Confession Point

When you must confess!

I’ve had a crush on my grandmother ever since she gave me my very first blowjob on my thirteenth birthday.

I was visiting her for a couple of hours and we were having a pretty good time kidding around. She caught me looking down her blouse at her tits and later looking up her skirt when she was sitting on the couch. After giving me “the look”, I knew I’d better watch myself or I’d be in some big, big trouble!

But I couldn’t help myself – I just had to look! My Grandmother has really BIG tits that just won’t quit and the hairiest cunt I’ve EVER seen! She wasn’t wearing a bra and she didn’t have any panties on either!

Anyway, to make a long story short, she caught me peeking up her skirt again. She made me come over to the couch and stand in front of her. I had gotten all hard and everything and I tried to hide it from her but she grabbed my hands and pulled them away from my crotch. She pulled me in even closer. So close in fact, that she had to hike up her skirt so I could stand there in between her spread knees.

I was scared stiff in more ways than one!

Then she told me to stand still and not to move around. I was totally petrified as she unzipped my pants, reached in and pulled my rock-hard little pecker out!

Then she took out her false teeth, leaned forward and sucked my entire cock into her toothless mouth. ALL five and a half inches of it! OMG!!! I was in heaven!

She had grabbed a hold of both my asscheeks in her wrinkled hands and started moving me forward and back so that my cock was fucking in and out of her sucking mouth.

All of a sudden my balls started tingling and that’s when I found out that my Grandma likes it rough. As I was getting ready to shoot my pent-up load of sperm down her throat, I grabbed her head in both hands and started fucking my Grandmother’s face. I was only 13 but I was face-fucking my own Grandmother like a man possessed!

When I startd cumming, my knees gave out and I fell over backwards pulling my cocksucking Grandmother down with me. I kept fucking Grandma’s face just as hard and fast as I could and pumped my sperm down her throat for another five seconds or so before I passed out.

When I came to, about 4 or 5 minutes later, my Grandmother was down on her knees with her great big tits hanging out of her blouse, and she asked me if I wanted to do it some more.

Over 14 years and 27 gallons of sperm later, my answer is still YES !!!


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  1. Granny Gummybear's Cummybear
    12:25 pm on August 5th, 2007

    I know what you mean.

    "Gumjobs" are the BEST kind of blowjobs there are!

    My grandmother started sucking me off when I was 15.

    I had always thought that my Grandmother was kind of "old fashioned", if you know what I mean. You know, short gray hair, granny glasses, and too much lipstick. She dresses a little "old-fashioned" too (at least on the "outside"). My Grandmother always wears a dress or a skirt and blouse or sweater. On the "inside" it’s a whole different matter! Thank God she hates wearing pantyhose or panties! Just a garterbelt & stockings!

    Anyway, Grandma came home one night and was a little tipsy from consuming a little too much wine at a "Hen Party" (as she calls it) over at a friend’s house. She was all giggly (in a teenage girly sort of way) and stuff. I’d never seen her like that before.

    Grandma was in a really good mood and she started telling me about "The Girls" and some of the things they had been gabbing about (mostly gossip). Apparently the subject of oral sex came up, and they all started talking (bragging) about their men’s penises, oral techniques, the taste of their semen, etc..

    Now, my Grandmother was (and still is) a widow and it turns out that she hadn’t performed oral sex on a man since the night before Grandpa died. Then she started talking about the size and shape of Grandpa’s cock and how good his sperm tasted and how much she missed it, etc.

    Listening to my Grandmother go on and on about how much she loved sucking cock and how much she missed doing it all the time, made me a little embarrassed, but it also made me very, VERY, horny too! I couldn’t help but wonder what my Grandmother’s ruby-red lips would look like wrapped around MY cock!

    After a while, I noticed as she talking about "the good old days", she was staring intently at my almost painfully swollen crotch. She licked her lips a little and then asked me to come over and sit next to her, which I did.

    When I sat down on the sofa next to her, she turned to me, put her hand on my upper thigh, and asked me if I loved her and would I do her a big favor. I told her that I loved her and that I would be more than happy to do my "Grammy" a favor, any favor, big or small. She smiled at that, then leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I could smell the wine on her breath and knew that she had left a great big lipstick smear on my face.

    As I "innocently" sat next to her, she gently rubbed my thigh, and I wondered if this was going to go the way I had hoped it would.

    She was breathing a little heavier and after swearing me to secrecy, she started asking me some VERY un-grandmotherly kind of questions.

    Did I know what a Blowjob was? (Yes…)

    Have I ever had a Blowjob? (No…)

    Would I like to have a Blowjob? (Yes)

    Would I like to have a Blowjob right now? (YES!)

    Can I keep a secret? (Yes…)

    Would I pull down my pants, let her give me a Blowjob right then and there and never, ever tell anyone about it??

    YES! YES!! YES!!!

    She laughed out loud, took out her dentures, and turned to put them on the side table. By the time she turned back around toward me, my jeans and underwear were down around my ankles, and my hard cock was sticking straight up in the air waiting for her!

    And THAT was when I FIRST experienced the full, true joy of getting a deep-throat GUMJOB from an experienced, very grateful, and thirsty, cocksucker!!!

    PS. My Mother has been having quite a few dental problems recently and she is scheduled to go into the Dentist’s office in a couple of weeks to have all of her teeth pulled. A few weeks after that, she’ll be fitted with a full set of dentures. When the Holidays roll around, Grandmother and I are going to get my Mother drunk. When Mom’s reaches the point when she’s in a really good mood, Grandma’s going to get her to start talking about the "Good Old Days" and how nice it would be if there was a male around who had a nice, big, hard cock who wouldn’t mind if a couple of old, toothless broads sucked him off every day!

