Confession Point

When you must confess!

Well about 3 years ago while my wife was pregnant I was so horny. I would masterbate but that was not doing the trick. I did not want to cheat on her. I thought well maybe I can just have a guy jerl me off. Sort of a modified masterbation. I found a guy online and we met and he jerked me off. It was ok, but I was really nervous. He asked me to jerk him off to so I did. No big thrill. So I decided for a bit more. I found another guy who said he would suck me off, with nothing needed in return. So I did it. I went to his pace and he did just that. He sucked me until I came and he swallowed. I was nervous but that did feel good. I went back a couple of times and the one time a freind of his was there and he had him suck me off. I went back all together 5 times to be sucked off. Well it has been two years since then and still am horny for being sucked off. I am glad I did this. I had offers from women but that would have lead to intercourse. I did not want that. I myself have never sucked, but can’t say I have never thought about it. Well I need to add that a few months ago I did let a BBW suck on me. She did not make me cum but I jerked off for her. So now I have let 2 men suck me off, a couple guys jerk me off, and a woman suck me and stroke me, and then I jerked off for her. All in the span of around 3 years. I feel bad but I am glad I did not suck a guy or screw the woman or let the woman make me cum.