Confession Point

When you must confess!

I call myself Elvira, mistress of the Park! I walk around wearing long skirts, no panties, till i spot a man, or preferably a group of men. Then I sit down as if sunbaking, open my thighs, and expose my pussy. By this stage, i’m usually so wet, it’s glistens in the sun. Teenage boys playing footy tend to make the best audience.

Then i walk home and masturbate, as soon as i place the sign at the front door that reads,

‘I can’t come to the door right now.
I’m busy playing with myself,
So if you’d like to watch, just open the door and walk in.
I love to be watched…..and to watch.’

so far, noones stumbled along at the time but just the thought of it there is enough.

should i mention i’m a woman,,,,,,and kinda hot. Well, very hot Ive been told.



  1. elvira
    2:59 am on November 9th, 2009

    i’m commenting myself, i confess!
    back to the park now. it’s so hot, i’ll be able to wear almost nothing without being arrested.
    perhaps i should mention that if any of the men/boys/women i flash at (oh so discreetly), had the courage to approach, I’d fuck them then and there.
    well….1st i’d let them feel how wet i was. even taste me.
    then id feel to see how hard his cock was………and inspect it thoroughy…. with my lips.
    getting too wet to type.
    i’m leaving now – let’s see who awaits me?!

  2. Intrigued
    1:45 pm on November 10th, 2009

    Is that so? Where do you frequent, Elvira?

  3. special hijacker
    6:39 pm on November 11th, 2009

    It would be my dream to meet you.

  4. Ikem
    9:23 am on November 15th, 2009

    You’re hot as hell. Love to see ya. 😀

  5. elvira
    1:11 am on November 23rd, 2009

    how can you tell?
    you must be psychic!
    sadly, i’m not….
    so, where are you located?

  6. elvira
    1:15 am on November 23rd, 2009

    gotta love a man called special hijacker!
    so, what;s so special, mr. hijacker?
    ‘wood’ it be my dream to meet you?
    funny, i appear to be getting very, very wet.
    not sure if there IS something special about you or if it’s that i’m just back from the park.
    what ever the case, i’m not going to waste any more time typing.
    it’s time to play with myself.
    this could take some time.

  7. elvira
    1:21 am on November 23rd, 2009

    oooops, apparently this ISN’T where you post replies.
    i’ll have to work it out later.(tho any hints ‘wood’ be appreciated)
    right now i’m too horny to thunk!
    time for some serious sex.
    shame there’s noone else in the room.
    the door’s open, the sign’s out, the cunt’s wet, the vibrator awaits.

  8. Lizzy
    3:34 am on November 23rd, 2009

    I’m 17, female. i would really love to meet you…

  9. Lord of the Pants
    12:02 pm on November 27th, 2009

    Elvira, that was very, very hot! I loved your original posts and your replies. My cock got instantly hard imagining you in a skirt and sexy heels, sitting on a park bench, your pussy glittering and moist. I have been thinking of you and jerking off 3 times a day. Are there any other fun games you play? Maybe you could go to a movie and sit next to a group of boys in the dark and get yourself off, even rubbing your leg against the boy next to you so you could be sure he was aware of what you were doing. You seem like the sexiest woman in the world. May I ask a favor? Go to and post picture of your naked body so I can beat off to it. You can obscure your face if you like, but use this same name, Elvira Mistress of the Park. I love it!

  10. elvira
    5:25 am on November 29th, 2009

    still haven’t worked out how to reply – takes up too much masturbating time.
    honestly, i hate computers,
    if not for music and porn, i’d throw my mac out the window! (pardon cyber pun)

    lizzy, you intrigue me,
    haven’t been with a chick in ages….perhaps a little TOO long – just got wet at the thought of it.
    of not into that, i’d love a partner in crime – a fellow female flasher….
    egad, woman! imagine the fun we could have driving men crazy in tandem.

    more to say but i’m gettin too horny to concen……..
    ummmm, where was i? oh yes, to concentrate.

    intended to reply to you too, lord of the pants.
    it’ll have to wait. fingers needed elsewhere.
    while they’re busy in my cunt, my head will use your movie scenario.
    i love the way your brain works. is your cock as inspiring?
    would adore sending pic but am concerned re privacy.
    just the thought of a stranger, or strangerS! male or female (thanks again, Lizzy) watching me spread my legs, then lick my middle finger, rub my clit, sliding my hand down to open my lips ……..and plunging into my glistening,,,,
    gotta go cos i GOTTA come. Cunt wait any longer or i very well may explode!

  11. hornylikea7/11
    9:27 am on December 8th, 2009

    Hey Elvira where are you from? I’m from the US want to watch and be watched? I do it everynight add me on msn I would love to meet a girl that’s horny as I am

  12. ill undergraduate
    2:41 am on June 13th, 2010

    Ime allways horney so if u wana text cyber or whatevr jus let me no….2505508199

  13. Some Guy From Britain
    5:28 pm on July 4th, 2010

    My dick is so hard it hurt, Elvira your openness is amazing, I yurn to meet you and see your glistening pussy you speak of so much.

  14. Skylar
    4:35 pm on March 20th, 2011

    oh my god, i just came to this story, i wish i knew you, plz email me so we can talk :3

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