  2. Hoover Granny --
    5:04 pm on August 8th, 2007

    I can’t believe I’m writing this. I was quite a "wild" girl in my younger years. I loved getting down on my knees and giving head to any man or boy who was willing to let me. Some called me a slut and some called me a whore; but I was so good at sucking that most called me by my nickname: "Hoover Girl".

    Which brings me to my confession.

    My grandson has been spending most of the weekends this summer over here at my house. I think I’m addicted to his semen, because I can’t seem to get enough of it when he’s here, and I can think of almost nothing else during the week than the excitement of getting more of it the following weekend!

    My grandson and I share a secret "inside" joke about the Gum Jobs that that I give him.

    After sucking ("Hoovering") on my grandson’s penis for a few minutes, he quickly start loses control. He grabs two fistfuls of my hair, holds my head in position, and then really starts vigorously "going to town" thrusting in and out of my mouth and down my throat. When he’s about to start ejaculating his delicious sperm he screams out at the top of his lungs :


  3. Dishpan Hans
    6:19 pm on August 8th, 2007

    #3044: both my grandmas are dead but my mother gives me blowjobs every day, i get one before i go to school and one when i get home, if i do my chores and help with the dishes after dinner, then i get to do whatever i want to with her. even tho schools out she still takes care of me just like she did during the school year. the only difference is that i don’t have to leave her and i get rewarded for helping clean up and doing the dishes after lunch too. i really luv my mom!

  4. Annie Granny !
    6:53 pm on August 8th, 2007

    Grandmothers giving their Grandsons Blowjobs? So what’s the big deal with that?

    I take out my dentures and give all four of my grandsons blowjobs all the time and have been doing so for a number of years. It doesn’t matter what day or time of the day or night.

    I love to suck them off and they loved being sucked off.

    All they have to do is come over here to "Grandma’s House" and say, "Suck my cock, Annie Granny"! I take out my dentures, open up my mouth nice and wide, and blow the men down!

    You may think that I’m an Incestuous Slut, but how many grandmothers have their grandsons visit them every single day of the week?

    BTW to Hoover Granny! I love the part about "through the lips and past the gums, look out, granny, here it cums"! I can hardly wait to tell the boys when they come over to visit me tonight.

  5. coward student
    5:15 pm on August 30th, 2007


    WOW !!


  6. suck toyType nickname here (optional)
    7:32 pm on September 2nd, 2007

    #3179: I absolutely loved reading that! I knew there were grannies and mothers who were cocksuckersType your comment here!

  7. Sally K.
    3:06 am on September 3rd, 2007

    #3206: Of COURSE there are Mothers & Grandmothers who are cocksuckers. Almost ALL of us are thirsty little cocksuckers. And our boys love us all the more because we get down on our knees for THEM all the time!

  8. selfish grandmother
    2:55 pm on September 4th, 2007




    GOT SPERM ? ? ?

    I CERTAINLY DO ! ! !

  9. Horny Grandson With a 9" COCK !!!
    11:15 am on September 7th, 2007


    I’m a long-time incestor and I just got done fucking two of my little cousins, Jessica and Valerie.

    There is nothing better than Cousin-fucking !

    No, wait !

    The only thing better than Cousin-fucking is Niece-fucking is !

    No, wait !

    The only thing better than Niece-fucking is Aunt-fucking !

    No, wait !

    The only thing better than Aunt-fucking, is Sister-fucking !

    No, wait !

    The only thing better than Sister-fucking, is Mother-fucking !

    No, wait !!

    THIS time I’m sure !

    Honest !!

    Iv’e done them ALL repeatedly !


    Especially when it’s continuously on-going GRANNY RAPE !!!

    1:58 pm on September 8th, 2007


    She’s an alcoholic and she was drunk.
    She was passed-out on top of the bed.
    The Bitch was totally naked.
    The Whore had her legs fully spread open.
    The Slut’s hairy cunt was wide-open from using the Dildo.
    She made me hard and horny.

    So I fucked her.

    I fucked that passed-out old Slut-Whore FIVE times !

    The fertile Bitch got pregnant.

    Sorry about that, MOM, but you were asking for it !!!

  11. Buddy K.
    7:37 pm on September 8th, 2007

    #3437: ………. ………. ………. ……….

  12. Grandma Matthew Fluxington
    5:19 pm on September 14th, 2007

    #3536: The only thing better than sucking my grandson’s cock is a nice bowl of hen fap.

  13. slimy grandmother
    8:00 pm on September 20th, 2007


    I just got done having a 3 day drunken gangbang with all of my Grandsons.

    There is sperm . . . . . E V E R Y W H E R E ! ! !

    11:14 am on October 29th, 2007

    #3777: DUDE QUIT LYING

  15. Annoyed
    8:51 pm on December 6th, 2007

    #3971: Do you have nothing better to do than post this tripe on anonymous confessions sites?

    3:02 am on December 12th, 2007

    #3983: gum-jobs are definitely the best! both of my grandmas were dead when i was born. luckily, when i turned 13, my mom was 60. yep, she gummed me off! today, she’s 89, and i am 42. she has advanced alzheimer’s, but i still feed her the slimy stuff that she loves! and my wife watches! talk about hot!

  17. kinky murderer
    3:16 am on April 6th, 2008

    #4415: i’m a 29 year-old whiteman who lives down the street from an 82 year-old nigger-woman. she lives alone, and can barely pay her utilities. for 10 dollars, she lets me fuck her black, leathery, toothless face. she loves my cum, and for 5 dollars more, will drink my urine! smooth, black gums are the best!

