Confession Point

When you must confess!

i began to fuck with my latin teacher as i was 16. she was 32 and the hottest women i’ve ever seen.

Couldn’t believe it first as she recognized i was in love with her and she called me to her room. i thought she will sentence me or something but she smiled at me and suddenly began kissing me. she was telling, that she wanted it as much as i did, locked the door of the room and began to take of her cloth.

after licking her pussy and she sucking my cock we began fucking on one of the tables. couldn’t belive it. after this, we met several times, even at her’s when her husband, some stupit buissinesman travelling around, who wasn’t able to satisfy her, as she said.

we had an affair until i was 19 and the time, the most bad thing happened. she got pregnant! i felt like a fool ’cause she always tooked the pill, but that was not the biggst problem. this was, as her daughter was born and we had to clear about who’s the father ’cause she ment, she was fucking with her husband at this time.

but it happened as i thought it would: i was the father of the little girl we named cara, as i supposed some weeks before birth. nobody but us two knows, that we had this affair and that cara is my daughter, because her stupid husband even today thinks she’s his child, and that’s what really hurts me, even it is six jears ago from now


i think im secretly in love with my guy frend. im always telling myself i dont, because he’s not good looking and not cool. he is really not my type.. but were very good friends and he is always there for me. i know he secrelty loves me too. he’s told me several times but we always act like were not totally serious.. i try to find other boys and i’ve had boyfriends. but hes always the one i find myself fantasizing about because i know that he cares abt me more than any other boy ever will. knowing he wants me so badly makes me want him. but we cud never be together. im ashamed and embarassed. i hate that im this vain and superficial. but i am.. i wish i never became so close to him.. now im trying to drift away from him.


I fucked a girl yesterday and i am only 13 years old, no one knows about it except one of my cousin.


I have confess, I made up the EmoWolf23 story. I thought it’d be funny. Now I see the flaws of my actions. I will kill myself.


I live in Vermont and I’m a member of the Top Secret Vermont Cheaters Club!

No, we’re NOT what you think we are. It has to do with the recently completed contest to be named the “Official” hometown of The Simpsons.

The Simpson’s hometown is named Springfield, but the STATE was never revealed. So with the new Simpsons movie coming out at the end of this month, July 2007, they had this BIG contest on USA Today’s website.
There were 14 Springfields from around the country entered in the contest. They all submitted videos about how their Springfield should be named the Simpson’s hometown. People would go to the USA Today website, watch the videos, and vote for the one they thought was the best one. Each person was allowed one vote per day. Whichever Springfield got the most votes WON. The winning Springfield gets to host the world premier of the movie.

Our video, Springfield VERMONT, WON the big contest!

I’m confessing that I and about 20-25 others here in Vermont (all members of the VCC) cheated by voting more than once each day. A TON more than once each day. We were all voting multiple times on a daily basis, but the race remained pretty close, Then this past weekend we really poured it on! Saturday and Sunday we voted at least 2,000 times each day. The last day of the contest, Monday, July 9th, we almost hit 3,000 votes!


Final tally of votes:

Vermont = 15,367
Illinois = 14,634
Oregon = 13,894
Massachusetts = 11,442

WE WON and all those other losers are crying and whining, bitching and moaning!

HA HA !!


Springfield, Vermont is the OFFICIAL hometown of the Simpsons!

Don’t have a cow, man!

Eat our shorts!

Springfield, Vermont RULES !!!


I was at a buddy’s house having a couple of beers and watching football. My team was up at halftime by 2 touchdowns when we made a bet on the game. I joked, that if I won, he would have to give me a blowjob, and to my surprise, he took the bet. I could not believe it – I was up by 2 touchdowns. But he said that if I lost, I would have to blow Rex, his German Shepherd. He was serious! My team was outplaying the other and getting the ball at the start of the 2nd half, so I took the bet.

I lost! Could not believe it! Surely he would not make me go through with it, would he? He whistled for Rex and my heart went into my throat. I protested and he laughed, a bet is a bet.

Well this dog has a monster dick, and I figured, let me get it over with – besides, I knew my buddy would not tell anyone. I knew things about him, that he would not want to be known. So I got under Rex and put the dogs dick in my mouth and started sucking. That damn thing got bigger and I liked to gag. As Rex is humping my mouth, my buddy’s wife walks into the room and freaks out! She was supposed to be out of town. “What the hell is going on?” I am sick I am so embarrased.

Well she has agreed to keep it a secret, but now when I go over, I have to strip naked and suck the dog. She watches and cheers me on. I am kinda getting used to it and look forward to my visits. Except, the last time I was there, she said the next time I come by, she wants Rex to fuck me.

I don’t know – that dog does have a big dick!!!


I regularly break into my friends’ email accounts and read their messages. I first did it to see if a mutual friend was still in contact with one of them, but now it’s become fun and secretive. It makes me feel closer to them.


