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I have a very bad problem, whenever i see a muslim woman in her burka i have an urge to sling handfuls of shit at her. Can i be helped? Or will allah strike me down in a shitstorm. I await your helpful advice.



  1. Just Another Soul
    9:31 pm on November 8th, 2009

    Why do you have the urge to sling shit at them in the first place? What have they done to you? Is it because you’ve been hurt once by one of them? Or is it just because you dislike them?

    If one of them hurt you once upon a time, why must you despise others who aren’t guilty whatsoever? How’d you feel if someone hated you just because you’re you? And they want to sling shit at you just because you’re you. How’d that make you feel? I’m pretty sure it wont be pleasant and you wont like it one bit.

    If you just dislike them. Ask yourself, why? why do you dislike them? Go back to the roots of it. Think back deeply.

    Are you, yourself a Muslim? If yes, they why must you hate Muslim women who wears burka? What’s the basis of your hatred? And if you are a Muslim, you must know that it is Allah’s will that Muslim women must wear burka to cover themselves. As a Muslim (if you are), hating women who follows Allah’s will is, forgive me for saying this, unforgivable. Hating what Allah has commanded is as if you’re hating Allah.

    I’m not sure whether whatever nonsense I just wrote here means a thing or not to you, or whether it is helpful or not. But please look deep inside of yourself and think.

    P.S: Forgive me if whatever I have said is offensive in any way. Good luck with your problem here!

  2. David Mudkipz
    1:35 pm on November 9th, 2009

    I c wat you did there >_>

  3. sweet uncle
    5:07 am on November 11th, 2009

    Gosh this hilarious, you should be a comedian. I’m sure your audience of bigoted drunken vermin would raise their glasses at you…dickwad.

  4. bgbg
    2:50 pm on November 13th, 2009

    Wow you people will beleive anything thats thrown at you eh?

  5. Jesus
    10:01 pm on November 14th, 2009

    @ Sweet Uncle,

    Not very sweet of you Uncle…

  6. scrucifix
    6:44 am on November 15th, 2009

    ur a racist bastard

  7. thin niece
    10:54 pm on November 25th, 2009

    I don’t blame ya, They all look like suicide bombers I really hate them, good thing there’s hardly any of them where I live. If one decided to move next to my house I swear that I’d move out.

  8. Jesus
    7:10 pm on November 27th, 2009

    Yeah they is all dirty poo poo people. I’d move out to cos of the smell. Burkas harnness disease and fungi.

  9. your next door Muslim girl
    2:10 pm on December 13th, 2009

    You shouldnt discriminate.just because shes wearing a burqa doesnt mean shes a terrorist,doesnt mean she wants all the ‘non-believers’ to die,doesnt mean she hates you.islam is a religion of peace and terrorists are just trying to give muslims a bad name.dont judge a book by its society there are criminals and non islam,there are bad muslims and good muslims.but if a muslim has ever hurt you in any way,i apologise to you on their behalf.may Allah bless you and allow peace and tolerance into your heart.

  10. your yogi next door
    12:49 am on December 17th, 2009

    I believe in God and distrust all religions.

  11. voice of reason
    10:08 pm on February 21st, 2010

    Don’t throw dodo at her chances are she comes from a country were they burn shit and trash openly and have busted sewer mains in the street. I have been back from the middle east for a few years and I still can’t stand the hajis. Even the 2nd generation of hajis still smell. I hate how they speak to each other in haji. I refuse to shop and or buy gas at a haji owned and operated place of business(even though when I buy gas my money goes to the damn Saudis anyway). God forbid I have to go for a testicular exam and get a haji doctor, may God(or Allah) have mercy on the poor bastards soul because I will help him meet them soon. Theres no way in hell I am getting in a cab with one driving I WILL walk. That brings me to my next subject, hajis driving. Once again even the second and third generation ones still don’t know how to drive. Or if they think they can drive anywhere on the road because they have a Mercadies or a BMW. Yes, some people here can and will call me racist and that is their right and opinion, I don’t call my own or your feelings ignorant. Life changes for you after you spend a year in the “holy land” dodging IEDs and watching your friends go home early the wrong way. What I believe is ignorant is the belief that Adolph Hitler had, “Anything that is not race is trash”. It appears to me that the American haji immigrants, especially the Armenians hold that statement to be true. It is O.K. for them to belief, practice and preach those beliefs to their children in their schools, that they are the master race. It was that belief that led to the deaths of over 6 million Jews. Yet it is myself and Bogey on the wall who are ignorant racist. Don’t throw dodo at them, try a dead rotting pot belly pig.

  12. helpful
    6:55 pm on October 28th, 2010

    Helpfull advice: carry handfulls of shit with you at all times.Just in case.

  13. mercyful
    1:17 am on March 13th, 2011

    lol. i just feel sorry for you man. you are gonna go straight down in to hell. i feel pity for you..

  14. Jesus
    7:45 pm on March 24th, 2011

    I lug 2 carrier bags full of plops around with me. Because you may never know when a guiness bottle will come round the corner. Lets make it a national sport. Chuck doodoo at the funny people.

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