (they love those).

Anyway, I managed to seduce a girl who lives in my building and I think I might have a chance to fuck her. The problem is she doesn’t know I have a girlfriend, so if my girlfriend comes for a visit, then I’m afraid she’s going to find out!

If I AM going to get caught by my GF, I won’t cheat on her, but if I won’t, then I think I would love to!


I’m depressed……

2 months ago i hired a hooker because i felt lonely. My girlfriend is on another country and we haven’t seen each other for at least 8 months. I didn’t want to get emotionally involved with anyone so i decided to pay a prostitute just to let my inner beast loose.

The day i fucked this slut she felt abnormally attached to me, we exchange numbers and became friends.
One day we talked over the phone and decided to meet to have some drinks and talk. That evening we had sex again and spent the whole night together. Of course without any money involved.

We have been talking periodically over the phone, I know I’m not supposed to fell for a whore, i don’t want to have any feelings for this girl but my fucking brain is giving me a hard time.

The past Saturday we talked and agree to see each other that same night… when i called her she was with a “costumer” and i felt really bad….she told me to call her one hour later… i did but she never picked up the phone or return my calls.

Today is Tuesday and i decided to give her a call to check if she was alright…. she didn’t picked up again….i checked online on her website to see if something was wrong and her pictures were gone and when i tried to book her again they pimp told me that she was out of town. I call her from another cell phone and surprisingly she picked up….i asked her what was wrong….and she told me that her mom was in town and that she is not going to work anymore. I ask her whether i could call her and she say no…i will call u…
She only work as a hooker for less than 3 months…or at least that is what i know.

I got feelings for this girl….i know i can do much better…..i have a lot of female friends that i could fuck anytime i want…..i tried not to get involved with anyone but i ended up so much worse.

I’m not going to call her again, but i know i will take some time to recover from this. My girlfriend is coming next month and i don’t feel the same way about her anymore…..after meeting this girl the chemistry on my brain changed and i cant do anything about it.


I am 11 and for about two years i have been waatchin my dads porn and using my mums vibrater. it feels good and iam addicted to it. I put the vibrater on my clit and i start to feel good and i get wet. but i dont realy understand. i have felt dirty for a while so i started looking for porn in the intrenet and touching my clit agin i get wet and it feels good


so i’ve been seeing this girl for about a week now, and she’s seemed really really cool. from past relationships i’ve learned that sex isnt everything, and wanted to make her wait a little bit, i was thinking a week, maybe 2 before we had sex. mainly to make sure that things sparked for the right reasons, not just great sex.

so we’re at her place, and we’ve polished off like…3, maybe 4 bottles of wine…and i’m to the point that i’m spinning drunk, most likely because i drank most of those bottles…and she’s pretty well buzzed too.

she starts to get a little crazy. like going to emotional extreems in conversation, and we’ll be talking and she’ll slap me right across the face. which i’ll admit, i’m all for a little rough-house…but not in the middle of completely irrelevant conversation, yano?

she starts to crawl on me on the couch, and i just pretty much let her, dont try to push it at all, then she makes out with me as i’m in the middle of conversation, and as soon as she pulls away i start right back where i got cut off. and she starts crying about how she’s not sexy enough for me, *i used to date a few strippers, and she knows it, and i’m pretty sure is very insecure about that fact*

so then she turns up the music and starts dancing for me, and as i’m slightly starting to get turned on, she cuts off and goes and smokes a cigarette. by the time she gets back i’ve already halfway passed out-did i mention i drank like 3 bottles of wine? and she tells me if i’m tired to just go lay down, so i strip down and crawl into her bed, and she comes in like 10 minutes later and strips and says she wants to fuck. normally i would have…except by then i was really starting to get the spins, and the only thing on my mind was holding onto the bed so i wouldnt fall off.

i politely turn her down, and tell her i’m waaay to fucked up and would puke on her…ask me again in the morning, and she starts to freak out. then goes on about how no guy has ever turned her down, about how she’s not sexy enough for me just because she dosent have big fake tits, and is throwing a general fit like a kid who’s parents wont give him candy.