  18. good catholic
    3:20 am on April 6th, 2008

    #4416: i am a 23 year-old guy, who always dreamed of being gummed-off, but i could never find a toothless female. so i resorted to using my 5 month-old daughter’s mouth. i feel guilty, but i can’t stop it!

  19. vet black dick
    11:11 am on April 14th, 2008

    #4456: Type your comment here!im 50 years with a natuerly hard dick and would love a granny gumjob or where i come from fuck a grandmother in her toothless mouth when ever i want to.if thats you please respond. my grannie wasnt that nice.(smile)

  20. vet black dick
    11:27 am on April 14th, 2008

    #4457: come on grannys get with this big black hard young type diccck in your lips! ps not the one in your pants 04-14-08

  21. granny-raper
    2:22 pm on June 1st, 2008

    #4761: I face-fucked my elderly grandmother on new years eve. she was so drunk she thought it was grandpa pounding his cock down her throat!

  22. Granny sniffer
    1:54 am on June 21st, 2008

    #4853: The best thing I like when my 75 year old granny sucks me off in a 69 position is getting a good look up her skirt and getting a good whiff of her soiled panty girdles in my face. Sometimes she only has a girdle and stocking on and I can se her soaked pussy. One of these days I’ll get to lick out her wet pussy.

    3:04 am on July 12th, 2008



  24. Granny licker
    5:45 pm on August 21st, 2008

    #5125: My granny caught me wanking into a pair of her dirty knickers when she came home early. She grabbed me my the ear and pulled over her lap. Then she pulled down my jeans and underpants and spanked me hard ans fast. all I could feel was my hard cock rubbing up and down her stockings. Her skirt was up around her wait after a few minutes and I could see her girdle. This made me cum over her stockings. She was so angry she made me lick the cum off but ended up licking out her cunt and making her cum.

  25. sammm
    3:19 pm on February 14th, 2009

    i have to confess im getting pretty wet reading these stories.
    But good catholic thats fucking gross and sad she’s only 5 months old you sick prick!

  26. just me.
    8:41 pm on February 21st, 2009

    ew these fucking stories r nasty!! why the hell would u want a fucking old nasty woman to suck u off when u could probably get a pretty decent good looking 20-24 year old woman…

    i dont know i just would never think of an old woman that way.. especially your own fucking grandmother… disgusting…

  27. slow stepdaughter
    12:45 am on March 8th, 2009

    Good For you “just me”! These ppl are sick! You shud all go to jail!

  28. loose president
    1:55 am on March 9th, 2009

    you all are sick.. fuck off

  29. WTF?
    7:24 pm on March 9th, 2009

    u guys are the weirdest fuckers or some weird lynin som bitches

  30. hard hunter
    3:38 am on March 11th, 2009

    fuck this.

  31. Angry babe
    4:53 pm on March 12th, 2009

    Fucking perverts and pedos need to die

  32. cashboy
    10:11 pm on March 29th, 2009

    itz digusting really

  33. Anais
    11:33 am on April 6th, 2009

    My god, this is some demented shit. And generally, I’m extremely open-minded sexually. Incest just makes me quite sick. I know Mother’s and Grand Mother’s molest their son’s and grandson’s often as well. It just isn’t talked about much. Moreso when the Father’s do it. I find this type of behavior quite disgusting. Especially the man giving the poor woman 10 dollars so she can pay her bills and and extra five to piss in her mouth.You are a foul person.

  34. mata
    12:52 am on April 15th, 2009

    Great imagination, but if that did happen your grandmother is going to hell for sure were she will burn for all eternity.

  35. The Perv
    3:04 pm on May 7th, 2009

    The first time my grandmother sucked my cock, I was 12. I had just discovered jacking off and needed only an excuse and a place to whip it out. She was 56 at the time, and has these delicious 38D’s that drooped slightly and when she bent over, they were the size of big grapefruits.

    Her nipples were perpetually hard. When she wore her summer ‘gardening t-shirts’, her nipples always stuck out. Her salt/pepper hair was long, past her shoulders. Her legs shapely, though veiny. When she wore a bathing suit, her pussy hair always peeked out both sides, and occasionally one of her delicious labia would manage to show if her suit shifted. Needless to say, all the summers I spent on my grandparents ranch were filled with a constant source of stimulation. We were working in her vegetable garden that day.

    The sun was hot, not a cloud in sight. She had dressed in cut off denim shorts and her usual loose fitting t-shirt. No bra. As we worked, we sweated, obviously. This led to something akin to a wet t-shirt situation. Her shirt became heavier with the dampness. Her nipples and tits were prominent through the thin material. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her body.

    My mouth started to go dry and my cock got hard enough to ‘cut glass’. The more she bent over and worked the vegetables, the more excited I became. Her pussy hair was visible on the edges of her crotch from behind. When I managed to get a frontal view, I could see her entire tits, nipples and all when her shirt dropped down. I knew I had to cum soon or I would most likely try to fuck her right then and there.

    Anyway, she stood upright and swiped her hair aside. When she saw my face, she got a look of concern on her face. Evidently I was flushed red. My cock was throbbing hard against my jeans. Now, I was always big for my age. I was 6 feet tall, even at 13, and weighed in at about 180 pounds. My cock was 7 inches long and pretty thick across. You know what it’s like at 13. A strong gust of wind will give you a hard on. Now there was this goddess before me. Untouchable. Unobtainable. Yet I desired to feel the heat and sucking caress of her aged pussy wrapped around my young, throbbing cock. To feel those delicious tits against my chest as I thrust into my own mother’s mother.

