Confession Point

When you must confess!

I have a very bad problem, whenever i see a muslim woman in her burka i have an urge to sling handfuls of shit at her. Can i be helped? Or will allah strike me down in a shitstorm. I await your helpful advice.


I am a from Egypt I am married to a decent woman with two nice boys. I cheated on her two years after we married. My wife was the first woman in my life but she just couldn’t be the last. It is her poor sexual apetite and my high sex drive that made sex compatibilty impossible for us. I had some incomplete relations with girls, I mean girls who were virgins and in my country girls don’t give up their virginity but to their husbands, so I did not really had the chance to screw any of them and my wife was still the only open pussy I had.

One of the girls I knew asked me a favor and gave me the phone number of one of her older neighbors who was a widow of 34 while I was 29. She asked me to have one of my male friends to call the widow and try to make her fall in love with him just to drag her attention from some mean guy who exploit her and take her money. I liked the idea and instead of having a friend to do so I called the widow myself but I was not good at starting a relation with women through an accident call. I was direct with the widow and told her the true story and reason of my call but I hid the name of my girlfriend. She asked for a date, at first I refused and told her that I am not after an affair with her. She insisted on seeing me after she stared to like me and my thoughts of life and women. We met and I liked her and she also liked me, She was an image of the old Italian actress name Claudia Cardinally. Most attractive to me was her breasts that must have measured some thing like DDD. She told me that it would be improper for her as a widower to be seen by someone in my company and I offered to take her to my house that was empty because my wife stayed then at her family’s house in anticipation of delivery.

We went to my home, we talked for a while in the middle she took off her coat and my eyes struck by her massive breasts. We hugged and kissed and of course I got erected. I was horny like hell but not yet decided to go on for the very end but I tried to pull up her skirt but she refused because she was minsurating then> I stopped and we left a moment after. After I called her a cab, I recalled what happened and I came to the conclusion that she did not like me and she faked minsturation to excuse and leave. I decided not to call her again to save my face. The following day she called me the first thing in the morning> She was hot on the phone and she expressed to me how much she is attracted to me. To make the long story short we met 3 days later but at her house because I did not feel good about inviting her to my house. I was nervous, but she managed to make me relax and after preparatory expert work on her part I was so erect. She unzipped me and took my cock out and she gasped when she saw it and it was the first time to me to know that I have such a big cock. I felt proud and confident then and most importantly I got harder and hornier.

She laid on her back and had me between her legs with her clothes on but she pulled her shirt up. This time I never tried to reach her pussy but I kept dry fucking her. She started to moan loudly and asked me to enter her and I refused. I had some fears to commit that sin. She begged me to fuck her with my cock but I refused again and told her to try please herself wo real penetrations. She pretended that she would do as told and started playing with my cock and she got hornier and set fire between my legs. I was horny like never before. She managed to take aside the edge of her pants aside and before I realize what was happening I felt the smoothnes, wetness and heat of her her cock eater pussy. I was in heaven and I was so pleased to resist. I postponed fellings of guilt to after I finish and went for it body and soul. I surprised the widow and myself she had a shaking orgasm and I followed her. I was back to my senses but I noticed that my cock was up again and It was my first time to experience this. We had another session, we had another day and we fucked on and on.

That woman made me a pro, I mean before meeting her I thought I was just normal but she told me that I am a man any woman would like to have as husband or a lover. That gave me more confidence and it was a turning point in my sex life> I knew more women and the widows words that I am a freak sex partner proved right with every woman I had.


I sent an anonymous letter to a Muslim girl I knew whose parents were really traditional, telling them that she was not a virgin. She got disowned and had to move to New York. I did it because she used to date the guy I ended up marrying, and I thought she was much hotter than me. It drove me nuts with jealousy.


Revised version

I laugh at those religious people they are so funny some times.

Warning the following conversations edits came from true religious people

Conversation with Christian:

me: “hey man earth is billions of years old man!”
Christian guy:” no man it’s 6000 years old and it is created in 7 days.”
Me:” but that Larry king guy on CNN is older then that!!”
me:” wow look at these dinosaurs bones man!”
Christian guy guy:” no man the dinosaurs are not real and there are no genetic mutations that caused the evolution because god made us all, oh and if you don’t join us Christians you are going to hell!!! So repent And let god forgive you.”
Me:”what about the fossils from all the previous animals ? You know from millions of years ago?”
Christian guy:”a massive conspiracy…”
Me:” right….”

Conversation with Muslim guy:
Muslim guy:”hey man join us and you get 72 virgins!”
Me:”is that virgin men or girls? Cause I don’t want 72 virgin guys running around in my house.”
Muslim guy:” I don’t know.. I’ll look it up I guess.”
Me:”Mmmm pork….”
Muslim guy:”no man that is bad! You are going to hell!”
Muslim guy:” pigs are a sacred animal they are holy!”

Conversation with Buddhist
The following is fiction
Me:” yeah I need money man got any?”
Buddhist:” here’s my wallet knock yourself out.”
Me:” gee thanks”

So as you can see religious people are either ignorant, dorky or pacifist…