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I have never had sex. I am 25 and I think it’s gonna stay likes this because women are so different and play hard to get and act like man have to make a play of love to cweep them away even if it is fake but they seem to need it, and I hate that. I am a shy person, so I am aware that it’s gonna be pretty impossible to get out of this loop of loneliness unless I overcome my fears and play the girls game which seem fake and elaborated artificially and it seems like everybody loves playing them except me.

I think I’ll die a virgin and alone and can’t do anything realistic to change it. Even if I am the only one with this perspective, I am really attracted to girls, even want romance and have lots of crushes on any given time and have tender feeling of love and occasional lust. But I feel we are all indoctrinated to behave one way only in the dating scene, we are just brainwashed by society in the way they want a guy approach to them. I can’t comply to the mating games rules established by media and society, they suck for me. I just want to be natural and have a happy fulfilling real relationship, but sometimes I conclude that women don’t look for averageness on love and sex. They look for adventures risk and pleasures. So I am not able to provide a movie for them cause all I want is simple and real love. I am in big trouble, even considering celibate and even a romance celibate if that definition even exist. Thanks.


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  1. hard father
    2:50 pm on March 25th, 2009

    I feel exactly like you, you are not alone

  2. responsible arsonist
    11:36 pm on March 26th, 2009

    if your sincere about wanting to get beyond the pattern and get what you want… try out this
    it will change your life… you have to do it though… no one can do it for you… you can have a life you never thought possible… I know i’ve done it

  3. rubber the band
    5:29 am on March 27th, 2009

    Putting an effort into impressing because of caring and desiering her is what she sees. Kinda like if you HAD a girlfriend and she made you a star-wars-dinner and was princess leia for dessert, just to show you she loves you. That kinda thing.

    U go boy 😉

  4. Hello !
    2:55 pm on March 29th, 2009

    Oh my God I feel so the same. This freakin game girls want to play !

    My advice: be yourself, don’t ever change !!!

  5. FourestBlandford.
    8:25 pm on March 31st, 2009

    you just have to find the girl who’ll lead you. I was a shy kid.. and i had a girl who just lead me to what I was suppose to do. .and I was confused most of the time but she guided me through all the way ..from kissing to sex. : )

  6. inconsiderate pig
    10:43 pm on March 31st, 2009

    It’s hard for most guys to learn how to date. The only thing different about you is you didn’t get that bit of learning out of the way already.

    Even if you’re good at it it’s hard. I’ve been with and dated my share of hot women and after a recent break up I’m dreading having to get out of my comfort zone in the dating scene again.

    Stop caring about what you think women want. It’s usually enough just to not be a freak of nature and not make a big deal out of the fact that you want to date/hook up.

    Also, try playing the virgin card. It worked AMAZING for a friend of mine. (Who was also a real virgin in his 20s)

  7. Phil
    1:42 pm on April 2nd, 2009

    Some of these suggestions are nice… and might actually get you some action a time or two… (eventually).. . but overall, if you want to make a difference in your life you have to look at how you are going about things… if your not willing to do this… then you will never really succeed…
    yah, there are girls out there who would love to take your virginity… and that might work…
    but only short term… but maybe that can show you what your missing long enough to do something about yourself for the long term…

    I’m 35 years old, I have been very shy most of my life… but have spent the last 15 years studying psychology in general, and much on how men & women differ and how they interact…

    I gave the links to information before, by david deanglo which is the best program I have seen anywhere, at explaining how this works… and how you can go about doing simple things to get more of what you want… It has nothing to do with society’s programming of women, as you will see… women are not rational when it comes to sex and attraction, that is your first and biggest mistake. They have no choice, they just are attracted or not, and only a small part of it is physical… they read everything from body language to voice tone… without ever even being taught… If you think you can talk her overies out of 50 million years of evolution, then you really do need to get an education…

    The fact is, it is a game… and the reason is that is how nature works, and when you are talking about sex, you are talking about nature… ie. the birds and the bees and the slimy things between your knees… if you want to have tea and crumpits and say sweet things to the girl and then expect her to get horny and bend over for you… then you are living in a fantasy land… If you can’t bring yourself to get with the program to get what you say you want… then perhaps your passive mutant seed does not deserve to be passed on to another generation…

