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I am 11 years old and I think that I’m bisexual and worsed of all i’m in love with a girl


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  1. Abaddon
    3:29 am on February 18th, 2009

    Thats not a bad thing, if somone who said being straight is the good way to be and bisexual and all other sexualities are not was a closed minded idiot (respectfully.)

    being bi, or gay or even transgendered is not a bad thing, nor is it a choice anymore than being straight is.

    you’re okay, just don’t deny who you are inside and you’ll be fine.

  2. Pedoman
    10:42 pm on February 19th, 2009

    Can I watch?

  3. no homo
    2:21 pm on March 2nd, 2009

    your just bi-curious like butters.

  4. Krisey
    7:39 pm on March 6th, 2009

    hey,being bi is the best thing of the world,enjoy your life!!Just like you prefer beef and the others like pork. Nothing wrong. It’s simple and ordinary.

  5. Alfons Demott
    1:21 pm on March 13th, 2009

    You need to figure out that you are a girl and you were made to be with a male when the time is right, like after marriage. God made the opposite sexes for a reason. It is an abomination to be with someone of the same sex and if that’s what you do, then you are sinning against GOD. You have made a chouice, you are not being driven by nature, but entertaining spirits.

  6. skyflakes
    5:57 am on March 14th, 2009

    that’s cool. there’s nothing wrong with being gay or bisexual or lesbian.. i am actually a lesbian, hiding inside my closet. haha.

  7. why are there no b batteries?
    10:41 am on March 16th, 2009

    Its ok to be confused. Life is full of situations that don’t have clear answers. I would be careful of jumping into anything. You are very young and should focus on having fun with friends and not getting too involved in relationships. If you still have these feelings in high school, then maybe you should address them.

    Keep your head up 🙂

  8. Bruno Ghia
    9:56 am on March 18th, 2009

    Don’t take it too seriously, and don’t get too hung up on labels. Self-discovery is a life-long activity.

  9. Chapel
    10:51 pm on March 27th, 2009

    You’re 11. you should still be deciding whether you want to watch cartoons or play with your dolls in the garden, adult problems and decisions about sexuality come along all too fast, and when they strike for real you’ll wish you could run back to being 11 again. don’t be in such a rush to leave childhood behind, because it’ll never come again.

    You’re not “in love” with this girl. You’re not “in love” AT ALL, because you don’t yet know what love is yet. love comes with age and experience, and I have a feeling you have neither

    You say you “think” you might be bisexual. but I think it’s more likely you’re just trying to fit in with those around you. This world today doesn’t allow children to just be children. it uses television and magazines to pump it into kid’s heads they must all have these serious adult problems. But the fact is, you’re ELEVEN years old. enjoy your life, and leave problems like these until you’re old and miserable and pissed at life like the rest of us.

  10. been there done that
    10:31 pm on May 11th, 2009

    i am a lesbian and started finding myself attracted to women when i was slightly younger than you. People try to make it sound like it’s society that’s confusing you and making you question your sexuality. I am going on 27 and when I was 11 years old, I wasn’t even sure what a lesbian was so i wasn’t “influenced” by anyone or anything to be attracted to the same sex. There were no gay people in my family or neighborhood and my parents have been married well over 30 years so it’s not like i lacked a male role model in the home or was influenced by a bunch of women kissing each other on television. The stuff that’s on tv now wasn’t even around when i was your age. I wasn’t sexually abused or anything of the sort like people tend to think all gay people must be to be attracted to the same sex. And I am far from ugly so it’s not like I have any difficulty getting a man. It’s just how I have always felt. I attending a VERY homophobic school which terrified me to reveal my struggles with my sexuality for fear that I would be made fun of of thought to be nasty and i didn’t want to tell my family for feat they may disown me. I thought i was sick and struggled for a long time with thoughts of suicide because i didn’t understand why I felt the way that i felt. You are too young to understand what it is to be “in love” yet. That won’t come for years down the line. What you feel right now is simply attraction or infatuation. You are at the age where you are becoming intuned with your own sexuality and it can be very scary but don’t jump the gun yet. You may not be gay. It could just be puberty. You really may just be curious. It happens to many young adults boys and girls where they explore one another trying to understand things about themselves. i struggled with my sexuality for many years and didn’t come out to my mother about it until i was 15 and wasn’t in a relationship with a girl until i was 17 so these years ahead of you will be very critical. From my experience, i would recommend you don’t tell this female how you feel. It may run her off if she doesn’t understand. Society is still not as accepting of homosexuals as i would like. Just give it time and don’t stress about it. i know you can’t help what you are feeling and it concerns you but just let time decide. you will have many years ahead of you to confront this problem. Maybe the same sex attraction will fade, maybe it won’t but if it doesn’t, realize that being out the closet is difficult. Discrimination is real and the world can be very cruel to what they don’t understand. People say being gay is a choice. It’s not. Being straight would be alot easier for me. I wish I could be just so I could fit in and be left alone. it doesnt work like that. hopefully if or when you come out the closet, the world will be more accepting of you than it was of me. We are making progress slowly but surely. We just aren’t quite there yet. And if it turns out you are a lesbian. Be proud of who you are and don’t be ashamed of it. You are one of God’s creation and it doesn’t make you a bad person because of it. Gay people have been around since the beginning of time. unfortunately, they are just now getting the balls to come out a admit it. This wasn’t invented yesterday and you won’t be the only lesbian on earth. There are many other girls around your age struggling with the same issues, trust me. Hang in there and be strong. You will be fine gay or straight.

  11. ck
    11:50 am on August 20th, 2009

    I felt this way at that age, and though I loved a girl. Chances are, you will get over it, hormones play up at that age.

  12. Jen
    11:17 pm on August 31st, 2009

    Dude, I came out of the closet (as bisexual) when I was 11 also.
    There isn’t a damn thing wrong with that.
    Forget the bible beaters and the fag-bashers on here.
    Be who you are and be comfortable with yourself!
    Attraction to people of varied genders is TOTALLY NATURAL!

    Even more, I’d say get into punk rock!
    Check out Limp Wrist (queercore), Bikini Kill (the first riot grrrl band), Black Fag (a play on Black Flag), Gayrilla Biscuits (a play on Gorilla Biscuits), Sleater-Kinney, Anti-Product (anarcha-feminists!), garmonbozia, Slingshot Dakota, Spoonboy, The Max Levine Ensemble, Good Luck, Defiance Ohio, etc.
    check out the music and READ THE LYRICS!
    It really could be helpful.

    Take care, and love yourself to the fullest extent possible!


    I included my email, idk if it shows up, but feel free to send me a message any time if you need help with this stuff.

  13. is it me your looking for lol
    6:48 pm on February 24th, 2013

    is not good or bad to be gay or bi is wate ever you wont it to be and is not agenst religion i’m bi and i sill go to church 1 ever 3 weeks and evey 1 at my church is fine waif it and sum of my mast even know so is just fine being how you are and like me if you have a crush on sum boy is fine just tell him if you fill cool waif telling him you love him tell him i did and he was fine waif it but we do not go out :[ but if i can you wen i was 11 i was ballid because dis boy was just an ideot and now i’m 13 sum people are ok about it so good luck.

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