Bless me, reader, for I have sinned. It’s been ten years since my last confession.

My last real confession, that is – locked in a dingy upright coffin, talking into a screen and trying to remember the words to the Act of Contrition.
Actually, it’s been about an hour and a half since my last confession.

I started on postsecret. It’s an organization (or maybe just some guy) to which people send homemade postcards illustrating their secrets and fears. Among today’s posts are “I can’t decide if I like being married or not” and “I know it’s not possible, but I would like to have a vagina, and a penis.”

But there’s no depth to the postsecret stories. You get a catchy little tidbit of someone’s deepest darkest, but…the more I read the more I wanted. Postsecret is the in for most of us, then you hear about other online confessionals:,,, rawconfessions, confessionsjunkie, e-admit, Keyfess – the list goes on. Coming from a Catholic education, tho, my fav has always been notproud. It separates the vices into seven categories. Lol, what else? The seven deadly sins.

“I assume a paternalistic attitude with my girlfriend whenever she steps her toe slightly out of line, and spank her until she cries. I tell her it’s for her own good, but I really do it because it turns me on.” Sec Today’s lust. Aren’t people disgusting?

I know it’s sort of sadistic and weird, this obsession with other people’s cruel idiosyncrasies. It also becomes a kind of self-aggrandizing ritual. You think, ‘Ok, I may have been a heinous bitch to my best friend today but check out this bastard who beats his gf to get off.’ You spend a few weeks observing but then one day at work the perfect one-liner confession pops into your head. After that, you’re just a few doubleclicks away from being glued to the monitor every time your boss takes a piss. Crazy, I know, but look who I’m talking to…you’re reading my LJ and unless you’re my sister Meredith or my bf Tom, you’re most def an established blogspotter.

My first online confession: “I use my roommate’s toothbrush after she leaves in the morning.” Since then, I’ve gone on to admit petty theft, sexual fantasies, felonies, even how I bought most of my undergrad thesis online – always anonymous, mixed in with hundreds of other daily divulgences…tho maybe I should call them indulgences.

I read the following postsecret this afternoon –

“Two months after cheating on me, my boyfriend got an e-mail from the girl he slept with – she wrote to tell him she was pregnant. I erased the e-mail and he has NO idea.”

and I thought, ‘is this a confession at all?’

Fessing up to something online is like admitting it to the trees in your backyard, only with a few thousand megabites of decadence thrown into the mix.

Confession has always been a selfish thing. Most of the time people confess to unburden themselves and in the process burden the wronged with their wrongdoing. But the point is that you’re overcome with guilt, so you put it out there and deal with whatever consequences ensue.

But what happens when there are no consequences?

I mean, drop me a line if you think I’m wrong, but I want to say that confession has typically been one of two things: you either confessed to God’s earthly proxy and received penitence in form of prayer, or you just came out and told the person you’d screwed over and braced for the impact of whatever emotional ramifications came along with the admission.

When you have neither the social/emo shit flying back at you, nor the threat of spontaneous divine retribution, what becomes of the act of confession?

Notproud’s gluttony of the day is “Pot is more important to me than my boyfriend.” Where’s the self-reproach in that? Half the confessions are written in an unmistakably boastful tone – that’s the fun of it. That’s how I got hooked. Notproud cyber-salutes sin.

Confession comes like everything for our generation, wrapped in greasy waxed paper with fries on the side. No waiting. No relevant worldly acknowledgement. No emotional consequences. No absolution.

The confessional blog is an orgy, hundreds of people linked into one big gluttonous, masturbatory celebration of their transgressions.

My last online confession: I have blogged with my friends’ secrets. I fucked around on my last boyfriend and told thousands of strangers, but not him. I have sinned and gone unpunished. I’m getting ready to post these confessions now.


My name is Cele and I’ve been hiding the fact that I’m gay subtly. I think a lot of the g00ns know but I’m not sure whether to go right out and say the truth. I think I may pack some fudge tonight with my boyfriend Billy for the first time. But I am not sure what to do. Should I tell the g00ns I’m gay and ask for advice?


I’m a 19 year old guy, I wear girls panties, saturday night me and a buddy were out driving around, untill then he didn’t know that I wore them, but now he does, and he knows why.


My parents and bf dont knw that im on birthcontroll. My parents dont know because they dont need to and my bf because i like to scare him with late periods.
I cant come clean but i dont know why? Can somebady help.


I guess that if I had to confess any thing it would deffinatly be that I am gay


I stole something once, I was only 10, but everyone thought I was such a saint.


A friend of mine is in love with me,,,,i didnt accept him but still we are good friends. But i am in love with his best friend who already has a girlfriend(a very serious one).I cant tell anyone(not my friend&not the guy i like coz ill lose them both if i do).What should i do??plzz help.Confessing to the guy that i like him wont help.


im bisexual & dont know how to tell my parents