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I know this is really cruel, but I love cheating on my boyfriend. I do adore my boyfriend but he’s too clingy and nice all the time. We never argue and everything’s always perfect. If we do start an argument he always backs down. I get really bored. So I met a “bad boy” and I’ve been having the most explosive sex of my life! We’ve nearly been caught on several occasions by my boyfriend and his friends. This just seems to make it better! I love living a double life – I have to say I don’t want to lose either of my men>;!


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  1. pervert pupil
    1:27 am on September 17th, 2006

    #1274: CUNT

  2. responsible dildo
    9:27 am on October 21st, 2006

    #1291: cant you feel guilty?????

  3. coward psychiatrist
    8:20 pm on November 20th, 2006

    #1312: go girl…

  4. white brother
    11:22 pm on December 15th, 2006

    #1429: wow i know what you are talking about but if your unhappy leave both a find a happy middle

  5. crazy rabbit
    7:46 am on March 19th, 2007

    #2451: I wish I could have a girlfriend like you Annie and I mean it!!!

  6. past fatso
    3:50 am on June 8th, 2007

    #2884: Hi i think that sound really great and you go girl its so much fun cheating wish i could talk to u.

  7. Tired of the bullshit
    9:55 am on October 14th, 2008

    you really wanna do something explosive? Catch an STD or HIV and give it you your pussy ass boyfriend! Thats so fuckin hot!

  8. Tired of the bullshit
    9:56 am on October 14th, 2008

    dropping fucking loads!

  9. hah
    12:16 am on November 18th, 2008

    people like you ruin lives

  10. frequent crook
    12:02 am on January 25th, 2009

    you’re a cunt, and i hope you get hit by a train. its because of sluts like you that peoples lives get fucked

  11. L
    1:20 am on February 4th, 2009

    Find courage to live your life. You are so fucking afraid to leave your boyfriend that you stay with him until the point you can’t take it anymore and must find some release. You’re obviously not in love with any of them so neither is right for you, you must find some third man. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you you would first take some time off relationships to figure out what are you all about, what do you want in life. And you’re not the only one who should be feeling guilty in that relationship of yours. It always takes 2 people to build or ruin a relationship. What is that really all about? To avoid you all the time? Come on! He has no interest in you either or he’s the worst coward I’ve heard of. Maybe he has sth on the side going on too, but stays with you because he believes you’re faithfull, a logical choice, etc. Anyhow, very unhealthy and unhappy relationship and you should gather your strenght to come clean, end it and learn a lesson. No one can give you happiness if you don’t know what you want and you’re generally dependent and unsatisfied with yourself.

  12. RockHard14u
    8:06 pm on February 9th, 2009

    L, I agree with you 100 percent. Right on the money. Randy Annie, I notice you’re only 23(?). Life brings experience. So dump your “boyfriend” and your “fuck buddy” and get yourself back on the market. Your “fuck buddy” is only there for you cause you are giving away your pussy too easily. Are you a slut, whore, skank? No? Then stop acting like one. I’m sure that if you don’t stop fucking that “bad boy” soon, he’ll start pimping you out to whoever he wants. He’s got you right where he wants you, next he’ll convince you to gangbang all his buddies, then his “extended” family, then who knows after that. If he’s smart, he’ll take photos and videos of you fucking, so he can make a mint on the internet and not give any of it to you. You’ll become a skank whore with a loose ass cunt that nobody will want, except him. Then he’ll dump you for another slut, and so on, etc. The writings on the wall, babe. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  13. anonymousasfuck
    5:40 am on May 16th, 2009

    your just a slut, congrats on digging your boyfriends grave

  14. richard kawamura
    5:00 am on May 24th, 2009

    Very impressive did your mom teach you this way of life?

  15. slimy step-father
    6:57 am on July 1st, 2009

    why dont you get the other guy to cum in your pussy and then go straight home, dont clean your pussy and then tell your boyfriend to fuck you. then you can have 2 loads in your pussy at once!

  16. cum filled pussy
    1:36 pm on July 4th, 2009

    I like slimy step-father’s suggestion! But you need to get the bad boy to fill your pussy with cum, then immediately go by your boyfriends place and tell him that you’re dying to have him lick your pussy! Spread your pussy lips wide open for him and tell him to bury his tongue as deep as he can and to lick up all your cunt juice! He’ll be sucking out your bad boy’s cum AND your cunt juice!! LOL!! Then after he’s done, say “hey bitch! you just ate a huge load of cum! My other boyfriend that knows how to fuck a woman shot a huge load of cum in my hot pussy 10 minutes ago and you just ate it all up! Now eat out my asshole, you fuckin pussy!!” Haha thats how your bf wants to be treated!

