Confession Point

When you must confess!

I want to confess that when I was in elementary school I choked a kid… I got enrolled into the reading aid program when I was in like 5th grade and i taught this young kid, he was like a 2nd grader. He viewed me like the older brother he never had, I do not know why but I grew to hate this kid. He looked up to me and I despised him. I’d chase him off when it was lunch or recess, i’d choke him at times to tell him to keep away from me. I had built up anger and rage from my own familial problems.

I realize that I was just a young stupid kid, but now that I have taken some psychology classes I see how badly I probably effected his psyche. I feel horrid about it every day. Yet I know there isn’t anything I can do… Apologizing would only expunge my guilt, it would do nothing to help him at this point if I even knew where he was or what his last name was even.

I do not know what I seek in this confession, all I know is that I wish I could take it back. But of cource, that is not posible… I guess because there is nothing else I can say or do. I’ll say apologize anyway…

I’m sorry Andrew… I hope you turned out ok…


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  1. Forgiven
    1:48 pm on February 25th, 2007

    #2080: Blind Man,
    You were little! I think it is so great that you got this off of your chest… and I’m sure Andrew turned out just fine. I do want to say however, that having your guilt "expunged" by saying you are sorry should not even be a worry. IT is ALWAYS worth it to give that to someone else… ALWAYS. It can even be life changing for them. But, since you have no way of contacting him I hope you will finally be able to let this go. What an overall truly nice person you must be.

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