    I knew incest was wrong, but I simply didn’t care anymore. I abruptly turned and ran, saying I would be back in a little while. She asked me what was wrong, but I couldn’t find the courage to face her at this point. I ran straight to the hay barn and went inside. I fumbled with the buttons on my jeans, wearing Levis.
    Finally, after an eternity, I managed to get the buttons loose. My jeans dropped down to my ankles. My cock sprang loose, wagging back and forth with every beat of my heart as blood gushed through it. I had never experienced a hard on of that intensity and almost came several times just from the friction of the denim on my cock.

    I finally reached down and closed my eyes as I wrapped my hand around the hardness of my throbbing cock. The head was so engorged, it had turned almost purple and my balls were swollen and drawn up to the base of my cock. Precum was streaming out in rivulets. I never heard the door open.

    I was standing there, my pants down, my steel hard 13 year old cock in my hand, my eyes closed tight, and my mouth harshly whispering…”Suck me, grams, suck my wiener”. I didn’t know the usual names for a cock back then. My mom called it a wiener, so wiener it was. I was fantasizing hard at that point. Giving her imaginary ‘orders’. Lay down, grams, let me lay on top of you’. I had seen my parents going at it like drunk monkeys, so I had a good idea of what to do. Not to mention the various books and magazines I was able to gather up and study. “Let me shove my wiener in your pussy. That’s it! spread your pussy out wide for me”!

    It was when I imagined her laying before me that I felt my balls draw up tight. My cock started to throb and jerk. I knew I was about to unleash a wild spray of stick cum all over everything before me. I have always produced an enormous amount of semen. Usually about 1/8 of a cup. More or less, depending. Not only that, but I cum hard. it shoots several feet from the head of my engorged cock.

    I felt something hot engulfing my cock, then bumped my hand aside. My eyes snapped open and I saw my grandmother on her knees before me. She was leaning forward, her open, hot, wet mouth, engulfing the entire length of my throbbing cock. I was already cumming when she took me into her mouth and the first powerful jet of foamy cum slammed into the back or her throat. I was frozen in time with literal surprise, yet my cock continued to spray and spurt rope and rope of my sticky jizz into my grandmother’s throat.

    I came to my senses, somewhat, and grasped her head and started to drive my throbbing, cum spewing cock into her throat. I was afraid I would never stop cumming at that point. My cum was running out of her mouth by then. Running like trails of white cream down both sides of her wrinkled lips. Her tongue was thrashing wildly around the length of my adolescent cock. Finally, my orgasm subsided. I collapsed on the hay beside her. She stayed on mer knees. My cock starting to slowly deflate.

    I was in a wondrous state of amazement at what had just taken place. Confused and having no idea what to say or do at that point. I had never experienced something so utterly amazing before that. I simply lay there, gawking up at my miraculous grandmother like some kind of retarded monkey.

    She was using her fingers and tongue to clean the cum off her lips and chin. Only after she had cleaned every available drop of my cum off her face did she start to speak.

    “Well, honey, I’m guessing by the look on your face that you have no idea what just happened”.

    “Uh…MMMMMM….No, I, Uh”, I replied

    “Baby, I was worried sick about you and followed you in here. When I saw you wrastlin’ around with your britches, I knew what your were up to, so I just waited over there. Then when I realized that your were pulling on that thing while thinking about me, I just had a craving to help you out”.

    “But, grams, I, uh…” I stammered

    “Son, look, I think I understand what you’re thinking. This was wrong, and all that. But, baby, I can’t explain why I felt the way I did. Maybe it was because a young stud horse like you would find a wore out old mare like me still worth looking at”.

    “Uh, grams, I don’t think you’re wore out at all. Jeez, you are one good lookin’ gal. I always have looked at you and wanted to be inside you. I just never thought that I would be able to”.

    “Son, I’m just not sure what came over me. I don’t want to cause you any hurt, but I just couldn’t resist having that hard dick in my mouth. So, I just followed my instincts and wound up on my knees with that hard dick shoved down my throat and a mouthful of semen, to boot”. She paused a moment and thought. Then she spoke again. “I have noticed you looking at me. I confess, it turned me on, but I never had any idea that seeing you jerk off would affect me like this. Anyway, now that we have gone and done this, what do we do about it”?

    “Grams, I have wanted this for a long time. God Almighty, but every time I see you, I get a hard on”.

    “So, do you think you can keep quiet about this, son? If your grandpa, or parents found out, there would be more trouble around here than I could ever get out of”.

    “Grams, believe me, my lips are sealed”.

    Then realization started to hit me square in the face like a tidal surge. I had just fucked my grandmother’s mouth and came down her throat. My eyes strayed to her swaying tits. Moving up and down her body. As my eyes drank in her mature beauty. Her full lips still shiny with my cum. Her hair slightly mussed up from where I had grasped her head as I drove my cum spurting cock into her throat and emptied my balls. Her red lipstick smeared slightly. Her mascara running down her eyes since her eyes had teared up when she gagged on the swollen head of my throbbing cock as it swept past the entry to her throat. My sticky jizz lubricating the entrance.

    My cock started to throb again. Rising up to full hardness as I imagined her nakedness. Suddenly, taken by some unknown force that resides within all of us, my hand moved up and grasped clumsily at her left tit. My palm feeling her nipple through the sheer cotton material. She started to jerk away. Her mouth opening in protest, but suddenly she simply submitted. Then she reached up and quickly took her shirt off. Her tits jiggled as she twisted her shoulders.. The rise and fall of those vein covered breasts caused my cock to jerk again and then another steady stream of precum started to flow.

