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im bisexual & dont know how to tell my parents


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  1. waiting step-grandmother
    5:52 pm on December 8th, 2005

    #318: Try saying this: "I’m bisexual". It’s a long shot I know, but it could work. If they don’t like it, they’re not worth it, and you should just say go fuck yourselves it’s my decision. Unless of course you’re just some wannabe emo fag in which case you’re not bi stop trying to be different by being the same as all your friends.

  2. dependent artist
    10:00 pm on December 16th, 2005

    #428: truth that #318.. wow.. hmmm unless your parents are bicthes about the whole gay scene.. i heard a story where this guy tols his parents at the age of 14 that he was gay and they kicked him out of the house, didnt even give him time to pack, they juss said get the fuck out.i think i was mostly the dads sayin.. but iono dude.. if your bi-sexual.. then juss live your life you dont owe your parents anything, so why tell them.. im bi and i havent told my folks.. im only 16.. and every now and then i get pussy but every so often i like to have a hard dick in my mouth, or rubbing against my hole.. cause getting fucked hurts, well bye NOW

  3. Only Bi Chicks are Cool.
    6:34 pm on December 24th, 2005

    #519: If you’re a chick, I’m sure your parents will be accepting of your bisexuality. Afterall, two chicks together is really hot, even if one is your daughter. But if you’re a dude, then go kill yourself. That is just beyond fucked up.

  4. happy cunt
    1:09 pm on December 30th, 2005

    #594: Do they need to know?

  5. responsible rabbi
    6:38 pm on February 26th, 2006

    #781: Umm who cares what you are, as long as you’re happy. No matter what decision you make in your life regarding your sexuality is up to you, and you shouldn’t have to justify yourself to anyone. If your parents, or anyone else in your life, loves you then they’ll accept you for who you are. Plain and simple.

  6. secret lecturer
    8:05 pm on September 2nd, 2006

    #1261: I think i might also be bi (and im a guy, fuck you 594) but im not going to tell my parents, especially as i will probably never have a real relationship with a guy.

  7. !!!
    11:34 am on January 2nd, 2007

    #1504: do it u pussy!!!

  8. dreDREb13
    1:53 am on July 13th, 2007

    #2973: Don’t tell, I guess. Just wait until you’re out on your own with no support for you parents. Then you’ll be prepared if they’re inconsiderate douches!

  9. ophelialove
    12:36 am on December 2nd, 2008

    i’m bi and i am NEVER telling my parents. they would disown me. and i’m their only daughter :/

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