she then lies down next to me, back to me and i try to pull her in close to calm her down, and she lets out a big sigh of disgust and storms off to the kitchen. i dont know how long she was gone, because i passed the hell out…but she wakes me up yelling at me again. i tell her to calm down, and this goes on back and forth for about 20 minutes, then she finally turns off the lights and crawls in bed. then starts crying, or more like sobbing uncontrollably. i try to calm her down, but then have to leave for a minute to ralf, and come back and she’s still sobbing, then goes on to start cussing me out and talking shit, not really to me..but about me like i’m not even there. then more sobbing, and finally i calm her down and we go to sleep.

next morning she apologizes repeatedly for the incident, and has for the last couple nights, and says that she’s really an alcoholic and shouldnt drink anymore, bad shit happens, blah blah blah.
anyways…i still really like her…she’s a great girl, except when she’s drunk, and i only witnessed the one night. and we have great sparks as a couple so far, except that one incident.

any advice please?!? should i cut my losses and kick her to the curb…or try to give her another chance?


My ex-boyfriend was the first boy i’ve had sex with. He was amazing at it, but every since we’ve broke up i’ve been really horny. I know that there’s other guys that are good at sex but idk..

Every since i lost my virginity and broke up, my best friend has been my vibrating toothbrush.


I am married but I still find myself thinking about other women sexually. I even have a certain female friend who often teases me about sleeping with her. I can’t help but think about what it would be like. Now, I am not a cheater nor have I ever been, but I worry that I will not be able to control myself one of these days. I am not sure what to do.


My name is anonymous but my friends call me doug. A couple of weeks ago this guy fondled me at a party, we were both drunk at least i was. We’re pretty good friends and i dont want this to get between us. I think i could see him as more than a friend but im not sure. What if he wants to have sex. I think it would really hurt my asshole because i tried my sisters dildo once and i pooped blood. Doug and ryan it could work 🙁 help me.


we had a sleepover and it was ok to share a bed, because we were… just best friends
neither of us could get to sleep so we started just generally talking then he started talking about his girlfriend so i kissed him just to shut him up. i’m not sure if he knew what he was doing but he slid he hand down my underwear and pulled them off, then he pulled down hiss boxers and fucked


I’m 14, 15 in January, and very physically mature for my age.. i started getting facial hair when i was 12 and chest/pubic hair around 13. my penis has also grown larger, pretty big for someone my age i guess..about 6 inches. im 5′ 11″ 165lbs. and caucasian.

I was adopted a few months ago by 2 very awesome people..i love them very much! they have a 10 year old son and 16 year old daughter..the trouble is, ever since the first time i saw the daughter (ill call her “Katie”) i’ve been very physically attracted to her and she’s shown interest in me too.

the other night our parents went out for their 20th anniversary dinner and left us 3 kids alone in the house for the night. “Katie” and i dropped “Nick” (the 10 year old) off at a friends house for a sleepover at 9 o’clock. then “Katie” and i started watching the movie Wedding Crashers in our parents room. When it got to the “hand job scene” at the dinner table, “Katie” noticed that i was aroused and asked if i’d ever gotten one. i said no because i hadn’t. she asked if i wanted one and i said yes. she started just to rub my jeans jokingly and then slid her hand down my boxers and was surprised at my size and then i could tell she was turned on. she unbuttoned my jeans and ripped them off. she had this look in her eyes that kinda scared me but it made me feel really good too. so she started rubbing and sucking me. i didn’t know what to think but then i really started enjoying it. and we made out and had oral sex from about 11 to 1. she then asked if i wanted to go farther and i said not right now. she was fine with that and then we went to sleep in our parents bed.

i woke up at 9 the next morning to find “Katie” completely naked straddling my crotch area and we proceeded to make out more and then she gave me a quick blow job and rubbed her butt up against my penis and said “there’s more where that came from.” then we had breakfast together. she said if i wanted to we could keep having oral sex and maybe more for as long as i wanted to. i really want to because we’re attracted to her but i don’t because i don’t want our parents to find out. help!


I want my boyfriend so bad wen we makeout and he wants me too but I don’t want to have sex with him yet to ruin our relationship. But on the other hand I just want to


my confession is that I’m pregnant but no one knows. all my friends are starting to get suspicious because I’m starting to look pregnant ! See I bet you’re thinking that’s not that bad but the fact is I’m 13!


i have had sex with a dead person whilst my girlfriends dog took a shit in my mouth, i have also cheese grated my bell end whilst licking my dads sweaty arse from after he went to the gym he also hasn’t showered in weeks i have a yeast infection on the tip of my penis and my cat licks it then i lick my cats tongue i have also had sexual relations with my grandma and grandad they are nice. (bit wrinkly but i lick it anyway and i like the way it bounces her tits touch the ground cos of her age and i have also licked my mums dick whilst my sister diahorread in my face while shoving 4 butt plugs up my ass, fuck liam foster


I’m in love and my parents won’t let me date! I don’t know what to do. I’m 16!!! I have to sneak out to see my boyfriend when my parents go to bed.