    She simply shifted over to where she was situated between my legs. Leaning over, she grasped my cock with her supple hand and guided it to her lips. Her tits were softly brushing my legs as she lavished the head of my cum dripping cock with her full lips. Her nipples hard and probing. Suddenly, she drover her head down, taking in the full length of my, now familiar, cock. She slid her lips up and down my length a few times, her tongue lapping hungrily at the steady roll of precum leaking from the head of my jerking cock. Then she let my cock go from her lips with a ‘pop’ as she suctioned all the way up. She slid her hands under the cheeks of my ass and raised my crotch up.

    She started to kiss and lick my balls. Taking them into her mouth and gently biting and tonguing them. The sensation was so intense at that point that I started to hump her face like some wild man. Then she forced my legs open even wider and I felt her soft tongue slide downward to caress my asshole. Goddamn, that drove me absolutely wild at that point. After a few more thrusts into my asshole with her stiffened tongue, she pulled off and away from me.

    She stood up, and then undid the buttons on her shorts. She slid them down quickly and tossed them aside with her foot. There she was, my mother’s mother. Standing before me totally naked and so totally beautiful. She looked my straight in the eyes and started to speak…

    “Baby, when I came in, you were giving me orders. How about you take charge here. Imagine me as your woman to do with what you will”.

    Me? I just lay there and gawked at her some more. Letting those words sink in.

    She went over and sat down on a bale of soft oat straw and said, “I will be here waiting when you decide what you want”.

    Then another wave of realization hit me. Damn, I was a slow learner back then… She was actually offering me the unlimited use of her delectable body. She was going to be my woman! All I had to do was order her and she would comply.

    “MMMM, grams, lay down and spread your legs wide”!

    She immediately complied with my order. Her breasts jiggling as they swept across her chest side to side. Then they drooped low as she went to her hands and knees to slowly turn and lay down on her back. I saw her pussy spread open as she teasingly took her time going down and rolling over. Her eyes cutting back and downward to watch me. I had taken my cock in my hand and was holding it tightly. The coursing heart beat was unbelievably strong.

    Finally she was on her back. Her legs spread widely. Her tits falling to her sides. Her pussy now dripping wet. The flowing wetness dripping down the crack of her cunt and then across her own asshole. I could see her vagina throbbing as she became ever more excited. I stepped over to her. Standing between her legs, I knelt down between her thighs and lay gently on top of her. She reached between us and grasped the throbbing length of my cock and guided it to her wetly flowing pussy. I thrust forward into her. The heat of her wet cunt engulfing my cock sent waves of tingly pleasure through my body. Her cunt resisted my penetration at first. Then opened up as I started to thrust into her. I felt my balls begin to draw up again.

    “Grams, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum in your pussy”!

    She wrapped her arms around me. Then her legs closed across my ass as I drove my cock into her depths as far as I could. I felt her flowing pussy juice on my balls as they slapped wetly against her splayed out asshole. She drew my mouth down to hers and her lips crushed into mine. I felt her tongue probing my lips, so I instinctively let my tongue move out to meet hers. She sucked my tongue into her mouth with her lips. I could still taste the remains of the earlier load of cum that I had forcefully ejaculated into her wanton mouth.

    She sucked my tongue like a small cock. That drove me insane. I felt the second load of cum spasm down out of my tingling balls that I had squirted into this amazing woman. The first powerful stream of my cum splashed deep into her womb. This, in turn, triggered a powerful orgasm in my grandmother. I felt her cunt start to throb and contract around the deeply implanted length of my jizz squirting cock. Suddenly I began to thrust in and out of her again. The final spurts of my jizz flowing into my grandmother’s hot cunt. This knowledge in my mind, the knowing that I had just ordered my own grandmother to lay down and take my young manhood. To breed her like my own woman, kept my cock hard still yet. I simply couldn’t get enough of this gorgeous female. I started to thrust into her again. Harder, faster. Her breath coming in spurts. She was grunting as my pelvis slammed downward, driving my hardened cock into her wet, cum sloppy cunt. My jizz was squirting out around my cock as I thrust into her. My balls slack and slapping her splayed ass.

    Her voice interjected into the steady sound of my thrusting body against hers. The wet slapping of my balls against her flesh. Her labored pants of passion. Her grunts and moans as she reached yet another shattering orgasm…

    “Ohhh baby, grams is cummin’. You’re makin’ grams cum so good, baby. Fuck me, honey, fuck grams harder”!

    With that I slammed into her cum saturated cunt again and again. Driving the length of my cock as deeply into her grasping, milking cunt as hard as I could.


    That did it. I came in her cunt again before I even had a chance to speak. The few spurts of cum that I produced didn’t come close to the first two loads. But the feeling was even more intense. I drove into her as deeply as I could. This time it was me who kissed her. I felt her hot breath roll into my mouth as I sucked her tongue as she had done mine before. Then our lips locked together as our tongues mingled. My cock jerking in the throes of subsiding orgasm. Her cunt still clasping and milking as her own powerful orgasm still coursed through her loins to release her flowing juices around my deeply implanted cock. Finally, my cock wilted and slipped out of her dripping cunt. My jizz flowing out behind it to pool on the ground between her splayed ass cheeks.

    I rolled off her and she nestled her head in the crook of my arm.

    “Baby, that was amazing”!

    “Grams, I love you so much…I want you. No…I need you. I want to do this again and again”.

    “Son, all you have to do is say the word, and I am yours. Anywhere, anytime. I am your woman. You can take me and use me any way you want. Your grandfather never believed in having sex often. He always looked at it like a chore, I suppose”.

