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yesterday at work all of us in the security dept. had to strip down to our undies for a drug inspection. it was all males so no problem there, it was funny though, there were 12 of us, most of which are fat slobs they were wearing boxers, me and three others are slim. 2 of them were wearing mens regular briefs, the other one had on a tiny mens bikini, and me wearing a pair of womans fruit of the loom bikini panties. funny thing though none of the people i work with seemed to notice, but the guy doing the drug search did.


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  1. talkative salesman
    2:05 pm on August 24th, 2006

    #1241: which is? lol

  2. silly dork
    2:04 am on August 27th, 2006

    #1245: did he ask to meet you after work?

  3. megamoo
    8:35 am on December 9th, 2006

    #1335: ahhhh. you guys are stupid.

  4. old grub
    9:29 am on December 9th, 2006

    #1339: I think the operative word here is ‘fruit’..

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