Confession Point

When you must confess!

I am 17 and in love with a very beautiful girl. we have been together for 8 months and she has a great body. I love fucking her hard and fast and giving her multiple orgasms and just having the best sex i have ever had, but when im not with her i still want more. But also when im not with her i want to just hold her and kiss her lovingly. I have never cheated on her, but I have been tempted so many times. Im sure i can resist cheating on her but the urge to fuck is getting stronger. What should i do?


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  1. cuban dog
    12:58 am on May 3rd, 2006

    #937: Take a cold shower.

  2. necessary granddaughter
    4:54 pm on May 21st, 2006

    #1001: Get castrated stupid.

  3. necessary granddaughter
    4:56 pm on May 21st, 2006

    #1002: You think you give her multiple orgasms, huh? Well, that’s not what she told me when she left about 20 minutes ago.

  4. stupid abominable snowman
    8:59 pm on January 20th, 2007


  5. simple brother.
    9:56 am on March 14th, 2007

    #2414: Well said, 1635, or in a bath. Lights off with candles all the women I know love that.

  6. old doctor
    2:51 pm on May 21st, 2007

    #2814: Don’t cheat, that simple.

  7. Conor Matthews
    7:20 pm on May 25th, 2008

    #4725: That’s normal. Ur in love. I’m afraid your just going to have to relax and resist and thn let it all out when you get to her. She’ll fin it a nice surprise just to be bombarded all of a sudden.

  8. Cloud
    5:31 am on November 7th, 2008

    get use to it, thats Life for us guys!

    p.s.. its only cheating if you get cought… and eventually, you will.

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