    “Damn, grams, with a woman like you to be had whenever he wants, he must be some kind of fool”.

    “No, son, he just has his ways, like everybody else has theirs. I might not agree with it, but I do love him. But, a woman has needs, and I never was with another man but him. At least not until now. Thing is, I am not sure how this will affect our relationship as grandmother and grandson, but, I hope we can find a way to work it out. I know that sex with you is safe. We have our little secret. You have all the pussy you want, anytime you want. I have a steady supply of hard pecker. What more could we ask for”?

    “So, anytime, anything, anywhere, huh”? I asked in amazement.

    “Well, you know what I mean, grandson. You have to be careful, ya know. We can’t let our little secret get out. But, yes, anytime we are alone and you want to use me, all you have to do is order me to do something and I will be happy to comply with your every wish”.

    I realized that this opened up a countless number of possibilities. I suddenly recalled a time I saw my mother bent over the bed, and dad was behind her. She kept saying, “Fuck my ass, Rick, fuck me harder. Cum in my ass”.

    I looked over at my grandmother and asked, “Have you ever been fucked in the ass before? I saw mom and dad doing it once and she kept telling him to fuck her ass, to cum in her ass”.

    “Oh honey, no, grams has never did that before”. She looked at me in amazement as she answered.

    “Well, dad sure seemed to like it, judging by the look on his face, and all. I reckon you and me will have to try that out next time”.

    “But, honey, I am so little back there. Your dick is just so big, and I might…”

    “Look, woman”, I cut her off as I had heard my dad do my mother when he didn’t want to hear any argument, “you belong to me now. You are my woman and you WILL do as I say. If I tell you to bend over and offer that tight ass hole to me, you by-gawd will do just that. In fact, you can start by wrapping those lips around my ‘dick’ and sucking me some more”.

    She looked over at me, unsure, somewhat afraid. I reached over and grasped her by the back of the neck and pulled her face toward my cock. It was still coated with her pussy juice and my cum. Cum was still dripping from the piss hole. She started to resist, but my steady pressure told her I wouldn’t take no for an answer, so she gave in and let me press her face into my crotch. She opened her lips and let her tongue bathe my cock. Her tongue sliding up and down its length. An idea was forming in my mind as I watched her service me. I suddenly pushed her away and rolled over to my hands and knees.

    “Lick my asshole like you did before”.

    She let her tongue slide between the cheeks of my ass and begin to probe my asshole wetly. Her tongue sliding down to lick my balls, then back up to slide into my tight asshole. Her tongue thrusts became more and more powerful. Faster, harder, she fucked my young asshole with her tongue. She reached between my legs and grasped my swaying balls and messaged them gently as she lapped hungrily at my bottom. The she rolled over onto her back and slid upward a bit. Then she raised up and took my cock back into her hot mouth.

    My cock seriously started to respond. Then she reach back up and slid a finger into my ass and she found my prostate. As she massaged it, I went wild with instant passion. My cock flew out to it’s full hardness. I knew I was about to cum again, and I wasn’t ready. So I pulled off her and stood up. Looking down at her, I knew she was mine to do with as I pleased. My voice was strong and unyielding as I ordered her…

    “On your hands and knees, woman, NOW! Get that tight asshole ready to take my dick”!

    She hesitated only the briefest of moments before complying. I saw the surrender in her eyes even before she started to roll over. She slid her shapely, yet drooping, ass up into the air. Her weight resting on her elbows. Keeping her upper half far enough up off the hay covered floor that her sagging tits were flopping around as she situated herself for my enjoyment. I knelt on the ground behind her. My pelvis the perfect height to access her tight, virgin asshole. ‘Damn’, I thought, as I reached down and grabbed my hard cock to situate it against the puckered, cum covered hole, ‘I will be the first one to ever be in this hole of hers’. That thought made my cock jerk wildly. I then pressed the swollen head of my large, adolescent cock against the tightness of her anal opening and pressed forward. I could hear her whispering to herself, ‘Relax, Martha, just relax’.

    I pressed my now throbbing cock even harder against her unyielding asshole. Suddenly the head popped in. She screamed a muffled scream as the pain of my intruding cock took her anal virginity. The tightness of her ass was magnificent. I felt the tingles of pleasure coursing all through my body, from the head of my cock to the tips of my toes. ‘I am actually fucking my grandmother in her asshole’! I thought lewdly.

    I began to try to thrust deeper into her.

    “Hold on, baby”! She cried, “Let me get used to it for a moment”.

    I complied and spent that time looking down at my cock and her splayed ass cheeks. The shaft of my cock was reddened by the pressure of her grasping asshole. The sight of my cock head buried in my grandmother’s ass was more than I could stand. I started to slowly move back and forth. Soon another half inch was inside her. Then another and another. Inch by slow inch, I sank my cock into my grandmother’s tight, hot asshole. Soon she was starting to thrust back onto my cock. Then I was all the way inside her. My balls resting in the heated valley of her splayed out cunt.

    I started to draw in and out of her. The feeling of her asshole sucking dryly at my cock was intense. Soon, her asshole was lubricating. Mixed with my small amount of precum, her ass was ready to be thoroughly fucked. I started to slam into her rear end harder, faster. My balls slapping wetly against her hardened clit. Her breath coming in gasps. A moan escaping her lips. Soon she reached between her legs and grasped my balls and started to roll them in her palm. I drove deeply into her and then started short stroking her now heated asshole.

    “Oh my god, son, you are making me feel so gooooood. I am gonna cum again, baby. Grams is cumming. I’m cuuuuuuuuummmmmmingggggg”!!!!!

