Confession Point

When you must confess!

I was 15 year old boy when it happed. By far it was the most embarrassing thing that has happed to me in my whole life.

Being forcefully stripped in front of girls was most embarrassing experience for me. These senior boys did just for fun and because girls were there willing to watch. I knew they were going to strip me and would be able to do anything to stop them. Even when it horrified me to have my dick exposed, I couldn’t stop myself for getting an erection. I got held in front of five girls with my hard dick sticking out in front of them. I had never been forced to stand there half naked with girls flicking my dick and grabbing my dick. I felt like had been stripped and left with no secrets to hide. The worst was that I would have to see all those girls every day in my school and embarrasse myself all over again every day. Part of me must have gotten turned on by it, because when pulled my pants back up and walked away, I found out I was dripping wet with pre cum.


I want to confess that when I was in elementary school I choked a kid… I got enrolled into the reading aid program when I was in like 5th grade and i taught this young kid, he was like a 2nd grader. He viewed me like the older brother he never had, I do not know why but I grew to hate this kid. He looked up to me and I despised him. I’d chase him off when it was lunch or recess, i’d choke him at times to tell him to keep away from me. I had built up anger and rage from my own familial problems.

I realize that I was just a young stupid kid, but now that I have taken some psychology classes I see how badly I probably effected his psyche. I feel horrid about it every day. Yet I know there isn’t anything I can do… Apologizing would only expunge my guilt, it would do nothing to help him at this point if I even knew where he was or what his last name was even.

I do not know what I seek in this confession, all I know is that I wish I could take it back. But of cource, that is not posible… I guess because there is nothing else I can say or do. I’ll say apologize anyway…

I’m sorry Andrew… I hope you turned out ok…


In high school I was smaller than the other guys and this one teased me all the time, saying I should’ve been a girl. It got worse and one day after school he fucked me in the shower room. I secretly liked it, but I told him I hated him for doing it.