Confession Point

When you must confess!

I’m a 16 year old girl and 1 year ago this month I had started seeing another girl. I was deeply in love with her and then she broke my heart, we argued all the time and eventually she didn’t feel the same way about me and found somebody else. It took me months to get over her, I’m still not completely sure if I am over her. I could never imagine myself with any other girl but her so I now have a boyfriend.

I thought maybe if I got another girlfriend then I would be forever comparing her with my ex.

Anyway, i do love this guy so much, he makes me feel so happy and special. It’s just really weird being with a man and every time he kisses me, I keep thinking of my ex girlfriend or just girls in general. My boyfriend knows nothing about it and I can’t tell him, it would break his heart.

And what’s more, the other day I went to my friends 18th birthday and I saw my ex girlfriend there, we talked for hours and hours about everything and anything, we had a really good laugh like old times, then we ended up having a bit of a kiss. We both agreed it was a mistake because we’re both with other people now, but it’s really messed me up and confused me again.


I think that if I stay “friends” with my ex long enough he’ll want to get back together with me. Deep down I know its not true, and that when he starts fucking some other girl I’ll be heartbroken, but I cant help myself. I cant imagine my life without him.