I am 13 but i had sex for the first time a few days ago.
im exhasted. ok so the rents r gone ferr the night they had to go to my 2end house in poconos to winterize the place or sum shit like tht. so i told my bf he can com overr. so we listend to music and blablabla and then we started making out like we always do but wit a lot more toungh action. then he started putting his hand on his shirtt and i luved it. so then he pulled off my shirt and started sucking my nipples. it felt nice. then he took off his pants while i took off mine. we were both completly naked then he put his penis inside of me at first it hurt so muchh i was yelling like crazy and we were worried the neighbors were gunna call the cops (lmao) but then i started bleeding (ouch) but after a while it started to feel reaallly good. just that feeling of his whole penis right inside of my vagina filling it pussy devouring his penis tht was so nice. he wanted to take a break from tht and then put his nice toungue on my moist very wet pussy i started to cum. then we went back to his penis in my vagina, i finally had a orgasm. it was awesome, my whole body was shaking and i was screamin wit my eyes closed. but then i found out he cummed inside me!!!! and i took a pregnancy test and it sed positive and it was a very accurate one but i didnt believe it.. so i went to my aunts doctor [i didnt wanna go to my moms doctor just incase she wud find out] and i asked her to check. AND I AM PREGNANT!!!! HELPPPPP!!!!! IM ONLY 13!!!!!!!! WUT AM I GUNNA DOOOO?!!! how am i gunna have the baby? i barly can handle a little penis in me but now a whole baby?!! i cant give birth. and my mom wud about kill me if she found out. she duzzen even let me (or know) i have a boyfriend!!!!
plz comment and tell me if u have had any simular expieriences and kno wut to do.


When I was 12 my aunt sucked my dick while she was babysitting me. She was pretty drunk and I shot my load almost as soon as she put her mouth on me. A week later she did it again but this time she bent me over and ate my ass out like it was candy. I mean her tongue was really far up there. My parents came home early that night about 5 minutes after we were done and I think that scared the crap out of her because she never attempted to do it again.

I didn’t tell anyone because she said she’ll kill herself if I did. I’m 17 now and she’s married and living a little stepford wives life. In Sept she suddenly sent me an email and another email right after begging me not to read the previous one. I read a little but deleted it as she asked but from what I read at a glance it was very threatening.. she was probably drunk off her ass when she wrote it. I really should have kept it so I can blackmail her into getting some monies lol.. j/k though, whatever.. She sent it a few days after labor day when we had a family get together. My parents were talking about some child molestor that lived nearby that was arrested and were talking about how sick pedos are and I said “yeah, I know” while glancing at my aunt and she just had the most frightened look on her face.. I think she thought I was going to out her right then and there. Of course I didn’t but I should probably put her at ease soon before she does something crazy because I’m pretty sure the email she sent had the words “i’ll kill you” in it.


my name is ryan b. and im a 15 year old boy. at least i think so. lately ive been having strange feelings towards my best mates i dont understand i thought only girls liked guys. is there something wrong with me? i want to touch them so bad. and i keep having dreams about putting a friends cock in my mouth.

one night we got pissed and i fondled my friend. i dont know if he remembers but it has been awkward between us lately. i dont want to bring it up incase he tells my friends and some how my brother finds out.

please help me.


Thinking back I know now what caused me to have an obsession with exposing myself. When I was 9 my mother re-married and my stepdad had two sons Brad and Kyle. They were both a few years older than me but we did get along pretty well. I’m not sure exactly when it started but they would walk in on me while I was getting a bath or undressed. I guess I became so accustomed to them doing it that I eventually didn’t mind them seeing me nude or in my underware. They also would be in their underware often and over a couple years I had seen them naked also, quite a few times.

