Confession Point

When you must confess!

Everytym i look at a photo of Paul Walker, or david Beckham, or even Johhny Depp, i want to have sex! i dont hav a partner though! so what i do is i jump into the bath, put the tap on full blast and put my pussy under it! then i let the end of the tap go all the way in! if anybody thinks its okay 2 do that, i’m a hot 16 year old girl, just wanting 4 sum1 2 shove their cock down there! please contact me! my confessionpoint name is: I-Want-SEX


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  1. Park lane
    6:51 am on July 14th, 2007

    #2989: Would love to shove my cock in your pussy. I’m shaved, does that matter?

  2. dreDREb13
    1:35 am on July 15th, 2007

    #2994: That person is probably a guy… you know that, right?

  3. the hopelessly romantic
    8:24 am on July 15th, 2007

    #2995: Yeah, people have a tendency to do that here

  4. hoping for an answer
    12:46 pm on July 15th, 2007

    #2996: Especially when they say they are hot teenage girls horny for sex.

  5. first father-in-law
    7:35 pm on July 29th, 2007

    #3015: girls have cooties

  6. careless headmaster
    7:38 pm on July 29th, 2007

    #3016: girls have cooties

  7. Mama Don't Know Shit
    8:35 pm on August 8th, 2007

    #3057: Every time i see a picture of my father, i remember when he took my cherry while mom was passed out in the bed next to us. Then he fucked me in that same bed again later that night. My little cunny was so red and so sore that i walked bow-legged for three days! OMG! his cock was soooooooo BIG !

    I love my Daddy!

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