    I started to slam her asshole harder and faster. My balls slapping into the palm of her hand now. I would drive in hard and hold my cock buried deeply inside her so she could roll my balls in her hand some more.

    “Fuck my ass, grandson! Fuck grams ass with your beautiful boy cock”!

    I slammed into her hard. I felt the tingling telling me I was going to cum very soon. I grabbed her hips and drove into her and held my cock still. She grabbed my balls the second she started to cum. Her asshole was flexing on my hardened 13 year old cock. Coupled with he squeezing my balls, that was all it took. My cock started to jerk and spew another load of my hot, sticky cum into my grandmother’s well fucked ass.

    After a few moments. Letting the last drops of cum drip out of my cock, I pulled out of her ass and stood up. She stayed down on her hands and knees, quivering and shaking. Then she rolled over and looked up at me.

    “My lord, baby, that was better than I ever imagined it could be. I never dreamed I would even do anything like that much less like it”.

    “Well, grams. Get ready, because from now on, you will be getting a whole lot of this dick in you. Like you said….anytime, anywhere”.

    “That I did, sonny boy, that I did. Now, young man, we need to get dressed and head up to the house. I need to cook supper for your grandpa. He will be in off the tractor soon”.

    With that, we dressed and walked hand in hand to the house. I opened the door for her and held it. Not wanting to let a perfectly good opportunity pass by, I reached up and softly tweaked her on the nipple and then swatted her on her ass. I noticed the growing wet spot on the seat of her shorts. When I mentioned it to her, she jerked her hand back and felt it.

    “Oh my god. Your cum is running out of my ass and my twat”!

    With that, she took off to the bathroom. Me in tow. She was shucking her clothes as she went. She ran to the toilet and sat down. I heard her piss flowing. The water splashing as it cascaded down. I noticed that this sight turned me on. Watching my grandmother piss. I had no idea why, but it did. She stood and stepped over to the bathtub. Stepping in, she turned on the shower. A few moments later, I stripped and joined in. We bathed each other quickly, then she ran to the bedroom, again with me close behind her. Her heavy tits swaying and jiggling. Her ass swaying as she hurried along.

    She dressed quickly, then ordered me to my room to do the same. I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply before moving off to get dressed.

    That evening when my grandfather came in and sat down to supper, he kept looking at my grandmother strangely. Finally, he asked her, “Well, woman, what’s got you all fired glowing and giggly”?

    “Oh, Hank, we just had a really great day around here” She replied as she looked over to me.

    My grandfather just looked at me a moment and finally shrugged. Then said, “Well, son, whatever it is you and her did that has her all snippy and flitty like some spring mare, keep it up. I ain’t seen her this happy in some years”.

    “Why sure, gramps, it wasn’t much, really. So, there won’t be no problem keeping her happy I don’t reckon”.

    The next day, after she had fed and coffeed gramps, she was doing the dishes when I came down stairs. I stood in the doorway quietly, looking at my new woman. The sunlight beaming through the kitchen window letting me see through her sheer nightgown. I could see that hadn’t put on any underwear. I slid my underwear off and then eased up quietly behind her completely naked. I wrapped my arms around her and took both of her tits in my hands as my now hard cock slid in between the cheeks of her ass. I fondled her heavy tits a few moments. Then pulled off her nightgown and tossed it aside. She bent over the sink as I placed my hands on her shoulders and pushed. Her ass riding up the length of my cock. Finally, my cock head was at the entrance to her hotly dripping cunt. I slid into her easily. Her pussy taking my now familiar cock to the hilt. I started to fuck her. Slowly at first. Then faster. Suddenly she tried to raise up.

    “Honey, I have to go pee”!

    I remembered her pissing in front of me the day before. How much it turned me on. Suddenly, I had a new idea. Kinky, but, hey…what the hell. I was already fucking my own grandmother, so how bad could it be? I pulled out of her and then pulled her down with me as I started to lay down on my back on the kitchen floor.

    “Honey, please! I really have to go bad”!

    “Get on top of me, grams”.

    She looked at me like I had lost my mind. But, she saw I was serious, and complied. She stepped across me and then squatted down. Taking my cock in her hand she lowered herself onto its hardened length.

    “Now go ahead and piss, grams”.

    Her mouth flew open as she gawked at me.”I will not, young man. Are you crazy”?

    “No, I just heard you pissing in the toilet yesterday when you were getting my cum out of your ass and pussy, and, well, it turned me on. So, I want to see you piss while my dick is in your pussy”.

    “Oh my god”. She panted. Suddenly I saw her face redden slightly, then I felt the flow of her piss as it squirted out. The hot, wet feeling of it flooding my midsection, around the base of my cock buried in her hot cunt. This drove me wild.

    “Gawddamn, grams, that is absolutely amazing”!

    Suddenly she started to ride my cock like a woman gone mad. Piss squirting out every time she slammed herself downward, impaling her wet cunt onto my cock. Then I had all I could take. I felt myself starting to cum. I pushed her off and ordered her to suck me off.

    “Suck me grams. Suck my dick”!

    She started to hesitate, but I grabbed her head and pushed it downward. Her lips met the tip of my cock head and opened, knowing that she had to do my bidding. That this moment in time was mine. She lived this moment to provide me pleasure. As I lived to pleasure her. But, her inner-fantasy was to be dominated, or some such thing, so be it.

    “Suck me, woman, now”!