As I developed and started getting older it would happen more often and they would make comments about my breasts and body. They would actually tell me how cute I was and compliment my figure. I started to realize that I enjoyed it when they saw me naked or in my bra and panties and that it aroused me. Leaving my bedroom or bathroom door open a few inches helped in letting them see me naked more often. Naturally I never did that when my mother was at home and I know she would be upset if she knew what I was doing.

I can’t help feeling like I do and have even let their friends see me nude many times over the last year or two. I know for sure that 4 of Brads friends and 5 or 6 of Kyles friends have seen me naked. It gets me so excited that I masturbate just thinking about it. Brad even caught me mastubating once, but that was embarrassing because I know he was watching me for a long time and told me so. My step dad saw me naked also two times that I know of but I don’t think he told my mother about it. I really didn’t mean for him to see me though. I like when the boys see me but don’t want my stepdad or mother to know what I’m doing.


I’ve always had a fantasy about bondage. I remember getting an erection and trying to hide it as my elementary school teacher recited Alfred Noyes’ “The Highwayman”. The section where the British soldiers bind and gag the innkeeper’s daughter was very stimulating.

As I got older I discovered bondage magazines and 8mm film to feed my fetish. As an adult I tried to induce my girlfriend to try it but was unsuccessful until finally I found a string of lovers who were willing subjects. I was startled to find that it was a common female fantasy and that I was not a “weirdo” for having it.

My favorite session was dressing up a lover as an ardent feminist along with a graphic t-shirt and tight mini-skirt then proceeding to bind her to a chair and gag her while I videotaped the proceedings. I had to mime what I wanted her to act like and what her facial expressions should be. I next hog-tied her and had an assistant videotape me and her struggling on a bed. Close up shots had me biting her ear and licking her neck. I then tied her to a footstool with her ass sticking out which I then spanked hard with a leather flogger.

Next I made her crawl on the floor to where I was sitting on a couch, un-gagged her and made her lick my black boots while I occasionally spit into her face as I pronounced her a “worthless cunt-whore”. I pulled her onto the couch and forced her to suck my cock as I spanked her ass.
I put a dog collar and leash on her neck as I bent over and force her to rim my anus and stick her tongue up it.

I then lay down on the bed, gagged her again and made her mount my cock and fuck. After I had a huge orgasm I dragged her like bad dog to the bathroom floor and pissed on her making sure most of my pee was aimed at her face.

I love binding willing females and making them service my desires. I hope this story will encourage fellow enthusiasts to share.



(continued from part 1)

“I respect you as you are one in blood with me.. You see, I love you Bubbles, but not to the extent of seeing ourselves making it up to something.. I’m really sorry.. I don’t wanna hurt your feelings..”

At first I thought the scene has reached its conclusion. Well maybe not because she gave me a kiss that would make me forget being her as my sister. I felt kinda strange.. Her lips were damn soft and warm, with a loving passion. I couldn’t help myself but to kiss back.

I stopped kissing with Bubbles and I attempted to run towards my room. But my lil’ sis just keep on coming.

She inserted her silky smooth hand in my pants. She noticed me already having an hard-on, so she rubbed my briefs containing my member rapidly as if I was getting masturbated.!

At first I was preventing my psyche from thinking of my sister as if I was already making love to her, and have my dick come to life. But my animal instinct didn’t stand the sizzling body waiting to be banged.

“Hihi! You can run from me right now, but you can’t resist me.. I see it in your eyes, Brotha’ Luv!Haha!”

The tension heats up and I got sweaty as my penis is stimulated for a possible.. (Forgive me moralists) SEX..

“Alright Bubbles, you got me, but please don’t ever ever tell anyone about this.. Okay?!”

“Hmm.. Okay. No one will ever know Just you and I.. ” she softly replied.

So she took me to the bathroom. She said that she wants to lose her virginity there.

So at first, we kissed using our lips and tongue, exchanging saliva with one another. Damn! It was really great! I felt how Bubbles needed me to come into her.

I took all of her clothes off except for her bra and lingerie because I get horny when I see girls wearing such revealing suits.

I wanted Bubbles to be like that. I felt the carnal lust of heeding for sex with my own kin. She wore a black tight bra, a T-back lingerie and stockings.
While she wanted me totally naked so I gave it..!

I was like kissing her lips while my one hand was busy mashing her boobs and the other in her still tight pussy.

Then she went down and kneel to suck my penis. My sis was already a great cocksucker. I feel like my cum rushing out of my ‘seminal vesicle’ and towards her innocent face. She was sucking it like crazy!I can’t believe my eyes of what I was witnessing.

