Confession Point

When you must confess!

I slept with one of my boyfriends firends twice…. but that was before I met my boyfriend, but only a week before. My boyfriend still doesn’t know!


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  1. happy android
    3:48 am on December 7th, 2005

    #277: so sweet!

  2. careless wanker
    7:36 pm on January 30th, 2006

    #696: Which cock is nicer?

  3. early coach
    9:50 pm on May 13th, 2006

    #964: what problem?

  4. young and married's big brother
    7:14 pm on September 8th, 2007

    #3417: i sleep with my 13 year old sister. fuck her too!

  5. feeble killer
    11:57 am on September 14th, 2007

    #3530: … And he will never, ever find out about it either !

    You know why ???

    Because boys NEVER talk about that kind of stuff !!!

  6. his daddy'e semen swallower
    12:00 pm on April 14th, 2008

    #4460: when my ex-BF dumped me, i seduced his dad with blowjobs! Revenge is sweet and so is his daddy’s semen!

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