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Every single guy that i have been with treats me like dirt and it makes me so mad that is why i think about being bisexual


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  1. future president
    4:46 pm on March 7th, 2009

    Maybe it’s the kind of guys you are going after.
    If the same thing happens over and over, maybe there’s a reason. Either way, I still feel bad for you. Give it some time.

  2. TheSmartOne.. I think (;
    6:20 pm on March 8th, 2009

    well, you should only be bisexual if you feel that way about the opposite sex.
    Ive put it into mind to just for the thrill of sexual relations. 🙂
    Anyways it may seem like that now and i know its really hard to find mr right. But trust me just keep on looking and dont give up.

  3. Dentist
    8:31 pm on March 10th, 2009

    You should analyze WHY every guy treats you like that. Perhaps you always take the wrong guy or your behavior makes them think lowly of you. Find the reason and change it !

  4. cums85
    2:00 pm on March 12th, 2009

    hi, come to me il treat you the way a girl should be treated!!! xxx

  5. secret barber
    5:38 pm on March 12th, 2009

    Maybe you should spend more time picking the right one instead of jumping and the one right there.

  6. realfix
    11:44 am on March 15th, 2009

    hey this is to you my life sucks ..I dated guys had serious relationships all of which stole and cheated on me…so then i got a gilfriend who done that also ..wait 4 it i then met emma who`s been living with me for a year on and off..makes my life a misery can`t get rid of her however the sex is fantastic un questionable …its everything else…..what i`m saying both sexes are equally as bad… you just keep trying 2 find that 1 he/she is out there …thats what i keep tellin myself

  7. successful fire fighter
    5:09 pm on March 15th, 2009

    if you hook up with an obviously shitty guy, you shouldn’t wonder that he treats you shitty. raise your standarts. lesser shitty guys will treat you less shitty. and believe me, there not that hard to find.

  8. PSI
    9:37 pm on March 15th, 2009

    You’re picking the wrong men, pure and simple. What you like in them is the very reason why they end up treating you like dirt. Time you find out what you like about your self and find men who’ll like that about you too. Notice the change in the men you’ll find.

    IF YOU DON’T Change the way you pick the men in your life, you’ll keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

    Not impossible, only a bit difficult to change your mind about the things you like in a man that has a dark side to it. You just need to adjust your self and drift away from the bad men..

    Becoming bisexual is idiotic. Unless you live in a town with no more than 123 people and most of them are old and women… then maybe it’s not a bad idea. But honestly going Bi is just a copout.

    Your choice, but if you abandon men for the reasons you mentioned… you’ve not fixed the problem, because in the end, the woman you’ll find will eventually have the same qualities. Only the coating is different.

  9. A Distant Friend :) (not gay)
    1:34 am on March 16th, 2009

    Just saw this site… So I posted my own confession which should be just above yours. And about your confession. I’m a guy so I can relate… Usually when a guy treats you like dirt he either heard something about you he didn’t like, he is an ass, or he is so intimidated by you that he can’t figure out what to say. Usually it’s the first and third option, but there are also slot of selfish ass holes out there too. Or maybe it’s you. I know you won’t like hearing that so ask yourself a few question. Do guys think you are easy? Do you gossip about others and judge them before you even know them? Will you do anything for a guys attention? Just think about what I said…

  10. second rapist
    10:25 am on March 16th, 2009

    I am sorry to hear that.
    It is true there are a lot of real assholes out there, but know that there are really great guys too. Maybe part of the reason so many of the guys you have been with don’t treat you well is that you are attracted to a certain type?
    The best way to test a guy is to take things slow physically. Get to know him first and see how he treats others before you fully give yourself to him. Nothing spurs male maturity more than the pursuit of female sexuality, so make him work for it.

  11. darren
    6:35 pm on March 16th, 2009

    ur a fucking sicko…. u should b sent 2 a butcher so he could cut off ur penis so u can never jerk off again….

  12. stiff blackmailer
    4:08 am on March 17th, 2009

    Sounds like youre a loser, girls won’t like you either.

  13. gabriel
    8:39 am on March 17th, 2009


  14. Bruno Ghia
    9:52 am on March 18th, 2009

    Keep looking for a better guy. Going gay is no guarantee you will be treated well.

  15. Christopher
    10:08 pm on March 18th, 2009

    Maybe instead of turning bisexual you should just choose better guys. personally speaking as a nice guy who NEVER gets a girl who doesn’t cheat or hurt me in some way, I often feel like giving up on love. But the answer doesn’t come from dating girls instead of guys. infact some girls can be WORSE than any guy, almost like they were born with the abillity to rip guys hearts out. Forget this bisexual nonsense, it’ll just make guys think you’re a lesbian. just wait until you find a decent guy who says he loves you and means it. good luck

  16. AntiLohan
    2:30 am on March 19th, 2009

    You are not alone, but the worst thing in the world is a fake ass lesbian. Ask any lesbian out there. If you’re not going to commit then don’t bother.

  17. MissDuress
    10:21 pm on March 19th, 2009

    hey, at least your not this douchebag:

  18. TomTom
    3:32 pm on June 15th, 2009

    You sound annoying. After all you pick these guys. The fact that u can’t even commit to a sexual orientation says a lot about your character.

  19. Freedom
    3:05 am on July 3rd, 2009

    Sexual experimentation is not the answer. Get to know yourself, develop yourself, build up your confidence, find your beauty.

  20. Snort
    5:39 pm on July 31st, 2009

    You attract what u are…it’s time for some self development. The better u think about yourself and do better for yourself that’s when the men you attract will change.

  21. outgoing brother-in-law
    2:44 pm on August 17th, 2009

    Just be yourself. If someone isn’t attracted to you, then that’s it.

  22. Jen
    10:29 pm on August 31st, 2009

    Act on your urges.
    Try forgetting about genders.
    When you are truly attracted to a person, it really shouldn’t matter too much what kind of genitalia they have.
    If you really feel attracted to them, then go for it!
    Try not to think of yourself as being different for being bisexual!
    Pansexuality is a beautiful thing 🙂
    I’m attracted to all kinds of people, of all kinds of genders (there’s not only two ya know)

  23. Jill Hill
    4:09 pm on October 15th, 2009

    Don’t kid yourself: chicks can abuse chicks, too. I’m not saying don’t be bi, I’m saying that’s no solution. The “just be yourself and someday your prince/princess will come” is the best advice.

  24. Steve
    8:13 am on January 26th, 2011

    You’ll be fine…just enjoy life and be yourself

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