Confession Point

When you must confess!

I added GPL code to a program that uses the BSD licence with the advertising clause.


i am 20 years old and i live in canada. I was 13 years old and i was on my way to a wrestling tournament, ive been wrestling since i was 8 years old. so the night after we got there. We saw all kinds of girls in the pool and they were sexy. So me and my teammates got our swimsuits on and headed into the pool.

so when i was in the pool, the girls were trying to toy with me and all i thought was, that they were stupid bitches. I went to go play some games with them, but then i thought im gonna play a little game on this one girl. So i swam underwater over to her and put my hand on her vagina.

She tells all her friends on me, and the only ones in the pool are my teammates and me, except one of them was going to tell confront the girls. He came up to me and was wondering why i did that. So I told him they were toying around with me so i got them back. I made all my teammates not tell my coach about this so he wouldnt kick me off the team. No one ever spoke about this again.


one time in eighth grade while we all were at break during lunch I found a frog in the school yard. I took it back inside to show my friends but by this time it was time to go back to class. The frog needed to go back outside. While on my way out there was a backup of kids leaving the lunch room and coming in. This one girl was coming in and I was going out(she was all wayz running her smart mouth about something) there her mouth was flapping away, I took the frog and stuck in her mouth just long enough for her to see it was a frog. She freeked out! I kept my cool and walked out to the school yard to release the frog. She was still screaming something about a frog in her mouth but had no idea who did it. I never did hear much from her mouth after that. Becareful where your mouth is open a frog may show up.