Confession Point

When you must confess!

My parents and bf dont knw that im on birthcontroll. My parents dont know because they dont need to and my bf because i like to scare him with late periods.
I cant come clean but i dont know why? Can somebady help.


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  1. cool chauffeur
    6:25 pm on April 22nd, 2006

    #887: Just quit fucking with your bf about late periods. Having a child or being pregnant never keeps a man. It only pushes him further away.

  2. unpopular asshole
    4:55 pm on April 25th, 2006

    #916: stop lying. i think that is so immature

  3. general midget
    1:26 am on December 17th, 2006

    #1445: are you afraid he’ll ask you *not* to take birth control? is it against his religion? is he controlling in the relationship and you’re trying to take back some control? talk to a therapist

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