  17. Sucio
    12:44 pm on July 30th, 2009


  18. lolita
    6:44 pm on September 11th, 2009

    You are a fucking SLUT if your boyfriend is that good to you why do you use him, he is basically a back up just in case something goes wrong so you keep him on the side. Does he realy dererve this ? If your bored move on or at least try to make things interesting between YOU and YOUR BOYFRIEND, not you and everyother tom, dick and harry. Or you could tell him how you feel. but no you’d rather cheat and brake hearts that were so good to you every girl wants a man like yours.

  19. kwickone
    7:51 pm on September 21st, 2009

    thats first meaning of cunt lol your so pathetic. it’s funny how half the people have to hide behind a screen, just too tell there problems. gl

  20. surely
    5:46 pm on October 20th, 2009

    hey you should look for an aussie bloke with a chinese gf. he will surely glad to cheat on her as well 😛 look for himmm

  21. Mack
    5:33 pm on November 15th, 2009

    Poor guy will eventually end up hating women and abusing them. Nice work, Randy. Idiot.

  22. Jasonstoy
    8:42 pm on January 3rd, 2010

    I think you should tell your boyfriend-he might like you getting fucked by other guys.

    I don’t see why RockHard14U acts likeit’s so awful. My boyfriend of 5 years (I’m 22 now) has taken pics and videos of his friends and 2 of his uncles fucking me. As long as I’m his girlfriend he should be able to do whatever he wants with me.

    So again, I say tell your boyfriend, he probably will like the whole idea.

  23. Mental Case
    2:00 pm on January 10th, 2010


  24. uraslut
    2:06 am on February 20th, 2010

    YOUR A PASSED AROUND USED HUNK OF PACK MEAT. stupid self absorbed bitch.. I hope you suffer badly in your life

  25. Mother Teresa
    1:53 pm on March 26th, 2010

    I hope your bad-boy boyfriend has AIDS, maybe he can cum in your I.V. bag when you are rotting from fungal infections in the hospital, you worthless whore. You are not a bitch, you are an asshole. Thats right, an asshole with tits.

  26. Jack MeHoff
    1:55 pm on March 26th, 2010

    I’m sure your mother is so proud of you you disgusting example of a woman.

  27. sexy unicorn
    6:23 am on April 14th, 2010

    I think this is really hot!
    My girlfriend has sex with other guys too, but i told her to do it!

    I love the feeling, when she comes home and had sex before and her pussy is still wet. I touch her, when she tells me every single detail of what she has done and she enjoys it too.

  28. rabbitdevil
    4:20 pm on July 11th, 2010

    I actually share my girlfriend with anyone that she wants to fuck to include my friends. Family is pushing it a bit but, I DO love hearing about how some other random guy has fucked her. By the same token, she also shares me with her friends. Were very happy together…just my .02?

  29. micheal
    10:19 pm on July 11th, 2010

    ok even though i’m a boy and i’m 14 but i would cheat on my boy freind to if i was u because having a bad boy would be fun for u not 4 me because thats just gay i’d would like a girl like u to fuck hell yeah that would be fun for me but don’t listen to half of these people they just understand u my name is michael jaymes mastenbrook look up my number if u want to chat or have fun if u know whati mean

  30. cruel step-father
    7:18 pm on August 10th, 2010

    Jeez who gives a fuck, there’s more important things in my life to worry about,


  31. Happilytaken
    11:14 am on September 2nd, 2010

    Your a stupid slut. Its because of pieces of shit like you that guys have a hard time
    Trusting girls. The ones that won’t fuck them over. I hope you get HIV and rot.

  32. Steve
    8:17 am on January 26th, 2011

    It’s not cruel…its just a different fetish. I share it with you

  33. common commando
    7:05 am on July 5th, 2011

    until you are both dragged in the woods nailed to crosses and lit on fire!

  34. poor hamster
    8:43 am on July 5th, 2011

    you shouldn’t do that to someone. Its not fair to let someone else suffer. What if you end up killing him, because of a STD? Do you know that The Bible says that adultery is punished with death? There is a reason why it is. Find someone who will be faithful to you and you do the same, life is too short, people that cheat are filthy sinners. I like to think of them as ghosts already.

  35. Mikey
    11:42 am on December 18th, 2012

    Haha, I love all the judgement in here, calling you a slut or cunt. What a bunch of shitty, self-absorbed, self-righteous, guilt-tripping assholes. You don’t know this girl. All you can do is reflect your own inadequacies, paranoia, and guilt onto her and then call her names to feel better about yourselves. Hahahaha.

  36. gmg
    6:05 am on February 26th, 2014

    four letters, one word. S-L-U-T.

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