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When I was a boy I use to stay with my grandma sometimes in the summer. Over the years it was common for her to see me naked in and out of the bath and shower. I saw her naked a few times also while she was dressing. Sometimes she would help me towel off in the bathroom. Once when I was about 11, she was helping me and I got an erection. She was quite interested in it and she handled my cock and nuts. This caused me to have my first ejaculation. This scared me but she asured me it was ok because I was just becoming a young man. After that I got more modest and didn’t let her see me naked any more. The only thing is that as an adult it turns me on for an older woman to see me naked.
Jack me Granny


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  1. The blind man
    2:51 am on February 22nd, 2007

    #1918: It’s ok to like older women. Your not alone in your cravings for ‘mature’ ladies. As they say "Women age like a fine wine" and it’s true. The older a woman gets the more grown up she becomes, the less she wants prince charming and the more she wants a good normal guy like you. The older she gets the more she understands that sex fades with time, and if she wants it she needs to get it and not complain.

    So there’s nothing wrong with your feelings, I found your story amusing and I hope you can enjoy life to the fullest!

  2. late hooker
    7:54 pm on February 23rd, 2007

    #2000: Dude that is wierd to have your gramdmum wank you

  3. natural hunter
    7:44 pm on February 25th, 2007

    #2106: That is so sweet.

  4. Granny Gumjob's Pump Master
    6:02 am on July 12th, 2007

    #2933: I know how you feel. I’ve had a crush on my grandmother ever since she gave me my very first blowjob on my thirteenth birthday. I was visiting her for a couple of hours and we were having a pretty good time kidding around. She caught me looking down her blouse at her tits and later looking up her skirt when she was sitting on the couch. After giving me "the look", I knew I’d better watch myself or I’d be in some big, big trouble!

    But I couldn’t help myself – I just had to look! She wasn’t wearing a bra and she didn’t have any panties on either!

    Anyway, to make a long story short, she caught me peeking up her skirt again. She made me come over to the couch and stand in front of her. I had gotten all hard and everything and I tried to hide it from her but she grabbed my hands and pulled them away from my crotch. She pulled me in even closer. So close in fact, that she had to hike up her skirt so I could stand there in between her spread knees.

    I was scared stiff in more ways than one!

    Then she told me to stand still and not to move around. I was totally petrified as she unzipped my pants, reached in and pulled my rock-hard little pecker out!

    Then she took out her false teeth, leaned forward and sucked my entire cock into her toothless mouth. ALL five and a half inches of it! OMG!!! I was in heaven!

    She had grabbed a hold of both my asscheeks in her wrinkled hands and started moving me forward and back so that my cock was moving in and out of her sucking mouth.

    All of a sudden my balls started tingling and that’s when I found out that grandma likes it rough. As I was getting ready to shoot my load down her throat I grabbed her head in both hands and started fucking my grandmother’s face. I was only 13 but I was face-fucking my own grandmother like a man possessed!

    When I stared cumming, my knees gave out and I fell over backwards pulling my cocksucking grandmother down with me. I kept pumping my sperm down grandma’s gulping throat for another five seconds or so before I passed out.

    When I came to, about 4 or 5 minutes later, my grandmother was down on her knees and asked me if I wanted to do it some more.

    14 years and 27 gallons of sperm later, my answer is still YES !!!

  5. crafty spider
    11:16 pm on September 12th, 2007

    #3512: the same thing happened to me years ago and with my mother too. knowing what I know now, I think both of them would have sucked me off if I’d pushed the point. I was too young and dumb. too late now anyway.

  6. Incestuous Semen Shooting Son
    6:04 pm on December 8th, 2009

    My Mother caught her Mother, my Grandmother, giving me a blowjob. I had just finished furiously fucking her face and ejaculating my semen into Grandma’s toothless mouth when Mom walked into the kitchen and caught us.

    Although she doesn’t let me go over to Grandma’s by myself anymore, my mother DOES give me a blowjob every day.

    PS. I don’t tell Mom about all the times I meet Grandma down at the park.

  7. Ecstatic Ejaculator
    2:23 pm on January 5th, 2010

    My Mother and BOTH of my Grandmothers religiously perform oral sex on me almost every day. I love the slurping sucking sounds they make when they’re busily fellating my erect penis. It feels so good when my testicles give up their billions & billions sperm and I ecstatically ejaculate a huge amount of semen for them to hungerily swallow.

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