    If you want to listen to others who want to help you feel like a victim, and say don’t change, hold onto your values… then get yourself a lifetime supply of lube and invest in some new sheets… because that will be your destiny…. untily you reailze that the world does not happen to you you happen to it… and that is how manhood works… It took me till my 30’s to realize this, don’t let yourself wait that long…

    What motivates a woman’s sexual desire is action, attitude & energy… and it has nothing to do with being macho, or fake… it has to be real… (a game that requires you being real, but directed specifically) it’s not that she’s fake it’s that she is a biologically a woman and that is how nature works… it’s really not that difficult…

    Men in this society have had this kind of thinking & awareness trounced out of them.. and often we’re not even taught what it looks like. This is often because we have domineering mothers, single moms or no example of a healthy dad or model for healthy manhood…

    I know I never did and sturggled for many years, and I am a guy who is lucky enough to who get’s a lot of looks… and could even get away with not doing any of those things
    and still get picked up once in a while… (But not as often as people would think, because women go for energy more then looks 90% of the time)…

    The reason people say nice guys finish last (sometimes called a “wussy” is because that is a man that is a pleaser… and this kind of man, often doesn’t get much of what he wants out of other areas of life either until he learns to stop doing this… A pleaser is someone who does everything else to please everyone else but himself and that is exactly the opposite of what turns a woman on… developed through 50 million years of evolution, which no amount of rational behavior is going to change… a woman gets turned on by a guy who is willing to go with his desire and let what he wants override any fears he has… that is what benig a man is… and she knows it in her bones blindfolded… and if you have ever seen a short average guy with a tall beautiful babe… it’s because he learned this… and she is happy with that… It doesn’t mean you have to lose your sensitivity, you just direct it in a different way…

    take my word for it and check out the david deangelo stuff… you can probably even find it on youtube… and cheap on ebay… I’ll even send you some if you can’t afford it… if it’s hard to do on your own get a couch to help you… there are many other worthwhile things but I’ve found these to be the most effective and informative… and as he says hang out with people who get the things that you say you want… easily.. and see how they do it… no matter what it is you want…

    We all need sex… stop depriving yourself of this, it’s really unhealthy, I know cuz like I said I did it for years… but now know how things work more… and can direct myself appropriately, without comprisiming my dignity in anyway…

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    wake up and smell the pussy that’s waiting for you to dive in…..

  8. Mike.
    10:19 am on April 16th, 2009

    Stop playing their game. Date an older lady. Find someone who has lived long enough to be a good woman.

  9. brother in spirit
    3:44 pm on May 1st, 2009

    my advice is, you are not abnormal, this whole dating and breaking up game is. i think its pretty natural for you to be apalled by this fake acting that is called dating/hooking up. i had the same idea, that i would die a virgin, because i just didnt want to/was too for all this dating crap. i tried the usual fake dating methods, but it netted only fake relationships that didnt last long (logical, when you think about it) but then i found the right girl, and it didnt matter anymore, because she didnt like that stupid game either, so we just behaved like it felt comfortable.
    so just be yourself, dont change because everyone is fucked up, just because 1000nds are doing it, doesnt make it right. and also, whats right is different for everyone, so for some this might actually the way, but not for you obviously.
    I wish you the best of luck, you will probably feel it when the right person comes around, dont get away again^^ everything, romance and the lot is not something known from birth, so for learning it, this dating may be apropriate, to experience mistakes, breakup and important stuff that you dont want to be inexperienced in when dealing with the real deal

  10. Mr. Blunt
    4:07 am on May 21st, 2009

    Hookers Have Economy Crisis Packages Now

  11. overweight medical technician
    11:53 pm on May 23rd, 2009

    waaaaaaa waaaaaaa go find yourself a practice girl or maybe die.

  12. Daniel
    11:21 am on May 31st, 2009

    2 words: DAVID DEANGELO

    You will have a new woman every night..

  13. wiseguy
    3:14 pm on June 4th, 2009

    sign up for co-ed extracuricular activities that you like, there will be women, you will have soemthing in common, go with it.

  14. important waitress
    10:23 am on June 12th, 2009

    One word – Prostitute.

  15. Freedom
    3:03 am on July 3rd, 2009

    Wow! You are the REAL thing. The mating games/rules are a deception! You are not alone! All the best to you!

  16. The Love Guru
    4:25 am on July 7th, 2009

    (a) learn how women actually behave and quit bitching that they don’t behave as you would have liked.
    (b) ejaculate into a sock for the rest of your miserable life.

    pick one.

