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I’m a 22 y/o male and a transvestite. My mom is totally cool with me wearing her old clothes, high heels, jewelry and bras and panties. On weekends I wear makeup and a wig too. I’m an only child & she thinks I’m the perfect son, and she digs that I’m like her daughter too. What she doesnt realize is I want to make love to her so bad. Mom is only 39, she’s like totally hot, and it’s just the 2 of us. My only kinda GF was 13 and we used to hang out 2 years ago. She used to tie me up and make me lick her pussy and her feet, but said I was too girly cos I was always dressed like my mom. Mom lets me lick her feet and suck her toes and she cant see my hard dick under the dress. She’s the only woman I want, so I dont have a GF. I do fuck around with this hot 18 y/o boy in my nabe who likes me cos I’m a tranny. We suck our dicks and I alwayd leave lipstick on his. I wish my mom would tie me up and make me her sex slave. I wish I could dress like a woman all the time. Most of the neighbors know I’m a tranny


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  1. 11:18 pm on September 17th, 2007

    #3545: Your like totally wierd. I wear my mom’s clothes too but I dont want to DO her.

  2. Mommy's Little MotherFucker
    12:39 pm on September 28th, 2007

    #3628: I don’t wear my Mother’s clothes either. however, I am constantly doing her!

  3. Maddox
    5:15 pm on March 5th, 2008

    #4291: do you also own a motel and stab single women in the shower?

  4. Rob
    1:01 am on April 12th, 2008

    #4448: Mmmm guys dressed in girls clothes is so sexy. I’d love to dress you up in a long blonde wig with red lipstick, bra, panties and a sexy top and mini skirt. bend you over the bed and fuck you hard

  5. beautiful mother
    6:23 am on October 27th, 2009

    I like dressing in my moms panties and bra. I sometimes put her lipstick on. I found her secret toy in her panty drawer and sometimes grease my self up and slip it in me. one time i had an accident and my cum went all over her pretty pick see thru panties. I wanted her to spank me for messing them and make me lick her. My friends would all like to be with her. They tell me she is sexy.What should i do

  6. dead salesman
    8:18 pm on November 28th, 2009

    That’s okay. You should explain to your mother how much you enjoy wearing her panties. I like shaving myself smooth and wearing my moms sexy panties and pantyhose.

  7. Incestuous Son-Brother-Father
    3:31 pm on May 22nd, 2010

    Despite her protestations, I bent her over the kitchen sink and rammed my 13 year old cock all the way “home”. After 10 or 12 hard, fast thrusts I ejaculated my seed deep in her cunt. Then I slapped her ass as hard as I could, put my slimy cock back in my pants, said “THANKS”, and left for school.

    And THAT was how I knocked up my Mother with my twin Sisters !!!

  8. british sailor
    11:44 am on May 23rd, 2010

    This is totally awesome. I would love dressing up in sexy pink panties, bra, and lipstick and have my transexual mom catch me masturbating with her toy. I would it if she spanked me and made me suck her while I had her toy inside me. I want to taste her… and please her if she would let me wear her sexy things.

  9. Suck My Cock, MOM !!!
    11:28 am on July 24th, 2010

    I fuck my Mother every day. My Father never fucks my Mother so I do. She doesn’t like it very much when I fuck her, but at least she’s stopped trying to fight me like she used to do the first few times I fucked her.

    Now, whenever my Mother sees that I have an erection, she automatically takes care of her Son’s sexual “needs”. Any time, any where, and in any way I want, as many times as I want it.

    My Mother is my personal slut and life is GOOD !!!

  10. Pankaj
    5:00 am on November 22nd, 2010

    that’s great i wish i could have a mom like you

  11. frog
    10:01 am on June 8th, 2011

    i am my mothers slut slave she makes me eat her cum drink her piss i also fuck her she brings men home makes me eat their cock and eat there cum she lets them piss all over me

  12. TJ
    7:28 pm on June 21st, 2011

    MMM I love to wear wifes thoings in secret and use to put on my moms tuff her not home and jack off ! I wanted Mom to ! To do her. Her in shiny girdle etc greatbig bra ! Mmmm big hairy cunt I saw a few times and wanted !

  13. nerd unicorn
    11:20 am on July 2nd, 2011

    I love wearing my wife’s pink panties and baby dolls when she is at work. I start out by shaving myself all smooth so I can feel her silky panties press on my cock. I tuck it back so it looks like some volumpious lips. I put her lipstick on and play with myself. Wish someone would be with me to play! I have to wash my cum out of her panties and dry them before she comes home and catches me. Sometimes I wish she would catch me and then tell me that I have to learn how to take mommy’s toy in my hole if I want to be her little girl.

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