Then she asked me to sit in the toilet bowl. Bubbles grabbed my dick and sandwiched it with her cute boobs!
Wow! She was stroking forward and back and I couldn’t help but to watch her doing me a boobjob. I felt really great! My cute sister has really grown up to be one of my secret fucking marionettes!

(continued in part 3)


I don’t know why I do it. I started posting pictures of my girlfriend nude and in sexy outfits on the internet a few months back. We are an attractive couple (especially her) and constantly get a ton of comments encouraging me to continue uploading content. It has progressed to me posting full on videos of us having sex. Cowgirl, doggystyle, POV, you name it. At first I would just post her bodyparts, no face. Now her full naked body, including face, is posted all over the internet! There is even one video where she is facing the camera the entire time! Sometimes I even search the internet for hours on end to see if anyone has reposted our material to bigger websites. I’ve found our videos on other sites around 4 times total. A few friends have stumbled upon her videos and told me candidly that they saw her, even her ex boyfriend contacted her to tell her, but she didn’t believe it. There’s something about the thought of countless strangers getting off to her naked body without her knowledge that turns me on. I love her very much and I hate doing this to her, I know she deserves more respect but it’s like I can’t control myself. Something comes over me, then I always feel guilty after I do it. But by then its too late, the material has been posted and I can’t take it back. What do I do? What is wrong with me?!


Lately, I’ve been having a recurring dream where I end up having sex with my girlfriend’s sister. I dream that we’re all gathered at her parents’ house for some holiday or other and that everybody but me leaves to go and do some shopping or something. I go upstairs to use the bathroom, and I spot her masturbating through her half-open door. We make eye contact, and she starts to try to cover herself, but I tell her not to. I move closer to her, and I open her bedroom door all the way so that I can take in her entire nude form. She’s beautiful, of course, and she has a sex toy of some type in her hands. I take it from her, lick it off, set it aside, and take its place inside of her. The dream feels so real, and I’ve actually come close to orgasming from it.

The thing is, this dream mirrors how I really feel. I’m in love with my girlfriend, who is always beside me when I wake up from that dream. But I am in total lust with her sister. It’s to the point now where I think about the dream during the day and get excited. So… so… hot!!! I suppose I’ll be thinking of that dream the next time I see her, too. I wish I could tell her about it or even act on it, because I think she is attracted to me. I don’t want to hurt my girlfriend, though.


Not really a confesion… Just a great story….

Last Summer my wife and I went to a Nude Beach in Malibu Ca. My wife knew that I had always fantasized about her going topless at a beach. I think we got a little more than we bargained for… in a good way. After about an hour or two, my beautiful, shy, conservative wife finally agreed to take off her bikini top. I think she only really agreed because there were about a dozen nude men(mostly gay)all around us. She leaned back on her elbows, because she knows this positions her perfectly shaped C-cup tits. Keep in mind, she escaped stretch marks after our two kids. It all just went back in place… thank God!

Any ways, as she lay there with he tits on display a tall black fellow walked up to us to chat. Though he was wearing swim trunks, the obvious shape and length of his penis was clearly visible. He asked us the time and if we come here often.. small bullshit, I know it was just to get a better look. My heart was racing because I wasnt sure how my wife was feeling or how she would react. All of a sudden, the man sits down on the sand next to my wife as he contuned to talk about the beach and the police and other banter that I cant remember.

As he sat there, kinda leaning back on his side, our view of my wifes tits were at eye level as she remained frozen sitting up knowing it was the best position for her tits. Both me and the the man continued our conversation each about 2 feet from my wife, just looking across her chest as to pretend to be looking at eachother. Her tits glowed from the sun. The glisten of the tanning butter on her dark chocolaty nipples made them look like candy. We watched and talked as she shook a fly off her hand, making her tits jiggle like jello!!

After a few minutes of this very subtle yet erotic moment, the guy decides that he is going to take off his shorts because “he doesnt want my wife to feel uncomfortable being the only one naked”. We both laughed becuase we didnt think he was serious. Sure enough he did as he said, and now we see why! As he slides down his shorts, his penis bounces out as the elastic of the shorts clear the tip of his semi erect cock! My wifes eyes were glued to the sight,we both gasped. I had to comment to break the ice. WOW I said.. we all laughed.