    She slid her lips over my cock. Finally, her nose was buried in my piss soaked pubic hair. Her throat swallowing, contracting around my cock. Her tongue lashing. I felt my nuts tingle right before the first heavy gush of cum spurted into her throat. She pulled off enough to let the rest of the morning load of my jizz spurt forcefully onto her tongue as she labored to swallow it all. Her tongue working the bottom of my cock head, causing me to give her even more of my sperm laden semen. Then she did something that sealed my fate. As she pulled off my sperm leaking cock, she started bathing my crotch with her tongue. Licking at her own juices. She worked her way up my belly, then back down again until she had covered every inch. She took my soft cock back into her mouth, looking up into my eyes as she worked its flacid length between her lips. Soon, I knew I was going to have to piss. Looking into her eyes, I knew what she wanted. I simply cocked an eyebrow at her, and she nodded with my cock still between her lips. I lay back and let her suck me. My cock starting to respond and grow hard again. I felt the first pressures on my bladder as I reached down and grasped her head in my hands.

    My piss raced up the length of my hardening cock and into her sucking mouth. It flooded her cheeks and she swallowed as much as she could before it started flowing out of her mouth. Soon I was dry, and hard. But she rose up and started finishing the dishes.

    “Sonny boy, I swear to be damned that you amaze me with every turn. First you fuck me in my ass like some stud horse, make me cum harder’n I have ever cum in my life doin’ it. Then you make me straddle you and piss. What is it about you that I can’t resist. I don’t think that the word No even exists in me anymore. At least not where you are concerned”. She paused a moment, her hand flitting in the dish water, “I cannot believe I just licked my own pee off you and then sucked your dick until you peed in my mouth. And I drank it all. Shit, boy, but you sure have a hold on me”.

    “Well, grams, you are just full of surprises yourself. Now, I think that a good ass fucking, followed by my filling your cum filled ass with a good load of piss behind it might be in store”, I said as I moved up behind her and grabbed a drinking glass and filled it full of water and started drinking it down. Glass after glass. Filling my bladder.

    After about a half dozen or so glasses full of cold well water, I positioned myself behind her again. My cock already standing high and hard. My balls filled with another full load of semen just screaming to be let loose inside my grandmother’s tight ass. I pushed her over the sink. She scooted her feet backward, pushing her ass higher, allowing me access to her puckered asshole. I bent over and licked at her asshole briefly, to lubricate it. Then I stood back up and reached down to grasp my cock and guide it to her waiting and willing asshole. I slid into her more easily this time. The tightness was still there, but she wasn’t as tense this time. Soon I was happily pounding away at her. I reached up and grabbed her hand and started it in the right direction. She knew what I wanted, and soon had a handful of my cum bloated balls. A few gentle messages later, coupled with the thought of what I was about to do to her cum filled ass, drove me over the edge. I slammed into her as my jizz began slamming into her swollen asshole. A few moments later, I felt the first pangs of pain denoting that my bladder needed relief. I kept my cock buried deep inside her ass as I strained harder and harder. Soon I was able to force the piss out of my bladder and up the length of my softening cock. The stream flooded her asshole. Leaking out around my cock, mixed with my cum. The sight gave me a feeling I couldn’t define. Still can’t for that matter. Suffice it to say that it drove me crazy with lust.

    After ward, she finished up the dishes and we went out to do the chores.

    The time we spent together opened up new venues of pleasure filled lust. We fucked at every opportunity. I would go to town with her, and we would pull off the road and get a quicky. Once, she even sucked my cock in the grocery store parking lot. This led to me taking her pussy in the front seat. All the while, her telling me to hurry and cum so we didn’t get caught. The thrill of knowing that anyone could come along at anytime as I was using my grandmother’s cunt for my pleasure in the front seat of her station wagon was enough to hook me on the thrill of danger.

    Soon, I had her on her knees sucking me off with my grandpa in the living room watching television. She would greedily swallow my cock until I shot a load of jizz into her mouth, then I would let her take my grandfather’s coffee to him. All the while holding my cum in her mouth. She had to hold it until I gave her permission to swallow it. One night when I had turned 15, I got bold and went to my grandparents bed. I started fondling my grandmother as she lay next to my grandfather. I pulled her over to the edge of the bed, still laying on her side. I slid my hard cock into her from behind. My knees bent slightly. I worked her pussy a few good strokes and then slipped my well-lubed cock out of her cunt and aimed it at her asshole. I slowly fucked her ass. Being as smooth and gentle as I could to keep from waking my grandfather. A few moments later, I started to cum. Jet after jet of cum spurted into her ass. She was still laying on her side and I was standing. She started to cum as she felt my jizz flood her stretched asshole. Finally, the last drops spurted out, followed by the flood of hot piss that I had been saving for this moment. The sudden flow caused he to orgasm intensely. She bit her pillow to keep from crying out. I pulled out of her and followed her to the bathroom and stood there as she squirted my cum and piss from her ass. Then I stepped up and placed my half hard cock against her lips. Soon she was sucking me hungrily. Her fingers probing my asshole until she found my prostate, which caused a new flood of semen to flow into her mouth. Then off to bed yet once again. But, I told her she couldn’t swallow. She had to go to sleep with the load of my sperm laden semen in her mouth. So, there she was, climbing back into bed with my grandfather, her mouth bulging with my sperm, and finally off to sleep. The cum dripping slowly out of her mouth as my perverted ass stood there and watched.

    Later that week, we decided to go catch a movie at the local theater. Needless to say, I grabbed a back row, and the theater was pretty empty. Just a few of the locals in attendance. Nothing like a slobbery good blow job from grams, with her shirt pulled up to make her saggy tits available for my fondling pleasure while taking in a good flick, I always say…

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