  17. Jay
    7:22 am on July 31st, 2009

    Okay, look now.

    So, this is
    what’s about to happen,
    all right?

    You about to go run down
    some drunk chicks, all right?

    And don’t confuse
    that with tipsy.
    We talking about drunk.

    I want vomit in the hair,
    bruised-up knees.

    A broken heel is a plus.

    That’s what you
    want to find, okay?

    You ain’t got to think
    on this one.

    All you got to do
    is use your instinct.

    Show me your instincts.

    Own your instincts.

    All you doing
    is using your instinct.
    That’s it.

    That’s how a tiger know
    he got to tackle a gazelle.

    There’s a code
    written in his DNA.

    It says,
    “Tackle the gazelle.”

    And believe it or not,
    in every man, there’s
    a code written that says:

    “Tackle drunk bitches.”

    I’m trying to say
    I wanna get you laid, dude.

    I understand
    what’s going on.

    From now on,
    your dick is my dick.
    I’m getting you some pussy.

    It’s not about
    this rusty trombone
    and dirty Sanchez.

    Now with your peripherals…

    …you got to scope out
    a hot, drunk chick.

    And then you should
    make your move.

    And remember, it’s
    more important that she’s
    drunk than she’s hot.

    Let me just say…

    you’re putting the pussy up
    on this pedestal.

    You’re just building
    the pussy up, man.

    You making the pussy into
    this great big Greek goddess
    named Pussalia…

    and what you’re doing is…

    you’re psyching yourself
    into thinking
    it’s some impossible feat.

    So what you just
    got to do is…

    just get you a bunch
    of hood rats…

    run through them,
    just knock them out.

    Boom, boom, boom.

    And once you’ve done
    slayed like 20 or 30
    of them hood rats…

    now you ready to go up
    to the upper echelon type ho.

    You know what I mean?
    I’m not a big ho runner.

    My uncle used to drive
    a ho runner.

    You want to have sex
    with hood rats first…

    so that by the time
    you get to the girl
    you do like…

    you’re not terrible at sex,
    you’ll be mediocre at it.

    Probably still
    pretty bad, though.

    We’re gonna need
    more wax.

  18. Truth & Honor
    3:06 pm on August 7th, 2009

    Yes be yourself….your fine. Frivolous sex and all it entails is a trap, it’s a drug that can ruin your life. When your a sex addict you can’t think or function as a person should. You need to distance your self from toxic friends also…they want you to be “hooked”(on a feeling)like them.

    Life is so beautiful….live it to the fullest with-out all the garbage in your head. That certain someone will come along when your not looking for them….but having fun living. Romance is NOT sex. Sex is the “topping” in a loving relation ship.

    Then even when you have to go a long time without it if your mate is away… blush remembering the last blissful moment!

  19. american motherfucker
    11:23 pm on August 13th, 2009

    Amazon three books

    first buy
    The way of the superior man

    then read

    How to be the jerk women love

    then read
    The Sex god method

    -Then be bad (good) to one woman all your life

  20. Jen
    10:18 pm on August 31st, 2009

    Ugh… fuck the misogynistic comments your post has gotten.
    Those dudes are total losers.
    Fuck anyone who thinks they’re better than you just because they get laid all the time. It’s really not all it’s cracked up to be.

    Hey, honestly, the whole “dating game” is a really stupid concept.
    I gave up trying closed relationships and gender roles a while ago.
    All it really does is restrict your true feelings/urges and hold you back from being who you really are.
    I’m proud of you for feeling the way you do!
    If these people really just want a knight in shining armor who’s going to sweep them off their feet, fuck them for a while, and then eventually leave for no real reason, then are they really worth you time?

    It’s alright sweetheart, your time will come, if that’s what you desire.
    Just don’t worry about it too much.
    Things tend to have a way to work themselves out.

    With love,


  21. senseless chicken
    3:20 am on September 5th, 2009

    As a girl in a similar position, you are not the only one, and perhaps you should look for other shy people hiding in the shadows.

  22. Mrs.
    4:38 pm on October 13th, 2009

    My husband was the same way then he met me. and hence..he’s my husband. I loved him because we made great friends before great sex. We’ve been married 10yrs and still going strong. Don’t be discouraged the right girl will come around.

  23. armenian step-grandfather
    5:19 am on October 21st, 2009

    I feel the same.

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