He then sits back down and asks if he can use our spray tan lotion. My wife leans over and hands it to him. He sprays a few on his chest and legs … then his cock. he hands the bottle back to my wife and rubs the lotion in, stroking his cock a few times as to rub the lotion in. We both were quiet and watched as he did it… It was like in slow motion.

I said as a joke be carefull with that thing.. as it quickly grew to its full length.. standing straight up. He said to my wife, “go a head give it a couple tugs” … mywife looked at me and said “Im sure!!” in half insulted half giggly way. I knew deep down she wanted to beacuse she couldnt keep her eyes off of it. I said ” go ahead honey” “Its not gonna bite”.. “just a few strokes wont kill anybody”!!! She gave me a strange smirk and leans ovr to her left and strokes him with her right hand. I was soo turned on , already hard, I rubbed my cock though my shorts almost coming dowm my leg.

She stroked away as to be going for the gold. What I thought was to be just a quick couple of tugs, turned out to be this lucky bastards day!!! he leaned back looked up to the sky, rolled his head back and lets out this loud progressive moan as he shot this massive load all over his chest….almost clearly up to his shoulders. It was amazing……. She then leans over and say “ok come on your turn” as in lets get this over with… she reaches in my shorts jerks on it like four times and I explode….. We all lay back on the sand in silence… me and the guy just totally drained.


I…had sex with a duck…i’m afraid it will get worse, it was the best sensation ever…
I’ll go to a psychiatrist now…


I’m 30 and I am a virgin! The only people who know are the friends I still have from childhood. No one else knows, although I’m sure they probably suspect it since I never talk about having sex. Even better -I work in the porn industry as a webcam model. So it’s funny to have a bunch of men thinking I’m a whore when in reality, I’ve never even given a blow job. I don’t know what is wrong with me LOL. I was never really a sexual person so doing sex work really means nothing to me, I guess. Although, I am embarrassed to be doing it.


I have a huge crush on my GF’s sister. I want to fuck her so badly! I fantasize about doing her every single day. I want to lick her cunt and ram my dick into her so hard she screams. MMM. She is one hot little bitch. Yum.


I feel I will never be good enough or sexy enough and I will never have a guy love me and fuck me all the time and want to marry me because I am not as hot as sexy beautiful perfect busty models that men seem to want.

I am attractive, but I am not a model. I think I need to get in the best shape of my life and model and then still I won’t be enough. Plus I will get older every year and there are always new young models coming out for men to look at and love and want more than me. I want to die. Thinking about it makes me cry and feel so bad about myself. Why does that have to matter to men so much? I wish I was good enough for a man so he would fall in love with me.

Are all guys obsessed with looking up new girls photos and videos? 🙁 I don’t look for guys to drool over very often at all. I want a real man.

I am thinking of stripping and being extremely strict with my diet and exercise. I don’t know what to do to feel better about myself. I feel I will never be as good as hot models my boyfriend (and probably all men) really wants. What can I do?


ok so my confession is that when i was 12 I had sex with a my boyfriend who at the time was 16, and my mom never found out of course i was careful to not get pregnant but since then i always had sex with a him or some other teenager


My wife’s friend who is in a relationship, is the most sexiest woman i have ever seen. Very firm & big tits & the most fuckable ass i have ever seen. Last week me & my wife were invited around there house for a meal, we were meet at the front door by my wife’s friend who was wearing the most sexiest outfit & i had a instant hard-on. About 10 minutes into the meal i had to take a pee & went upstairs to the bathroom, i was just about to leave, when i spotted the dirty washing basket. Knowing how sexy this friend was & the fact that i had a big hard-on thinking about fucking her i decided to have a quick look in the basket.

There were a lot of thongs & g-strings in there, but one pair stood out (a very skimpy black lace thong with tie’s at the side). I knew there & then that i just had to sniff them. I sat on the toilet seat and took out my long hard cock & put the gusset of the panties near my nose. The smell of her wet gusset from her moist pussy & the fact that her fanny lips with white discharge on was rubbing where my nose was, was just a massive turn on. I wanked so fast and hard that i shot my load all over another pair of her knickers inside the gusset.

I cleaned myself up and put both pairs of panties back into the basket & went downstairs. Now evertime i see her face, i know that i have come in a pair of her panties, if only it was her pussy.